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Evolutionary Blocks To Happiness _ A real Past life Case History
The following appendix is added to the book
How To Be Happy In Difficulties

Appendix 2- Evolutionary Blocks To Happiness

Every soul comes on earth to learn the process of creation like coming to a school. Each soul is on a specific level of evolution and is ready to face a specific set of difficulties. Different souls on Earth belong to different dimensions. The advanced souls find it easy to ignore negative energies when trained while the less advanced souls find it very difficult to detach from negative people or situations.
However, meditation and self- help exercises on positive thinking help all souls to different degrees. Yet, if happiness does not rise as desired, it is necessary to undergo past life therapy, neuro-linguistic programming and spirit release therapy. Sometimes, you may need only one session to find a resolution to a perpetuating, recurring problem of life while you may need three-four sessions to heal a chronic disease like asthma or diabetes. However, if you have a chronic disease or a repeating problem in your life, it helps to focus on cleansing the subconscious mind by using professional help, as the following case history depicts:
(The process of Past life therapy is not given here in detail as it is beyond the scope of this book. Also, the real name of the person has been changed to a fictional name)

Past Life Case History – Soul Evolution
A recurring problem of Sexual Erectile Dysfunction solved through Past Life Therapy

Problem- Erectile Dysfunction happened once, Repeated memories of failure in sex, which create extreme unease and performance anxiety for future. The person had already visited medical practitioners and a psychotherapist before deciding on past life therapy.
Therapies used:
1.       Hypnotherapy (Inner Child healing and energy cord Cutting)
2.       Past life therapy
3.       Spirit Release
4.       NLP (neuro- linguistic programming)
5.       Life between Life space healing
6.       Energy Healing, Aura cleansing 
7.       Psychic Surgery

