Friday, 1 November 2013

Goddess Lakshmi ... the symbol of money and happiness

  1. “We all need wealth to survive on Earth,
    as money is the medium of exchange to buy goods we need,
    yet, the obsession with money has become so much,
    that we stop focusing on happiness and focus on money,
    we keep blaming all our problems on not having money,
    Goddess Lakshmi has to hear more complaints than thankings

    If Money was alive Lakshmi, she would feel ostracized publicly,

    We focus less on feeling healthy and happy than on money,
    we invite stress & diseases and blame money for it, 
    in today’s world , everything is blamed on money,
    when money comes, it increases stress,
    when money goes, it increases poverty, 
    people are more negative than positive about Lakshmi,
    happiness can come only when we increase our positivity

    money is only a tool of multiplying the soul’s creativity,
    it is a neutral energy which does not distinguish good or ugly,
    if we have peace within us, money multiplies r positive energy,
    if we have sadness within us, money multiplies r negative energy,
    people who are already in problems becum worse after money,
    people happy from within, create wonders when money comes in,
    money will only multiple the core ideology of you,
    if you are sad, money will be used for EVIL by u
    that does not make money EVIL as it is misued by dark energy,
    money is like the engine battery which only starts ur inner being,
    be happy within yourself before u start asking for money
    multiply yourself with money as the SUN radiates light energy
    ask for money just as you ask for chargers for energy
    but be aware that money will accentuate the speed of activity
    if u first allow the SUN inside you to rise and shine bright
    then money will help you be happy & more peaceful from inside
    LOVE money and love the Goddess Lakshmi from your heart
    because they seek to help you become your brightest side

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    “ONly demons in mentality misuse money and make it bad,
    they use money to flaunt happiness which does not exist,
    demons make other people feel small and inferior,
    by making them beleive that money buys all happiness,
    however, people who follow them realize their stress increases,
    the money does not increase happiness as promised ,
     the demonic mind doesnt realize it is misusing money,
    MONEY needs to be used for helping spread happiness not misery
    the money which helps spread positive energy
    helps clear karmic debts by increasing positivity in lives of several

    However, people get overtaken by dark forces in their lives,
    it is easier to be demnic minds than think genunely

    a demonic mind is one which is self obsessed like a baby,
    it cannot understand that other people have as genuine needs,
    all of us have a degree of demonism inside us to help thru life,
    but when the demonism overtakes our divinity, its soul suicide,
    it is important to realize that demonism has to be controlled 
    for it creates negativity, confusion and false anxieties in mind,
    the demonic machine is to be used to the minimum to survive.
    the machine mind should be led by & not control the divine mind,
    our soul can achieve true happiness by spreading divine light,
    the more we spread sharing , compassion and peace 
    while accepting returns which are our divine abundance rights
    the more we would spread happiness from the core of our being
    being happy inside us reduces evil which needs to be minimized


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