Sunday, 10 December 2017

Recording Of A Death in Your Subconscious Mind

This blog is a practical exercise from my book A COURSE IN EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT

Imagine a death of a close relative in your family or friends. You hear the news and a tremor of low frequency thought-wave/ shock passes over you.
When you visit the place of death, you may feel overwhelmed with sadness and you start crying uncontrollably at the loss. You may suddenly feel that the only person who understood you has gone and you are completely alone in this world.
Some example of the emotions you may experience are: - Startle, shock, sadness, unease in the body, a blood rush, panic, anxiety, despair, trauma, loneliness, helplessness…etc...
(This is the arousal of the sympathetic nervous system. It helps your body react to a crisis situation by creating symptoms in the body which suspend normal activity and enable focus on the crisis situation. Emotional trauma and a physical accident are read as same in energy by the subconscious mind and same symptoms are created when an emotional accident occurs as when a physical accident occurs.)
Imagine yourself after the death, on the next day and a week after the incident. How long would it take you to settle down completely, so that you do not feel any anxiety in your physical body?
(Note-This is the para sympathetic system getting activated. If you keep recalling the memory of the dead person, the para –sympathetic system would not be able to restore your body to normal as you are choosing to relive the crisis situation again and again in your mind. )

Part B – Varying Experience of Emotional Intensity

Imagine hearing about the death of another relative in another city who was not as close to you. How do you feel? Feel inside your body. There may be a little sadness somewhere. You may express sympathy and a look of sadness comes on your face. Think about it.
You may again feel shock, despair and helplessness but to a far lesser degree as you are not directly affected by this death.
 Note -This death has been at an emotional distance. Due to the distance felt as energy space in the mind, there are physiological changes in your body, but to a lesser degree. It also takes you lesser time to forget about it.
So, both the sympathetic and para sympathetic system got activated again, but to a lesser degree.
Distance of time or space lowers the pain.
It may be noted that emotional distance has the same impact as physical distance in the body. If you are detached, in disagreement or unaffected by the person who is leaving or is dead, your pain would be as less as would be with distance of time.

Note – After an emotional accident is over, the choice to reduce your pain and be positive is yours. Detachment and letting go of the spirit of the dead person into light, helps in feeling peaceful and positive again. However, since general society refuses to acknowledge the soul as eternal, there is usually, extreme despair and sadness felt at the death of a person. People keep thinking about the dead person as a loss, almost bound by tradition to feel sad.
This choice to feel negative harms the departing spirit as the more peaceful the soul of a  person is allowed to be after death, the more easily it can transgress to heaven or the next birth .
Also, the need to cry and be sad after death of a person harms your positive soul frequency as recalling the memory of the person is virtually the same as recalling the spirit of the person, subconsciously. Your pain will stay alive because you force the dead person to stay alive through you.
 When you keep feeling the pain of the dead person , negative energy transfers inside you with a focus on negative feelings.

 As long as you keep the crisis alive, subconsciously, the ANS will keep alive symptoms of the accident and you will not feel completely calm again. On the other hand, if you allow yourself to let go of the memory of the dead by sending an imagined spirit form  into the light, detach by cutting your energy cords ( as given at the end of this book ) , you will be free of a negative frequency which is lowering your feeling of being alive. After you detach from the pain of death, your emotional frequency would rise to positive again as an energy uplifting after being suppressed. By accepting that the trauma as over, your ANS will record the external situation as normal and your body will be restored to its normal strength.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Be Happy Or Walk Out - Exercise on Understanding Chains Of Life

Most people feel chained in life by responsibilities and targets. However, though you may feel negative about having these chains around you, you also need to be aware that you have kept these chains alive for gaining some emotional benefit from these relationships or work ambitions.

To stay positive, it is essential that your focus remains on the benefits you gain from having the chains around you than on the loss of freedom you may experience.

Metaphorically, a stray dog would feel more sheltered if kept as a pet but the same logic does not hold true for a human being. Unlike the dog that has low frequency compared to a human spirit,  the more powerful human soul would not be satisfied with just being maintained with food, clothing and shelter. A human soul needs more than satisfaction than  basic needs to not feel chained.