Abraham is a married man in his mid-thirties with two children and a regular job. He came with a problem of erectile dysfunction. About four months back, he had gone outside India on a vacation with a cousin. There they met a Russian girl. The cousin convinced her to go to bed with them. They took her to their hotel room. While making out sexually with her, he suddenly experienced that he had an erectile dysfunction. He walked out of the room without talking to anyone. He was extremely disturbed by this incident. He tested he was normal before coming back by having sex with another woman while on the vacation. He could have normal sex there and after coming back with his wife. However, the memory kept nagging him and started creating performance anxiety inside him which affected his work. He reported the incident to his father and his wife subsequently. The wife was upset but was understanding. He could have intimate sex with her subsequently but this fear did not leave him.
There was no apparent reason for this fear.
We started the hypnotherapy session. There were spirit attachments which were released during aura cleansing and activating hypnotic semi trance process. However, there was a demonic entity around him with a dark aura, round, fat face and a big moustache.
A fat spirit face represents arrogance, metaphorically. The negative energy of this entity was strong .Abraham went in deep semi –trance state,  faster than usual for the first session, probably because he was already tense. Tension helps in healing by allowing the subconscious mind to take over involuntarily.
In the semi trance state, Abraham entered his subconscious mind with guidance by therapy. He was directed down the steps of twenty stairs into his body, wherein he allowed his conscious mind to rest on top of the staircase, threw out his fear to be dissolved in the dustbin nearby and threw away the key of the dustbin on instruction that he won’t be needing it again. He went down the steps as a spirit walking down with the body remaining on top. The conscious, rational mind was instructed to record the session as on video, but not to interfere.
At the bottom of the stairs, he was directed to see a hall which represented his own inner body, the subconscious CPU. Usually, the spirit’s own self is seen sitting in the center of the body except in cases of spirit attachments where another person’s mind becomes dominant over your own. Abraham saw a skeleton sitting in the center of the room on a chair. Upon asking who the skeleton was, the first impressions as seen on a picture hung on the wall, was the face of his cousin with who he went on the vacation. The spirt was making fun of him constantly like an energy circuit running round and round in his mind, with the same negative dominant focus. He felt constantly mocked inside by this spirt in him. That created anxiety.
There were indications of a past life attachment since a picture frame hung on the wall indicates a dead man. The spirit was asked to get up and stand on the side, surrounded by electric violet light from God Shiva’s Trishul. The God which the person believes in is called as an as a metaphor for strength and support.
Then Abraham took back his chair and sat on it. After that, he was more in control of his own body.
Now, he could access his past life. He was directed to see his past as if on an imaginary television set in the room. He entered the garden of heaven, and met his angels and spirit guides. Upon instruction, he prayed to God that the session be for his highest and best good and took the energy of Gods blessings inside him.
The, holding the hand of his angels, he proceeded to see his past life.
Past Life History
In the past life, he saw himself as a robust, healthy man of around thirty years, in Rajasthan, India. The period was old. There were no tractors or bullock carts. He saw himself working in the fields with his hands. He also saw that the clothes which they wore were stitched without a machine. There was a smell of mud around the house and the food on his plate was non vegetarian.
They lived in a house which looked similar to a hut. It was a normal, farmer’s family house. His parents were also living with him. He had a wife and a child. He was physically very strong, had a moustache, wore a turban, spoke less and was authoritarian in attitude. The wife was scared of him. He was a dominating husband and sometimes hit her in anger
There was a young boy who visited their house and was friendly with him and the wife. The boy was around 22 years of age. He looked like the cousin with whom he had gone on the vacation. One day, when he came back from work, the farmer saw his wife in sex with the boy. (The wife’s chest was plump and similar to the chest of the Russian girl.) In that life,   he was shocked.
 The face of Abraham in semi trance state displayed extreme shock and sadness. After some time, he reported that he had stabbed the boy with a knife in anger.
After that, he saw that he had lived till he was eighty years of age. The wife had died when she was sixty.
He also saw that the boy had remained alive and had come to ask for his forgiveness later. There was nothing else which appeared significant to him in that life. Upon asking to go deeper on any other significant event, he said that he cannot see anything. He was in shock with this incident.
Apparently, the soul was concerned with removing the shock and despair.
Through using energy healing, energy showers, the shock, sadness and despair from that memory were removed. At the point of death, he saw himself, on rescripting, that he forgave the boy and cut his energy cords with him. He also forgave his wife and released her from his dominance and anger. The spirits were cleansed, and released from sadness. Animal attachments were sent into the jungle and black hole. Energy showers were given to rejuvenate the aura. The spirit felt freer now and went into heaven.

Present Life Connection
The spirit of that boy was attached to Abraham from the moment of being stabbed. When he came back to his subconscious control room, he dissolved the negative spirit with electric violet light and sent the soul of his cousin back to his own body .His cousin had influenced him into several wrong deeds in this life, due to this spirit attachment. Abraham’s soul decided it had had enough and decided to cut all emotional ties with his cousin. The cousin’s spirit was now ready to leave as his revenge was over, metaphorically. After the spirit left, Abraham felt his subconscious room lighted up and the darkness was gone. He also understood his own golden light and decided to think in alignment with his own soul needs and not get carried away by negative influence. The demonic entity with a round face which was the boy’s face from that life, was, thus, released.
The energy circuits of mockery were cut and the thought process was broken. He was asked to replace the involuntary energy circuit of thought of anxiety with the deliberate thought that he is confident and in alignment with his own soul mind. Energy circuits take around month to six months to dissolve after being broken in therapy. The new thought cycle would erase the old thought cycle by persistent, deliberate energy shifts in the mind. Overtime, with self meditation and positive thinking, his confidence would get completely restored.
Past lives come up when there is an energy connection made at the level of feelings/energy circuitry of the mind. The chest of the Russian girl was plump and reminded him of his estranged wife from that life. The cousin was the body who had sex with her. The soul was immediately reminded of that incident and went into shock as he had felt in that life when he saw them having sex.
In that life, he had hit the boy at his lower stomach/erectile area in anger .In this life, he experienced the same erectile dysfunction as he had inflicted on that boy. It was the soul taking revenge against itself.
 The soul uses a Flight or FIGHT syndrome in case of shock/attack. In that life, Abraham had hit the cousin. In this life, Abraham’s own body got hit emotionally as his body behaved as if he was emotionally stabbed.  The erectile dysfunction was only in presence of the cousin as he was the guy Abraham had stabbed in the past life around that area.
Abraham could now release his fears that there will be any recurrence of the same problem in the future.
In his own words “Today’s session was very helpful. It has pointed out the dysfunction only once was because of past life and nothing to do about my performance. I also cleaned my soul and became closer to the kind of man I really am.”

