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Everyone has karmic debts . We have to repay our karma whether we are aware of it or not. If we do not repay karma in the present life, it gets carried over to the next life. The problems and betrayals we face are because we are unable to repay karma.

Karma forms the syllabus if a life time. By repaying karma, we pass our soul tests and rise to a higher soul frequency and happiness. 
Repaying karma has soul lessons attached. When we repay karma, we learn some positive lessons of life. When we are successful in learning our lessons, we repay karma. In the process of repaying karma, we create positive energy and happiness in our life and in the lives of others.
All our life activities create some karma or another. If we create negative karma , we have to create positive karma in its place to become happy in life. 

If we are suffering, it means that we are making wrong choices.
Suffering indicates an inability to repay karma. Suffering happens when we fail to learn our soul lessons and cannot rise to a higher positive frequency.

As explained below, suffering does not help to repay karma by itself . It only makes us aware that we have hurt somebody . Karma is repaid when we can heal the other person with our love, support and sacrifice. If we feel happier, it means that we are repaying karma successfully. If we feel sadder by our choices, it means that we are repeating past mistakes and increasing our karmic debt.

From IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS - chapter 10 Karmic Balancing

Karma is a measure of energy exchange. It is the amount of positive energy created versus the amount of negative energy created in the thought process accompanying an activity. If more negative energy is created, we, as souls , create a negative energy pool in which we fall or devolve. The negative karma thus created has to be converted back into neutral or positive for soul evolution or for realizing happiness. Otherwise, in the negative energy pool, we keep attracting negative energy in the form of situations which create sadness, hurt, depression , anger , fear etc..

According to the karmic law, there are two methods of karma repayment or karmic balancing –

The first method is that the soul chooses to suffer itself in the same way as it made another soul suffer previously i.e. if it was an abuser in a past life, it chooses to be a victim in the present life.
For example, if a soul is a slave-owner in a life and abuses slaves, it chooses to be a slave in the next life and gets abused.
This step is necessary to help the soul understand that it committed a mistake by hurting another soul, which it may not realize automatically.
In the initial stages of evolution, the soul is young or less evolved. It is like a small child. When the small child hits another child, it does not usually, realize it hurts unless it is hit back. So, the soul chooses to get hit back so that it realizes the effect of its action on others.

However, if the soul, when victimized, can ignore/neutralize the hurt as it receives it by learning positive thinking techniques like meditation, tolerance, patience, compassion, forgiveness etc. ; it would be able to break the karmic cycle then and there by its  positive focus.
 It would emit positive energy which would help it come out of the negative loop.
Also, by facing the trauma of abuse, the soul would know inherently that this method of pursuing power is humiliating to others; and therefore, is a wrong method to pursue. Henceforth, it would shift its focus to achieving its purpose, through another method which is more positive. In this process, of finding another method, it would learn its soul lessons.

For instance, in the case history given in the book, Dev’s soul lesson was to achieve justice for the weak by obtaining power himself. His means of obtaining power led him to committing a sin. He was betrayed in the next life so that he could understand how it feels to die a death of betrayal, so that he does not use this method of obtaining power again.
But, instead, if he could have ignored the betrayal, he could have moved on to achieve his purpose of life in a different manner, in the next life.
However, Dev could not free himself from feeling revengeful. The negative energy was too intense and caught hold on him. The soul got caught in a karmic loop and the cycle of abuse and getting victimized continued.

Dev’s case was the typical example of a continuation of the karmic cycle.viz., first Dev betrayed and killed his king (the tribal soldier); then the king betrayed and killed Dev ( the Greek soldier ); then, again, in another life, Dev betrayed his country and killed innocent people ( the  pirate) - then, again , he was betrayed and killed ( the Roman soldier ) ; then, again he betrayed and killed his king ( the farmer ), then again he was killed as a sacrifice for his country  ( the Nazi soldier ) , and there could be more lives which we had not seen yet.
The focus of Dev’s soul on Earth remained on neutralizing the energy of betrayal rather than on achieving the purpose of life which was to achieve justice for the weak and oppressed. 

As in Dev’s case, Suffering, usually, does not ensure karmic pay-back. Self-realization of cause and effect takes a long time to come. Meanwhile, suffering leads the soul to feel more negative in the short run, leading it to indulge in revengeful acts. So, with suffering as the repayment method chosen, the karmic cycle can continue endlessly unless a higher level of realization comes into the soul with evolution.

In the second method of repayment of karma, to repay karma, the soul has to create as much positive energy for another soul as it had created negative energy by indulging in abuse.  For example, if the soul had enslaved other people, it may choose to become a missionary and help slaves or rescue them, in the next life.

This step of karmic repayment can get activated only when the soul evolves to a higher level of consciousness, and can empathize with other souls. Continuing on the above example, a small child cannot help another child who is hurt but an older child can. While protecting other children, the older child would understand that hitting is wrong, and therefore, choose not to hit itself. That way it would learn its soul lesson, without getting directly hurt itself.

