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The ever increasing restlessness in societies, the rise in domestic violence, criminal tendencies, alcohol and drug addictions, medical bills and incurable diseases , prove that escaping the needs of soul evolution does not help. But, we are conditioned into believing that the soul does not exist, and that only earning money, fame or power matters in creating happiness.

So many people are addicted to drugs, smoking, liquor and other oral sensory pleasures for relaxing their minds.
Though these addictions temporarily relax the person, they have serious side effects on health, heart and body.  These addictions help to stop negative thinking for some time, but the negative thoughts, fears and doubts come back with a greater force and trouble the person.

Dancing and singing also help the person relax.  They motivate the body and mind to align with sense organs and stop negative thinking for some time. They have an addictive influence though with less side effects. However, even these cannot be a substitute for positive thinking.

It is very necessary to relax the mind to remain healthy. If a person cannot get free from his worries, negative thinking is very harmful for the health of the person. Addictions are a life line for some people who don’t see any other way out to relax.
However, addictions would not be as necessary if we do not feel pressurized by other’s opinions. When we know that parents, teachers or people in authority are not right always, we would not need to take drugs to escape from them.

Drugs or liquor help us escape but do not solve the problems. But if we understand that God is not against us, that our fee will is important, that we do not have to be performing computers to succeed; then we would not need to take drugs to relax.
We can visualize the same way as drugs facilitate during sleeping. WE can take time off and inhale- exhale than smoke. It appears odd if we close our eyes and relax in public places but it may be healthier than smoking in public. We can imagine flying in the skies and making love in our imagination, to feel free of negative thinking.  All these focused imaginations are part of meditation to be one with God.
God is force of love and God is always present whenever we love, fly freely in our mind, smell flowers in imagination, sit in beautiful gardens and feel pace. It is more relaxing than taking drugs or liquor to be alone and imagine being where we want to be for some time during the day. We do not need to interact and talk all the time to relax.
Relaxation comes by feeling the love of god in our mind by imagining fulfillment, orgasmic release, heights of pleasure without any external source facilitating it.
We can use traffic jams to practice mediation and visualization. Instead of watching Television, we can make films in our own mind. The more we activate our sense organs for visualization and day dreaming, the more we will release positive hormones in the body. Our stress and anxiety would go away if we can take time off from our busy schedule for day dreaming and laughing as an exercise of mind control.

Being thoughtless,  dancing or singing are better ways to relax than using drugs ir alcohol. However, if we use dancing or singing, you should not resort to drugs later to balance hormones. You should meditate by inhaling exhaling with focus, after dancing and singing so that your mind cools down from heightened activity and you can balance normal routine.

 Imagining yourself in perfectly clear white light, dissolving in the brightness as formless after a rigorous activity, and radiating light from your stomach as a SUN in your centre would radiate -  helps the body completely reschedule itself and recharge for feelings of newness of  life. Health and vibratory sensations improve by releasing positive hormones through feeling happy mentally, in reality or imagination. 
As is given in the book CREATION OF HAPPINESS: the energy war, a soul’s perspective:


Addictions, from the perspective of the soul

             People who are unaware of the merits of remaining thoughtless as a simple routine mind-control exercise may seek to break the flow of negative thoughts through external addictions.
            Addictions like smoking, drugs, alcohol and over-eating are a person's escape route to stop thinking. By keeping the mouth occupied, people try to control an agitated, restless brain activity for some time.

External addictions help to shift focus from stress, anxiety or depression. They are a way of reducing negative thinking. Addictions of the body help in loosening the mind’s addiction of negative thinking.
            The person feels an urge to indulge in addictions from the subconscious level because the subconscious mind wants to prevent the person from thinking negatively in any possible way. Negative thinking releases negative hormones in the body. The positive intention of the subconscious mind behind making the person indulge in addictions is to reduce the flow of negative hormones which harm the body’s functioning.
            By indulging in oral pleasures, the person seeks to break the flow of negative current to the mind which stops the release of negative hormones in the body. That helps the person temporarily as the body is not working in an anxiety mode all the time.
            When the person feels non-negative while smoking or drinking by forgetting his problems, even if it is only for short spans, the breathing is normal at that time, and the body can regain its balance.

            However, negative addictions like smoking or drugs do not help for long, because they themselves release negative hormones in the body. In the initial stages, when the addiction is regulated, the release of negative hormones is less.  A mild addiction may help to break the existing negative energy circuits in the body, created by a continuous release of stress hormones.

            But, overtime, the pull of such addictions as that of worrying and negative thinking causes the person to start indulging in more external addictive behaviors to avoid worrying.
            As the person allows himself to indulge more in addictive behaviors, these addictions become stronger. In case of strong addictions, the release of negative hormones is high. With an even greater release of negative hormones in the body than that caused by negative thinking, the addictions are no longer useful in helping the body regain its normal balance. They cause more problems than relief. With external addictions, the person's health becomes worse than it was.
            On the other hand, meditation or maintaining thoughtless states has no such side-effects. When the person stops negative thinking for intervals by indulging in meditation or physical exercise, they help him in calming down more than the oral addictions.

            Therefore, though in comparison to smoking and drinking, regular meditation or yoga require intense mind-control in the initial stages and are slower in providing relief to an anxious mind yet, they are more effective in lowering anxiety and restoring the body's normal balance over the long run.
            External addictions like smoking, drinking, over-eating or drugs give the person an illusion of being in control. They make the person feel temporarily powerful. But meditation and remaining connected to one’s inner self make the person inherently powerful.
            In either case, the feeling of being in control and in power comes from a disassociation with the body and an association with an alternate state of being, viz., with our soul.
            It is the feeling of happiness or euphoria which gives us a feeling of power, whether it is temporarily achieved through a drug, or innately achieved by realizing our soul self. Indulging in day dreaming or staying thoughtless also help us get into exalted feelings of euphoria, where we feel ourselves as floating energies which are not bound by constraints of the body or form. It is when we feel ourselves as energies without form that we literally connect to our life force, which is essentially a strong current of positive soul force.
            We can train our mind to disconnect from the world and its problems for a few moments through learning how to be in contact with our soul on a routine basis. That would help us become subconsciously aware of the whole illusion of reality and the futility of remaining in worry. Realizing ourselves as souls would help us feel at peace again and remind us that, in essence, nothing matters except being happy.
            The extent of external addictions our society indulges in shows the extent of craving we have for finding our soul self and for attaining happiness even if it is only for a few moments. Instinctively, we realize that we are on Earth to raise our soul frequencies and evolve to higher dimensions. Soul frequencies can be raised only when we are feeling happy or positive. If we can be high on happiness, we would not need drugs to get high.
            It is because of lack of training in using the laws of creation that we have to use harmful addictions to feel high as souls. We can be taught the process of creation in schools but we are so heavily trained in using correct grammar or concepts of biology, that we do not have time for receiving the education needed to activate our creative soul energies. We study to achieve happiness in our lives, but, unfortunately, our training is such that it helps us achieve success but causes us to miss out on the very happiness which that success is supposed to lead to.
            The lack of methodical training in our education systems needed for achieving our soul purpose could be largely responsible for the stress we face in our adult lives. Maybe, if Laws of Creation were taught in schools we would not need to resort to drugs or smoking to feel in control or powerful or remain positive in our minds.
The key to getting rid of rampant drug abuse, external addictions or bad physical health finally lies in training our minds to handle negative feelings without worrying about them or suppressing them. Overcoming the negative and manifesting happiness for ourselves is the only way to learn soul lessons and help our soul breathe freely in the physical body.

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