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We are souls in bodies. We come from heaven as parts of God to have  a physical experience. We make  a life plan before coming on Earth in a body but we cannot always follow the plan . The difficulties on Earth cant be deciphered on celestial plane as negative energies cannot be experienced on non physical planes of light . Sometimes, we make so many mistakes that we completely lose out on our life purpose. Then, we feel unsuccessful and unhappy as souls. Success on Earth does not help the soul until the soul feels happier in the journey.

Spirit guides from heaven guide us during this journey on Earth. However, messages need to be interpreted at a rational level or they appear mythologically unrealistic. 

Following is an excerpt from the book IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS ( how past lives affect the present, a soul's perspective ).

 The book covers nine past life sessions of one person who suffers from excess restlessness and anxiety. The lead character is named as Dev in the story. This is a real case history and the messages have relevance for the human race, at large. 

The messages are given by his spirit guide during his life between life sessions. The following messages are given by Dev's spirit guide who appears an a Greek Old man,  to explain why he was sent out from heaven . 

The words in italics are the messages given by Dev's spirit guide to him in semi trance state of hyonosis. 


This was the most dramatic session I had experienced as a therapist till then. When interpreted, in everyday language, whatever was told by the Old Man to Dev for his life  applies to our lives equally well, as elaborated below.

-- “You can’t give him peace now. You need that spirit to fight the dark forces   to achieve your purpose…..that is your strength”

Dev was told he has a purpose. If he moves towards it in the right way, he would find himself with greater levels of peace with each step he takes, but he won’t get peace till he achieves his life purpose. His past life spirit and its anxieties were needed to fight the dark forces.
This is true for all human beings as each person has a unique life purpose. If s/he pursues it such that soul needs are satisfied in the process, that person reaches greater levels of emotional happiness with each step. If he does not follow the purpose, at the level of feelings, then the mind is in conflict with each new step he has to take. Dark forces become stronger as the levels of anxiety in the mind and stress related diseases in the body rise. The stress in an indication of a conflict in the subconscious mind.  For overcoming stress, one has to choose the right direction, i.e. the direction which leads to peace along with achievement of life purpose.

---‘If you do not follow the right path, your own thought process would be your biggest enemy’.
This also applies to all of us. When we are doing work which causes us more stress than peace, then we keep creating more negative energy for ourselves and others.
Though, sometimes, we inherently know what to do such as to get peace, we can’t get ourselves to do it, because of undue fears of survival based on a negative conditioning.

We can’t allow ourselves to change our negative beliefs and patterns because we are afraid to let go of conventionally followed routes to success. Our own rational mind defeats us, preventing us from reaching that high level of satisfaction or happiness which our soul desires.
When we can control our own negative thought process, we defeat our biggest enemy viz. our own negative mind; then, we can bring ourselves to believe in the positive.

Thus, we are able to grow faster to achieve our purpose, because when our inner frequencies are positive, negative energies do not affect us as much anymore. When we are positive in balance, we can craft our own route to success without being blocked by doubts and fears created by the dark force of nature.

-‘Dark forces would pull you. The test is to resist that pull and keep moving ahead on the right path.’

Like Dev, all of us have to give tests on Earth. The test is to resist the pull of negative thinking. The pull keeps coming but as we keep resisting it, we keep passing our tests and moving forward on our life plan.
Dark forces imply negative thinking patterns. People who get influenced by the dark forces are essentially, those who are focused on the negative aspects of life. They believe that the world is a bad place and hence, unhappiness has to be tolerated to survive here. Whatever they choose to do, they end up creating more negative energy than positive. They always seem to be cribbing, angry and suffering however successful or rich they may become.
All of us are constantly pulled by dark forces on Earth. When we feel depressed and low, it is a pull of the dark forces.
If we feel tempted to use wrong means to make money or to get other pleasures, it is because of an inherent belief that we can’t get what we desire by using the right means, which is again a pull of dark energies.
The test for each of us is to change our thinking patterns such that we believe that we can get all that we desire and achieve our ambitions of life by using means which also ensure our feeling at peace within ourselves. We have to follow methods of living which inherently lead to soul evolution.
If we get pulled in the energy of darkness, we get into a vicious circle of negative thinking wherein we lose our peace as well as the purpose of life. Like Dev, each of us suffers for several subsequent lives when we fail to achieve our soul’s purpose in the present life because the soul dies feeling negative.

--‘The feeling of defeat, makes you get overtaken by the personality of Maximus… you have to use the powers of Maximus in the right way’.

