Friday, 14 January 2022

Conditioning of Sadness ftom childhood

 Happiness is determined by feelings which are the body’s internal response to external situations. You feel sad if you are used to feeling sad in a given situation even if there is no need of feeling sad given the change in context over life.

 For example, if a child is slapped by an adult, he would feel sad as he is hurt and too small to respond. But, if an adult is slapped by another adult, the adult does not need to feel hurt/suppressed by physical abuse. The automatic internal response of feeling suppressed by a slap or verbal abuse can be redirected to a more self-empowering, rational response with awareness. 

For example, with self-confidence, the adult can walk away in anger by assuming that the abuser is a devolved soul or ignore the abuser as a negative, irrelevant entity or slap back to revert back energy exchange or give advice on being peaceful or meditate in a positive vibration when alone, to transmute the negative energy received into positive.Feeling small is not required as a response in adulthood but it is an automatically created response by the subconscious mind which is not trained in meditation.

Meditation neutralizes negative energy inside you such that your own frequency rises and you mentally move away from people who make you sad by choosing detachment.

Schools need to be careful as education needs to train children into positive thinking.

For further reading, please refer to the book - A COURSE IN EMOTIONAL ENERGY MANAGEMENT, a soul's perspective .


Thursday, 16 December 2021

Death does not solve problems

 Understanding the working of this alternate reality that is, reality, as viewed from the perspective of the soul is particularly useful when everything in life appears to be going wrong, when one does not understand why life is taking the turns that it is and when the WHY ME syndrome takes over - often, deluding reasoning. 

When we view our life-time as part of a journey and not as a one-time experience, then we can view difficulties as road blocks, driving through which enhances our expertise. Overcoming difficulties helps in soul evolution. 

Realizing happiness in life for the soul is like winning an Energy War between negative energies which block our happiness by making us focus on fear and competition and the opposing positive energies within us. As souls, we seek to express our inner pure self freely so that we can experience joy and laughter while going through the walks of life. But, usually we lose the war when we live feeling stressed and die feeling diseased.

The soul continues on the same journey of challenges till it can radiate its light fully i.e. till it realizes happiness in the path chosen even if the process takes several life-times. 

So, if we make choices which make us feel pangs of emptiness often, where we keep questioning why we do what we do but keep feeling obliged to remain bound by a system of organization in order to meet our financial or traditional commitments; then we need to be aware that if our body dies feeling compromised in any area of life, we would reincarnate with similar problematic circumstances.

Death does not solve problems.

Our soul would not die with the body and the thought we die 

with would remain with us in the next body till we can transcend 

it. The energy which makes us feel negative never dies. Only the 

physical matter dies. 

The energy remains and tries to free itself from feeling bound or 

compromised again in whichever area of life it dies feeling negative. 

Hence as souls, we keep repeating experiences which make us feel incomplete, underutilized and helpless till we can transcend the difficulties as obstacles to be overcome, find what happiness means to our individual sensibilities and realize it. 

Our soul seeks to win the Energy War it finds itself entangled in the ups and downs of life, by defeating the negative energies which prevent it from feeling happy or content from within.

The soul has to succeed in feeling happy, successful and joyous in order to evolve to a higher positive frequency, and usually the war is more within the self than external since how worthy or powerful, we feel internally affects how we make our choices and compromises externally. 

For further reading , please refer to the book - Creation of Happiness: The Energy War, a soul' s perspective. 

Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Happiness & Health improve by being positive

 Happiness and Health 

rise by increasing positive 

power of the Soul by 

understanding its voices,

The Soul 

communicates its unrest 

throughthe subconscious

mind’s personalities, 

Positive frequency of the 

Soul needs to be 

accentuated by skill and 


Creating Happiness is as

skilled an effort as

swimming in deep waters 

This is an excerpt from the book - Emotional Energy Management 


Emotional Management aims to increase positive hormones of the body to improve health, mind power and happiness by using self-help exercises to heal sadness and other blocking factors which reduce health or happiness. In place of medicines, logical skills of reasoning are used to understand the inner self and heal diseases through automatic control of instructions going to the subconscious mind. 

subconscious mind. The conscious mind is 

the rational, reasoning, analytical mind. It is the mind as we are aware of in the here and 

Saturday, 6 November 2021

Depression - understand its energy

 “Overcoming Depression leads to ascension of average positive frequency, soul evolution, a healthier mind & more balanced ambitions, when the pressures of hypocrisy or metaphoric gas, are released with a zeal for developing optimism, positive thinking , hope , satisfaction and spiritually aligned meditative abilities “

Depression is spreading like rapid fire these days. Problems appear to rise when people start talking about them whereas they may have been dormant through centuries. However, problems can also literally increase when there is excessive accumulation of trauma in the mass consciousness and immunity falls for society, as a whole; thus , leading to each falling backwards. This analogy is similar to pollution of air. 

When there is too much pollution, breathing of each is negatively affected. Similarly, when there is too much hypocrisy in society, well-being of each thinking person is negatively affected. 

While rational logic can be devised on theoretical layers and medicines prescribed by research on chemical grounds, there is much need to understand the energy underlying the spread of depression to check its exponential growth. 

Usually, depression is caused due to the circumstances of a person which are affected by a multitude of factors that cannot be controlled as chemical reactions can be. However, the circumstances can be deciphered through methods like hypnotherapy so that the person can view his or her own self deception and heal.

The healing of depression requires release of suppressed tension by either changing the circumstances or viewing the self from a detached, observer’s perspective. Depressiongoes into the background when illusions of a perfect world , a perfect education scenario, a perfect self , a perfect marriage and a perfect job break while imperfections are accepted as a natural norm of life, such that ‘freedom to be naturally different’ replaces chains of ‘why can I not beconventionally perfect ’,in the mind.

Depression is largely a result of self- deception .You become depressed when you feel helpless because things are not as you believe they should be and you cannot do anything about the situation.

For example, depression in school children can be traced to inadequate sleep patterns, trust being broken repeatedly, unfair criticism, unnecessary performance expectations and excessive pressure on the child’s mind to fit into success norms of the world which have been proven to have failed in creating success or happiness.

This blog is an excerpt from the book - Understanding Depression through Clinical Hypnosis . 

Thursday, 14 October 2021

Understanding the Subconscious Soul Desire While Taking Action


To find exactly what it is, that our soul desires, we need to focus on the feeling, which we are seeking to satisfy, through an action.

To satisfy a soul desire,  it is necessary to learn to read the energy behind a form, than  just pursue the externally offered package.

Awareness of-Intention - Action - Consequence:

There is a feeling which we seek to satisfy through indulging in any action.

This feeling is called the intention behind an act.

Usually, a disparity exists between our intention, action and its consequence which is the main cause of stress, and negativity, in our lives.

This means that after the act is done, we realize that the consequence was not that which we had desired/intended initially.

Hence , even if we succeed, we continue to feel stressed and negative after a temporary feeling of euphoria.

For example, a person may work very hard to keep his family happy, but in the process may lose emotional contact with his family members andeventually may get separated from the family itself. If he had taken some time off and focused on his core desire, and whether or not his actions were leading to the desired outcome, he may have chosen a more congruent method to keep his family happy.

Whenever we feel helpless or victimized deep within, while pursuing a path, even if we are okay with the compromise, it is not the path for the soul. 

Since, the soul is a part of the Creator , we should always feel like a Creator on the path of the soul, not as a victim of circumstances.

A life is meant to help the soul evolve, but a life focused on satisfying short-term goals, which spread more negative energy than positive, may lead to weakening of the soul.

For example, some people feel in control when they hit others. Dev, the lead character in the book, ‘In Search Of Happiness; the soul’s perspective’, often did so. He often indulged in aggressive behavior to release the tension in his mind. It gave him short-term relief. But, during therapy, when he looked deeper in his mind, he realized that this act was causing him greater stress than relief. It was an act, which he was compulsively drawn into like a drug, and the more he indulged in it, the more he craved for it, and the more his stress increased at the soul level.

