Friday, 26 February 2021

Competitive Succes fails to Increase Happiness or Improve Health

 Everyone works to achieve happiness in life. 

We are advised to study as children and find 

employment as adults to be successful 

because it is assumed that success leads to 

happiness. However though people have 

displayed becoming more successful and 

rich in the Modern Age, happiness has not 

been rising .

The mindless pursuit of success and work-

ethics of choosing money over peace of 

mind, has increased anxieties, depressions, 

sadness and diseases in the Modern Age. 

The critical feeling of happiness , which 

success promised to satisfy, has been side-

lined in the blind pursuit of success and 

career over health, love and harmony . 

Though comforts, luxuries, amenities, and

increased multi-fold by a focus on rationally 

acclaimed methods of pursuing success, 

happiness has not risen. In fact, overall 

feelings of peace and happiness have

declined . 

The rat race has led to human beings 

feeling like rats- individually insignificant, 

dissatisfied and chasing temporary 

satisfaction over long term empowerment. 

Soul empowerment is necessary for each 

soul to feel happy, healthy and empowered 

as a citizen of the world; instead of the 

competitive rat race, which was glorified as 

the means of happiness but led to 

destruction of harmony in the world. 

However, development of inner soul 

strength is completely ignored in today’s 

success mania. Small problems are 

perceived as fatal even when solutions can 

be simply achieved by understanding 

different perspectives.

The strategy of pursuing success over 

peace has repeatedly failed to increase 

happiness. If a strategy fails repeatedly , it 

has to be reviewed and changed. 

Historically, it was repeatedly hoped that the 

next war would bring in peace or the next 

technological boom would solve all 

problems, but evidence from history has proved that wars have only increased unhappiness for winners and losers by decreasing wealth of the state.

Now, medicines are prescribed for depression 

than teaching people how to address their 

emotional disorders to find contentment in alignment with understanding of their

subconscious and soul needs.

Medicines or surgery aim at balancing 

hormones to heal diseases but fail to 

increase happiness, as promised because

the body and mind can permanently heal 

only when soul /emotional needs are 

addressed in a systematic manner . 

Physical problems are a result of 

malfunctioning in the subconscious mind 

which is responsible for normal, healthy 

functioning of the body.

Problems recycle as a negative thinking 

pattern moving around a negative point of internal dissatisfaction . 

Physical pains or aches which get cured by use of medicines or surgery in one part of 

the body restart cycling by affecting other 

parts of the body as negative energy 

changing form and returning as another

disease/pain or misfortune. Diseases cycle

in circular movement as negative thinking

rotating around a point of negative internal dominant focus.

Thus blog is an excerpt from my upcoming book - Soul Lessons . 

Hence, learning of soul lessons is important to invest time on the reason for taking birth and pursuing a consciously aware  soul path to happiness than use trial and error academic and competitive  methods that can make you very stressed, negative  and take you far from your goal of being positive and happy. 


Saturday, 13 February 2021

Marriage Cannot Create Or Maintain Love or Happiness, AutmaticallY

              Beliefs about life are often conditioned such that we get tuned into suppressing our negative feelings for the sake of maintaining a positive exterior front.   However, our positive self talk fails to help us if we feel negative within, irrespective of how it should be as per our beliefs and conventions.


            For example, if we are in a marriage (or in a job) where we have several differences with our partner, we may tell ourselves repeatedly that we are coping up happily but go on feeling sad within. The negative feelings would reach our soul, not what we tell ourselves consciously, since the soul only feels us at an energy level; it cannot hear our self rationalization.


            When we cheat our soul, we feel internally helpless and our bounce of life drops because the soul is like the filament of a bulb. It keeps getting its power from the main source of Life, through invisible energy circuits, which connect the soul to its Higher Self.

            If the focus of the body is on negativity, these energy circuits get clogged and the connection of the bulb to the source of light gets weakened.

            The soul can no longer connect to the Light and hence,it no longer feels positive. Its frequency lowers.


