Wednesday, 11 January 2023

How To Be Happy & Successful At The Same Time


To be happy and successful at the same time, a balance between hope and realism has to be attained such that hope wins over pessimism. To ensure expansion of positivity over destructive tendencies in self, it is necessary to ensure that the soul remains optimistic about attaining its desires in the future, as a soul who becomes too negative while overcoming problems loses interest in learning the art of creation of happiness and seeks to leave Earth by developing diseases in the body which lead to death. The soul who has no desire would not co-create anything positive. Hence, giving up desires of happiness or peacefulness is not emotional management.

 For example, human civilization developed from a desire to build houses. If man had given up the struggle of converting nonsensical barren land to sensible existentialism, we would still be animals living without houses in jungles.

Therefore, difficulties have to be overcome such that desires continue to motivate the person to create a better life, which is possible only when positive emotions dominate over negative emotions through learning how to apply emotional management in everyday life.

 For further reading, please refer to the book : A COURSE IN EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT

Monday, 2 January 2023

Educational Evolution Essential to Understand Energies Underlying Actions


Education is encouraged in today’s world for as many as can be reached by the literate society but peace and happiness are not as accredited. People thin only education is important whether it leads to aggressive children or kind children is not given my value. There is no priority given yet to generating  peacefulness or calmness in the minds of young children than can help them manage emotions as adults to be peaceful not aggressive by choice.

Education is glorified. However, quantity of education is focused upon not quality of the values it imparts. All elite children or poor children have to get educated irrespective of its impact of their stress levels . There is no discrimination studied on the pressure of education in each mind  that accumulates overtime and creates war heroes or terrorists or criminals  from kind young spirits. Are your children becoming more polite or more aggressive after joining schools ? Are they becoming compassionate or competitive ?

If you can afford it, have conducive family circumstances or are supported by the government, you do not opt to not get educated but you often take the choice to remain angry and become violent as education is supposed to get you money and acknowledgement. 

In today’s world, money is considered as the measure of approval and success even if the process of earning money makes you negative. Anything that is paid for by money is supposed to be considered as motivational by the majority of people who identify happiness with consumable items and aim for satisfaction through buying cars, mobiles, jewels and clothes. However, happiness does not increase by buying products as much as it does not increase by playing with toys as children. 

The factors which increase inner happiness are sidelined in the race for earning money which creates a society which is constantly complaining of unhappiness, depressions, diseases and misfortunes; only because the focus of thinking is on the negative aspects of evolution and creating short term satisfaction while ignoring the needs for peace and harmony. 

This lop-sided focus of thinking towards using money as the measure of success arises from childhood, where success is measured by getting marks which gets transferred to earning money in adulthood.

There is much less attention given to feeling happy while working in childhood or feeling positive while earning money in adulthood. However, happiness is a result of accumulation of positive feelings which release positive hormones in the body, which, subsequently, create satisfaction in the soul. 

In contrast with the presumption that accredited success automatically leads to happiness; the feelings of happiness, contentment, joy & excitement which arise during working in any way, lead to multiple feelings of happiness overtime.

This except is from my book - Spirituality in Education - Redefine Success

Sunday, 10 April 2022





Happiness is the sustained increase in positive energy vibration of the soul which is reflected by good health and peacefulness of  mind , as contrasted with unhappiness which is a progressive decline in good health and peacefulness of the mind “


By learning to silent the negative chatter of the mind, we de-addict from negative thinking. Our soul rises up and takes charge of our body. Positive thinking takes over when we allow ourselves to feel neutral or peaceful at intervals.

Discovering ourselves, as souls, helps to break the recurring dichotomy between the desires of the body and those of the soul.

.If we choose to be happy than stressed, as souls, we come out of staying in difficulties. We help God or the Creator by activating our energies of co-creation and taking responsibility for all that happens in our life. Problems and happiness are created by our soul’s vibrational frequency to achieve a specific purpose of evolution. These concepts are discussed in subsequent books of the series.