A human being may feel mistreated if kept as a pet dog/ cat etc.. For example, a woman may feel chained with a husband who  provides food and shelter but abuses her in anger as if she were worthless. Similarly, a man may feel chained in the house or a work environment which does not give him the respect to express his creativity or originality.

Your chains would help you or block you depending on how you expect to be treated and respected.
For instance, a wife or husband feel suffocated in a sexless marriage, where loyalty to the marriage institution may lead to staying sheltered as a pet than being loved or respected as a human vibration .
 If you have chains around you which make you feel more dis-respected than loved, it is possible to break the fear which binds you to stay in chains.

Therapy in emotional management aims at increasing your self -esteem so that you can utilize your soul potential for your highest good. All negative situations which lower your soul frequency can be released for your soul upliftment through meditation, self healing or therapy as explained subsequently.

The following simplified exercise would help you decipher which chains of your life are unnecessary and which chains are necessary. 
In effect, positive chains continue to give you happiness and purpose in life whereas negative chains continue because of tradition.
Only a persistent focus on self-healing leads to breaking of the negative chains that a person feels bound in life which creates a distressed mind and a non-healthy body…

Learning Task 3 –Redefining Responsibilities By Understanding Positive Intention Of The Soul

Make a list of the chains you feel bound by in your life. For example, chains of relationships e.g. Work, parents, spouse, children etc.
Now, recall whether the chains are there because they make you feel better being with these people than alone.
Think of a situation where these chains did not exist. Would you feel more positive or worse?
 Would being free of the chains make you feel happier or more lonely and direction-less?
Now, think if the chains were made of flowers and not steel, where you feel bound but have freedom to move in your own space without having the fear of breaking off and left alone? Does that make you feel better?

Be Aware That The Chains Do Not Exist Except In the Mind
In your  self- allotted space or silent time, as you review your subconscious choices, create GAP states . Stop thinking of your worries by deliberate mind control . Force a GAP STATE  and smile within yourself for one second or two seconds .
As you keep practicing thoughtlessness in meditation, you would develop training in detachment .   Overtime,  you would move into a spiritual journey of self healing and if needed,  invest in soul healing therapy  .
Keep asking yourself in silent moments if you can allow yourself to feel unchained and yet gain the positive energies which the chains are yielding.
If the chains help you feel better, make it a habit to focus on the positive vibrations which the chains yield in your life than on cribbing about the responsibilities. Complaining and worrying would release negative hormones in your body and harm your health whereas focusing on positive aspects of life would release positive hormones in the body which improve health and happiness.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Addictions Arise from Following the Rat Race

Imitation is more natural than  obedience in a rat driven race mind-set
You imitate the whole package usually & not just one trait,
When you imitate competitive behavior, you also imitate bad habits hidden under the sheet 
While you adore a successful image of a model, you pick up hypocrisy ,lies & tears subconsciously 
You are addicted to junk and often blame yourself but you may not realize that you enjoy the state of thoughtlessness which munching aimlessly or smoking or alcohol offers. That same state of thoughtlessness can be more easily achieved through mind control, meditation or visualization but you are afraid to be caught sitting idle by society norms which are addicted by the rat race.It has been established by research that children imitate the behavior of their parents more than follow their verbal advice.
Body language, visual aids, tonality, sounds of environment and the general current of silent energy impacts your decisions more than words spoken.  Energies from other people also pass through as advice given by them for your welfare, but the impact of words is about 7 % compared to 21 % impact of the tone used and 63 % impact of the body language.
Your subconscious mind is most influenced by its own inner chatter. Advice does not influence you as much as your ownself-talk.Your soul vibrations are influenced by the feelings you automatically focus upon in your daily assessments. Repeated advise by other people influences your vibrations but only if the warning is greater than your own self-assessment.
 For example, you may be addicted to over eating or smoking or something else. Other people advise you that you should quit your addictions as they are bad for health,but you usually, take advice in a detached manner and it hardly creates any disturbance in your usual state of emotional and hormonal balance.
Whenever there is no emotion created when other people advise you, it is not absorbed in the subconscious. (As a vibrational rule, words spoken without any internal emotional energy impact on your base feelings, never affect you.)
 Your subconscious mind has a rational reason why it chooses addictions over safe health norms . Till now, you have liked over eating junk foods or smoking cigarettes but you have not experienced any visible signs of bad health except maybe, fatigue, irritation and restlessness; which go when you eat or smoke a cigarette again.Anyway, work sometimes bores you. So, you may welcome fatigue at the subconscious level. Besides, the pleasure of munching away stress or smoking cigarettes thoughtlessly is far morerelaxing than the irritation which causes the addiction.