This second method of karma repayment, usually, involves a focus on healing other souls, which one harmed in the abuser’s life and not suffering itself.
 The soul still has to suffer itself in some way, since it has a negative karmic debt. But, the form of abuse mellows, because of the life-plan.
For example, physical abuse may get converted into emotional abuse, i.e., if this soul had humiliated other souls by beating or raping them in a past life, it may face humiliation of the same kind in this life but without getting beaten up or raped. The humiliation would be experienced at the level of feelings and not physically, like by being unfairly rebuked, bullied or scolded.
The emotional suffering in place of physical suffering ensures that extreme negative feelings like revenge remain under control while positive feelings like patience, tolerance and compassion develop. Hence, the focus can remain on helping other souls

The second step of karmic repayment was the method which Dev’s Higher Self told him to use in this life to be free of the negative karma he had created. “You have to heal all those souls. When you heal all those souls whose purpose of life you took away, you will be free “

The second step is usually adopted by the souls in their life-plan when the first method fails, as had happened with Dev, and happens with most of us. We keep suffering because we are unable to forgive the abuser souls.
Whenever we get a chance, we take revenge and hence, abuse again. So, the karmic cycle continues when our focus remains on our suffering. The more we suffer, the more we multiply the energy of suffering as it gets reinforced with constant focus.
When we heal other souls, the pattern of suffering breaks as we start focusing on a different aspect of thinking.
For example, if Dev could shift his mental focus from feeling betrayed and needing to take revenge, to finding ways on how to ensure justice for the weak and oppressed, he would still have got betrayed to even out his karma but his focus would not have turned as negative. He could have ignored the betrayals as being obstacles in life and moved on.

However, Dev’s soul lesson was a difficult lesson. To ensure justice for the weak and oppressed, Dev’s soul had to learn to distinguish between fighting for justice, and fighting for survival while on Earth. To be able to do this, before choosing to act, it had to understand the intention behind the act, and then, make the choice of whether to act or not.

Metaphorically, the situation of the soul in a karmic loop can be compared to a student failing in a class and repeating the same class again and again.
 As the student keeps repeating mistakes, the soul keeps repeating lives with the same karmic pattern. Just as the student can pass only when it makes an effort to study in a more responsible manner, the soul can move up the evolutionary scale only when it learns its soul lessons, and can create positive energy in place of the negative karma it had created , i.e. correct its mistakes.

Like Dev’s soul, if the soul does not get over its belief that it has to suffer because it has sinned, it only keeps suffering life after life but does not rectify its mistakes. Past life therapy helps because the soul like the student suddenly becomes aware that it made the same mistakes in the past, as it is doing now.  By realizing that the methods he used did not help him create happiness for itself or others in earlier lives, it may choose to change.
But, the choice remains with the person.

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Sacrifice has always been glorified in every religion. It is said that sacrifice helps the soul evolve to be one with God.
Sacrifice, ideally, means an act of love. God is an energy made of love. God represents oneness and love. So, when we sacrifice in order to love better, we become closer in mind to the mind of God. Hence, sacrifice is encouraged as it helps humans evolve to being more loving. THE FEELING OF  LOVE INCREASES HAPPINESS. WHEN YOU SACRIFICE FOR LOVE, YOU LOVE MORE AND HENCE , YOUR HAPPINESS RISES.

So, when can sacrifice be harmful for soul evolution? What makes sacrifice spread more unhappiness than happiness for the people involved?

Sacrifice helps only when done out of the act of pure love. If done out of fear of survival, need for money or to save lives of people who are selfish or negative, sacrifice backfires and creates karmic debt. Sacrifice done with a negative thought in mind spreads more negative and the negative karma falls on the person who sacrifices than on the people he sacrifices for. If innocent people die because you are working for a tyrant or if selfish people can continue being selfish because you are their family protector, then the onus of their negative energy lies on you.

If negative energy, thought or ritual continues because of your sacrifice, then you have to pay heavy karmic debts because of your sacrifice. You lose out on happiness during the sacrifice and you further lose out on  happiness in future lives because of protecting a negative institution. Like, if any corrupt person rules because you sacrifice, you have to pay for his meanness. If you sacrifice for a tyrannical boss, an abusive husband,  a selfish/ suicidal wife or dictatorial patents, then your life becomes more miserable because you work against God in protecting the devil’s thinking.

As is written in the book IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS:

Dev was surprised at the rebuke he got from his Higher Self, after being so successful on Earth. It got us wondering whether other soldiers are also similarly rebuked, after death, when they have sacrificed their lives in war.
What is considered a glorified sacrifice on Earth may be a meaningless or negative act from the soul’s viewpoint. It would make the soul feel its existence was futile and make it want to incarnate again with the same tests of soul evolution.
Sacrifice of a life is meaningless for the soul unless it adds to evolution of its consciousness in some way. Dying in the process of spreading destruction or sadness could not be commended at the soul level, because Dev took away the free will of several souls by taking innocent lives as the Nazi soldier, before he died.”.........Chapter 7 - The Soul is disappointed - IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS

The book explains how sacrifice creates negative karma when it is the reason for causing injustice to your own soul or other souls. Sacrifice is meant to increase your happiness, not reduce it. If you sacrifice out of love, you would find peace and happiness by serving those you love but if your unrest, pessimism and selfishness are increasing, it means you are sacrificing for the devil’s cause.

“A wound is where light enters from”. said Rumi.
A sacrifice is an emotional wound. It helps break old walls of priorities and spread new ways of thinking.
But, when we give up priorities, we have to expand our soul consciousness to receive positivity from indirect routes. If we sacrifice feeling negative within, then the wound created by the sacrifice does not heal. The pain which sacrifice can cause consistently can lead to spread of more negative energy than the positive it intends to create. A person sacrificing feeling negative is like a wound remaining unhealed and causing septic or becoming infectious. A person who feels negative on being sacrificed spread negative thoughts and destructive energy.