Every book in this series of creating happiness as part of the purpose of the soul to rise to a higher positive frequency, would incorporate some self-help exercises. This book starts with the basic self -help exercises, equally needed by base learners and advanced leaners on the path of co-creating happiness.


The following thought processes can be inculcated with daily practice. Please follow the exercises accurately. These are based on summarizing extensive research from several workshops and meditation courses.


1.      If we are conditioned into focusing on problems subconsciously, we have to consciously, make efforts to be thoughtless. Being without any thought helps to stop thinking negative. Only by not thinking negative, can we come out of the difficulties we perceive as our reality.

2.      We have to pause our habit of worrying and brake the flow of routine negative emotional current in the body just as we have to apply brakes on a car to reverse it.

3.      Every day for ten minutes we need to remain completely free of thinking. We need to just breathe and smile for ten minutes while completely detaching from the outside world. Using an alarm clock helps, if we can allot a specific time. Silence helps to create neutral electric impulses while smiling releases positive hormones in the body; thus erasing a negative energy circuitry previously dominant.

4.      A habit of being in internal silence needs to be acquired within the mind even if there is no time or no silence outside. Start with being silent or smiling inwardly for ten seconds every hour in a detached manner. Deliberate, conscious mind control helps break the habit of automatic, unconscious negative thinking. Use Traffic jams and travelling time to remain thoughtless in inner silence.

5.      Every time, negative feelings rise within you, about yourself, any person or situation, try to think two positive feelings deliberately. Thank God each time you think about the positive qualities. Thanking is a positive energy and attracts more positive energy overtime. Your soul will attract more happy and healthy energy as positive wins over negative by your choice of focus.

6.      Do not dwell on the negative as you will fall down the slope suddenly like a current taking you over. Force yourself to stop thinking negative and push yourself up to instead focus on some positive aspects of your life, yourself or the situation.

7.      Ignore the abusive people in your life as secondary to your priorities of thinking. There are abusive people in everybody’s life as we come on Earth to defeat negative energies which come through people or circumstances. Becoming immune to negative influence helps dilute negative force and spread positive soul consciousness like light spreading over darkness.  A person who is negative seeks to inflict the virus of negative thinking over you and feel justified himself in his own sorrows. When you shift your focus away from negative words, you defeat the negative energy in motion and thus, neutralize the impact of his/her energies over you.



(The Energy Cord Cutting Process is very useful to remove emotional control of negative people in your life. The process uses self- hypnosis for healing emotional energy wounds in the subconscious mind. It is given in the books which cover soul healing methods in detailed steps viz.  - A COURSE IN EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT and REDEFINING HAPPINESS.)


Do not set time limits for yourself. The process of internal change is long but rewarding in terms of increasing internal satisfaction.

Meditation will create a new energy cycle overtime wherein an old negative life pattern would get demolished. A phase of detachment and being neutral would come which will be followed by health and happiness.

 However, the interim period would be a test of patience and perseverance. Several old values, beliefs and needs would get challenged as we come out of the habit of negative thinking. Overtime, circumstances and people would change as our choices start aligning with the purpose of our soul.

While this book explains the crux of meditation practices, there are problems in the structural evolution of human beings which have to be separately addressed to find inner happiness.

There are several structural problems which create circumstantial problems in human existence. Some of these problems come from the carry - over of the traditional beliefs of institutionalized structures of marriage, education, health & armies; without having the awareness of how to change the rigidly set rules according to individual priorities & soul needs.  Often, severe health problems arise as a result of not having the awareness of how to release the suppression of negative subconscious energies which solidify as negative energy structure sin the body due to years of negligence & suppression.

Very often, the normal people are willing to let go of rigid traditions simply by being made aware that God does not judge you by your ability to follow the rules created by man-made institutions or religions. The more each individuals aligns directly to the frequency of the Creator and feels like a co-creator, the more s/he is willing to detach from pre-conditioned norms of happiness.

The definitions of happiness as set by your parents or fore-fathers are not ideal as negative thinking patterns affected them as much as they affect you. The institutions of marriage and education created in the olden days have to be modified so that individual human beings learn how to be happy & peaceful as a result of following institutional structures and do not become more stressed and unhealthy, as is happening now.  