For you, avoiding thinking and just enjoying that state of bliss is more important than listening to warnings about bad health. You think it is necessary for you to eat or smoke to relax in the present moment than worry about long-term health effects...

You are addicted to junk and often blame yourself but you may not realize that you enjoy the state of thoughtlessness which munching aimlessly or smoking or alcohol offers. That same state of thoughtlessness can be more easily achieved through mind control, meditation or visualization but you are afraid to be caught sitting idle by society norms which are addicted by the rat race. External addictions are a result of not wanting to confront anyone which can happen if you are caught sitting idle. The more actively engaged you stay, the lesser you think about resolving problems and the lesser you evolve to happiness. Though addictions promise short-term happiness, they lead you away from long-tern happiness by increasing yourself blame tendencies.
Addictions get created in the process of escaping confrontations with society norms, inner conscience and arrogant authorities but confrontations help in soul evolution. Arguments and conflicts lead to awareness that problems exist which can subsequently be resolved peacefully by evolving to a higher consciousness with mutual agreement or rejected with open disagreement.
Using addictions to escape means that you want to avoid hurting others. Escaping disagreements in thinking leads to hurting the self if you use addictions than meditation for escape. All addictions release negative, poisonous hormones in the body.
It may help to heal the need for addictions by being aware that protecting others from hurt is meaningless as over protection can harm in their realization of truth and delay their soul evolution just as protecting yourself from emotional pain by not confronting anybody can make you more negative by continuing to tolerate  a suppressive atmosphere.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Success & Satisfaction Follow Opposite Chakras Revolutions

Success and Satisfaction Follow Opposite Rules- Chakras move opposite directions- anti- clockwise vs .clockwise
The human body has seven main chakras
The bottom three chakra move in anti clockwise direction. These chakras are responsible for shelter, success & food viz. root ( mooldhara ), sacral ( swadhisthan ), solar plexus ( manipura). They are animal like – i.e. convert animal instinct in human form. E.g. A tree converts into house as a place of shelter when an animal spirit transcend into human
The top four chakras move in clockwise direction. Heart Chakra ( anahata), throat chakra ( vishuddha ), brow chakra ( ajna) and crown chakra ( sahsrara) .These chakras are very insignificant , virtually not present in animal bodies. These chakras are responsible for human emotions like love, wisdom, intelligence and health problems/maintenance of the human body.
The bottom three chakra are responsible for human survival, success and power on Earth. They move with the motive of HAVE NOT to HAVE …. The more you miss ‘have not’, the more you focus on the desire   ‘having’. For example “ I have no house” to “ I want a house”
The top four chakras are responsible for love, expression, wisdom and intuition /connection to God. They move from having less to having more i.e. in clockwise direction. For example “ I have intelligence “ to “ I am brilliant “ or “ I have  a good heart “ to “ I am kind hearted.
 Satisfaction increases with already having satisfaction. If you focus on deprivation, you will manifest food not satisfaction.
If you say “ I have no intelligence” , you will become retarded in the long run as these chakras move straight forward unlike the animal chakras which move reverse .  Similarly, if you focus on” I have no love “, you will be more deprived of love in the long run and develop heart problems your heart chakra multiplies the emotion or feeling which you focus upon directly.
If you struggle or worry about love as you run after money or feel hungry for love , you will manifest sex with a prostitute or lust with friend, as deprivation feelings activate sacral chakra and not heart chakra . to manifest love and satisfactoin from sex, you have to focus on feeling loved and satisfied s a choice of focus so that positivity multiplies more of the same. 
On the other hand, if you are focused on getting food, money or work, you have to focus on hunger, deprivation or emptiness to manifest the desired outcome. You will go to get work when you are not having work, you will get food only when you are hungry and you will seek money when you are having less.
But if you pursue love when you don’t love yourself, you will attract a negative soul-mate as the higher chakras move clockwise. You have to love yourself to attract a person who loves you with positivity.
Similarly, if you speak when you feel suppressed, you will speak angrily . If you want to speak clearly, you have to understand yourself and express your own needs to self . Only then, you will be able to multiply clearly what you feel inside in words.
Likewise, your intelligence develops when you invest on your brains instead of on your clothes or shoes which are your root , sacral chakra needs. If your energy goes in meeting image requirements, your sacral chakra dominates your mind and your intelligence becomes more ape like , imitative than original. Sacral chakra meets animal needs whereas intelligence is a human need. Hence, to find satisfaction, you need to invest your money and time on developing intelligence.
Crown chakra I your intuition, connection To God Self, awareness of soul purpose. You have to focus on developing connection to God, on receiving intuitions, meditation, calmness, peace and invest money and time on developing your celestial connection. If you invest on a house, only your structural need will be met but satisfaction will arrive when you are attaining your soul purpose while being in that house for which you will have to invest on books, spiritual workshops, alkaline organic food, crystals, vastu and other intuition developing products .
For achieving a soul purpose, all chakras have to work together on the same priority set.
The bottom chakras are responsible for establishing your base on Earth, creating money, and maintaining the power needed to continue working towards the sole purpose.
The higher energies of respect, expression, intelligence and intuition are maintained by the higher chakras.
The heart chakra shows you what you love doing. It is also responsible or giving and receiving love in relationships.
So, if you pursue money to be happy by focusing on not being happy, you will get money but not happiness. To be happy, you have to focus on being happy but wanting to be more happy. 