As is given in the case history, the army soldier Dev sacrificed his life and his happiness for the country but in the act he spread injustice. 

The book “CREATION OF HAPPINESS”, elaborates thus:

“Over the centuries, success has become materialistically defined. Instead of being a measure of happiness, it has become a measure of wealth or power. The need to win becomes a priority, even if our happiness gets sacrificed during the act of pursuing conventional success.
Wealth or power can lead to happiness only if they are used for spreading positive energy. The wealth by itself does not equal happiness but if it leads to creation of positive feelings; then, only it helps in increasing happiness. It is the investment in creating positive energy which makes us feel more loved, creatively successful or healthy.
 Money or power do not make us happier, if they increase our anxiety of losing or make us escape from our soul lessons by enabling resorting to short term gains of materialism. “  - excerpt chapter 17  - the extinction of dinosaurs in the NEW AGE
“Taking away another soul’s free will  by killing it in war or through murder,  creates negative karma for the killer, irrespective of whether the killer is legally authorized to kill in Earth terms as a soldier or not.
 At the soul level, taking another life is justified only when it is needed for survival (as animals kill for food) or in self-defence from a tyrant; not for any other reason. The Nazi soldier did not kill in self- defence.

 Dev, as the Nazi soldier, virtually killed as part of a job wherein he fought for power and ego glorification of his country, needs which are not considered justified from the soul’s perspective. His sacrifice of life did not help his soul evolve in any way. Rarely is effort towards destruction productive from the soul’s perspective.

From the perspective of the soul, there is no difference in killing as a criminal and killing as a soldier, since in both cases; the person kills for material considerations..........................................................Chapter 7 – In Search of Happiness
Any act of social service helps only if the intention of the person is positive while doing the act. If the person feels more negative than positive, then the sacrifice becomes futile in generating positivity. If helplessness becomes greater than hope, then sacrifice leads to more sadness in life than optimism, devolution over evolution, bad over good,  diseases over health and depression over happiness .

As is further covered in the book IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS chapter 10- KARMIC BALANCING

      Does Social service help in clearing negative karma?

Creation of positive energy by focusing on positive feelings and actions, without harming others, is a sure method of clearing karma, and healing suffering. But, focusing on positive actions while feeling negative within may not lead to repayment of karma because the action, by itself, would not be counted at the soul’s level of existence. Only feelings matter to the soul’s energy cycle.
Being pre -dominantly positive within while taking actions only can help to repay karma. Joy, peace and happiness are positive energies and cannot come in our lives when we feel predominantly negative, irrespective of our external acts.

Thus, activities like social service and praying done for repayment of negative karma, would not always lead to creation of happiness in one’s life, if the focus of the person is more on negative thoughts than positive on an average.

Like, if we pray out of fear, then the prayer would multiply fear in our life not joy. Praying would connect us to God only when we do not feel negative. God is energy of high positive frequency and cannot reach our soul frequency if it is negative. Praying works when it helps us attain thoughtless states or positive states of mind.”

Sacrifice never helps in your soul evolution to happiness or to God, if you are more sad or helpless within due to the sacrifice than being happy. Energy multiplies through focus. If we feel more negative due to the sacrifice, we attract more negativity in our life by the Law of Attraction.

However, sacrifice is extremely useful as an act of repaying karma if we can sacrifice feeling good within.
We can sacrifice feeing good within only when we are sacrificing for love or God and not for a  tyrant or a job or a selfish spouse. If we sacrifice in order to make money or maintain a loveless marriage, we cannot feel good within because we are sacrificing for maintaining hypocrasy and spreading evil. Similarly ,if we sacrifice our happiness and stay with a person because he threatens suicide, we create negative karma for ourselves and him as we increase his selfishness.

Our act would bring us happiness if we help other people evolve to being kinder and more compassionate. If we get emotionally abused or beaten up by a dominating spouse, only to save a marriage, we create a negative karmic debt for us. Any action which aims to maintain peace at the cost on increasing tyranny, leads to creation of negative karma and unhappiness.

But, if we sacrifice out of true love in the hope that our sacrifice would make someone else’s life better, we evolve as souls. The act of love is always returned be it for God, children or other deprived souls. When you act out of love, you are loved back. You receive positivity, blessings, respect and happiness by those you help. On the other hand, if you help selfish people, you would not feel loved in return but would feel more abused or helpless as underperformers.

The core distinction between what makes sacrifice a glorious act and a sinful act is the intention you do it with and who you do it for. If you do it for love for those who give back pure love, light or knowledge, sacrifice helps. If you do it for egoistic people to save their face, sacrifice harms your own soul evolution.

Sacrifice needs to be done such that it makes you feel praised and rewarded without receiving money, directly. The act of sacrifice needs to be made to evolve to a higher quality of life which money cannot buy.

Sacrifice takes human evolution to the fourth dimension from the third dimension, as is happening in the NEW AGE.

 Life rose from being animal like to being human like in the previous dimensional shift . Animals live in a two dimensional world. Their food and work are directly related. They hunt and eat. But, in the human world, a third dimension of money gets added, Humans work but their food does not directly come from the work they do. They work to earn money and then the money helps them buy food.

