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Parallel lives happen when same soul two bodies
two people who are very similar live in different circumstances
usually , people in parallel lives look alike, feel alike
it is almost like looking at the same man in a different  body
parallel lives are people who act the same way
who have the same faults and need similar soul lessons
they react to a situation or to love similarly
they have similar greed.. similar anger and challenges
Different circumstances force them to  overcome evolutionary difficulties in versatile ways 

"s/he is so alike me, but different in a way
would i be the same if i were born and brought up his way ?"

Parallel lives happen when the same soul incarnates in more than one body at the same time.

The concept of parallel lives is different from that of twin souls. Twin souls are  the female and male fragment of the same soul.

Parallel lives are when the same energy splits like a ray of light splitting.

In case of parallel lives, it is possible that a few pairs of twin souls are created , For example, when the soul incarnates as  a man in three bodies and a woman in three bodies. In case , one of these souls dies, it can go inside the body of its alive counterpart. Also, if the soul fails to achieve its soul purpose in one body, it can go in its parallel body and achieve its life purpose.( In this case, the soul’s body will be taken over by another seeking Earth soul of a lower or higher frequency. This process can also be called body snatching and is facilitated through black magic, where the body’s original soul is sent out and another takes over his body )

On the other hand, If the soul is  a believer in God and needs help to be happy, it can call upon God to come into him. A WALK IN soul is usually an advanced soul who comes in a human body to help the person achieve his or her life purpose. This walk in soul may be the God soul group, this person belongs to. Since the same soul is born in different religions in different lives, the God soul is named differently in different lives of the soul; but its the energy he worships. This advanced soul connects to the person through dreams, visions and other intuitive signals before walking in . A soul walk in changes the values, beliefs and behaviors of the person in alignment with the mission of God.

Usually, all parallel lives of the soul have the same lf  purpose to be achieved in different circumstances, in different bodies. For example, if the soul mission is to establish justice, the soul may be born in different religions in war periods to establish justice for all sects of people.

In the book, IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS ( how past lives affect the present, a soul’s perspective ), we  find through past life regressions that the same soul incarnates in three bodies during Second World War.

As is excerpted from the book IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS – chapter 7 – The Soul Is Disappointed:
“Dev was seeing another life in the Second World War, from the opposite side! Dev fought in the Second World War, from both sides, the Allies and the Axis. The likely explanation was that he was seeing a parallel life. While he was fighting as a soldier in Germany, he was living a parallel life in Britain, i.e. was in another body at the same time, as an air force pilot.
In case of parallel lives, the same soul splits into two parts or even more. 
The soul is made up of energy. When it splits, the quality of energy remains the same in each soul. It is like when a torch beam passes through a hard wooden chair, it splits into two parts but the quality of light remains the same; though the power of each split beam may be lesser than that of the ONE whole beam of light.
As explained in part 1, a single soul is like a ray of light coming from a bigger unit of power called the Higher Self. The Higher Self is like the SUN. It has several rays. Hence, the same soul energy can incarnate in several bodies at the same time if that suits its purpose of evolution.
 Practically, parallel lives means that two persons would have a similar energy frequency, and hence would have similar temperaments, similar body built`, similar fears etc. but would be facing individual challenges from a different set of circumstances.

 Dev’s soul had chosen an experience from both sides of the war. It was as if the same person was fighting himself. Dev as the German soldier was fighting Dev, the British soldier. Though, since one was in the air force and the other in the army, it was unlikely that they met each other.
Metaphorically, however, it was a brother fighting a brother since both were part of the same soul energy.
Was the Higher self trying to tell us that there must be several souls like him in the war, kins fighting each other, at the soul level or that we are all part of one whole consciousness, and when we kill another, we harm our own energy in some way?)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Dev’s soul had a third life in Italy at the same time where he was  a mafia don. When each of  these souls died, they joined the living body of the soul alive. That increased the powers of the integrated body  but also  put in him doubts and fears of the souls joining him.
Since, all the three souls were aggressive, the original soul had been divided into three bodies to keep levels of aggression down in each and spread equanimity for the masses. However, as is narrated, all the three souls failed to achieve their life purpose in that life . All these three  souls died fighting for justice , but they only fought to save their own ego and prove their worth to dark forces. Justice could not be established through their efforts. On the contrary, aggression and injustice spread . Both the nazi soldier and the mafia don took thousands of innocent lives to save their honour. The soul felt defeated at the moment of death.
These kind of lives have karmic impact. The rage, unhappiness and trauma the soul dies with,  carries on to the next lives till the soul is successful in calming down and winning the war of thinking positively, in alignment with the mission of God , oneness and equanimity.

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