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Thinking is Akin To Breathing - How To Manage Negative Thinking


From the book - A Course In Emotional Management , a soul's perspective

By being aware of the first negative feeling, you can stop a chain of worries. Subsequently, you can stop a habit of anxiety, stress and related disorders.

However, thinking about worries is a habit of mental craving just as munching extra food or smoking unnecessarily arises out of physical craving. Though you know that eating extra food will create indigestion problems, you keep eating to remove oral craving; similarly, though you know that thinking of extra thoughts can manifest the negative stories in your lives, you cannot stop yourselves from indulging in worries and feeding on extra negative hormones. Physical Energy dips into sickness if you keep allowing your soul frequency to fall due to thinking about feelings of helplessness.

 Traditionally, it was advised to stop thinking completely to avoid feeling sad or anxious.

However, though, it was believed that people would stop feeling sad if they stop focusing on the difficulties happening in their lives by becoming completely thoughtless and detached from emotions; detachment from feeling emotions made humanity more depressed, as a race.

No person can be healthy by acquiring complete thoughtlessness or by ignoring emotions. Most people who choose to ignore emotions acquire chronic depressions or fatal diseases like cancer, due to a continuous secretion of negative hormones in the body released by burying frustrations.

To feel alive, it is necessary to feel happy emotions and reduce focus on negative emotions but you cannot be emotion-less altogether. Soul frequency rises to being more powerful by feeling positive emotions but minimizing worrying by feeling detached from outcomes.

Negative thinking is necessary for evolution of consciousness but excessive focus on the negative emotion amounts to fueling of negative energies which make them destructive. The negative feeling has to be used purely as a tool of reaching a positive outcome.

The negative feeling is necessary because when something is missing, you make an effort to find it. For example, thirst for water has to be felt to drink water. Thirst is a feeling of deprivation. Feeling deprived is a negative feeling which seeks to attain a positive outcome of satiating the thirst by finding and drinking water. If the body did not create a need for water (as happens with special needs children), you would not be aware that you are thirsty and not know what to look for to feel satisfied.

However, When a negative feeling arises, it is necessary to address it in a way which helps you feel satisfied. If you suppress your need without using the emotion to create a positive outcome, the negative emotion keeps troubling you like a virus in a computer. For example, if the body tells you that it needs water and you keep suppressing your thirst, you neglect your connection with your inner voice. If you ignore the body’s demand and do not make effort to find or drink water, the negative feeling will rise by your choice of burying your thirst than addressing it. The negative feeling may then seek inappropriate ways to quench the body’s need. Very often, people over eat and become fat because they do not drink water whenever thirst arises ; or some people become alcoholic or drug addicts to calm their oral craving which rises due to not drinking water in sufficient quantities on time.

The negative feeling goes away when addressed and resolved by paying attention to the deficit rather than burying the frustration as insignificant.  Ignoring negative emotions harms the body as the negative energy rises and creates unnecessary anxiety, sickness or sadness. To be healthy or happy, it helps to increase positive energy flow by focusing on soul and body needs as and when they arise.

Whenever you bury a negative emotion as insignificant, a point of hardening of feeling is created which acts like a stone stuck in a tap of flowing water. This hardened feeling blocks the flow of life force. The sad emotion becomes an unreleased, non-transcended negative thought cluster which solidifies if unaddressed. 

Overtime, this negative feeling attracts more of the same kind as energies of like frequencies are attracted by each other. Hence, problems of similar kind keep getting attracted till the core issue is resolved through evolution of wisdom.

Suppressing a negative emotion without trying to transcend its energy into positive is like hiding the night under a carpet. You can hide the night by switching on light bulbs all around your atmosphere but you would keep needing more fuel to be positive till night transcends into day. Similarly, with patience and peace, negative thinking transcends into positive energy.

Till the negative energy transcends, it has to be allowed to continue existing with awareness and detachment. Acceptance of the negative activates the process of transcending it whereas denial of the negative situation or worrying about the negative energy adds fuel to its hold on the mind.


