Tuesday, 8 October 2013


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We on Earth keep asking help from God in every problem. When the problem doesn’t get resolved in the way we want, we think God is powerless.

However, we forget that God is our parents and we are God’s children. As souls, we are all part of one whole. We are all parts of God. God is the ultimate power and we are parts of his power.

God is like the Sun and we are its rays. Each ray gets its light from The Sun. Similarly, each of us gets power to create from the CREATOR.

We come on Earth to learn how to create, as souls. Every challenge we face helps us evolve to being stronger. As we overcome challenges, we become powerful. We start identifying with God. Hence, Challenges and problems come in our life so that we learn how to overcome them and create the life we desire.

If God solved all our problems, we would not learn how to solve them ourselves. God is like a parent and a teacher. God guides us on how to resolve our problems but God cannot solve problems for us.
The problems are our soul lessons. Overcoming difficulties is our work on Earth as souls. If parents did our homework, children will fail in learning.

Similarly when God does our work if we nag too much through miracles, we fail in evolving ourselves. However, when we learn our soul lessons and evolve, miracles happen automatically in our lives as we maintain a positive focus.

When good things start happening in our lives, it means that we are promoted to higher dimensions. In higher dimensions, we are happier people by choice. As the soul gets advanced by overcoming problems, it also faces higher sets of difficulties; just as when a child gets promoted to a higher class, he faces more complicated syllabus.

On Earth, we cum to study on a school of creation in a physical dimension. There are several planes of existence and Earth is one of them. The soul learns to create in different dimensions to improve its ability as part of the Creator.

Time and space exist on Earth but they don’t exist in other dimensions. Hence, the soul feels blocked here in different ways compared to other dimensions of light. Through overcoming blocks by using positive thinking and faith, the soul evolve to happiness, peace and good health.

When we pray to God with complete faith, our belief rises, in ourselves. We feel supported and motivated. God helps us by sending us positive energy which gives us confidence and solutions which can be applied practically.
However, God’s solutions may not match with our desires as God works as the parent. When we ask God for money to buy cars or repay loans, it is like asking chips and chocolate from a parent. If we ask for curing diseases after we fall sick, we are like children who get cold because we eat too much ice-cream.
Diseases arise because of carelessness in eating, drinking and negative thinking. If God doesn’t help us, it is because we have to learn to think right and stop being lazy & carefree as souls.

To create a happy and positive life is our responsibility as souls. We often need to let go of all those traditions which make us believe that being negative is good.
Four institutions which cause negativity in our society are schooling, heath sector, marriage and army culture.
 These four institutions need to be restructured in a way that flexibility is promoted in thought than rigidity. They teach misguided values as they fail to hold what they were created for.
We have to change our thinking as conditioned by these institutions to become positive. Like we have to stop performing for competition, as taught in schools; instead we need to perform for being the best we can ourselves sin areas where our talents exist.
Marriage is for lovers. We need to stay married as long as we can love and evolve together. If there is more misunderstanding in marriages than love, it creates negativity and diseases in partners. If we think differently as we evolve, we have to realize our karma is over and we have to

Let go or learn to think alike. As long as love remains, marriage is positive. But if thinking is very different, love ceases to hold the couple together from within. Then, the lesson is to be flexible and let go.
The health sector needs to focus on soul needs as it focuses on the body. The soul creates diseases in the body when the mind is negative. Through positive thinking, we heal the mind and the body. If we just take medicines, the problems come back in body in another form. But, if we exchange our negative thinking, the problems go from the root cause.
Armies are a huge expenditure on the state. The same money can be used to improve education and health awareness. Armies would not be needed if national boundaries are dissolved and the world could operate as one. In earlier times, we needed boundaries to protect resources but not in today’s internet world. Now, we use technology to unite as one. Violence can be controlled by the police. If armies are dissolved, belief in bull strength over logic would subside. Communication ability will improve as people would make efforts to think better and evolve to happiness through improved communication. 

Thus, God helps us through guiding us how to destroy that which is redundant and create a happier world for ourselves and others, from the depths of our being.

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