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Emotional feelings are supposed to be irrational
yet emotions are where the soul emits energies of creation
if you cannot feel , your life will become mechanical,
you will lose interest in everything , like a robot performing for other people

Feelings are suppressed only when we make other people a priority over ourselves,
when their thoughts become important and we ridicule our inner self
practical and rational minds are conditioned by society
but an evolutionary consciousness requires that we break free

the emotional and rational mind have to be balanced for a good life
you cannot love with walls or cars, you need love, laughter , good health in life
positive hormones are released only when we feel good emotionally
to feel good emotionally, we have to allow inner feelings to rise

Very often we have desires which we cannot explain. 
We also go into fits of anger, get outbursts, and react irrationally without self control. 

Though all these behaviors appear uncontrollable, they have their explanation in regression therapy. Through talking to the subconscious mind of the person, we can understand where he encountered similar problems and how they created intense trauma in his or her mind.

For example, a man may be over possessive of a woman if he has been betrayed often and been rejected because he had a flirtatious partner. Or a woman may be over possessive of a man if her previous husband left her because of counsel from his lady friends. 

Similarly, a person may become very angry at being called a killer if he has a history of being an assassin in a past life. Small rebukes make us angry if they touch an emotional chord in our subconscious mind of the memory of an incident where we felt deeply hurt in childhood or died in a past life. 

The Book IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS explains how past lives affect our present life's day to day behaviors and choices.
Dev, the lead character, has a tendency of uncontrollable anger. He has visited psychiatrists and counselors but his anger still caused him severe anxiety. He is diagnosed with borderline schizophrenia medically and kept under medication but they do not help him much. 

He comes for regression therapy to find his life purpose> He wants to pursue his life purpose so that he can be calm.  He gets agitated by feeling as if he is a failure when he is snubbed in a routine manner by his parents. Dev is 21. Through accessing his subconscious mind, w e find out which specific word or behavior by another person was triggering off such extreme anger and need to hit others who he called his enemies . 

Chapter 3 - Section 8- General awareness- ‘The Irrational Human Mind?’

 Dev’s emotions appeared irrational from the perspective of his present life but seemed perfectly justified when viewed from the perspective of the Greek soldier. The problem was that he was carrying over emotions from his past life to his present life.

This problem of carrying over emotions from past lives to the present life was not exclusively Dev’s. It is a common problem which all of us face but are not aware of.
The transfer of emotions from a past life to the present is the same as the transfer of emotions from childhood to adulthood in the same life.

Memories have an energy component attached to them which is the feeling entailed in the memory. This energy component stays alive even if the memory is forgotten and whenever the person encounters a similar kind of emotional setback, this suppressed energy component gets triggered awake, as memories of like frequencies get pulled by each other.

Metaphorically, a small hurt, which can otherwise be taken lightly, can be very painful if it is on an already bruised arm. For the present hurt to be fixed, the bruised arm needs to be wholly healed first.
 If we just address the present hurt, it does not help much in healing the pain, as until the arm is completely healed from past bruises, it keeps paining.
Subsequently, if one keeps getting hurt in the same place repeatedly, the pain increases more with each new hurt. The same logic which holds for physical hurts holds for emotional hurts as well.

Most of our emotional reactions which appear irrational to us are a result of mental energy circuits from past lives or childhood, getting revived subconsciously, whenever a similar emotional situation is encountered in the present. Thus, a whole chain of extreme emotional reactions can occur in response to a minor emotional trauma.
Such a chain of reactions takes nano-seconds to form, and the person reacts from the subconscious level, without even being aware of the first link in the chain consciously.

For example, each time Dev was rebuked by his parents, a chain reaction was getting triggered awake in his subconscious mind viz.
I HAVE FAILED (a feeling of having failed expectations of others) --- leading to --- I AM DEFEATED (a recall of the memory of feeling defeated at an energy motion level ) --- leading to --- I WAS BETRAYED (a recall of the feeling of being betrayed ) --- leading to --- I AM ANGRY (internal anger reaction) --- leading to --- I WANT REVENGE (a recall of the need for revenge ) --- leading to --- I WILL KILL MY ENEMIES --- leading to --- AGGRESSIVE OUTBURST ( indulging in aggressive external behaviour or violence ).  

Due to this invisible mental chain, whenever Dev felt like a failure, he indulged in fights to take revenge. This energy chain governed his actions, without any conscious planning by him to misbehave.

Dev’s case specifically exemplifies why we choose to feel intensely hurt by minor situations of disagreement or abuse.
We react strongly to situations, which in the present context do not warrant that reaction because we are not actually reacting to the present external film but to a past film which was similar .We react more defensively than necessary because we got severely hurt or died due to a similar incident in the past.

A general example would be that if a woman is physically beaten up in her previous marriage, and remarries, she may feel terrorized even if her new husband raises his voice in anger.

She may start reacting defensively or even violently, expecting a physical fight to happen, even if the new husband is not exactly the same type of person as her previous husband was. This kind of reaction may lead to unnecessary misunderstanding in her second marriage.

Our irrational negative reactions occur because subconsciously we want to save ourselves from getting hurt again, unlike when we were not emotionally prepared for what happened. As a result, we choose a fight or flight reaction to a situation which can be handled in a balanced manner otherwise. 
Either we react too strongly from the beginning so that we do not get as hurt as we did in the past, or we act very timid and suppress ourselves more than necessary. In both cases, we lose out on our emotional balance and cannot achieve what we seek to evolve spiritually or mentally.

To find happiness in life, we need to address our traumatic memories. There are therapeutic methods by which we can work on overcoming them ourselves such that they do not hurt anymore. It is important to be aware that till the negative memory keeps poisoning us from within, we would remain sad.

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