If darkness exists, it cannot be hidden and believed to not exist. The dark has to be converted into light by deliberate choice of the soul to feel internally calm so as to transcend the negative energy into positive energy. Feeling calm activates zero frequencies in the difficult area of life which overtime leads to solutions. Feeling calm also prevents spread of negative energy to other areas of life and helps to be healthy in all facets of life. Focusing on happiness while on a difficult path is like seeking light while going through a dark tunnel. Efforts to stay positive and healthy convert the energy of negative thinking into its opposite energy of happiness over a period of persistent focus on finding the blessing in every difficulty.


People do not understand why they need to invest energies on self-hypnosis or systematic meditation when they can just ignore problems by staying thoughtless. However, as discussed above, you cannot keep your mind thoughtless or emotionless because life-force releases through feelings. If you take your body to be a car, staying thoughtless is like being in neutral gear. You cannot move ahead if you hold your car in neutral gear all the time. The car has to either move ahead or backwards. Staying negative amounts to moving backwards or going reverse of where you want to go; whereas focusing on feeling positive means moving forwards. Success for the soul means an ever increasing positive soul frequency viz. a rise in feeling happier, wiser in overcoming difficulties and healthier by choice.

Just staying thoughtless does not resolve suppressed negative emotions. The negative emption has to be confronted as you can erase a problem only after you are aware that the problem exists.  The basic technique of meditation viz. staying thoughtless clears a passage such that the negative emotion can be re-opened and resolved, through using hypnosis.

Clinical hypnosis is subsequently needed to move from a neutral zone of living to finding happiness in the inner being. Healing negative emotions through using clinical hypnosis removes long-term anxieties, unrest and chronic diseases and accelerates the soul’s positive frequencies.

You cannot be happy unless you are healthy.

Staying healthy is synonymous with being happy. Being happy in feeling leads to positive hormones being released in the body consistently which leads to good health in the organs. Being unhappy creates a flow of negative hormones in the body which leads to bad health.

 It helps to cut the wings of a negative thought before the seed becomes a tree.  In the beginning, as during childhood, to stay healthy and happy, it helps to control the rise of negative feelings by stopping formation of chains of negative thinking at the outset.

Thursday, 1 July 2021

Your Dominating Emotions Work Literally As Energies Of Co-Creation Fuelled By You

This blog is an excerpt from my book - A COURSE IN EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT


Principle 1- Your Emotions are Instructions to your Body

The subconscious mind operates on instruction of the conscious mind and the soul. It is the link between the conscious mind and the soul’s intentions. 

Metaphorically, the subconscious mind is like the crew of the ship while the conscious mind is the captain and the soul is the owner of the ship. The soul decides why and where the ship has to go viz.  the destination where the person has to reach. The conscious mind thinks on how to take the ship to where it has to reach and the subconscious mind organizes the functions. The subconscious mind follows the directions of the conscious mind, literally without any questions asked.

The crew of the ship follows the orders of the captain blindly without trying to judge whether he is right or wrong.  Similarly, the subconscious mind follows the feelings focused upon by the conscious mind, as instruction. The subconscious mind produces in the body exactly the feelings which the person focuses on by conscious choice, as physical manifestations, without caring about whether the instructions produce good health or bad health for the person.

The conscious mind remains happy and the body remains healthy if the person follows the chosen priorities as set by the soul. However, the person makes choices in alignment with the soul’s purpose of life, when the body, mind and soul are aligned.

If the soul, body and mind are not aligned; the person feels lost in track, sick and anxious. Non-aligned decision-making is akin to the owner, driver and engine of the car preparing to go in different directions. In ideal conditions as conceived on heaven, the soul makes priorities of life in a life plan designed before incarnation. The mind desires those priorities to be achieved as ambitions in life and the body helps the mind take action to achieve its pre-set priorities. 

On Earth, the ideal conditions get diluted by practical considerations like society’s expectations, parents’ ideologies, school imbibed cult, work demands etc.  which influence adult criterion of conventional success. If the mind gets in the trap of conditioning on Earth and starts taking over ambitions of society or other people as its own, it starts moving away from its own soul destination. Imitation becomes a greater focus than original thinking. The mind of a person who does not follow his own soul plan remains unhappy and anxious as s/he knows inwardly that the path is lost. To move back to being happy, the soul plan has to be followed all over again even if you are far from the planned path. For moving back on the soul plan, the conscious mind has to restart attuning with the subconscious mind. There is a slow, consistent rise in happiness and peace of mind as you move back on the soul path from a far away destination. The feelings of being lost slowly subside and your health improves along with a rise in self-confidence.