Second past life session
Abraham came again after a month. He was alright as long as he did not test himself and then was alright when he tested himself alone. He said he had been meditating as perceived for half an hour daily and had felt 90 % improvement in his problem.
However, he once went to a female massage therapist and the problem recurred. The organ did not rise as commanded in between the massage when he was waiting for getting masturbation by the therapist, but she did not comply
Though it became alright again when she did give a HAPPY ENDING but he felt panic again when he could not raise his organ when he commanded it mentally.
There were two things to note here :
One - his higher self had warned him not to go to dark forces for getting satisfaction.
Second - the desire to test himself and believing that if a test failed, the problem would never go – even when it healed within the same hour – seemed to be unnecessary panic creation and appeared to be coming from a past life .
During psychic surgery and desensitization process of removing his fear, he saw himself standing under a dome. Since this was a strange vision, we went into the subconscious to find out where he was when he was standing under the dome.
He thus regressed into another past life.
H was standing under the dome shape of a hut on a sea shore. He was a businessman. He had a fishing businessman and was successful. He saw himself around 45 as a rich, successful businessman having a party of the sea beach to celebrate a business achievement.
On asking on how this life was connected to his present life, he saw a scene when he was around 21 when he was feeling pressurized and sad as he had to earn a living but his father had just left him a boat and no other inheritance.
Then, he recalled a scene around thirty-five where he is married, and is well settled. After that, his business grew.
Then, around seventy, he saw himself jumping into the sea and dying by drowning. It was suicide.
He had committed suicide as he felt lonely and depressed after his wife died. He was in her sixties when she died of cancer. He sees himself in the hospital. The test results have come. It is too late. The cancer is at third stage and cannot be healed. He was too busy doing alternate treatments and did not get the test done sooner.

This was the reason for his fear in the present life. He kept testing his erectile functioning as it had failed once in the fear that if he does not test, it would never heal - as his wife’s cancer had not healed.
He had created an equation in his subconscious mind that if a health test fails, it does not heal again. He had died thinking that the test failed and the problem could not be healed until death. The same thought pattern repeated in his present life.
His wife was his mother in the present life. He was told that this is a different life and the same equation cannot hold. Anyways, death by cancer could have been a life plan and he need not blame himself for it.

Cancer is due to suppressed anger. It is possible that he had visited prostitutes in that life and his wife felt angry and died of cancer. His Higher Self clearly warned him that he would remain sexually healthy as long as he did not visit prostitutes, as overcoming greed was a need of his soul evolutionary plan...
Subsequently, he was desensitized from fear. The equation was broken in his mind. And he understood that there was no danger to his sexual life rationally. However, he also decided he would not visit massage therapists for the next three years.

This case points to the fact that just meditation or positive thinking cannot solve health problems unless past life healing and spirit release are incorporated.

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How Suffering Helped Repay Karmic Debt From a Past Life

This chapter is an update  from the book CREATION OF HAPPINESS: THE ENERGY WAR , a soul's perspective ( updated version )

This case history has been given here to explain that past life healing is necessary to understand why negative thinking, diseases, anger and anxieties become the point of Internal Dominant Focus (IDF). When techniques of self -healing and meditation fail to get the desired level of happiness, past life healing, inner child healing, auric cleansing, neuro linguistic programming and spirit release are necessary to uplift soul consciousness to a higher positive frequency.

