Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Ghosts are not necessarily dead,
a living person can move in your head,
your values can change, you can get headaches
bcos that person puts doubts and fears in subtle ways
you stop being yourself to suit his/her needs 
peace becomes more important than enduring his unrest

You create karma by the deeds you do and feelings you think
if you think negative cos of another person, you incur karmic debt
you may or may not feel guilty for an act of sin
as long as you ober another person and let go of ur life purpose
you become negative and have to repay karma by ur own deeds

We all are essentially souls in human bodies. The soul is a unit of energy, like the ray of the Sun. Each body has one soul which is a part of a greater whole. We all are connected to each other as energy. The physical bodies create divides in our mind but at the level of thought or creation, there is no divide.

We all are one literally. Just as all cells are part of a body, we are human souls as part of the Creator.
Each Soul has a Higher SELF – this is the soul group from which the soul comes. The Higher Self is like a filter whereas the soul in a body is like a glass of water. A filter can fill several glasses. Similarly, at any one time, the soul may be born in many different bodies. These are called parallel lives of the soul. The soul has parallel lives to have different experiences in different circumstances.

A body has several organs. Similarly, there are several soul groups. There are a few souls which are more powerful than the rest as they take responsibility of the whole soul group. Energies pass from one soul to another in the soul group. The feelings we experience at any time also pass from one person to another in the soul group even if the people may be very far apart.

Soul group energies get exchanged with another. This is inevitable but problem arises when we take in energies of other souls who are not a part of our soul group. This energy intake happens in daily course of interactions. When a person is dominating, his thoughts start influencing your mind. If a person is timid but persistent, her thoughts also invade into your mind.

You take in the energy of any person who you interact with consistently. The energies pass through thoughts. Thought waves travel like sound waves or light waves and we catch thoughts which resonate with our own thinking, beliefs or fears.
Any person who puts doubts in our minds sends energies into us. We also catch energies during sex. Sex is a close encounter with a person and we usually surrender in sex. When our uric walls are low, we catch energies.
We also catch energies in surgeries when the body is motionless and the soul is free to move out. We catch energies of other people through heavy alcohol intake when the aura becomes relaxed and opens easily. Drugs also are a big source of catching spirits of other people. Depression tablets also lead to thought waves entering more easily than when we are in control.

Deaths and suicides near us or in the family are also a source of spirits entering our bodies.  In fact, if we often feel depressed, and want to die, we have dead people’s energies in us.

We need to do regular spirit release to clean our body as we take bath to clean. In a meditative state, the body has to be visualized like a house and we need to send out all those in the house who are not us.  We need to cut energy ropes with them and see them walking out of the house. Then we need to sit in the centre chair in our own house. We also need to imagine ourselves like a bulb or SUN and spread light all over our body from our stomach. It can be visualized as switching on all the lights of our house. The spreading of light will fill our heart with happiness.

We also can imagine ourselves s double the size of people we feel dominated by or influenced by. People who emotionally control us negatively can be more easily defeated through these subconscious exercises than rationalizing. A regular cleansing removes the need for medications or surgeries.  Problems can be resolved through self healing and the doctor is consulted only as a last resort when mind control does not work.

These exercises are usually part of Hypnotherapy and are best administered through a therapist who also teaches daily self help suitable for your needs. The actual soul cleansing, body healing session takes about two hours but daily self help can be done in a few minutes like daily vitamin intake -  first aid.

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