Tuesday, 17 October 2017


Your whole past experience is stored in the subconscious mind, along with your previous response, as a computer programme.
You may feel loved or hurt just because an emotional circuit onned itself when a similar frequency is matched up. A whole emotional circuit may get triggered awake or open up by a single trigger - like a phrase, a sound, a touch or a sensation which reminds you of the original event.

Metaphorically, this function of the subconscious mind is similar to a programme opening up, on the computer screen, by typing a key word in the search engine.
You may suddenly start crying for no explainable reason as several stuck emotions of hurt resurface upon hearing a word, a phrase or an expression, which you must have heard when you were small or vulnerable.
For example, if you cried in childhood when your parents rebuked you for failing in an exam, you may cry or become sad internally, even as an adult, when you fail. You automatically start feeling sad, rejected or unloved as you did when you were a child because your subconscious programming says “Failure brings rebuke’” and a whole chain of negative emotions follow one after another.
Instead, had your parents dismissed failure as a learning lesson, you would have learnt to not feel negative energy around it.
Failure works as a learning lesson for the soul. To learn from failure, you have to accept that you have failed, not feel sad about failing, and then use failure as feedback on how to improvise your actions, behavior or thinking to get the desired happiness in the next attempt. Usually, your happiness would rise after having failed and improvised than succeeding in the first attempt; because, through failure, you also redefine what you desire from an event.
If you can use failure as feedback to change your thinking program, you would have a different subconscious programming which says “”FAILURE IS FEEDBACK “,
” Failure is self-rebuke” is a negative mind-set whereas “Failure is Feedback” is a positive mind-set. When you use failure as feedback, you improvise, using your positive energies whereas when you use failure to be sad, you dip in depressed/negative vibrations in other areas of our life, as well.
Thus, your mind is conditioned with other people’s learned beliefs and can be deconditioned and reprogrammed by developing an awareness of what you believe to be true, irrespective of popular culture...Popularity does not necessarily lead to happiness or good health but developing awareness of what makes you internally happy and changing your choices accordingly, always improves happiness and good health.
Just as a toddler learns to walk in balance after falling down several times, failure helps to review the mind’s strategy in progress. Accepting failure leads to inner change, deletion of an old, redundant program like a belief or ambition which no longer creates the happiness desired and installation of a new thinking pattern to get the desired balance.

Treating Failure as Feedback deliberately is necessary to change your everyday mind-set from negative to positive. Healing the soul is more important to remain healthy and happy than any miracle healing. Miracles help only if they change your vibration from doubt to belief, but subsequently, you have to change your everyday choices of thinking to positive to remain in alignment with God’s positive vibrations. No miracle healing helps you find happiness. It only solves one problem, but another problem crops up. Your life cannot be peaceful unless your inner mindset changes to positive, such that you accept that difficulties are a part of life and realize that diseases, depressions and deprivations can be cured through making positive changes in your subconscious thinking pattern.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Rules, Values and Beleifs

Rules, values and beliefs create programs in the subconscious mind.