The feeling of defeat or failure overtakes Dev when he is unable to perform as expected by others or is unable to come up to the standards of success he set for himself. The feeling of defeat causes Maximus to rise within him.
We all fall prey to feelings of being a failure, off and on, and a negative personality within us may rise when we feel defeated. We may tend to get diverted from a positive path of life in these weak moments.
To prevent losing control over our senses we have to train ourselves to remain focused and not let our self -esteem get negatively affected by externally judgmental influences.
Our self esteem falls when we feel unsuccessful. Yet, very often, the goals of success that we set up for ourselves may not be realistic from the perspective of meeting our soul needs of evolution. Success on Earth does not mean success from the universe’s perspective.
It helps to know that when we try to be successful at something the soul does not want, it is blocked by difficult circumstances. Till we learn the emotional lesson attached the desired material success cannot happen with accompanied emotional satisfaction. As we see in Dev’s case, if material success is not accompanied with emotional satisfaction, it becomes almost futile to achieve it since it is not recognized at the soul level as meaningful.

--‘The right direction is where the intention is to create and not to destroy.’

 The intention to create means to indulge in acts which generate positive feelings like happiness, love etc. It also means to transcend the existing negative energy into positive by choosing to focus on thoughts and actions which make us feel positive.
Destruction happens by spread of negative energy. Negative energy spreads through focus on negative feelings. The intention to destroy means to indulge in acts which spread negative feelings such as hatred, anger etc. It also entails choosing to aggravate the existing negative energy by continuing with the same way of thinking and doing things which have been producing negativity on our lives till now e.g. As in staying unhappy and sick, but not stopping worrying or having negative expectations from life, not leaving marriages and professions which make us more unhappy than happy, feeling non-courageous to break institutions which create suffering in us, working for tyrants etc.
Choosing acts which make us feel low or create emptiness in our lives or in others’ lives, causes us to move away from the positive frequency of the Creator, thus, making our soul to devolve rather than evolve.
When any of us does work which causes more anxiety and unhappiness in our lives than peace and happiness, in proportion, then our intention is to destroy than create.
For our effort to bear fruit at the soul level, whenever we choose to do something, our intention has to be to create more positive energy rather than destroy it.  

--‘You can choose your own path or follow the path of Maximus…the pull (from the dark forces) will be more in the path of Maximus

This also applies to each one of us. The path of Maximus represents the path of a past life personality. Maximus was successful in his path on Earth, but failed to achieve the purpose of his life as a soul.
Similarly, we are all pulled on paths in which we have been successful in previous lives in Earthly terms. But, we may have failed to achieve our purpose of life as souls in that path. Maybe, we got caught in negative thinking and got carried away by the pull of dark forces, away from the path of soul evolution.
Hence, the soul creates circumstances in the life plan which prevents us from pursuing that path.
If the soul does not want the person to follow a path, the person may have all the abilities to pursue a certain profession but his circumstances will prevent him in strange manners. E.g. Dev was physically fit to be a soldier. He was well-built. People who met him told him he walked and talked like a soldier. He liked guns and fighting and he wanted to serve his country. Everything seemed to be perfect on the exterior but yet he is prevented because of his circumstances.
When we face difficult circumstances, we can try to find different paths for achieving our ambition by focusing on satisfying the emotional need which the ambition entails, rather than just focusing on the material profession. The following example would clarify this concept further:

Example of ambition

Desire to be AN ACTRESS

A girl may have a deep desire to be an actress, but her circumstances may not allow it to happen. If the soul prevents this path, it is possible that, in a past life, she was a successful actress but instead of being appreciated for her contribution to evolution through acting, she had been acknowledged for her beauty or sexuality. She may have been unable to contribute to acting in roles she would have liked to, because she got pulled by material considerations and chose popular roles instead… Instead of helping society break rigid, negative patterns of thinking, she may have contributed to reinforcing them…If she chooses the path which she pursued in her past life, there are greater chances that she will again be pulled by negative thinking and again make choices for material success than for satisfying soul needs.

In other words, in this life she may still be as beautiful and with perseverance may even overcome her difficult circumstances and become an actress again; but then, she may again be acknowledged for her beauty and not her work.
However, if she can find other skills she has, which can give her the same amount of emotional success and material success, then there are greater chances that her mind would not repeat the same old negative thinking patterns.

But, breaking mind patterns requires time, energy and effort in a direction we need training in , to be aware of. Since our educational systems leave emotional training to chance, we do not get training to be able to shift our thought patterns whenever desired.
Because we are untrained in mind control techniques, we prefer going around in circles of negative thinking than making the required effort. Like obese people keep eating, while becoming fatter and sadder, negative thinkers keep worrying, becoming more sick and depressed overtime. Our energy gets locked in self destructive, energy circles instead of being free to create happy, emotionally satisfying, productive realities.
 Yet, the pull from the dark forces is lesser and level of satisfaction more whenever we are able to break free and find the right path.

Thus, the words that poured out of Dev’s subconscious mind made profound sense for the whole human race. Either it was because he was a much evolved soul who had got diverted from its path, or it was his spirit guide warning him in clear terms so that there was not much chance of him causing destruction again.


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