The case history shows the two stages of repayment of karma –
1) Suffering the same hurt as inflicted
2) Creation of positive energy in place of the hurt inflicted.

It is depicted how a soldier who burnt several houses in a terrorist war, lives his whole life suffering from a skin disease; to compensate for the pain he created. The life also shows how this person pays back karma by healing several people from skin diseases which felt like burns on the surface.  The name used is fictitious to safeguard the real identity of the person.

A Real Past Life Case History

Name- Dr. Adam Scott
Time taken - Five hours

Physical problem – Eczema (since sixty two years)

Emotional Problem –”I have healed thousands of people from skin disorders but have been unable to heal myself”

Energy Problem – Subconscious mind does not understand a disease by labels but by the feelings it conveys. There were Feelings of constant irritation on skin, which lead to hypertension, guilt, anger and helplessness. Healing required removing these feelings and replacing the energy patterns in the mind with positive feelings so that the subconscious mind would focus on positive feelings of peacefulness, self -understanding, forgiveness, and detachment. Positive feelings would remove the need to be irritable and hence heal the skin.
To create positive feelings, regression to the root cause was necessary. Removing the root cause helps the body’s positive hormones to flow for healing freely just as a rock which blocks free flow of energy in a drain pipe has to be removed for clean water to flow freely.

Major irritants:
·         Failure to heal self in spite of healing thousands of others
·         Untidiness in house

Healing techniques used:
Energy Cord Cutting
Energy Shower Healing Therapy in Life between Life spaces
Reiki and Energy Healing
Psychic Surgery
Inner Child Healing
Spirit Release
NLP (Swish-h)
Past life Therapy
Karmic Library
Guidance from Higher self/ inner silent wisdom

Clinical Hypnosis Induction methods used:
1.    Eye relaxation, Breathing and relaxing 10- 0
2.    Countdown subconscious tunnel from 20-0
3.    Connecting the Crown Chakra to Higher Self, Releasing stress, inhaling soul light
4.    Progressive Relaxation of each part
5.    Muscle relaxation in each part
6.    Stress release and Visualization of Crystal like sunlight in Stomach

Deepening techniques:
7.    Eye Catalepsy
8.    Arm Catalepsy
9.    Theta Healing
10. Astral Travel to Garden of Heaven
11. Inhaling Oxygen in celestial realms to each cell of body and feeling healthy in a peaceful body

Past Life therapy:

Adam saw himself in a box in the first scene. He was dead. He had been a soldier in Malaya. He had put fire on some houses. Then he was shot by a grenade. The Grenade was fired by a Japanese soldier who was his wife in the present life. He had seen this past life in a hypnosis session earlier, as well.
On regressing further to find the root cause of irritation and anger, he found himself as a 12 year old boy who was kidnapped by the Communist party of Malaya. He was snatched away from his mother by the soldiers. His mother was wailing and crying.
There was extreme anger in the body as he narrated the story. His body was shaking with rage and feelings of helplessness, which had to be released to some degree immediately to carry on with the session.
In the camp, they forced the boy to use guns. If the boys refused, they were kicked or verbally yelled at. Again, Adam felt extreme anger. His body was shaking in anger but less severely than before.
The body again shook in anger when he again was regressed to the root cause of extreme irritation. The point of extreme irritation was when he was being snatched away from his mother.
Upon looking back in that life, he had been extremely comfortable with his mother. However, the communist party used to kidnap boy soldiers to throw out the Britishers. The boys were forced to work against their wishes as freedom fighters. They had no ideology of freedom and did not feel any freedom within themselves while fighting a war for freedom.
If they did not fight, they were attacked by their own men and if they fought, they were attacked by the Britishers.