You involuntarily follow these programs through life. Some of these programs help you always while several programs become dysfunctional when circumstances change.
For example, “”Brush Your Teeth Everyday “’ is a program which is always needed to have healthy teeth. However, a rule like is a program which would change as the needs of the body change froma child to an adult to old age.
People become fat because they over-eat due to ingrained beliefs which connect fatty eating to good meals . Eating good food is considered necessary to staying healthy. A person desiring to become slim would not feel healthy if s/he reduces fat in a meal- content when good is considered synonymous with fat .To change your eating habits to become slimmer, you have to access your subconscious mind and change beliefs of how you define good and healthy eating.
This belief ‘Eat Good Meals To Stay Healthy “ has two adjectives which change with time  viz. Good and healthy . As circumstances change, your definition of GOOD needs to change in alignment . Otherwise, how you define GOOD would become a reason of inner conflict, fat and depression over-time.
Like eating, you have rules ingrained about all aspects of life. All beliefs from childhood need to be periodically cross checked and reviewed with awareness of how they rule your subconscious, and create stress in adult situations.
Beliefs are uploaded in the subconscious mind during childhood upbringing or come over from past lives. Beliefs, which are accompanied by strong negative emotions, take root in the mind and get manifested with magnetic energy.Positive desires, usually, cannot manifest if you have deeply ingrained negative beliefs.

For example, if you are repeatedly warned in your childhood to work hard or you will not succeed; your mind will, subconsciously, take these words as a rule of life.
If you preach on this belief, and do not work by conventional definition of HARD, you may not feel successful ever in life. The three separate words – ‘’work hard “’and ‘’succeed’’ when repetitively  clubbed as one rule ,  may start operating as a programme in your subconscious mind ( SCM...)
Hence, if you associate hard work with non-enjoyment, and you enjoy your work, you may feel that it’s not hard enough and start fearing not succeeding. When you involuntarily focus on not succeeding more than you focus on working, then the mind will create obstacles in your life so that you don’t literally succeed.
Anything can happen depending on the frequency of the energy you manifest by your fear of failure.  Success may come in your life from other people’s perspective of what success means but you may feel unsuccessful if you do not attain money bt conventional definitions. Your negative belief that you have to work hard to succeed may prevent you from enjoying success  when you are not working as hard or find work which is easy/interesting .
Had the conditioned belief been that ‘Whatever you do with a positive attitude, you will succeed’, then a positive picture of work would have come in your mind from the beginning.
The film of your life expresses your attitude. You would be likely to succeed you  have believed in and energized a positive emotion more than sadness. Expectations matters more than action in creating outcomes. If you expect success whenever you work with happiness, you will feel successful because you expect that energy. Your subconscious mind will work to help you succeed because you have impressed upon it that you will succeed whenever you are happy.
The soul’s path is such that it can be achieved with feeling good within as the soul seeks to raise its inner frequency. Had your belief been that “Happiness is Success”, you would have ensured that you feel good while working and would have left jobs which do not give you happiness. Your soul frequency would have risen on a sustained basis had you persistently insisted that you should feel happy while working.
Thus, definitions of success change with inner perspective.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

negative emotions in the body multiply like weeds in a garden

Emotional Management is as necessary to be happy and healthy as financial management is to be wealthy.
Though most people are unaware of the deep impact of emotions on health, the truth is that negative emotions release energies through hormonal & electric impulses in the body which act  like poisonous acid in the body that creates diseases, fears & anxieties.

At the core cycle of creation through which the soul participates as a co-creator of reality , the soul releases emotions by feeling energies that range in frequencies from a variety of positive ,zero and negative experiences.
This core energy of an emotion is emitted vibrationally as an outgoing breath by the body, an electric impulse by the soul and the release of a hormone by the subconscious mind within the body .
The energy of an emotion can be positive or negative in frequency. This happy (positive) or sad (negative) energy passes to different parts of the body through neuro-pathways called as neurological energy circuits.