             Like a fused bulb filament, it feels trapped inside the body, unable to connect to or radiate life force. However, unlike the machine filament, the soul doesn’t permanently die. It has a unique consciousness, and the power to revive through exercise of its will.

            When the soul feels blocked it tries to restore back to its original frequency. To raise its frequency, it has to reconnect to the main source of Light.

            To reconnect to the light, it has to clear its energy circuits by removing all thoughts and beliefs which make it focus on the negative. Hence, our soul tries to break that structure around us, which forces us to focus on the negative aspects of life.


            For example, the soul which feels blocked in a marriage or in a job would try to remove this obstacle which it perceives is the cause of lowering its frequency. Thus, irrespective of our positive self-talk, our soul energy would pull us subconsciously to break the marriage or leave the job.


            If we ignore our subconscious pull, we would go on feeling sad. Overtime, due to feeling sad, we would develop mental and physical diseases,as there would be a consistent focus on stress and release of negative hormones in the body. The negative feelings would keep lowering the soul frequency, and our situation would turn from bad to worse as we go on reinforcing our focus on the negative situation.

            The only way to help our soul feel positive would be to make ourselves feel good, not merely tell ourselves that we feel okay. Feeling good internally would be a more honest experience and would necessitate changing a negative pattern of thinking or working or living.


            To feel good, we would need to release illusory fears of survival, which may be the reason for us to want to continue living in the negative experience.  Or we may have to break persistent, harmful habits which create problems in our job or marriage like laziness, impatience, rigidity of thinking, refusal to adopt positive beliefs, lack of self-discipline etc. In either case, feeling good within would require learning of soul lessons, failing which we would continue feeling negative.


             Negative feelings aid in soul evolution because they force us to learn soul lessons. If feeling negative did not cause us pain, we could conveniently drift through life, without making any effort to evolve to a better quality of existence. However, the negative energy has to be converted to positive rather than succumbing to its velocity.

This blog is  an excerpt from the book CREATION OF HAPINESS: THE ENERGY WAR ,  a soul's perspective, chapter 6.

Wednesday, 3 February 2021

How Subconscious Rules, Values and Beliefs Affect Everyday Life


Rules, values and beliefs create programs in the subconscious mind.


You involuntarily follow these programs through life. Some of these programs help you always while several programs become dysfunctional when circumstances change.


For example, “”Brush Your Teeth Everyday “’ is a program which is always needed to have healthy teeth. However, a rule like ‘Eat GOOD MEALS to stay healthy “is a program which would change as the needs of the body change froma child to an adult to old age. How you define GOOD becomes a subject of conflict over-time. People become fat because they over-eat due to ingrained beliefs which connect fatty eating to staying healthy. A person desiring to become slim would not feel healthy if he reduces fat in a meal- content.

Like eating, you have rules ingrained about all aspects of life. All beliefs from childhood need to be periodically cross checked and reviewed with awareness of how they rule your subconscious, and create stress in adult lives.

Beliefs are uploaded in the subconscious mind during childhood upbringing or come over from past lives. Beliefs, which are accompanied by strong negative emotions, take root in the mind and get manifested.Positive desires, usually, cannot manifest if you have deeply ingrained negative beliefs.


For example, if you are repeatedly warned in your childhood to work hard or you will not succeed; your mind will, subconsciously, take these words as a rule of life. The three separate verbs – ‘’work hard “’and ‘’succeed’’ are clubbed as one rule and may start operating as a programme in the SCM...

If you do not work by conventional methods, you may not feel successful ever in life. If you enjoy work, you may feel that it’s not hard enough and start fearing not succeeding. When you involuntarily focus on not succeeding more than you focus on working, then the mind will create obstacles in your life so that you don’t succeed.

Anything can happen depending on the frequency of the energy you manifest by your fear of failure.  Success may come in your life from other people’s perspective of what success means but you may feel unsuccessful if you do not attain soul satisfaction. Your negative belief that you have to work hard to succeed may prevent you from succeeding when you are not working as hard or find work which is easy .

Had the conditioned belief been that ‘Whatever you do with a positive attitude, you will succeed’, then a positive picture would have come in your mind from the beginning.