However, if anxieties continue, it means that you are not attempting to move back on your soul plan and are still in the trap of negative thinking which rules over mass education on Earth.  

A test of whether you are on the soul plan or not is your feeling of well-being and in good health. If there are depressions and diseases in the body, it means that the soul, mind and body are not aligned and the conscious mind has to become aware of its routine thinking to change its priorities of life again and move back to feeling positive as an inner focus.

For example, if the subconscious mind produces asthma in the body of the person, it is because the conscious mind of the person has chosen an emotional focus which made the subconscious mind to create asthmatic conditions to warn the person that s/he is moving away from the planned destination.

Nobody likes to be sick but you become sick by your own choice because of lack of awareness about emotional and neurological connections. By a choice to feel helpless, you focus on certain sad emotions over others. Sad emotions create negative hormones which lead to diseases in the body.

How we develop diseases by a misguided focus on feeling sad, is explained below:


Examples of How Emotions pass instructional data to the subconscious mind:

Each emotion you focus upon passes as instruction to the body through an energy released with the emotion, which creates a hormone discharge. Each time you feel, you release a hormone in the bloodstream. Feelings are as continuous as breathing but the type of hormone released depends on the type of energy focused upon in the feeling.

Diseases manifest when you feel negative in the same way continuously over years by remaining stuck in similar patterns of life situations.

Electric signals to the subconscious mind on how to control your autonomic nervous system are sent continuously through the way of feelings/emotions repeatedly. People who feel nothing remain in the same level of happiness irrespective of success or no success in the external world. Their body is maintained at neutral. Progress of the soul towards a life purpose is recorded when happiness rises and unhappiness falls as that leads to a rising in positive vibrational power of the soul as the co-Creator.

If the person pursues only success or fame, he may compromise on happiness and get more stressed than happy, over a period of time. If the negative frequency of the soul becomes higher than the positive soul frequency, the soul becomes unhappier even if the person feels successful and appreciated in the external world. Such a person starts feeling helpless against circumstances as the power of the soul reduces when positive vibrational frequency falls. Negative focus leads to negative hormones being released on a sustained basis in the body. Manifestation of a negative physical condition happens over years of repeated negative focus. Hence, the physical health of organs reflects the way a person constantly feels in affected parts of life.

This principle when generalized causes fatal diseases. If there is no increase in happiness over a period of time, the soul chooses to leave the body and the body starts decaying into diseases.

For example, if you feel you can move, your subconscious mind sends the necessary blood supply to your legs to move.  Continuing on the same principle, if you feel you cannot move, your subconscious mind blocks the supply of blood to your leg, so that you find it unable to move.

Overtime, if you constantly feel that you are unable to achieve in life what you want to achieve because your circumstances are not allowing you to move as you would want to, you experience leg pain / joint pain/arthritis etc. or you may feel less energetic while doing your daily work.

Similarly, if you constantly feel you cannot speak as freely as you desire to, your subconscious mind would record emotions of suppression/ suffocation. These feelings would create congestion in your chest, leading to asthma/bronchitis/chronic cold.


A continuous choice to feel negative releases energy which acts like slow poison for the body. Just as a poisonous acid corrodes a cement bowl overtime, negative thinking corrodes the body organs overtime. According to research, a disease manifests in the body when a person has been focusing on a negative emotion for about seven years.

Each organ of your body has a specific emotional function to play. For example, your hands reflect your confidence in your working abilities, your legs reflect your belief that you can move, and a healthy blood flow represents an unobstructed flow of life-force energy in the body.

So, when you have obstruction or pain in any part of the body, you need to reflect on what function that part of the body is responsible for and how you have been feeling inadequate about your ability to do that function. Obstructions/blocks /pain in the smooth functioning of organs are created by feeling blocked in that specific genre of life. For example, a sudden onset of asthma happens because the respiratory organs weaken overtime due to a focus on feeling trapped within oneself while compromising with social norms.