The energy of each soul that passes into the world as a breath of a negative or positive frequency , is also emitted as a thought of a specific feeling which has a unique vibration . This vibration underlying a feeling, be it positive or negative,  influences the energy of overall thinking patterns in individual and  mass consciousness.
When unchecked and allowed to grow, negative emotions in the body multiply like weeds in a garden and disrupt smooth functioning of the respective health organs along with corrupting overall mind functioning, as will be elaborated in the book.

More negative feelings create more problems in the world as the energy radiated from each soul is negative and hence, tilts the balance of mass soul consciousness towards the negative.  However, if each individual soul makes a deliberate effort to  uplift its vibrations to feel positive, the impact of each positive emission of energy on mass consciousness would help reduce problems of the world as a cumulative effect .
 However, due to lack of awareness of the impact of emotions on health, peacefulness and evolution , people allow themselves to become sad and thus, fuel negative thoughts which subsequently , increase problems.

Training in emotional management is necessary so that each individual soul  deliberately chooses to be happy with awareness of how each feeling which is repetitively focused upon releases energy that influences peacefulness in everyday life and in the world. 

Sunday, 27 August 2017


Ape humanity to Divinity – the tests of evolution
Every aspect of our life as  humans is a part of a  process of evolution. We, as souls, evolve from being animals to being ape like humans to being divine humans. As we evolve, our soul faces tests where we have to move upwards from being imitative  ape human to being creative, original, divine human. As we become closer to the divine human thinking of the Creator, our positive soul frequency rises. To become divine human from ape human, we have to involve our soul in every act such that an element of sacrifice is involved so that  the activity is the extension of soul energy more than just involving the body. The sacrifice is a deep feeling that arouses the soul  which when awakened, arouses our responsibility as a co-creator of reality.

To preach truth is ape human, to practice truth is divine human
To pray is ape human, to believe is divine human
To marry is ape human; to merge as one energy is divine human
To have sex is ape human, to light up the soul with God's association during the sexual act through sacrificing and meditating, is divine human
To imitate is ape human, to create originality is divine human
To make mistakes is ape human; to learn from them is DIVINE HUMAN
To learn education is ape human, to act educated is divine human
To memorize is ape human, to derive new wisdom is divine human
To dance is ape human; to create soul vibrations is divine human
To err is ape human, to forgive is divine human
To focus on dis-satisfaction is ape human, to focus on finding satisfaction is divine human
To abuse is ape human, to acknowledge is divine human
To complain is ape human, to understand is divine human
To blame is ape human, to take responsibility is divine human
To be careless is ape human, to  own up is divine human
To earn money is ape human, to spread positive energy is divine human
To own cars is ape human, to grow spiritually is divine human
To use invented technology is ape human, to control your own mind to create technology or your own body with wisdom is divine human
To fall sick is ape human, to heal your energy  is divine human
To cook is ape human, to spread contentment is divine human
To search for love is ape human, to be TRUE is divine human
To lie is ape human, to confront with patience is divine human

To just eat food is ape human, to eat healthy food is divine human

To slim your body for image or work is ape human, to stay healthy and wise is divine human

To leave in distress is ape human, to help a cause is divine human
To play politics is ape human, to manipulate creative energies is divine human
To write a book is ape human, to change consciousness is divine human
To teach is ape human, to enlighten is divine human
To act is ape human, to spread awareness is divine human
To sing is ape human, to change earth's vibrationary waves is divine human
To paint is ape human, to transcend realms in the visual is divine human
To manage is ape human, to ensure equanimity is divine human

Transgression of souls can also be from devil To God if the soul is powerful enough to handle extreme experiences. A soul who has been low frequency, animal like would become high frequency, God like by completely reversing its thought process from thinking negative to choosing to focus on positive in every aspect of life.