For further reading, please refer to the book : A COURSE IN EMOTIONAL ENERGY MANAGEMENT , Part 1...

Saturday, 30 January 2021


A  professional session of spirit release takes 2 to 5 hours depending on the extent of healing needed by the spirit on the present and past lives  before a complete release is possible and karmically permitted with learning of soul lessons and future planning of remaining karmic debt.

These steps are for routine release that do not have many complications.  Complexities can vary and professional energy healing therapy is required if the spirit does not leave in peace. 

 Usually, spirits are glad to leave if you can convince them you would be fine without 

them. Even if you cannot be fine without them, convince yourself to raise your emotional strengths and allow them to leave.

As far as possible, whenever a person dies, do a quick spirit release.

Steps Of Spirit Release:

• Sit in a semi trance state where your 

mind is calm.

• Now, visualize the person at the mom

ent of his or her death.

• See a spirit coming out of his body. Let 

your imagination be free and accept first 

impressions coming to your mind

• If the spirit is going up, you will see it revolving and becoming light in frequency as it goes up.

• If the spirit looks lost or is moving toward Keep a glass wall between you and the spirit.

• Imagine golden light coming up on top of the spirit’s head.

• At the same time, show the spirit a halo 

of light above its head. Ask the spirit to look into the light. As the spirit looks up to the light, it will enter the light.

• If the spirit is restless, he may have 

concerns which he is unable to let go. 

Convince the spirit to look up at the light and 


• However, if you feel that the spirit looks 

nervous/restless, hear whatever it wants to say. You may use the steps involved in the 

process given previously of talking silently.

• Feel words coming into your mind 

as from your own subconscious or from 

nowhere. Accept the first impressions coming to your mind.

• If you get the feeling that the spirit has 

any resentment him his dead body and again 

point to the light.

• If the spirit dies in an accident or 

suddenly, it may be too shocked and too full of  another person, call the dead person by 

responsibility to leave. However, it cannot fill 

its responsibilities if its body is gone. So, it has 

to let go. Convince the spirit to go in the Light 

once by imagining it is there. Once it goes, it 

will understand the life plan and why it died. 

While convincing the soul to go up, you may 

say that it can heal and come back if it does 

not like it in that dimension.

• If the spirit is unable to let go and still 

appears concerned, ask it to visualize that his 

responsibility is being met by another person 

on Earth.

• Explain that it has to leave as it will not 

be able to achieve any purpose by staying on 

without a body.

• Tell the spirit repeatedly that its body is 

gone. Say that its purpose of life is over 

because the body is gone and it cannot 

achieve its purpose unless it goes to heaven, 

heals and returns. Ask it to let go of all 

sadness and look up at the light.

• Once the spirit can visualize the light, ask 

him to imagine it is in the Light. Then, you will see it flying up to the Light.

Cut your ENERGY CORD with that 

person and just see him disappearing into 

Light and let go.

• As it goes into the light, you may see it 

passing through an energy shower of light and 

all black energy falling off it like grey smoke 

falling off. The spirit may start glowing and 

appear younger.

• Next, you may see it entering a golden 

gate and going to heaven.

• The spirit will be cleansed in heaven and 

informed of its remaining soul plan. You may 

even see it coming back and entering a baby’s 

body or a parallel body.

• Before ending the process, do an energy 


• Imagine sending all of the spirit’s energy 

to him out of your body.

• Then, feel that your energy has come 

back to you as the spirit goes into light.

• If the spirit says again and again that it cannot see light, ask the spirit to look around 

and imagine light somewhere above its head. 

You can also imagine light around its head as if a door towards a dimension of light is 

Cut your ENERGY CORD with that 

person and just see him disappearing into 

Light and let go.

• As it goes into the light, you may see it 

passing through an energy shower of light and 

all black energy falling off it like grey smoke 

falling off. The spirit may start glowing and 

appear younger.

• Next, you may see it entering a golden 

gate and going to heaven.