It is necessary to heal a negative emotional mind set to cure a physical problem for long term. Healing chronic physical problems through accessing the subconscious mind requires past life therapy and spirit release and is beyond the scope of this book. However, to stop a disease from enlarging at the outset, you need to stop the seed of negative thinking from growing bigger by checking your negative feelings with awareness.  

You can remain healthy and happy by choosing to focus on positive feelings whether in imagination or reality. As long as you keep your focus on positive vibrations, positive hormones will keep getting released in your body and improve the health of your organs.

Every person needs to be aware that by shifting his/her inner focus to positive feelings, s/he can heal his body of diseases by a sustained, deliberate release of positive hormones activated in the body.

Life is more a vibrational science than a philosophical debate. Irrespective of ethics or tradition, your subconscious mind will create exactly those symptoms in your body, which you believe to be true at an emotional level. Your physical health in the future will be a reflection of your present mental /emotional problems.


Learning task 8 – Find the Connection between an Emotional Problem and a Physical Problem


Think of the most prominent emotional problem in your life. Write it down in clear words. Write down the thought/feeling which you constantly focus on involuntarily.

Now, think of the most prominent physical problem in your life. Write that down in clear words, exactly as the symptoms come to your mind (not in medical terms. Don’t use labels - put in words just the exact physical symptom- i.e., the changes you experienced in your body).

There will be a connection between the two. Keep writing down the symptoms of both in detail till your energy connectivity awareness starts opening up.  You will realize that what you feel emotionally is manifesting physically.

Clues: –


 Physical Problem – “I cannot breathe freely. I feel breathless and tired. I am unable to work hard’’

Emotional Problem – “I cannot express myself freely. I am unable to change the situation because I cannot speak out freely. “

Energy connection – “I am unable to express freely (breath or words)

This connection has been derived through researching self and several clients who have been cured of diseases through energy healing therapies. This interpretation may take some practice on your part.

 However, as a beginner, you can find the link between your emotional mind-set and your physical problems, by focusing on the similarity of energies underlying the surface problem and your emotional status.

The following details clarify further, as explained: - In asthma, the physical problem is a difficulty in staying alive because of difficulties in breathing. Breathlessness leads to difficulty in expression, speaking and movement, accompanied by a feeling of tiredness in the body.

The usual thought patterns of people who have asthma are –‘I cannot express myself freely due to difficult life circumstances/ I feel exhausted with life. I cannot struggle anymore/ I need rest / I need my own space to be/ I wish I could die than cope up.”

Since the person constantly feels restricted in expression and has a desire to escape, rather than fight to live with respect, the same feeling gets transferred to the body. First, the organ for expression, viz. the throat gets congested. Secondly, the breathing ability gets impaired.

Breathing gets affected because if you cannot breathe freely, you give yourself space to rest and recover. A lack of breath is felt as momentary death by the body. For the eternal soul, death is a space to break routine and have space to rest, heal and recover its original strengths. So, metaphorically, when you keep passing on a desire to escape, by feeling sad, the major problems you face are in breathing, as you are forced to rest if you cannot breathe. As an asthma patient, you feel pressured by demands of others. You allow yourself to rest only when your life feels threatened. Subconsciously, you allow your life to feel threatened so that you get space to rest and other people do not complain that you are not performing...

If you have awareness of emotional management, you would use meditation techniques to free yourself from the negative chains of life than allow a life-threatening disease to take over.

Preventing negative feelings from rising from the outset by focusing on inner space, helps in maintaining good health, which is necessary to stay happy. If you stay unhealthy, you are not happy. If you think you are happy but are not in good health, you may be falling into a trap of disillusioning yourself into believing you are happy while compromising with negative situations; because you are letting traditions or some dominating forces to rule over your individual sensibilities.


Every physical problem begins with a negative focus in the mind which starts as a seed but grows big due to lack of awareness to control it from the beginning, by shifting energy focus on the positive aspects of life...

As in asthma, a similar connection can be found between other organs of the body and the emotional problems we face.