Sacrifice adds a fourth dimension to life. People who sacrifice do not get direct money payment for the work they do. They do sacrifice believing in God by helping other people. They send out love. God gives them back love and they feel at peace. But, human beings cannot survive on peace and love as they also have physical needs. That is where God helps these people get money to survive from other channels. People who sacrifice do not get adequate compensation for the work they do. But, their money needs are met by other people who work for money.

Like, when a housewife sacrifices her job for being with her children, her monetary needs is met by other people. Or, when saints sacrifice their lives to spread knowledge, their monetary compensation comes indirectly. True Sacrifice is that which involves faith in God, not lack of faith.

Sacrifice means sending energy to God and then receiving money from God. It breaks the connection between earning and working. People who sacrifice for work which gives them happiness, work without earning money but they receive money anyhow from other channels of God. God takes karma from the good people to do his work and then assigns other people to pay them on his behalf.

Sacrifice creates leaps of blind faith. It breaks regular patterns of how to receive by making you act only for love. When you work for love, you sacrifice money trusting God for your survival. It is like you plant seeds to flower your garden but you have to leave before you can see the flowers. Then, you see the flowers in another garden where you did not plant the seeds. Your work is rewarded but through an irregular route.

Sacrifice teaches you to surrender to God and work only for happiness. As you focus on happiness, your happiness grows further though it may grow in unconventional ways. You get all that you need but you cannot question the channels from which your money comes in as it would come from people God assigns for you. They may be people who owe you karmic debts from previous lives but who you have not helped in this life. You cannot refuse help or money from any channel which God sends as you work for love, and your work may not pay you directly. So, when you sacrifice, you have to open your energies to receive with respect from any person God sends to help you.

Sacrifice is meant to be an essential ingredient as Earth evolves to a higher plane of existence. In the fourth dimensional Earth, quality of life is meant to improve for the better for all. Love and compassion are supposed to rule over fear and competition as the driving forces.

Love and compassion can rule only when the connection between working and money breaks. When people work for their happiness, happiness will rise by the Laws of Attraction, Creation & Repetition. Some professions would earn more money and some less, but the quality of life would improve, overall as people start working on talents which pay happiness but do not pay money, as well. Sacrificing money for happiness always increases happiness where sacrificing happiness for money leads to sadness. Money is a means for amplifying your inner vibration, not an end by itself.

Money, by itself is only a tool of buying happiness, but happiness can come directly also, without needing as much money. Sacrifice teaches us that we have to do work for the sake of helping other people we love and not for money only. It helps us evolve our consciousness to thinking beyond money or food, as a reason for working. We start aiming at emotional satisfaction from the work we do, as we think beyond money or our animal needs.
Money comes as abundance is our birthright but we learn to give up on the Hows. Moving from the third dimensional Earth to a fourth dimensional earth involves an upliftment of consciousness. Like monkeys could not think of anyways to get bananas without plucking them from trees, human beings, now , can’t think of anyways of earning money than slaving themselves for it.

Yet, as we move up dimensional scales, we become closer to God.  Feelings become our sixth sense over the five senses of touch, tastes, hearing, seeing or smell. Then, we start working for feeling good and receiving remuneration by feeling good, while our survival needs are met through one channel or another.

Sacrifice is virtuous when material, survival considerations are sacrificed for love and happiness. When you sacrifice eating what you like to be in peace with your body, you become a healthier person. When you sacrifice the video games you like, to study a course subject, you become a wiser person.

When you sacrifice money for learning soul awareness, your soul, mind, body integration improves.
It is sacrifice which creates space in your aura to let new knowledge in by letting go of old unwanted beliefs through giving up something precious like money, rich food or jewellery.
Likewise, when you sacrifice your traditions and rituals to seek enlightenment, you become an evolved person. You quit playing games on Earth to learn your soul lessons and become advanced as a soul.

Sacrifice leads to soul advancement only when pure love is the core intention not fear of death of any kind. The soul lives eternally and each life is not a step in the ladder of evolution. You have to keep increasing your inner happiness with each choice you make and happiness rises when you feel loved, at peace, healthy and content from within. . If done with faith and love for God, Sacrifice paves the world for a perfect, happy world.

Sacrifice is a must for achieving happiness in life. If you stay depressed and sad, it means you have negative beliefs of how to live your life. Sacrificing your negative mindset for achieving happiness would lead to your soul evolution as you would let go of people who are negative and seek new definitions of being positive, from God.

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Past lives affect a person’s present life through affecting the emotional mind of the person, in a number of ways, some of which are elaborated, with examples, below -

1) Past lives influence the person’s impulsive reactions.

An impulsive reaction is caused by and causes electric activity in the brain. It appears that when a person is reminded of an emotion in his present life, which he experienced traumatically in a past life, there is a matching of emotional circuits. A whole chain of emotional reactions get triggered off, even when the present life situation causing it may be of little value by itself. It is like a computer programme getting triggered off from the time of its inception-with all the files opening up, instead of only the current file. Such a chain of reactions takes nanno seconds to form, and the person reacts from the subconscious level, without even being aware of the first link in the chain, consciously.

For example, in the book IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS ( how past lives affect the present , a soul’s perspective )

each time, the lead character,  Dev was rebuked by his parents, a chain reaction was getting triggered awake in his subconscious mind viz. a feeling of having failed expectations of others—a recall of the memory of feeling defeated at an energy level –a recall of the feeling of being betrayed – internal anger reaction –a recall of the need for revenge --indulging in aggressive external behavior or violence.  