• The spirit will be cleansed in heaven and 

informed of its remaining soul plan. You may 

even see it coming back and entering a baby’s 

body or a parallel body.

• Before ending the process, do an energy 


• Imagine sending all of the spirit’s energy 

to him out of your body.

• Then, feel that your energy has come 

back to you as the spirit goes into light.

• If the spirit says again and again that it 

cannot see light, ask the spirit to look around 

and imagine light somewhere above its head. 

You can also imagine light around its head as if a door towards a dimension of light is 

opening. You can imagine gates of heaven 

opening for the spirit. Then, see an angel or a 

loved one coming to take the spirit into the 

Light. See the spirit holding his hand and 

going into the Light.

• If the person cannot enter the light, ask 

him to stand under an energy shower and 

release balls of smoke. Imagine negativity 

falling off him as rocks falling off. See animals 

or objects or weapons being released and 

being sucked in a black hole. Now, the spirit 

will appear freer and brighter.

• Now, feel a golden energy entering him.

• Then, see him going into the light.

• Cut your energy chord, do an energy 

exchange and see it flying away.

Some spirits do come back after getting 

healed in the celestial dimensions. They return 

to finish their unfulfilled responsibilities and 

join parallel bodies.

A parallel body is another incarnation of the 

same soul in a different body.

(Our soul comes from a huge quantum of life 

force energy. The Higher Self is a part of the 

Creator. It is like the SUN and each SUN can  

have several rays. A spirit in a body is like a 

ray of the SUN. If we were to compare the 

body with a bottle, the spirit in the body is like 

water in a bottle. Several bottles can be filled 

from the same stream of water which is its 

Higher Self. The concept of parallel lives is 

explained in detail in the book In Search of 


Steps Of An Energy Shower After 

Spirit Release

Using the Energy Shower METHOD is useful 

to cleanse ourselves after a person has died. 

It helps if we feel overtly uneasy or depressed. 

The idea is to release spirit attachments which may be making us feel negative.

• Be in a semi trance state.

• Fly into the clouds as if you are a bird in 

your imagination.

• Enter a door. See yourself in a beautiful 

garden with a shower or fountain of energy.

• Stand under the shower of energy.

Feel energy pouring on you like water 


• Feel all parts of you getting bathed, inter

nally and externally

• Feel light filing inside you.

• Now, see the person you have just 


• Collect your sadness in a bowl and give it 

to him and her.

Take your energy back from that person. Cut 

ENERGY CORD. Feel light pouring on 

yourself and appear brighter.

• Keep standing in the light. Imagine 

golden light in your stomach and open a door 

in your stomach. Command all spirit 

attachments inside you to come out. Put torch 

light in your stomach. You may see faces of 

people or animals. Flash light on their third 


• Ask the spirit to go where it belongs. You 

may see it enter into a golden door and 

disappearing into the light. Or you may find 

that it dissolves in a black hole or the sea.

For further reading,  pleaee refer to the book REDEFINING HAPPINESS, CHAPTER 18 - 'Overcoming The Grief Of Death' 

Thursday, 14 January 2021

The Files OF Memories Are Stored By Emotionally Matching Frequencies


This blog is an excerpt from the book 


 Moving towards Happiness in Steps

 Version 2

(Integrating Mind & Body’s Choices With Soul Needs )"

Shiva Swati

To remove painful memories, undesirable habits or any belief which causes stress, you first have to shake, loosen and break the neurological/energy circuits which uphold these negative patterns as intertwined energy strings in the subconscious mind; just as to remove fat stored in the body, you have to shake up your energy balance of eating and exercise. Like diet or physical exercise, emotional management works better when techniques of mind control are applied and adapted to self needs with deliberate perseverance.

The subconscious mind is like the hard disk of the computer. It stores information in files. Everything which can create an emotion is contained as a file in the subconscious mind.  Emotions constitute energies. Any activity which does not create an emotion cannot be stored in the subconscious mind. All your memories have emotional content. If you cannot feel emotions underlying experiences, you cannot store them in your subconscious mind.