For example, constipation is created by an inability to release trauma of the past. The soul carries over trauma from past lives and it gets aggravated by the subconscious habit of holding onto sadness in the present life. The person who has constipation also has a habit of brooding about the past... The emotional trauma has to be understood and the person consoled with positive energies for the problem to heal. A focus on understanding energies leads to unearthing of memories suppressed by the rational mind


Sunday, 27 June 2021

Subconscious Mind (Soul)Chooses Pleasure Over Pain

 This blog is an excerpt from the book : A Course In Emotional Management


Principle 2 –The Subconscious Mind Chooses Pleasure over Pain


The subconscious mind is the storehouse of all information, which you have acquired since your conception, as a soul. Your soul lives eternally. Each life is taken as an experience of learning how to co-create a better world for self and all. Mistakes are taken as learning lessons and the subconscious mind is programmed to help you to not repeat mistakes.

The subconscious mind retains the learning which you derived, from your past mistakes made in childhood or past lives. The experience is stored as an equation in the subconscious mind and a response program is created subconsciously so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes in the future.

This response program creates impulsive reactions in your body. You feel a certain way in a situation because your subconscious mind brings up the stored learning whenever a previously encountered emotional experience again arises.

The subconscious mind seeks to avoid pain. If a situation created trauma in a person’s life earlier, it is recorded as a painful memory and the subconscious mind makes the program to avoid the recurrence of the pain. Hence, when a similar situation arises which threatened a person in his past, then the subconscious mind may create anxiety or panic in the body.  Panic arises to make the person avoid that situation or react in an inappropriate manner to escape from that situation as soon as possible.

For example, if you are an emotional person and get hurt soon, the subconscious mind will try to avoid the pain of feeling rejected or criticized.  Suppose drinking alcohol helps you avoid that pain. Then, the subconscious mind will create physical feelings, which urge you to drink so that you can avoid thinking about the situation which causes emotional hurt.

The subconscious mind cannot think by itself and urges you to escape feeling negative though, you may become an alcoholic in the process of choosing pleasure over pain.

The subconscious mind chooses pleasure over pain, without caring about your health or soul purpose. Its operative system is like a hard disk made to help you be free of problems. If you give it a problem, it provides you a solution without thinking of whether that solution is good or bad for your well-being. You have to programme the subconscious mind to give you solutions while taking your health and soul purpose into consideration. Your subconscious mind has a search engine like an internet network connected to celestial intelligence. In semi trance state of focus, you can ask it for solutions as you ask questions on the search engine of a computer.

The more specific your question, the more precise is the answer. If you ask for short cuts to problems, you get answers like taking drugs or liquor to avoid confrontations with your inner conflicts. But if you ask your mind to search for long term solutions, you may find yourself desiring to meditate than drink alcohol to calm your nerves. Your subconscious mind will help your body feel healthy if you decide to focus on positive feelings deliberately.


While using intuitive guidance during meditation, if you clearly instruct the subconscious mind that you need a solution for your emotional problem, without harming your body, then the subconscious mind will compute another solution which will help you without getting addicted; though the solution may require long-term patience and diligence.


All undesirable habits are installed in the subconscious mind and have corresponding energy circuits or neuro-pathways which get strengthened by constant focus. The subconscious mind will choose that which is more pleasurable. It is up to the conscious mind to decide and rectify the damage.

When you focus on positive feelings, positive electric impulses are released and positive hormones are absorbed by the body. Positive hormones help you make choices which ensure that you stay healthy.

So, the conscious mind has to deliberately change the feelings it focuses on to change an undesirable habit. A change of focus leads to neurological changes in the subconscious mind.

When your emotional needs are addressed and resolved, you will find it easy to de-addict.

To be able to successfully change an undesirable habit, you need to find a habit which is more pleasurable because the subconscious mind chooses pleasure over pain.

For example, in case of alcoholism, the desire is to escape from worries by staying thoughtless. Thoughtlessness can also be achieved - through mind control and meditation.

Instead of drinking and cribbing, you can imagine yourself free of chains and exhale air in silence, use day dreaming to feel happy or positive visualization. A habit of sleeping more can also be developed, by using appropriate breathing exercises, which, overtime, becomes a more pleasurable habit than drinking alcohol. The subconscious mind is happy as long as pain can be avoided, and you can derive pleasure if you can escape, sleep, fly or dance in your meditative/imaginative films than harm the body.  