To lust is animal, to love with responsibility to help is divine
To scream is animal, to  understand is divine human
To rape is animal, to  respect is divine human
To steal life force for fame is animal, to spread justice and power is divine human
To have free sex is animal, to find true love is divine human
To kill is animal, to repay karma to souls is divine human
To destroy life is animal, to create anew happiness is divine human

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Detachment Makes Death a Healing Process For the Soul

Death is a healing process when the spirit whose body dies has a peaceful release and the soul reaches heaven or a higher celestial realm. A peaceful death is usually facilitated by soul ascension and/or karmic debt clearance. The spirit who suffers and forgives or who learns to be positive and detached through difficulties attains a positive karmic frequency and karmic upliftment. The soul when freed from the body, hence, reaches a higher positive realm of soul awareness than being in the body offers, after death.

The Concept Of Ascension: Process of Spirit Release    

At the point of death, the releasing spirit, feels a light around and enters it. The light is of an ascending positive frequency and radiates more calmness than the energy felt by the spirit while being tied in a body on Earth.

The light may not always be visible but it can be visualized or felt by the dying person to move onto a celestial realm, by choice or training.

Usually, in a past life therapy session, spirts of past lives or attachments of deceased friends or relatives are released through using visualizations of the celestial realm of peacefulness and using hypnotherapeutic suggestions to be in the calming frequencies given to the subconscious mind. Steps of Spirit Release are given in my book REDEFINING HAPPINESS or can be learnt through workshops or online material.

The same process of spirit release, as used to release spirit attachments or past life spirits, can be applied on self at the moment of death in the present life.

The departing spirit needs to cut its energy cords with all people including enemies, friends and relatives whose energies keep pulling it back by sending their imagined forms, energies and spirit animal fragments  back to them and taking its own soul fragments , energy forms and animal spirits back in itself. All karmic debts can also be imagined to be cleared at the moment of death.

After energy exchange, the person needs to wash its spirit in a shower of light/ positive energies. The light would fall as clear water from the sky on the spirit and clear its energies in the auric field such that the spirt looks bigger, taller and brighter. The person needs to   see all sadness, illness and regrets of the present body leaving as dirty water leaves the body while bathing such that the body and mind appear to be completely healed in imagination.

After the energy exchange is done and the body is imagined to be completely healed, the departing spirit may imagine or see a halo of light or a door of light and enter it; or it may see positive beings of light vibrating peace & love coming to take it back to the celestial realm or hear its name being called by positive energies as that of angels or departed relatives, friends or lovers in celestial realms or it may see a train /vehicle taking it to spirit realms.

( All spirits do not reach celestial realms but it is always wise to plan ascension to find happiness and abundance in your present life and after death, a a spirit in non -physical realms.

 It helps to make your choices on Earth to stay positive within the body, so that you can go to heaven or a celestial frequency. The process of ascension is easier if you have learnt the spiritual ability or feel an automatic pull from your soul which helps you to detach from Earthly attachments.)

Ascension is facilitated by choices made in the present life such that you can fulfil your soul desires, attain your karmic purpose and feel satisfied with every choice you make, over feeling anxious. As satisfaction rises, your spirit can leave with a positive mind-set that you have fulfilled your present life purpose, cleared your previous karmic debt so that, at the point of death, your karmic purpose allows you to leave in a peaceful frequency.

 Those who do not reach heaven are usually reborn on Earth with the same karmic plan that existed in the previous life as explained further, and continue with the same life purpose as existed earlier though the circumstances, family and place of rebirth may change.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Plant And Animal Reincarnations

Plant and Animal Reincarnations     


Often all human bodies have four or five animal spirits attached who depict their core values. Shamanism as  a therapeutic practice entails communicating with the animal spirits to take healing energies from their support. These animal spirits are attached to the auric field of a  person and influence the person’s thinking .

At the point of death, these spirits also detach from the body and get released into light or go back to Earth frequencies to reincarnate.

A spirit may fragment at the point of death into several parts. While some parts off the person may be enlightened and may go to celestial realms, other suppressed soul fragments which are not positive vibrationally and cannot reach the celestial realm, may choose to repay karma and convert negative thinking into positive energy, by reincarnating as plants or animals.

Plant Reincarnations
 Reincarnating as a plant is usually a peaceful experience for the spirit as plants do not feel physical pain. Plants can feel emotional pain and joy as has been proven by research but they do not feel pain of being plucked or broken ,  As plants can feel emotional peacefulness, the spirit in a plant can repay negative karmic debt by existing in neutral energy frequencies thus converting negative energy frequencies to positive frequencies. At the physical plane, the plants transcend energy by converting carbon dioxide to oxygen, The plant experience is like a Buddhist experience of JUST BEING in the body and feeling the breath. The plant life contributes to growth of peacefulness without taking actions. Some plants serve humanity by being plucked as vegetables or fruits without feeling any physical pain or suffering.

