Saturday, 12 October 2013


God is love, God is life
To love is to live… to be successful mechanically like a computer is to die ,
for to be happy we need love and success in tune with passions soaring God's dances in the skies

It is scientifically established that love creates hormone sin the mind in the same way as drug addictions do . Love is an addiction.

If you get used to being in love, you want to continue being in love even if the person keeps changing. If you get reciprocation as you desire, love continues for the same person. But, if there are too many thinking differences, and love gets rejected ; than your body and circumstances seek to change the person so that the addiction can continue.

However, love is an addiction which releases positive hormones in the body unlike cocaine etc.

Love and happiness are energy vibrations of high dimensions of existence.

The universe is divided into seven dimensions. The Creator or God is said to exist in the seventh dimension. Earth exists in the second - third dimension. As changes in consciousness happen and astronomical changes take place, Earth moves up to higher dimensions.

In the New Age, Earth will  move up to fourth – fifth dimensions. As Earth moves up , it means that the energies of Earth will shift to becoming more positive. The plant will move at a  faster speed of vibration. Energies all be cleaner and thoughts will be clearer. Love and compassion  are expected to replace fear and competition as the driving forces of survival on Earth.

Complementing each other’s skills will become more important than competing. The only way to remove negativity from thoughts is to curb negative competition.

If human beings continue to be negative, there would be large scale destruction on the planet as there would be an imbalance between the frequency of thoughts of humans and Earth. Earth would move up on the universe path,  like a speeding car and all those humans who continue to be negative, will fall off the planet like dust falling off the car. Negative people are slow thinkers and would not be able to match the sped of thinking needed to move in tune with Earth’s changes.

The moving up of Earth on the dimensional scale will increase happiness in life. Human beings will try to change their thinking to positive to be able to survive on the planet. If they cannot be positive, they will die of diseases, wars, floods or epidemics. Human souls  seek to move closer to the Creator to find happiness in life.
Love is an energy which makes people positive. People in love feel optimistic, content and passionately alive. Therefore, as we improve our abilities to give and receive love, we would move our thinking in tune with the changing speed of the  planet.

Being able to love and receive love requires breaking down of all traditional structures of life , which prevent us from loving. We have to remove several beliefs which make us focus on competition over love. However, the sooner we can chang our inner frequency to positive, the happier we become.

Human souls are made of different soul energy frequencies. It is easier to move a table of wood than a table of stone.
 Similarly, human beings who have more advanced souls can sooner destroy rigid beliefs of life and adapt to new roles in all aspects of life involving relationships , health, peace, education and happiness. Human beings who do not understand soul advancement are less evolved, animal like souls who need physical evidence to judge any energy movement.
Less evolved souls cannot create by thought and hence are slow thinkers. These souls would face increasing problems as the Speed of Earth rises in the universal vibrational plan. The more easile we can love, with pure intentions to be complete, the clearer our energies will be . Happiness will rise as we clear our energies.

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