           Any sensation whether it is a visual image, an auditory sound, a texture , a smell or a taste which creates a feeling, which reminds the subconscious mind of a similar emotion experienced in the past , triggers awake a chain of  feelings encountered in the past, in their full intensity.  This process of the past life opening up by a sensation triggering a familiar electric activity, i.e. a familiar emotion, in the brain, is similar to typing a key word in the search engine of the computer and all the connected files opening up.

Thus, if there is no other rational reason, then, usually, past lives are the reason why one person reacts very strongly in a specific situation, while another person can take it relatively lightly.

Metaphorically, a small hurt, which can otherwise be taken lightly, can be very painful if it is on an already bruised arm. For the present hurt to be fixed, the bruised arm needs to be wholly healed first. If we just address the present hurt, it does not help much in healing the pain as till the arm is completely healed from the past bruises, it keeps paining. Subsequently, if one keeps getting hurt in the same place, repeatedly, the pain increases more with each new hurt.

The same logic which holds for physical hurts holds for emotional hurts as well. A negative situation by itself may not hurt as much if it has never been experienced before, but, if similar types of negative situations have been experienced in past lives, the most extreme negative emotions which have been felt are triggered awake, when a similar external situation is experienced again in the present life, at the emotional level.

 2) The feeling a person dies with is, usually, the pre-dominant negative emotion, which forms the point of dominant emotional focus of the present life of the person. 

For example, in the book IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS ,  we see that the Dev faced betrayal repeatedly . The feeling of betrayal was his point of dominant emotional focus in his present life, which he was carrying over from his death in his past life. where he died due to being bertrayed.

More specifically - Most often, as we read in chapter 2 – the Past life Connection - Dev used to feel betrayed by his mother who was the same soul, as his sister in the past life.

In his past life, he had been severely betrayed by his sister whom he had trusted deeply. He had lost his life because of that betrayal. However, in his present life, he had never been as severely betrayed by his mother. Yet, he perceived both situations to be the same at an energy level, and often, reacted, very strongly to his mother, indicating that in his subconscious mind, he still believed that she could betray and get him killed anytime. Dev had almost tried to kill his mother once since he felt so severely betrayed bu her accusing mim wrongly.

Thus, with Dev, the source of feeling betrayed whenever anyone he trusted did not understand his feelings lay in a past life and not in his present life.

For the present life to be free of past life traumas, this point of emotional focus needs to shift to positive. Hence, the negative emotion the person dies with is the most prominent mind-set which needs to be healed in the next life.

3) Past Lives and experiences form the base of values, beliefs and attitudes which we are born with. Our present perception of what life is all about depends on how it has been in our past lives.

Subconsciously, we, usually, expect the present reality to manifest the same way as our past experience has been. For example, as a child, if a particular teacher was rude to a person once, s/he would be scared to approach her again fearing that she would again be rude. S/he would, usually, not stop to think that probably she was rude that day because of something which happened in her life, which upset her on that day. The student’s  behavior reflects a common human thinking pattern.

We rarely associate a person’s behavior with a specific context. Instead, we make general judgments about that person or situation and expect a previous experience to get repeated irrespective of the present context.

Just as feelings get carried over from negative experiences in the present life-time, and form our future expectations, feelings get carried over from past life-times and form our expectations from the present life. Negative feelings experienced by the soul, in one life-time remain eternally through all subsequent life times, till processed, healed, transformed and released.

 To release negative emotions, just healing a past life does not help. We, simultaneously, need to change our core negative thinking patterns, in the present life, so that new negative energy is not constantly re-created by constantly focusing on negative aspects of life, or indulging in behaviors which causes problems.

For example, in Dev’s case, his mental peace was destroyed, due to accumulated negative energies, because his negative thinking pattern had not changed from that life to his present life. His dominant emotional focus remained that he had to take revenge, since the past 2500 years,  and therefore, negative energy of similar type kept getting recreated.

4) Negative emotions accumulated through lifetimes cause physical and/or mental diseases in the present life.

For example, Dev, due to a constant subconscious focus on negative emotions experienced in his past life, had developed depression, and was medically diagnosed with neurosis and suspected borderline schizophrenia.

Usually, the thinking patterns of the person remain the same through life-times and hence, the negative focus does not change. Hence, dominant negative emotions once experienced, keep recurring. Due to an inability to change his perspective, the person keeps repeating the same behavior which caused him problems in the previous life. Overtime, the negative energy released by focusing on negative feelings, starts poisoning the body organs due to a constant discharge of negative hormones in the blood-stream.
Metaphorically, if we take the example of the bruised arm again, if the hurt arm is not healed, over-time, the poison spreads throughout the body and harms other parts of the body as well.

As Diane Stein, author of Essential Reiki Healing, says-“Human life is filled with emotional pain and traumas, large and small. Most people are taught that expressing their feelings is inappropriate. Instead of allowing oneself to feel the pain and then release it, the emotion gets stuck inside. Where pain remains within and has no other release, it results in physical illness. Anger, frustration, fear, grief or loneliness are more often the source of human disease than any bacteria, virus or organic malfunction”

5) Our ambitions are usually a carry over from past lives

Usually, the deepest desires we carry are unfulfilled ambitions from past lives.

For example, Dev wanted to fight for justice in his present life, because he had been unable to accomplish justice in his past lives

Our ambitions are connected to the purpose of life which the soul plans to achieve in its life-plan. When the soul is unable to achieve its purpose of life, the ambition to do so gets carried over to the next life.