Meditation leads to a feeling of controlled thoughtlessness. If practiced regularly, meditation gets you in as hallucinated a state as alcoholism, while helping improve your physical health and peace of mind in the long run.


In a gist, every undesirable habit has a positive intention and the undesirable habit can be successfully overcome only when the positive intention can be satisfied through alternate methods.

For getting free from undesirable emotional patterns of thinking, conflicts or addictions, it helps to use self –hypnosis combined with naturopathy for changing inner emotional focus. When the positive intention served by the undesirable habit can be deciphered, alternate methods of pacifying the subconscious mind can be developed.



Learning Task 9 – What are the Positive Feelings You Gain from 

Thursday, 17 June 2021

Depression Occurs when Preaching & Practice Differ


Usually, depression is caused due to the circumstances of a person which are affected by a multitude of factors that cannot be controlled as chemical reactions can be. However, the circumstances can be deciphered through methods like hypnotherapy so that the person can view his or her own self –deception and heal.

The healing of depression requires release of suppressed tension by either changing the circumstances or viewing the self from a detached, observer’s perspective. Depression goes into the background when illusions of a perfect world , a perfect education scenario, a perfect self , a perfect marriage and a perfect job break while imperfections are accepted as a natural norm of life, such that ‘freedom to be naturally different’ replaces chains of ‘why can I not be conventionally perfect ’,in the mind.

Depression is largely a result of self- deception .You become depressed when you feel helpless because things are not asyou believe they should be and you cannot do anything about the situation.

For example, depression in school children can be traced to inadequate sleep patterns, trust being broken repeatedly, unfair criticism, unnecessary performance expectations and excessive pressure on the child’s mind to fit into success norms of the world which have been proven to have failed in creating satisfaction or happiness. 

Children feel insecure and are over stressed often due to irregular family timings or an aggressive family atmosphere.

While preaching discipline to the young minds, at a theoretical level, adults’ own practice does not match the preaching, leaving kids confused and sad. In practice, adults in a modern life style have irregular timings and aggressive relationships since everyone is running the rat race alongwith seeking some semblance of fun, with hardly any time left for harmonizing the body, health and inner space. Last priority effort is invested on stress release as the traditional concept of fun is connected with rebelling secretly while compromising conventionally with the hypocrisy in which you are expected to fit in. Thus, there is dancing, alcoholism,partying, excessive eating, socializing in clubs, pubs or unwinding in discotheques which creates even more stress once layers of self- deception creep up in the subconscious

mind, leading to seeds of depression . 

A healthy mind is an outcome of making a priority to invest some time towards being in peace in free, inner space where there is no pressure to perform in any manner, not even by the clothes you wear or by the ways you choose to differ from others’ thinking; where you have time to just be and contemplate on your positive energies. Feelings of peace and inner space help in healing depression by opening up illusory chains tying up beliefs in the mind. On the other hand, adult fun in today’s world is centred around insisting that illusions are real, competitive lies , deceit and image keeping.

However, young adults or teenagers find it difficult to understand this hypocrisy as it onsets suddenly. A growing up child can feel disillusioned and collapse with the energy of surface lies as a fish without stability when the water is found dirty and infected with the virus of hypocrisy.

For further reading, please refer to the book " Understanding Depression through Clinical Hypnosis "


Friday, 11 June 2021

Competition Needs Eradication As A Means of Entertainment or Motivation To Heal Stress & Infection


The positive intention behind the original development of the concept may have been to reward those souls who put in their energies intensely into any work they do or any thought of creation they focus upon. The idea was to reinforce utilization of a person’s full potential by rewarding his/her best performance.

However, over the years competition became a process by which the person was led to perform his best at the cost of undermining other people’s efforts. It started leading to creation of negative energy rather than positive energy because some souls started thriving materially, by creating blocks in the progress of other souls.

Positive energy in the universe, as a whole cannot grow if one soul feels positive and another soul feels negative in the same context. 

The negative cuts the positive exchange of energy. We need to perform our best as a whole. We cannot hope to find happiness if we thrive individually at the cost of others’ suffering, because happiness is an energy. Happiness cannot spread freely when 

negative energy rules over positive energy. The work needs to be done well to feel satisfied within and not for defeating others or for meeting demands of society which may not lead to self growth.

