Sunday, 11 October 2015


Every thought which you focus on has a feeling entailed. The feeling is an electric impulse which is a unit of the soul’s vibration. Your thoughts create your reality.

If you focus on positive thoughts of love and happiness, you will send out vibrations of energy which create the same feelings in your life. If you focus on problems in life, you will find yourself being surrounded by problems on an increasing basis.

Life is a creation of your soul. You create your life yourself by the feelings you focus upon. If you have been used to focusing on problems, your life would be full of problems in the present. You will find problems everywhere around you; and you will find more reasons to focus on problems.

The belief that LIFE IS DIFFICULT sows seeds for life to remain difficult. Your circumstances do not decide the feelings which you focus on. Your choice of which feelings to focus upon decides your circumstances.

Every belief has its pros and cons. For examples, if you believe LIFE IS EASY, you may find that all your needs are fulfilled by your surroundings without enough challenges or career growth. However, a positive belief that LIFE IS EASY would bring more harmony and peace in your life than a belief that LIFE IS DIFFICULT.

Beliefs are created by repetition of feelings in the subconscious mind. You keep talking to yourself silently the whole day and the belief which you focus upon keeps moving you like an energy cycle.

Hence, to change you life from sad to happy or sick to healthy or difficult to easy, you have to be aware of the feelings which you focus upon.

The more you decide to focus on feeling positive, be it in reality or imagination, the more your life would appear positive to you.

The more you carry over tensions of others; the more you worry about everybody’s problems; the more you complain about the nation; the more you spread negative energy from your core.

Most people are addicted to thinking negatively. If they cannot find problems in their own life, they start worrying about the children’s problems or the nation’s problems. The more they worry, the more they aggravate the energy of problems.

If fire is burning the jungle, just complaining that the fire is burning will not dissolve the fire. You can either take action to quench the fire or you can ignore the fire and walk away. Talking about the fire burning the jungle without taking any action or without detaching away from it, adds fuel to the fire. You thoughts are like petrol which increase positive or negative energies in your life.

Sunday, 4 October 2015


 Politicians represent society . Corruption on the surface represents corruption hidden in the heart of people ...........

 When the need for fame and power rules over need for happiness, love and good health, corruption reigns over people who seek flattery & praise to love themselves.
Where materialism rules over true love & passion, impotence is a common problem faced by men who live to please others over satisfying their own soul needs.
Women freeze in sex and steal from husbands, where clothes and jewelry become symbols of love over emotional support and respect of individuality
Where children are loved only for getting medals and marks, they are taught corruption by parents who equate love with getting success as seen by an external world...."I will love u if the world praise you" is the thought pattern which breeds corruption.....

Corruption is rampant in today’s world.  Everyone is complaining about corruption as a hot topic of discussion, problems and gossip.

However, when we complain about the BAD happening in the external world with passion, we fail to look at the soul’s perspective.

No soul wants to be corrupt by choice. Corruption is a denial of self - worth. Every corrupt person feels a lowering of self –esteem and is internally saddened and compromised by the choice.

Corruption is a result of confusion and conflict in the mind of what is important for happiness. The moment you use unethical means to earn money or fame, you deny the efficacy of the legal structure as a satisfying system to address you needs.

Dirt cannot be cleaned from the surface until the reason for dirt is addressed. Water cannot be cleaned by removing the layer of dirt from the top. If dirt is visible on the surface, there are reasons for dirt at the core which have to be changed for the surface to appear clean.

If corruption exists, it means that there are faults in our education system which create a need in people to become corrupt. There are also faults in mass values and beliefs which glorify money and success at the cost of truth, honesty and happiness. If people continue to be corrupt, it is because society allows corrupt people to acquire respect and fame.

Why would corruption exist if nobody bribed? Why would people cheat their conscience if money was not valued over peace of mind?

Instead of grumbling about corruption existing, we, as a society, need to address the reasons about why corruption exists from the root cause.

Corruption in adulthood is the same as cheating in exams in childhood. Children cheat when they are under pressure to get marks. Marks are a sign of success for children even if they do not learn anything in school and pass by cheating. Similarly, money becomes a criteria of success. People become corrupt to earn money under pressure to perform.

There is so much focus on showing off success through jewelry cars and fancy gadgets that people start thinking that success means happiness. Corruption is encouraged by families who desire to maintain a good image in society even when they stay unhappy inside the house.

Corruption in offices is only a part of the problem. Corruption at the soul level exists in several layers. You are corrupt if you cheat your partner and have sex outside the relationship. You may justify it as a need for love which you do not get in the marriage but if you were not corrupt, you would break the bond ethically and allow the partner to move on with clarity that you no longer serve each other’s requirements.

You are corrupt if you eat food which harms your body because you want to please your family members or friends.

You are corrupt if you allow your children to become irresponsible and drug addicts because you were too busy earning money for their happiness. Your goal of giving your children becomes corrupted when you neglect their needs to earn money.

You are corrupt when you tell yourselves that your parents love you deeply when you have severe issues of low self -worth and feel dis-respected often. Self- esteem issues arise from neglect in childhood and have to be often resolved through age regression and inner child healing.

You are corrupt if you have a good multinational job where you do not need bribes but constantly feel compromised and bored. When you chose to sacrifice your soul potential for money, you betray your own soul and attract corruption from others.

You are corrupt if you stay in a non-loving atmosphere and pretend that everything is well so that other people admire you. If you are true to your own soul needs, you would seek to move away from the atmosphere which does not give you respect to search, for a higher, purer consciousness of love where your needs are reciprocated.

You are corrupt if the need for fame becomes more important to you than your need for the happiness for which you sought fame initially. You cannot be happy or healthy if you neglect satisfaction in life and you sacrifice your love, your space and your values in order to remain famous.

Corruption starts at school level and will remain till children have to be forced to go to school. The choice to make children compromise teaches them the need to cheat their own soul needs in order to please the world. If you wake up children when they are in deep sleep in early mornings, you condition them into being unhappy from the moment they get up. The more children stay unhappy, the more they create happiness as a choice of internal dominant focus.

The thoughts you get up with create your reality as co-creators. If you train children to be unhappy, by ritual, you will create corruption and unhappiness in adults to meet those rituals in adulthood.  

Corruption is always justified by people who are corrupt but is always a sin from the soul’s perspective because it leads to long-term denial of soul’s needs of true happiness.
Corruption can be only changed by changing the schooling system so that children focus on being happy from the moment they get up and keep visualizing happiness as their reality in the process of growing up.