From the perspective of the soul, the ambition needs to be achieved from the level of feelings, and not .literally, at the external, physical level. For the soul, the act, by itself is immaterial. It is the emotion/intention behind the act which matters. Dev kept fighting and winning in all his lives, after the life of the Greek soldier, but, the soul was never satisfied, since his winning, in those lives, did not lead to accomplishment of justice.

Hence, before pursuing any ambition it is important to be aware which specific feeling one is seeking to satisfy from it. Also, it is necessary to judge whether the acts being pursued, to satisfy the ambition externally, satisfy the internal feeling or not. If not, the purpose or ambition would remain unaccomplished irrespective of the effort being put in. Most ambitions, in fact, remain unfulfilled because the person gets too focused on achieving the external outcome, and forgets about pursuing the feeling behind the ambition.

If difficult circumstances block an ambition or desire from coming true, it is usually because the soul knows that method being pursued would not lead to the satisfactions of feelings at soul level, even if the ambition is externally fulfilled. By blocking the ambition, the soul tries to channelize the mind towards finding other methods of fulfilling the feeling desired.  For example, in Dev’s case, he wanted to be a soldier to fulfill his unfulfilled ambition from previous lives. But, his soul did not allow that to happen because by being a soldier in his previous lives he had killed innocent souls. His life purpose was to gain power to spread justice. Gaining power but spreading injustice, could not help the soul get satisfied in achieving its life purpose.

6) Past lives influence our performance and success in the present life, because they form the basis of our core expectations from ourselves.

For example, Devs mind was adversely affected by the negative emotions of failure, betrayal and anger, since his death as the Greek soldier. These negative emotions were affecting his performance in each area of his life.

In his present life, he was performing below his own expectations or capability in exams since he had turned seventeen. The Geek soldier had been seventeen when he died of failure. Fighting the lions was a test task for the Greek soldier, which he failed in, due to the subconscious memory of which Dev had developed a performance anxiety since he was seventeen.

Thus, his fear of failure, carried over from the Greek soldier’s life, negatively influenced his ability to succeed in his present life.

Also, Dev wanted to be a soldier from his subconscious level, as being a soldier was his only memory of success, and he wanted to emulate that subconsciously rather than try something new, in which he was afraid of failure.

Thus, in the present life, we are confident about those tasks in which we have succeeded in past lives, and afraid of those tasks in which we have failed in past lives. However, the test of the soul is to overcome its fear and succeed in learning that lesson in which it failed earlier. Therefore, we keep encountering situations which irk us, so that we get enough opportunity to succeed this time around.

7) Past lives influence our relationships

Our closest encounters with people have elements of karmic balancing involved We get exploited and abused by those people on whom we have a karmic debt; and we get rewarded by those people who own a karmic debt to us.

The way we feel around different people is also determined by the kind of relationship we have had with those soul energies in the past life. If we feel repulsive towards a person, it is possible that we have been raped or cheated by that person in a past life... If we feel nice towards a person, it is possible that that person was a friend or lover in a past life. When we feel déjà vu, towards some places and people, it is usually because we have known them in previous lives.

Often, souls who have killed each other get incarnated in the same family or get married to each other, so as to balance karma. Hence, if we feel non-understood by family members, it is because we may have been abused by them in previous lives. For example, Dev always felt non-understood by his parents, just as he had felt non-understood by those souls, as the Greek soldier.

However, as long as we keep feeling unjustly treated, we would keep feeling betrayed and emotionally killed in each small encounter with family or spouse.

To heal this pattern of conflict, we have to change our point of focus towards these people from negative to neutral. Instead of automatically expecting the negative from them, we have to allow ourselves to deliberately expect the positive. A deep-rooted energy circuit would not change overnight, but, if further fuelled negatively, it will never change. As our soul evolves, we have to focus on our feelings with the awareness that our present focus would determine our future reality.

8) Past lives may be behind addictive behaviors

There is usually a deep unsatiated emotional craving is people who become addicts. The root causes of this emotional craving lie in a person’s childhood and past lives.

 For example, Dev’s craving for alcohol could be traced back to a past life, where he sees himself as a small child who is hungry and angry..

9) Past lives affect our ability to make free choices in life

When we take decisions which are emotionally intense, then they get impacted on the subconscious mind, and get carried over life-times. For example, after a period of starvation, a woman may take an oath – ‘I will never be deprived of food again ‘.Such a woman is likely to become fat in future life-times because she is afraid of getting staved again. Similarly, when a person in love makes an oath to his lover like—‘I will only marry you and no other’; then, he may get bound to this soul for life-times. If the soul does not get reborn with him in the next life-time, s/he may remain unmarried.

There are various kinds of oaths like – The Healer’s oath, where the healer swears that he will not make money from his profession, the soldier’s oath- where the person swears not to question a person in authority etc.

These decisions, vows and oaths need to be removed from the auric level, repeatedly, so that the energy circuit in the mind, which forces the person to abide by these rules loosens and breaks. Overtime, this helps the person get back his ability to make free choices in his present life.

To conclude, past lives have a major impact on how we feel and respond in different   life situations.

For healing the influence of past lives, other than past life therapy, we also need to be aware of each internal feeling we focus upon. That would help to decode a negative pattern in our internal reactions, which we can subsequently analyze and check. Just by being conscious, we can change our feelings from negative to neutral because usually the present life situations do not call for the extreme impulsive reactions we indulge in due to the subconscious movement of energies within.