Competition is a useful concept as long as it implies that we should work at performing our best. However, on the negative side, competition leads to performing for impressing others than for meeting our soul needs. The need to win becomes a priority, even at the cost of subjective well being .

Competitive pursuit of money or power can also lead to karmic imbalancing. Wealthy people can become more depressed than moderately successful people, if their wealth is a result of unhappiness in the lives of others. That is because the negative energy which gets reinforced by their actions spreads into their own lives, as well. 

Due to our erratic school conditioning which leaves creation of happiness to chance, we often equate having wealth with having respect or happiness forgetting that money , power or fame are just tools of happiness but would not bring happiness unless used to create the same.

For further reading , please refer to the book - CREATION OF HAPPINESS : THE ENERGY WAR, a soul's perspective, chapter 17.

Sunday, 30 May 2021

Replace Addictions That Harm With More Resting Sleep That Helps Heal


This blog is an excerpt from the book : A Course In Emotional Energy Management (Moving Towards Happiness In Steps)

People usually use oral or visual addictions to relax as it is a norm. However, addictions are imitative behaviours which harm health and reduce happiness overtime.

If you are addicted to an external aid for relaxation like smoking, alcohol, drugs, porn, casual sex, television, sports, gambling, heavy exercising, video gaming or binge eating, you will face mood fluctuations, headaches, stomach problems and anger outbursts.

At the same time, though you may imagine that you are relaxing by using these external short cuts to stop worrying, you will actually be trying to escape confrontations with your inner voice and be troubled by a constant conflict in your being between the conscious vs. subconscious mind. Your mind will be clogged by negative thinking, patterns of similar problems will repeat in your life and the body will develop chronic diseases overtime.

While the conscious mind will warn you not to over-indulge in the addiction, the subconscious mind will force you to indulge in the addictive habit to calm down the craving of sense organs.

 The sense organs feel pressurized by constant demands of the body and mind like an overloaded computer machine.

Hyperactive body mechanisms need to be switched off by being thoughtless or sleeping off in short , two-minute naps to remain detached from worrying. Otherwise, they demand continuous fuelling by oral /visual/ sensory satisfaction.

However, to make its sense organs work overtime in alignment with the rational demands of the person stuck in the rat race thinking, the subconscious mind ignores the negative side-effects of craving and only chooses the stronger emotion of external pleasure to temporarily soothe the sense organs.

But, for long term rejuvenation of the sense organs and good health of the person, these temporary ameliorations do not work and health starts collapsing. The non -attended inner voice starts behaving grumpily like a non serviced engine of a car, the body becomes diseased and the person gets more frustrated over the long run.

Therefore, to feel happy as a long term choice, it is necessary to replace external addictions with internal addictions which naturally relax the sense organs, free the energy circuits from being tense, release positive hormones in the body and generate peace in the mind.

External addictions to relax harm your soul but internal addictions help you revive your soul’s positive frequency and increase co-creative powers by removing pressure.

Indulging in internal addictions frees space from being negative in your mind and in your environment like removing dust from the engine of the car. As a result of removing the habit of negative thinking, overtime, patterns of repetitive problems are deleted, health improves, financial situation becomes better and life becomes more peaceful even if other external circumstances remain the same.

Hence, it helps to increase happiness and feel far more peaceful in everyday life through using internal addictions than external aids to escape from negative clutches of thinking...

By binge eating or alcohol or smoking, you can make your mood upbeat for a short period but you will find yourself more depressed afterwards .


The simplest method of relaxation &rejuvenation in a busy schedule is to shut your mind for a few seconds or a minute, look upwards. exhale and smile. In this one minute, you can ask your mind to not think of any worries and ask the worries to come later. This method can be practiced every hour to train the mind get into a habit of relaxing by choice before it heats up and gets frustrated or angry ... Smoking has the same effect of relaxation as this exercise of looking up, exhaling and being thoughtless but it also has side effects which can be avoided by just looking upwards, exhaling and relaxing the eyes instead of using a physical prop like a cigarette.

