Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Overcoming negative thinking is akin to overcoming drug addiction


Shifting to positive thinking is difficult, essentially, because negative thinking acts like an addiction in the body. It affects the supply of hormones in the body, just as drugs or alcohol or eating junk food does.
Hormones are produced in the body in response to the kind of feelings we focus upon. Focusing on happiness releases positive hormones in the body, whereas focusing on present worries or past disappointments, releases negative hormones in the body.
Whether we release more stress hormones in our body or more positive hormones depends on whether we focus on more anxiety prone feelings, or more belief prone feelings.

 When we focus on anxiety, our focus is negative because we are anxious that our desires would not come true; whereas if we focus on belief, we are sure that our dreams would manifest into reality as the energies we focus on, would multiply.
So, if we desire happiness from a certain experience in the future, and focus on experiencing that happiness in the present in imaginations or virtual reality mindsets, then we would release more positive hormones in the body.
By releasing positive hormones, our health and fitness would become better and we would gradually develop immunity to disappointments. Our blood supply would get addicted to positive hormones and we would not be able to stay unhappy, by choice because our energies would rebel.

Thus, the initial shift of focus from being unhappy to being happy is difficult since it requires huge amounts of mind control, to prevent the mind from swaying into negativity. But, once the shift is made, it becomes much easier to maintain a positive focus.

However, the process of manifestation takes time . Metaphorically, till the desire manifests, it is like waiting for milk to boil . The milk shows no signs of boiling but suddenly, the milk boils and starts over pouring. Similarly, till the desire manifest, it appears that it is not manifesting. The frequency change from the state of non manifesting to the state of being in the desire , is sudden.

In this period of waiting, our efforts at positive visualization appear to be failing. The energy shift is invisible except at the level of feelings; and feeling positive requires deliberate mind control to be sustained. Accepting reality as unchanging and resorting to feeling negative again seems as the easy way out than forcing ourselves to stay positive. Negative thinking is addictive and it pulls.

Quitting any addiction causes a temporary imbalance in the usual flow of hormones in the body which causes the body to get into in a state of disequilibrium. Leaving negative thinking also makes us feel shaky and more anxious in the beginning.
Our external reality does not change overnight. While visualizing on positive feelings in our mind, we have to keep battling with a negative reality which is already existent.
Focusing on the negativity outside works against the positive reality which we are trying to manifest.
With consistent focus, our external reality starts changing but change starts happening first in areas about which we are less bothered. Our deeper desires take longer to manifest because we may have had negative experiences in those areas in the past. Desires manifest faster when we are neutral, but worry pre-dominates in areas where we are deeply attached emotionally.

At this intermediate stage , we have to keep our faith strong and break free from our need to stay worried. We have to tolerate the imbalance or uneasiness we feel in our body during the period of the shift from staying negative to trying to be positive, with the belief that positivity would win.

This state of internal balance leads to an equilibrium being established in the body which is a point in which the person feels safe. If the supply of energies falls below this equilibrium point, or rises above it, the body can go into a state of panic and try hard to restore its equilibrium back.

 This equilibrium position is not necessarily an optimal position for the person but once it gets fixed, the person starts operating on it by default.

            The equilibrium position directs the energy flow in the body. If a person is used to thinking negatively, then the electric energy discharge created by feelings is more negative than positive. Hence, more negative hormones flow in the body than positive hormones. Overtime, if the person gets used to feeling negative, then a negative balance gets established.

            If a negative balance has been established, a shift to positive thinking leads to an unpleasant state of disequilibrium in the body, as the hormonal balance of the body gets disturbed.
            This happens because the regular supply of negative hormones in the bloodstream stops, since the negative energy supply gets cut off.
            A new set of hormones are produced, which feel unfamiliar in the body . The positive hormonal discharge in the body is resisted as the equilibrium position gets threatened. We do not want to tell ourselves we are happy because we believe we are unhappy. Our problems keep demanding our attention like little children who are used to being pampered and do not like being suddenly disciplined.

During the period of change, we feel mentally and physically unstable and want to go back to our usual familiar state of being.
For instance, as in dieting we crave for our usual rich foods, during mind control, we crave to feel stressed and sick. It feels too unusual and scary to suddenly believe everything is good.  

            We, subconsciously, keep looking for reasons to give up on believing happiness exists. When we cannot believe happiness can exist, we cannot create it in our future, as energy multiplies with focus.
             As we keep finding or manifesting problems, we feel justified in feeling negative again. Often, we feel as if we would die if we do not resort to thinking negatively, like during dieting, we feel we would die if we don’t eat some fatty foods or a chain smoker feels he would dies if he does not get another cigarette.