However, without conscious mind control, the way we internally feel in different situations is usually automatic, as contrasted to being deliberately channelized, and affects our external behavior, without our awareness. The same pattern would continue at an emotional level till we deliberately attempt the art of mastering our consciousness.

For more details , please refer to the book :

Monday, 15 April 2013


We live in a  competitive world, as we proudly tell our children . Competition is the basic tool we use to motivate our children to achieve success in life. But, does that success focus on us being happy at all?

The wars which began in the primitive world to secure food, clothing and shelter later became competitive ego wars. The kings started using competition for spreading inequality and injustice to the masses.  There have been no scales to measure an increase in happiness in the world. If we go by the hospital charts, depressions and stress related disorders have only been increasing, in the modern day competitive world.
We teach our children to imitate what other kids are doing and ask them to do better. In other words, we teach our kids to treat other kids as inferior. After this negative conditioning in childhood, we complain about people being unjust and selfish as adults.
Instead of motivating children to do their best so that they would get joy and happiness from the start, we teach them to start fighting with other kids by competing on who is the best. Can violence ever stop in the world if our core focus is on teaching children how to fight/compete from kindergarten?


INSTEAD OF COMPETITION, IF WE COULD USE MOTIVATION TESTS ,  each child would use an exam for testing his motivation and understanding of a subject. The children who did well would be motivated to continue on the same path . The children who did poorly would be guided to pursue other streams where their unique talents lie.
A lot of standardized , stagnant learning would get sacrificed if motivation would be encouraged over competition. Unique , creative learning programmes would be developed to involve children from their hearts in participating in what is taught. Several children who feel like misfits in the competitive race or who become selfish because of the competitive zeal, would be able to regain their emotional balance. The pursuit of success is to achieve happiness in life. But, happiness can come in only when we are motivated to do work from within such that the soul gets joys from the work it does.
Bureaucracy and stagnation would fade off and give way to an evolving, growing, happy , moving world.


Competition tests hamper creative development of the human mind and stagnate potential as they test your skill to obey than be creative. Instead of evolving to a higher quality of consciousness, competition encourages spreading of that which already exists. Several toothpastes of similar kinds or several films of unreal strifes, show degeneration of human intelligence than evolution. The result of competition is that of stopping your mind from thinking with joy, and feeling sacrificed to fit in. The outcome we see is in increasing hospital bills, mental suffocation and sexless. loveless life of the modern day man or woman. The soul stagnates and becomes dysfunctional rather than remain a source of creation , as part of being the Co-creator .
In the competitive tests, the ones who win a race feel superior more because others applaud than because they get inner joy from the task. People get so trained in being competitive that they start enjoying bickering and fights only to fuel the release of negative hormones in the body.

Competition starts acting like drug addiction. It is an easy tool to motivate children in the beginning to perform but it later starts creating side effects – in the form of increased violence, rapes, thefts, murders, manipulations, conspiracies, terrorism and wars.

Everything is branded in a competitive world including religion. Each person fights over whose God is best . The sanctity of God’s name and the love it represents, is sacrificed to suit man’s competitive needs on proving himself the best – be it in the clothes he wears, the cars he travels in or the Gods he worships.
Man becomes so obsessed with proving his own thinking right that he sacrifices God’s thinking to prove his own worship. The labels of Gods – be it  Hindu, Muslim or Christianity become more important than the ideologies these religions uphold. People compete put of habit and accumulate goods , furniture , houses , cars and mobiles but they have no real joys like peace, happiness, love or sexual satisfaction .

The child like mind gets so conditioned to prove “I am the best “ that it doesn’t understand why it seeks to be the best. If you take the responsibility of being the best, you would offer the best quality of work for upliftment of the masses. The idea of being best is to be like God, where your inner being radiates positivity and happiness in the lives of several others. But, with negative competition, people only want to prove themselves externally the best without caring about whether they contribute anything in terms of spreading love or compassion or any positive energies of life.

 As is written in the book CREATION OF HAPPINESS:THE ENERGY WAR,  a soul's perspective:

The positive intention behind the original development of the concept may have been to reward those souls who put in their energies intensely into any work they do or any thought of creation they focus upon. The idea was to reinforce utilization of a person’s full potential by rewarding his/her best performance.

However, over the years competition became a process by which the person was led to perform his best at the cost of undermining other people’s efforts. It started leading to creation of negative energy rather than positive energy because some souls started thriving materially, by creating blocks in the progress of other souls.

Positive energy in the universe, as a whole cannot grow if one soul feels positive and another soul feels negative in the same context. The negative cuts the positive exchange of energy. We need to perform our best as a whole. We cannot hope to find happiness if we thrive individually at the cost of others’ suffering, because happiness is an energy. Happiness cannot spread freely when negative energy rules over positive energy. The work needs to be done well to feel satisfied within and not for defeating others or for meeting demands of society which may not lead to self growth.

Competition is a useful concept as long as it implies that we should work at performing our best. However, on the negative side, competition leads to performing for impressing others than for meeting our soul needs. The need to win becomes a priority, even if our happiness gets sacrificed during the act of pursuing conventional success.