 While these institutions can be easily made flexible by incorporating simple meditation & soul healing methods in everyday life, they have been unable to do so up till now due to lack of awareness. These methods of meditation & healing have to be taught from childhood and through the years of schooling so that adults are trained in being emotionally adaptable to overcome difficulties of life as much as they are trained in using maths to manage the money markets.  Health problems can be prevented through positive thinking by using the simple exercises of soul healing. However, the belief that compromise & suffering are fatalities of life blocks evolution to happiness.

Two core challenges which the human world faces in the creation of being happy in difficulties, are discussed in the appendices.


However, for a routine curse in meditation and feeling positive, this book if followed literally, is as good as any meditation course from the common man’s perspective in summary, the process of change is similar to slimming down. We are often tempted to think negatively and we have to self-discipline ourselves.

Whenever free, we need to be either thoughtless or smile to enhance positive vibrations. Smiling inwardly releases positive hormones in the body which create positive feelings. Positive feelings lead to creation of positive electric impulses and a positive internal focus. Hence, a dominant internal focus can be shifted to positive by deliberately smiling inwardly as often as possible. We need to be happy in difficulties to get out of any negative situation.

 Only a positive internal dominant focus can help us become free of chains of a negative external reality. Patterns of recurring difficulties would appear insignificant by changing internal energy frequency from negative to positive. Difficulties are learning lessons for an evolving soul, as we will understand in subsequent books.



Saturday, 19 March 2022

The trauma of a soldier - Whose responsibility is it?

 While people appear to love fighting, blaming and wars, there is significant ammount of trauma, loss of money, power, facilities, relationships etc. with war which can lower development for years , make  anation cope with depression economically and emotionally . The trauma of sodiers is the most, with families devastated and welfare does not increase for anyone involved, as explained below in this blog.

·         The making of a soldier

Boys are introduced to games which involve mock violence from childhood, whether it is playing with toy guns or the mock destruction they enjoy in video games. In several families, boys are laughed at when they take interest in activities such as cooking or doll play.

They are expected to get impressed by competitive games, technology and mechanization.

The army, the air force and the sea planes have the latest machines. The already conditioned boys are excited at the thought of playing with the real machines, as Dev was.


Simultaneously, soldiers are glorified as the heroes of the nation. Symbols of wars won are resurrected  constantly by the government, schools and media (television, radio, newspapers etc.). There are Independence Day celebrations, national anthems, the flag, television shoes on heroes who died for the country’s freedom etc.


 Young men join the soldier’s profession because of the prestige and adventure attached to it, other than the fact that it is a government job and promises a secure income.  They are into the job before they realize they would be taking a burden on their consciousness, when they have to kill on somebody else’s orders.

The soul feels suppressed, not glorified when its incarnated physical form gets coerced into devolving to its animal instincts of killing for survival instead of raising its consciousness to rise above violence as a means of livelihood.

 That the soldier suffers mental anguish is evident from the fact that soldiers who come back from war often suffer from depression.  A normal life does not seem normal to them.



·         Mental anguish of a soldier

Once in the job, the soldier usually, continues the job because of the need for a regular income to provide for himself and his family.

But, from the perspective of human justice, the salary which the soldier is paid is hardly sufficient compensation for the internal mental anguish he goes through and the negative karma he incurs by killing other souls.

A soldier kills to earn bread for his family or to protect civilians from outsiders.

Yet, it is the soldier’s soul who pays the karmic debt, not the souls of people whom he kills for.

 The soldier’s family does not take responsibility for the soldier’s decision to kill. But, it does take its share in his earnings .If we were  to ask the family he provides for or the civilians he protects, whether if need be, they would be ready to go in his place and kill, we would usually get a negative answer .

By giving money or medals, does it become justified to expect the soldier to take the burden of killing on his consciousness? Does his family or his country or his fellow beings need him to sacrifice his consciousness to feel better themselves.

Finally, it is the soldier losing out, not the people ordering the war.