There is a category for each type of information. For example, there is a file for positive emotions and a file of negative emotions. Energies of like frequencies get clubbed together and separate from energies of different frequencies. Broadly divided, there are files for LIKES and there are files for DISLIKES. The positive and negative are further subdivided into several categories. For example, there are categories for abuses and loving memories, laughter and sorrows, painful and relaxing situations etc...

The emotions are clubbed in overlapping categories in your subconscious mind. The same emotions are clubbed with matching frequencies and stored in several files. Physical attributes accompanying the emotions like the people involved, place involved, color, sound, taste etc. are also stored as memories with pictorial component. However, these sensory attributes become hazy overtime and only the emotions retain a hold as energies impacting the subconscious mind. The emotions stored may have components of fear, hurt, sadness, rejection, love, attraction, admiration, respect etc.


In energy terms, there are two basic frequencies of all human experiences – negative or positive i.e., you either have a negative or a positive experience.

Emotions are simplified as rules in the subconscious mind. Every experience creates a rule for taking positive action or reacting negatively, on its repetition – a Yes or a No.

The subconscious mind has a core reservoir of energies experienced at the deep levels which match the surface level experiences. The feelings on the surface level are matched with similar frequencies in the deep levels and stored as energies of positive or negative frequencies; in several categories of complexities. Any experience that does not create any feeling are discarded by the brain as useless. But, any experience which creates feelings gets added to the data-base of the subconscious mind as a program repertoire.

Rules of absorbing beleifs change overtime but the process of change and upliftment requires huge energy shifts, as internal energy reservoirs have to be diluted, dissoluted and broken within the subconscious categories. Changing rules to feel happier is a process of soul evolution.

The soul evolves while changing rules as change towards being happier requires effort with positive expectations. Changing subconscious rules is an uphill climb whereas remaining sad and unhappy is a downward slope for the soul. It is easier to fall down than rise up. Without awareness, a person stuck in negative traps of life, falls more into negative frequencies or worsens in debility overtime. Problems increase if there is no desire to change values which create unhappiness in the mind.

Upgrading inner rules of YES and NO by using energy healing methods, is the easiest way to move on towards happiness. When you can redefine what happiness means by changing your energy cycles subconsciously, you can keep adapting yourself to maintain peace with changing people and anxieties. However, without an attempt to upgrade your soul consciousness, you would fall into depression, stress and sickness due to an inability to free stuck soul energy trapped in subconscious negative energy circuits.


Rekindling feelings by self-hypnosis in therapy helps to access the memories of an old physical experience and changing inner rules of YES and NO. What maybe a YES earlier but has created negativity or bad health has to become a NO overtime. However, this energy shift requires breaking and reframing the subconscious wiring to create change within the body.


A simplified example is given below:

In tangible items of likes and dislikes, ice cream is usually a food, which is liked. So, it would be recorded in files, of YES – YES files represent positive energies. This single experience will be clubbed under several categories in the subconscious mind. It will be stored in files which constitute likes of all types, then in files which have specifically likes in food items. Ice-cream may also be clubbed with other likes as sweets, in other health component files as fats and maybe in files of some negative experiences of acidity etc.  All these parts of our mind get activated while eating ice cream.


Each new information is added to the existing information as accumulated energy.


For example, if eating ice creams has been a good experience 1500 times (1500 YES) in your lives and it was good this time also, then it is added in the data base - Good experiences for eating icecream-1501 (1501 YES)

If for some reason, a part of the experience of eating ice cream becomes bad, then another file is created in the bad experiences section: Bad experience of eating ice creams – 1 NO.


While accessing memories for reference, the stronger energies crop up first. For instance, a fat person may find eating ice-cream bad since he became fat, but he may like the taste of ice-cream more and hence, ignore the BAD aspect of the experience. The negative effect will, thus, be ignored, unless the negative energy becomes stronger than the positive experience. So, 1501YES viz. positive experiences are recorded and 1NO viz. negative experience is recorded in the subconscious mind.


 Hence, impulses take over unless the files are deleted and replaced by systematic methods of beleifs change that include therapy.