Over the centuries, success has become materialistically defined. Instead of being a measure of happiness, it has become a measure of wealth or power.
Wealth or power can lead to happiness only if they are used for spreading positive energy. The wealth by itself does not equal happiness but if it leads to creation of positive feelings; then, only it helps in increasing happiness. It is the investment in creating positive energy which makes us feel more loved, creatively successful or healthy.
 Money or power do not make us happier, if they increase our anxiety of losing or make us escape from our soul lessons by enabling resorting to short term gains of materialism.
.... Human beings in a competitive society expect themselves to behave like computers.   Computers only perform. They don’t feel. Similarly, human beings, in a competitive society, train themselves to suppress their feelings and keep working for mechanical success.

How negative competition hampers the Soul’s life-plan

The stress competition places on a mechanical life hampers the soul’s unique creative potential.

Our soul takes birth in the human body to learn the process of creation so as to evolve upwards as being a part of the Creator. The very purpose for which the soul takes birth in the body gets side-lined in order to perform well in conventional ways to get good grades or earn good money , irrespective of whether they increase the soul ‘s positive frequency or not. The focus of education needs to be on teaching students to transcend negative challenges and be happy.

However, the stress on competitions insists that happiness is of inconsequence and only success in competitive terms is important. It is assumed that success would automatically lead to happiness but it does not happen as being negative cannot transcend into being happy ,since suppression and happiness are energies of opposite frequencies.

To be happy, we have to allow our soul frequency to feel positive, and not compromised because if we feel sad, only negative energy can enter us; positivity cannot. As souls learn to suppress their need to be happy from childhood, their energy focus becomes negative. Hence, negativity multiplies since the energies which we focus on multiply over-time, by law.

 Instead of being able to master negative energies, the soul becomes a slave to a conditioning of the mind which focuses on external measures of success. The requirement to be the best at that which already exists blocks development of new ways of doing things. The soul’s creative zeal remains grossly ignored in trying to obey set definitions of good or bad work.

As a result, the soul lives futile lives trying to prove itself on the material plane while neglecting its original need for evolving on the multi- dimensional plane of energy, as is exemplified in the book - ‘In Search of Happiness: the soul’s perspective’


Competition inhibits creativity

Standardizing perfection leads to inhibition of creativity. Quality gets sacrificed when creativity is met with doubt. Suppressing creativity makes living in a physical body meaningless for the soul. The soul is a part of the Creator, and its whole focus becomes negative, if it cannot create what it wants to experience and instead it creates what it does not want to experience.

Since soul satisfaction is ignored, the soul within feels miserable and negative energy spreads on the planet. Each person feels blocked and suppressed from within, and yearns to spread her/his wings which get cut as a result of the mass vision of reality.

Competition and fear reinforce each other

Competition instills fear of losing in us. This fear gets ingrained in us from childhood, since we are taught to learn and improve by using competition as the driving force.
Our schools follow a general definition of perfection. They instill in us the belief that if we don’t follow this general definition, we lose grades and respect and that subsequently, in adult life, we will lose out in the rat race.

In our schooling systems, we are usually not trained into visualizing beforehand, the material success which we would get from doing the work which gives us emotional satisfaction; neither are we trained in waiting for positive visualizations to manifest. In our hurry to achieve short-term goals, we lose out on goals which can help us evolve from the eternal perspective.

We often choose to invite stress, disease and worries to clear the next immediate exam of school, and later, the next big challenge of a job rather than pursue our creative talents. We force ourselves to ignore our soul needs which demand that work pays respect but also gives peace of mind.

We give in to fear that we may be wrong in pursuing happiness, than give up on competition which wrongly defines happiness in material terms only. Thus, stress and tension spread like an epidemic. The negative energies rise because we believe we need them to survive.

Due to the emphasis on competition, as a race we get governed by fear - fear of failure, fear of disapproval, fear of survival, fear of rejection, fear of abuse etc., which makes our choices in life negatively tilted. The more we focus on fear while making choices, the more we get trapped in the energy of fear.

Competition promotes negative mass expectations

Competition, as interpreted today, is based on the notion of scarcity. We need to compete because it is assumed that there is not enough for all. When we operate on this belief, we create a world which has scarce resources because as souls, we create that which we expect to manifest by the Law of Creation.

Competition would make sense, if it could be used to develop unique individual potential and helped each soul excel in his own unique abilities. Instead of rewarding those who perform the best and make those who don’t perform the best feel bad, if soul needs could be recognized  there would no longer remain ONE BEST for all.

If our children’s focus shifted to getting joy from the work done; as adults we would be intrinsically motivated to perform our best in whatever  we excel at ; be it folding clothes, cleaning the house, maintaining files, singing , painting , dancing or sculpting.

We would pursue whatever gives us inner satisfaction and not impose our definition of good work on others, who are not adept in the field we are good at. We would recognize that each soul has a different talent and help each other perform as a group where each has a different chore. That would help each person to creatively and satisfactorily contribute to his work, as he would have fun learning that which he enjoys working at.

Also, if the unique talent of each individual was rewarded and respected, the planet’s overall emotional level of well being would rise. By encouraging innovative thinking, we could take creation to an altogether higher dimension.

However, when emotions are suppressed, human consciousness does not evolve as required because the accumulation of negative energy prevents the spread of creative energy.

When consciousness doesn’t evolve, it stagnates or devolves. By not allowing the soul to express itself, we are blocking our progress as a human race. From human beings, we are becoming performing robots and we are collectively, consciously allowing this degeneration.


 For more aspects of the concept in detail, please refer to the books