As discussed in my other books, soul evolution essentially involves development of intellectual and emotional capabilities of human beings so that they contribute to better the overall Developmental Process of Creation with their effort. Each soul is like a cell in the body of the Creator, made of the same consciousness of energy as the Creator.

Soul evolution cannot happen if each cell of the body fights against the other or if souls let their energies get wasted by contributing to destruction.

Our wars, which are so heavily discussed in our history books, films and folk tales, have hampered soul evolution because of several reasons -

·         War used force to suppress people’s rational thinking. Therefore, they discouraged logical deduction of thought in human beings. Mis-use of strength encouraged short-cut methods of dealing with problems, which did not lead to long term solutions which demanded an expansion of human consciousness above the need to compete.

·         Because of wars, power got transferred to physical strength rather than intellect. Developing the body became more important than developing the mind.

·         Soul evolution became secondary to external display of power or success. Values like inner satisfaction and developing innate soul qualities were sacrificed as material display of happiness became dependent on display of power of wealth or beauty rather than evolution towards a higher level of internal peace and happiness.

o   That the wealthy or the well- dressed were not happier people was ignored as too complicated an issue to resolve since focus was on amassing goods instead of creating internal peace.

o   Because of the resource scarcity which wars created, people experienced periods of extreme deprivation. Hence, human focus shifted to buying goods and saving money as if an emergency would strike anytime and we would run out of resources. The natural law of abundance was denied existence as everyone fought for survival.

o   The soldier consciousness was so instilled that people lived for working rather than working for living.

o   The need for emotional training which is necessary to understand the soul needs and live happily was side-lined. We became anxious, depressed and diseased as a human race by focusing on external short-term pleasures like eating pizzas and watching films to de-stress which did not provide adequate relief to anguished souls.

o   Large amounts of human resources were used up in funding armies which could have been used for improving thinking abilities to prevent the wars.

·         Material gains are meant to be used for emotional betterment, but they do not always do so. If   we rule out amassing material victories as a criterion, what measures do we have by which benefits or losses of historical wars on the happiness of human beings could be measured?

·         Wars led to taking away free will of human beings and created negative Karma for the oppressors and victims (who became subsequent oppressors) on a large-scale, the effects of which had to be borne by several future life-times.


Spiritual messages come in the simplest of words. From the soul’s perspective of evolution, individual upliftment is supposed to reduce feeling pressured or compromised.

For a soul, it is futile to achieve success, if it increases focus on problems and reduces focus on happiness.

Our effort towards work is justified only if it helps to increase the average levels of peace and happiness in our lives so that our positive soul frequency rises. 

This blog is an excerpt from the book _ in search of happiness, s soul's perspective


Saturday, 29 January 2022

Earth is a school for soul lessons

 Earth is considered a school from the soul’s perspective. Souls come to Earth to have a practical hand on experience of the physical dimension in all its aspects, including encountering negative energies. The intensity of negativity as can be felt on Earth is considered a school from the soul’s perspective. Souls come to Earth to have a practical hand on experience of the physical dimension in all its aspects, including encountering negative energies. The intensity of negativity as can be felt on Earth is considered a school from the soul’s perspective. Souls come to Earth to have aOn Earth, difficulties are artificially created through time and space limitations, so that our soul may evolve its consciousness while overcoming them.

Time and space limitations help our soul build patience, focus, a logical mind and sequential thinking.

From the perspective of the soul, the training on Earth is necessary to learn how to mobilize energies accurately for the purpose of more complex creation in the universe. At higher levels, of evolution, we merge with our Higher selves and move on to creating planets and galaxies and life forms in them.

On Earth, negative energies travel with positive energy waves. These negative energies are felt as thoughts which block the flow of positive thoughts.