            For example, if we are unhappy with a house and need to change it to stop feeling negative, then we,  ideally,  need to focus on being in a house which makes us feel at peace, before worrying about how to shift the house.
            However, if we start imagining feeling at peace in a house, our mind starts bringing up several other problems, because of which we cannot feel at peace.
            Now, if we continue to focus on the feelings of peace, they would manifest and little changes would start manifesting in our external reality. Though, the change of the house may take time to manifest.
             When we remove the clutter in our mind, the congestion in our external world would automatically, reduce. Overtime, our belief systems would undergo several layers of change before we shift to a more spacious space , in a way that we are more at peace.
            But, in the interim period, we may break our dream of shifting to another house, by giving in to the worrying. Due to the habitual worrying, we would convince ourselves that we would get into severe difficulties if we do not think about our problems.
            Worrying is a negative vibration and does not help in finding solutions; whereas viewing the problem objectively can help us detach from it and find real solutions. But, we still choose to worry than move on to create peace in our minds.
            The desire of the body is to go back to releasing negative hormones and being in its suboptimal equilibrium state. As we try to shift out of our negative mind-set by externally trying to shift to another house, we face inertia and exhaustion, just as a fat man faces exhaustion while exercising to be fit.
            There is always the nagging doubt that shifting house needs a focus on money, and not on positive visualization or creating internal peace. Yet, if we shift the house while feeling negative internally, shifting the house, per se, would not give us peace. If our mind set is anxious, we would feel congested in a different way in the new, spacious house.
            We would again want to do something to get out of the house and find peace.

            So, the real desire we have is to find space and that space has to be first created internally for it to manifest externally, in a way that we actually feel at peace by taking the action of shifting the house.
             Also, if we can create the feeling of peace internally, shifting the house may no longer appear a priority. We can create space in our mind from work pressure or the pressure of relationships by shifting our focus to other creative tasks, which may give us more soul satisfaction.
            Overtime, with sustained focus, it is possible that we change our job or a dead marriage breaks and we move on to feeling at peace, automatically. Once we are in a more positive vibration, we would leave a negative house, automatically as our energy would not tolerate its low frequency. The external shift to a new house will happen smoothly, after the internal vibration is shifted to a higher soul frequency.

            Once, we know how to feel peaceful in our mind, then, shifting the house would help enhance our already positive focus. But, if we shift our house without feeling at peace within, it would not help us be much happier.  When we take action without cleansing our internal energies, it is like exercising without dieting.

 .          The need to be negative is strong while feeling positive is consistently resisted by our habitual negatively inclined belief systems. The mechanisms of the body seek to re-establish the original balance position by questioning the mental change. So, even though temporary shifts may take place, the energy currents in the body try their best to ensure that the person gets pulled back into negative thinking, repeatedly.

 Many a time, the pull of the negative energy is so strong that  even after a few weeks or a few months of trial of feeling positive, the person again goes back to feeling constantly negative, just as an addict often goes back to eating junk food or smoking or consuming alcohol.
            The person’s sense organs are on the alert to pick up any negative information, which convinces the person that feeling negative is the right way of being.

            For instance, in the above example of wanting to shift the house to be at peace, the person may start with the exercise of mind control to feel at peace within. However, the peace would not come overnight as creation takes time to manifest. In the intermittent period, the person may meet several people who claim to meditate but are not at peace or people who mock the whole concept of needing to feel positive within to create happiness externally. There would be examples where people would have been able to shift houses without any attempt to feel at space internally.

             The person would pick up these kinds of information from his environment because his energy currents want him to go back to feeling negative. The positive feelings which he focuses on create positive currents in the body which feel unfamiliar and hence, unrealistic.
            There may be several people who would be feeling at peace through mind control exercises, but this person would not notice them because he does not want to. He wants to disbelieve and doubt the whole process of mastering consciousness to feel positive, so that he can go back to his usual state of energy balance.
            Hence, this person, on picking up negative information from his environment, may start feeling unhappy again and give up on trying to feel positive from within, before any visible change occurs in his external reality.

            When we go back to feeling negative, we may feel back in familiar grounds but the negative effects, also start re-emerging. Just as by re-starting junk food we again start putting on weight, by focusing on the negative aspects of life we again go back to feeling constantly depressed, sick or angry. The whole cycle gets broken and repeated several times before a positive balance can take root in the body.

            To establish a positive equilibrium position in the body, where the person can feel healthy and at peace; the disequilibrium position has to be tolerated till it can be deleted. The mind has to stand firm on staying positive inspite of all setbacks, and thus, the pressure to go back to feeling negative gets deliberately ignored.
            A huge amount of conscious mind control, over long periods is needed, along with a motivation to change core belief systems which have made us focus on the negative, up till now.
            However, it is only by learning how to master the negative energies in a physical body, can we live the life we desire on Earth and achieve the purpose of our incarnation, as souls. A persistent attitude towards learning how to control our feelings so that they can be redirected to the positive is a prerequisite, in being able to expect or create a positive reality.

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