At the end of that life, when the spirit was asked about his achievements, he said he had achieved NOTHING.
The soldier was shot at 24 by the bullet of a Japanese soldier.  The spirit was cleansed and released into light.
Upon passing the clouds, he went into the karmic library.
There upon re-scripting the life, he saw that had he not been a soldier, he would not have killed so many. He had guilt because he had killed thousands of soldiers as a gorilla soldier. He had burnt several houses in villages. The skin disorders which he treated created the feeling that he was healing the burnt souls which helped him create positive karma in place of the negative energy which was created.

His Eczema in the present life was a disease which helped him heal several thousands of others from skin disorders and repay his karma.
He was informed in the karmic healing room by his spirit guides that his karma had been 90 % cleared in the present life. He had been a busy and successful doctor for thirty years, and had cured thousands of people.

He was now ready to forgive himself for being the soldier who had killed thousands of people. The soul wisdom said that he would heal his own problem when his inner conscience feels that it has cleared that karma of killing thousands while being a forced soldier.

He forgave himself again. He released his anger by forgiving all the soldiers who had kidnapped him as they themselves were also forced men of war.
He was reminded that he had a good life as the doctor where he was able to successfully achieve healing for thousands of people and was not forced to kill in this life. Also, he had lived a complete life with his mother and here had been no separation. The past life was over and he could release his anger.
The spirit of the soldier was released into the body of his Higher Self where he merged with his bigger soul in the light.
After that, his irritation with the skin was removed through psychic surgery and desensitized. NLP (Swish) was used to anchor feel of a good skin on his body with the heartfelt affirmation,”I have a clean, peaceful skin””

General Awareness

The general learning from this session is that the soldiers who were abusers were also as forced as the children they kidnapped to be gorillas; and felt as victimized as the innocent people they killed for fighting a war of freedom which they did not even understand when recruited as kids; and could not break free from as adults as they had already killed so many.
This points to the fact that the terrorists of today who society abuses and punishes are usually forced soldiers of war who may not even be understanding that they are killing thousands to safeguard their skin; while feeling constantly helpless as their skins are lashed at by superiors who are also forced by a superstructure of war cult.
 The whole system of chains and helplessness where small children became wicked soldiers seemed to be run by an invisible dark force as the soldiers or commanders do not understand that they have become so bad while trying to defend themselves from abuse by superiors.
In Adam’s case, it was a mercy that he was killed at 24 and saved from incurring further negative karma. He felt so guilty at the point of death that he lived a whole life in a disease through which he could vibrationally attract the people who needed his healing; and thus repaid his karma.
This fact that the soldier repays karma over life-times for obeying orders to kill , which he does not understand but obeys in fear of a  superstructure; is also covered in the case history of the book IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS ( Chapter 7 )

Dr. Adam had to heal his anger by conscious mind control to let go of needing to change everything which irritates him and which cannot be healed. He would find it much easier now as he removed the anger of his past life as the soldier who felt extreme irritation as the small boy who was helpless. The anger was spurting out on his skin, idiomatically, to defend which, he killed thousands of others. As soldiers and killers often say in courts of justice “I had to kill to save my skin “
Karma is healed by the court of justice in celestial realms where the soul decides on a life plan through which it can repay its karma and rise to higher level of evolution and peace within self. The soul was remaining in pain itself and hurting his own skin by keeping his anger/irritation alive, because of which the eczema continued.

 The soul was taking revenge against itself by creating an opposite scenario of harming own skin, by taking stress and helping others; till it was satisfied that it had healed those whom he had inflicted harm upon to defend his skin .

Dr. Adam was asked to give more charity, during the session so that he would feel more relaxed that he is repaying his karma. He was told that he has to be like a diamond which shines by getting burnt. The coal is like the disease he has faced and it has helped him shine from the inside as he has been helping several and has received gratitude from thousands, which replaced the curses he had received from thousands when he killed them. Positive energy was replaced in his aura as he removed negative energy from all those people by giving back the skins which he had burnt in his past life.