Whenever we focus on positive manifestations,along with negative thoughts come as distractions, and prevent the positive from manifesting. Positive creation manifests when one trains the mind to accurately concentrate only on experiencing the positive desire without getting overtaken by negative belief systems or seemingly insurmountable practical hand on experience of the physical dimension in all its aspects, including encountering negative energies. The intensity of negativity as can be felt on Earth cannot be experienced on the celestial plane, which is a high frequency dimension.While taking action to realize your life purpose, you have to help the energies of Earth be more balanced and positive. If the energies and people of Earth become more internally positive by your contribution, you are on the life path that you chose for yourself. You have lost your life path if you or the people of Earth are becoming more negative by your contribution. The challenges on Earth are structured around concepts of time and space.

On the celestial plane, there is no concept of time or space. The soul can be in any place in an instant, depending on its speed of thought.

Simultaneously, it can be everywhere at the samet ime, because at pure energy level, there is no division of space.

There is no need to wait for a thought to be converted into a physical, tangible experience, since feelings are as real as touching. Consequently, the soul has no concept of physical difficulties until it incarnates in this space of Earth. 

On Earth, difficulties are artificially created through time and space limitations, so that our soul may 

evolve its consciousness while overcoming them.

Time and space limitations help our soul build patience, focus, a logical mind and sequential thinking.

From the perspective of the soul, the training on Earth is necessary to learn how to mobilize energies accurately for the purpose of more complex creation in the universe. At higher levels, of evolution, we merge with our Higher selves and move on to creating planets and galaxies and life forms in them.On Earth, negative energies travel with positive energy waves. These negative energies are felt ast houghts which block the flow of positive thoughts.

Saturday, 22 January 2022

Happiness Requires alignment of the needs ofMind- Body-Soul


Happiness can arrive and rise only when you understand the reason for incarnation.. and not discard it as an unnecessary obstacle to success or money.


I, as a soul in a human body, am a co-creator of my universe 

I realise that I, as the soul, exist in an infinite realm of timelessness. It is 

only my finite human body, which is limited by zones of time and space, but the 

energy, the life-force, which drives me, remains eternally.

There is no limit to the number of human bodies which I, as a soul can 

choose to inhabit to attain my soul purpose.

I, as the Co-creator, seek to increase the brightness of the Creator by 

accentuating my positive light through transcending negative energy into 

positive energy while overcoming difficulties

I brighten the light of the SUN by overcoming darkness within me. 

I desire victory for God, as I, as the soul is a ray of the light of God.

God represents the light of love, happiness and abundance. I brighten the 

light of God by feeling happy, bright and radiant, as a reflection of God.

Victory for the soul is to be happy during difficulties, so that the energy of 

happiness rules over-time, as an expression of positive dimensions ruling over negative dimensions.

The core war of energies is between light and darkness, represented by Love and Fear… God represents love for all. Devil represents fear for all.

I understand that the whole process of evolution is that of mastering consciousness to love more than fear

Excerpt from book - How To Be Happy In DIFFICULTIES


Friday, 14 January 2022

Conditioning of Sadness ftom childhood

 Happiness is determined by feelings which are the body’s internal response to external situations. You feel sad if you are used to feeling sad in a given situation even if there is no need of feeling sad given the change in context over life.

 For example, if a child is slapped by an adult, he would feel sad as he is hurt and too small to respond. But, if an adult is slapped by another adult, the adult does not need to feel hurt/suppressed by physical abuse. The automatic internal response of feeling suppressed by a slap or verbal abuse can be redirected to a more self-empowering, rational response with awareness. 

For example, with self-confidence, the adult can walk away in anger by assuming that the abuser is a devolved soul or ignore the abuser as a negative, irrelevant entity or slap back to revert back energy exchange or give advice on being peaceful or meditate in a positive vibration when alone, to transmute the negative energy received into positive.Feeling small is not required as a response in adulthood but it is an automatically created response by the subconscious mind which is not trained in meditation.

Meditation neutralizes negative energy inside you such that your own frequency rises and you mentally move away from people who make you sad by choosing detachment.

Schools need to be careful as education needs to train children into positive thinking.

For further reading, please refer to the book - A COURSE IN EMOTIONAL ENERGY MANAGEMENT, a soul's perspective .


How To Be Happy & Successful At The Same Time

  To be happy and successful at the same time, a balance between hope and realism has to be attained such that hope wins over pessimism. To ...