Animal Reincarnations

Restless spirits who are too attached to food, sex, lust, consumption , fear , anger or killing for survival, are usually reborn as animals as their total focus of existence is on feeling like a helpless animal while being alive in a human body.

Some spirits can also choose to be reborn as animals to simplify the understanding of suffering. For example, a soldier’s spirit who has karmic debt of taking several innocent lives in war , would have to repay the karmic debt to all the people s/he killed to free itself from their sadness at the point of death and hence, rise to a higher level of happiness. Such a spirit may be repeatedly born as a chicken who is killed again and again to feed someone. 

The frequency which a spirit dies with in its thinking pattern, sets the course of its next life. A spirit focused on fear maybe reborn as a rat or a mouse while a spirit focused on speeding for success, running fast, enjoying power but feeling anxious about its own survival,  maybe reborn as a leopard. A lion’s spirit would be of a soul who died feeling responsible towards other people while a tiger’s spirit would be of a person who died while feeling more focused on surviving itself.

Every feeling which a human being dies with which is a carnal / physical experience, can be converted into an animal life for the reincarnating spirit to help its soul ascension in subsequent lives.
 The animal life is simplified and has simple soul lessons with less complications attached. The animal mind is focused on one or two dominating frequencies.

Though the animal can feel physical pain but cannot process a high emotional intensity of experience, with its limited brain capacity. It can feel negative or positive but cannot label negativity as sadness, betrayal rejection or hurt as a human mind can.

Guilt and sympathy are human emotions and cannot be experienced in an animal body, at all. If you have high degrees of guilt which are non- warranted, it indicates that your soul lesson is complex as you have to understand and overcome the negative energy of guilt such that you can rise to a high level of happiness by learning from mistakes and choosing not to repeat them in the future so that guilt foes not arise. Guilt is an intermediate human emotion which you could not have understood in an animal body and experiencing the ability to feel guilty indicates soul ascension.

Thus, while a plant life just feels emotional energy variances and no physical pain; and an animal life feels physical pain but not much emotional pain; a human life can feel physical pain and emotional pain in a variety of complex energy frequencies and has a multitude of labelled experiences. A human mind can move in energy frequency from hurt to sickness to anxiety which are experiences of the mind as distinguished from the body.

 A spirit would reincarnate as an animal only if it is too attached to the body or a karmic purpose is served by living in the body of an animal.  For example, a spirit who has been very flirtatious and has been cheating on lovers while being loyal to an employee for money, food and survival, maybe reborn as a dog. The body of the dog would simplify soul lessons to one or two experiences wherein the dog repeatedly suffers disrespect, with humility. Suffering without having the ability to take revenge would aid the spirit in a future life to understand  complicated lessons of loyalty.

Soul Lessons of loyalty have to be learnt such that the spirit can distinguish between loyalty which fuels growth of peacefulness and construction of happiness vs. loyalty to evil, which fuels negative thinking, destruction and growth of disharmony.

An animal birth may be inevitable for a person who has been serving evil or a low frequency mind-set. Negative thinkers have thinking pattern which is animal like and irresponsible to commitment or construction of happiness. It is easier for the spirit to learn its soul lessons in the body of an animal who has  a short life span and feels less emotional complexities than the body of a  human being who maybe again tempted to cheat and serve evil than be happy by choice.

A person who dies with intense sadness craving for lust or feelings of revenge, may automatically be born as an animal who only works for the body’s survival and not for inner happiness.

A spirit focused on imitating others maybe born as an ape while a spirit which can cheat itself or others for survival of traditions, but foes not feel powerful may be reborn as a fox or a wolf.

 A spirit focused on feeling unloved may be born as a lizard which radiates repulsion more than self love from the core while a spirt focused on feeling passion and flexibility may be born as a snake.
Spirits who die in floods or in the sea maybe reborn often as a fish or a crocodile, a seal or an otter depending on the individual spirit’s frequency at the moment of death.