For further details; please refer to the book " A COURSE IN EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT "

There are several specific files created for each physical, emotionally arousing experience. Experiences which do not 

Saturday, 2 January 2021

Desire For Excess Moves Against Cosmic Design Of Harmony

 This blog is an excerpt from the book-' the life plan of creation astrology report,  a soul's perspective' by Shiva Swati. 

Each spirit is driven to make a life plan which entail 

its specific desires that lead to a planned 

frequency of inner satisfaction. The incarnated 

spirit as the soul, has to pursue desires to evolve, 

leave the desires which create more unrest than

inner satisfaction and focus on multiplying efforts 

on desires which lead to contentment needed for 

long run happiness such that average soul 

satisfaction increases over a course of evolution. 

For example, if you have a desire to eat excess food, 

you will get more indigestion than peace in your body 

and hence, you have to slowly give up on the desire to 

eat excessive food to find satisfaction. If you cannot 

give up your craving, your soul difficulty will continue 

at the same level of discomfort over your lifetime and 

you will never heal indigestion till you decide to detach, 

end that class of difficulty and move onto the next 

grade where you eat healthy food. The difficulty may 

get over in the same lifetime or the next or may 

continue over several lifetimes; till understanding, 

detachment and positive eating are acquired as habits 

of choice...

When the soul thinks in alignment with the higher 

perspective, it seeks to overcome negative energy and 

manifest positive energy as the Higher Self wants it to. 

If the soul makes choices which are not in alignment 

with its Higher Self, it would be metaphorically, like a 

cell making choices against the choices of the whole 

body. If each cell competes with others, it would add 

to destructive force and destroy the essence of being 

alive. Also, if each cell wants to go in a different 

direction, the body would be in chaos and the cell wound not find happiness either 

Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Stopping A Negative Energy Cycle With Gap States Of Vibrations


To stop anxieties and problem based thinking ,creating A GAP Or BRAKE-

STATE in the Mind’s Restless 

Activity is essential.

The mind has to stop feeling restless and 

worrying about the same problems for a

negative energy cycle to stop and a new 

positive cycle to start. Problem cycling has to 

stop by a focus on the brake. By investing 

energy on the problem, you keep adding fuel 

to the negative energy cycle instead of 

applying a brake on it.

Metaphorically, the mind’s thinking is like a 

speeding car. If the car is moving in the 

opposite direction, it is not possible to 

reverse the car without applying the brake. 

The person driving has to stop the car, apply 

neutral gear and then reverse the car in the 

desired direction. Similarly, a person who is 

absorbed in negative thinking has to stop 

thinking completely about worries to 

become calm or neutral. After the person 

learns to break the problem thinking cycle 

by being detached in mind, s/he can reverse 

his thinking, as desired, to focus on happy or 

positive feelings. The problem gets resolved 

after a positive cycle of thinking becomes 

stronger than a worrying cycle. 

Meditating through using Self-Hypnosis 

helps to activate a calm state of mind of 

neutral focus, which is akin to applying 

the brakes of a car. After applying the 

 brakes, you can reverse the energy flow 

without losing your balance. 

Self -Hypnosis facilitates detachment from 

staying negative, by choice so that you can 

move on towards being happier and 

healthier with trust in the wisdom of a soul 

plan, entailed in the subconscious mind. 

To become neutral from being negative 

requires soul evolution. The person moves 

upwards on the positive energy frequency 

scales by developing a LET GO attitude to 

problems, which is called a state of 

detachment in meditation. Happiness comes 

in after mental detachment is acquired from 

the negative, as clean energy can come in 

only after dust and debris are cleared up. In 

quantum physics terms, positive frequency 

of experience can be reached only after zero 

state is acquired as being at ZERO is higher vibrationally than being negative. 

This blog is an excerpt from the book - A COURSE IN ENERGY MANAGEMENT, moving towards happiness in steps -by Shiva Swati 

Competitive Succes fails to Increase Happiness or Improve Health

 Everyone works to achieve happiness in life.  We are advised to study as children and find  employment as adults to be successful  because ...