He was surprised to find that, internally, he was not getting the emotional satisfaction he was seeking by hitting other people. His soul did not desire a path of violence, but his conscious mind thought that it did.

At the conscious level, the feeling he was seeking to satisfy was a need to feel powerful because he had a deep inner urge to feel powerful. But, in his pursuit of power, he missed out on why the soul craved power 

The soul craved for a feeling of power because that gave him the strength to fight against injustice. Fighting against injustice was his core soul mission.

So, a conflict arose when Dev chose a method of pursuit of power by hitting others. He wanted to feel powerful like soldiers do. Hitting other people and defeating them is a historically accepted conventional method of seeking power.

But this conventional method which he came upon by following mass Earth thought was not the method which satisfied his soul needs. The soul’s very purpose of seeking power was defeated by the method chosen by his conscious mind to gain power.

It created negative vibrations within him which harmed his soul energies. 

The feeling of power that he got by defeating weaker people was 

accompanied by a feeling of emptiness and desperation.

So, Dev was never able to achieve the emotional satisfaction he was 

seeking whatever he did since all his actions were based on the belief that hitting others makes one powerful. He never found the kind of power the soul sought because his whole thought pattern went against the soul’s purpose.

There was constant disharmony between the needs of the soul and the method his conscious mind chose to satisfy that need. To find the feeling of inner satisfaction that he desired, he needed to reflect on the method he was choosing to meet his innermost desires. At a conscious level what he thought was an appropriate means of fulfilling his desires was not so at the soul level.

Like Dev, we do not focus on the fact that it is the method of pursuit which is important and not the goal by itself. In our pursuit of a goal, we choose to ignore the warning, which our subconscious mind often gives us that even after attaining this goal we may not get the emotional satisfaction we desired while pursuing this goal.

The intention, action and consequence need to be synchronized.

To resolve this core problem of the disparity between intention, action and consequence which causes a person to indulge in negative feelings, we need to realize that when we seek to satisfy an inner urge, we need to be clear first that the method we use does satisfy that urge.

We also need to acknowledge that, usually, the conventional methods we choose to use, which are influenced by mass thought, do not satisfy the soul urge. As explained earlier in this book, mass thought, today, is predominantly negative, and any action which is based on blindly following mass thinking can only create more negative energies.

If the person focuses on feeling the harmony in his energies, while making choices in life, and chooses only that act which gives him a positive feeling, then he is on the path the soul desires from this life experience. 

In this process, temporary difficulties may arise, but this choice will lead to greater material and emotional satisfaction in the long run. 

Excerpt from chapter 19- Creation Of Happiness: The EnergyWar, a soul's perspective


Past life therapy with soul healing , energy balancing and spirit release is an excellent ethid of finding the soul path of happiness as decided before incarnation. 

Monday, 4 October 2021

Honest Vs. Self Aware/ Self Conscious Person

 Honesty vs. Self awareness  

An honest person defines honesty by criterion of society. For example, several people call themselves honest in offce  but have casual sex or impose themselves on staff . Several honest people are abusive to their family members and to employees . Several honest people lose their anger and become sarcastic or  violent in disagreement with others . Several honest people cheat on wives or husbands or children and insult them often just to feel superior. If another soul feels betrayed by you or suffocated by your presence even if you are honest in your office work, your overall vibration will be affected . Your soul will be postive or negative  depending on the energy radiation of your soul by your honesty in office vs. your stifling of your wife's freedom.

A higher negative soul vibration disqualifies karmic redemption.Any negative vibration created by action or compromise  is dishonesty to God. If you have several health problems, it means you are dishonest as a soul to your own self as health problems arise due to negativity ignored or suppressed by the reptilian mind . This denial of honest self needs ,will qualify as dishonesty even if you are honest at work . If you take alcohol , drugs or prostitutes, you will again be dishonest to self as you self harm your positivity for short term escape as addictions or prostitution harm health in the long term.