 Now, as his karma was almost clear, he has to heal or he would continue the same cycle of difficulties and frustration. By healing, he would spread positive light just as a diamond shines in a coal mine.

To heal, he has to ignore the untidiness and irritants around him as the diamond continues to shine even when there is coal around. The untidiness was the reflection of the energy of messy life of the Malaya gorilla. The feeling of untidiness carried over from his previous life with the anger which he felt deep inside, at not being able to clean the untidiness by war.

He has to forgive the untidiness and he has to forgive his own helplessness in not being able to clear it. The more he remains calm in irritation, the more his skin would heal. He has to feel he is in a peaceful skin and meditate to detach from irritants regularly so that he replaces the irritating, negative energy in his thinking with peaceful, positive energy created by conscious awareness in his mind.

The Japanese soldier who killed him was revealed as his wife in the present life. She was a supportive soul-mate and helped him repay his karmic debt by standing by him through his illness , temperamental outbursts and restlessness so that she could repay her karma of killing him by giving him back his life purpose in a positive manner . He was a good husband and never quarreled with her.

Usually, a past life therapy session is facilitated when the soul is ready to forgive itself as the karma is almost repaid. It’s the end of a cycle of pain and the beginning of a new cycle of feeling satisfaction with self achievement. Healing and creating peace within self is mentally an uphill climb compared to falling down a slope of feeling negative, angry and irritable in helplessness. Evolution requires effort from the soul to be satisfied with its own achievements and ignore all that which cannot be changed. Positive hormones release subconsciously and heal the body by focusing deliberately on all good things in life and all that which has been improved.

Dr. Adam received the suggestions well and started healing himself with conscious mind control and meditation. .Within a month of past life therapy, Dr. Adam found considerable improvement in his skin and was confident he would heal completely.

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Soul Lessons

Our soul is the life-force which drives our body and mind. A synchronization between the soul, body and mind is required just as there needs to be alignment between the driver, the car and the engine ( wherein each unit functions on its own while working for the whole ).

Our soul incarnates on Earth in a human body to understand and participate in the process of creation as the co-creator.  Earth is like a school for the soul.

As every school has grades , Earth has dimensions or realms of existence. Each dimension has a syllabus and a  course plan which helps the soul create happiness as an evolving goal.

The lower grades have simpler syllabi , while the advanced souls have a complex syllabus.
Animal souls are less advanced souls and have to cross over a basic level of difficulty to attain their criteria of happiness. Animals feel happy if they get food and shelter. Human souls need clothing along with food and shelter .

The younger or less advanced human souls feel grateful if they have food, clothing and shelter . As the soul advances, the need of happiness complexifies .

There are layers of needs of food, clothing and shelter. Food develops several varieties like pizzas and alcohol; clothing varieties are created  for casual and formal occasions , children and adults, men and women and the need keeps getting more complex with focus . Similarly,  shelter includes housing, hotels  etc. of different kinds, classes .

This complexification of needs creates demand for creation in several ways. The soul keeps creating life in more beautiful and glittering forms as it tries to understand the process of converting a thought into reality in the physical world. However, as the soul advances, the soul attains a full circle of understanding the process of creation and again simplifies its needs to be aligned with pure energies of The Creator.

Each human soul incarnates on Earth with a  life-plan. The life-plan includes lessons of life.
Each grade or dimension of the soul has a different lesson plan. As the soul crosses one set of difficulties, the soul is given a more difficult test to cross over to a higher dimension of existence. That is why advanced souls have a more difficult life than young souls .

As soul need advances, just food, clothing and shelter no longer suffice to be happy . The advanced soul needs respect, peace, contentment, intellectual satiation, creative mobility , passion, optimism , logic based explanations, good health and scope for betterment .

Happiness comes by passing soul lessons  entailed in need gratification . Needs are fulfilled with satisfaction by integration of soul lessons such as patience, detachment, optimism , compassion, overcoming rejection, understanding, originality, creativity etc.