A self conscious / Self aware person will choose his or her actions based on honesty as defined by God i.e by feelings of being karmically correct or wrong . For example,if you and others feel more positive by your actions in the long term, then you are being honest to your soul and to God but if you feel compromised and make others feel negative in the long run, you are being dishonest to your soul and to God.

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Sunday, 19 September 2021

Repaying Karmic Debt is Necessary To Find Happiness- eg.Murderers &.Saints

 This excerpt is from my book- Thje Life Plan of Creation vs, an astrology report , a soul's perspective 


 Negative emotions effectively come as obstacles to happiness.

 Suffering has to be overcome by a focus on detachment and peace for us to achieve a higher, desired level of being but it is not easy.

However, when the soul learns to overcome these emotions as obstacles to feeling happy, it undergoes a belief change in its subconscious mind, wherein detachment and being positive becomes a priority.

Only when the soul is in a positive energy balance state can it receive other positive energies from its environment.


If the soul can learn the planned soul lessons in its life by staying neutral or positive and not indulging in negative impulses, it would be able to wash away or repay its karmic debt, respectively.


The karmic debt would get cleared as the soul’s frequency rises from negative to neutral/zero and then, positive, through the process of learning its soul lessons.


However if the soul is unable to remain neutral or positively focused, it would incur more negative karma while again failing to learn the lessons planned. Hence it would repeat another life-time to complete the unfinished purpose and to repay the even greater karmic debt as exemplified below:


To prevent debt accumulation, some advanced souls may plan lives which alternate with each other.


 For example, in one life, a soul may become a killer or assassin due to a difficult life-plan. Because of the extreme levels of negative encounters planned, the soul may fail in learning its soul lessons. It may not be able to overcome the negative emotions as planned and may become the opposite of what it planned. The soul would devolve to a lower positive frequency if it becomes negative due to its choices of becoming an assassin or murderer to meet its goals .

The soul would be able to repay its karmic debt only by creating positive energy in other lives similar to that of  the souls it killed .The quantum of negative energy created by killing a few people  would have to be overwritten by creating a greater quantum of positive energy . The soul may choose to become a saint to help several people.

By sacrificing its material desires and rising to a saint-like energy, the soul would come back on its original life plan and its soul frequency would rise to being happy again. However, if the soul  is unable to replace negative karmic debt with positive energy in the same life, it cannot be happy in the same life and would have to re-incarnate.


 In the next life-plan, the same soul may choose completely different circumstances which lead it to becoming a saint. The negative energy in the life of the killer is cleared/ washed away, in the life of the saint, and the soul can start the third / next life afresh with no accumulated karmic debt.


However, though the karmic debt may get cleared, the original soul lesson would continue to remain if it is not focused upon or remains unlearnt in the life of the saint.


For example, when the soul lesson is learning to deal with common people with patience, it is possible that the killer or the saint both fail to use patience while dealing with common people.

As the killer the soul may kill in anger, while as the saint it may walk away for meditation. In regression therapy, we often find people recalling lives as saints and killers but failing to achieve the planned life purposes in either case.


The soul faces the same tests again and keeps repeating lives till it learns the soul lessons necessary for evolution. Unlearned soul tests keep coming up though the external circumstances of the soul may appear different in different lives.


In the above example of the saint and the killer, the soul lesson would be considered mastered when the soul can deal with common people with patience. The soul has to remain emotionally calm in the same emotional circumstances which had made it a killer in previous lives.


By learning its soul lessons with persistence and focus, our soul evolves into becoming more perfect and powerful in the art of creation. That helps us feel emotionally at peace as it improves our ability to mobilize energies as we desire, towards the process of creation.




Conditioning of Sadness ftom childhood

 Happiness is determined by feelings which are the body’s internal response to external situations. You feel sad if you are used to feeling ...