Just as adults do not need lines to write on paper as children do, advancing souls do not need cigarettes/ alcohol/any external aid to be thoughtless as young souls do.  Happiness requires a habit of being able to switch off the mind from worrying by instantly activating detached states of mind so that inner positivity is allowed to float up as it is a natural state of feeling life .

Rejuvenation of positive strength in the body comes from resting which creates neutral space in energy circuits that is better than a tense/worried state.

Life force becomes healthier when the sense organs are switched off from over working by a choice of the mind to just focus on the inner being, as a filament of light shining and spreading light all over the body from the centre of the stomach.

It helps to close eyes, switch off the television, and be alone to meditate but you can also meditate amongst noisy children or busy adults by choosing to shut off internally, for some time.


Other than one minute power naps, longer meditation or focused thoughtlessness is the most effective internal addiction which relaxes your sense organs, heals your soul and improves work performance in the same time in which external addictions create hormonal imbalances.

Meditation helps to relax because several problems just resolve by activating neutral/silent energy states in the mind through detachment, that releases neutral energy of zero frequency which is neither happy nor sad . This non sad neutralized energy dissolves the grip of sadness and creates gaps in the flow of negative energy in neurological circuits.

If you can just BE idle, detach from worries and relax in peace, you would soon not need an addictive habit to escape from worries.

Alcohol, smoking, drugs and over eating are not required for calming the mind or being away from worries once you train your mind to take deliberate power naps from stress thinking by feeling calm, ideally, through staying focused on one neural activity.


When  you have more time, you can practice imagining feelings of being happy in visualizations so that you rise above co-creating neutral frequencies towards co-creating positive soul frequencies. Being happy is a more positive vibration than being detached and requires more mind discipline , as it has to be balanced by accompanying feelings of detachment.

Your subconscious mind is like a machine which cannot distinguish between the energy release through feelings felt in reality and imagination. The mind feels it is away from problems and free to be happy whenever you allow your subconscious mind to feel  positive in imagination .However, to remain grounded, being positive has to be accompanied with feeling calmness just as physical exercise needs to be accompanied with rest for the effects to be deeper and more long lasting.

If you do not use detachment with happy visualizations, you will feel more negative when you confront your circumstances as life on Earth can never be completely positive. However , maintenance of a  skill takes more effort than initiating it .  Hence, feeling happy in imagination even if you cannot meditate initially to stay detached/calm is better than taking drugs to feel peace. As a positive side-effect, the process of imagining happiness without using drugs,  works as a naturally uplifting vibration for the mind and brightens your creative skills . Through releasing positive hormones by feeling happy in imaginations,  you can relax literally without over- stressing your body by using your direct sense organs.


Examples of Internal Addictions Are:

·         All states of focused thoughtlessness which can be created as simply as by practicing looking upwards and smiling for a few seconds.

·         Regularly practiced laughter therapy which also activates slimming stomach muscles.

·         Being in silence and observing any point in the body without any worry in mind.

·         Chanting mantras as in meditation while switching off thinking of worries to activate neutral /uplifting soul frequencies.

·         Lying down to rest or sleeping to calm body tension.

·         When sleep does not come , relaxation happens also by choosing to switch off the rational mind by focusing on calmness with closed eyes.

·         Using free time for uplifting energy frequencies in the mind by focusing on positive expectations and not on complaining about all that is negative in your life or the world.

·         Practicing yoga with deep breathing exercises which soothe the mind and relax the body.

·         Water therapy  exercises ( e.g. Oiling the body parts for lubricating muscles,  hot water foot baths for releasing stress, inhaling steam for clearing tensions in the head, head massages for opening a spiritual connection through activating the crown chakra , heart opening  circulation  massages with oil on chest, swimming , water yoga, drinking water regularly etc. )

·         Practicing self –healing Soul Evolution exercises through using crystals , reek,  chakra cleansing meditations , spirit release, NLP, past life healing etc.


Happiness rises automatically without using external addictions, just by being free of social pressure and practicing soul evolution techniques.  Soul evolution raises positive frequencies of the body and mind. Positive hormones are released for improving health by freeing the sense organs from overloading by just feeling calm as a deliberate choice to stop focusing on worries for a few seconds at regular intervals than using food, smoking, drug or alcohol addictions to find an excuse to not worry for some time .


In a nutshell, it is necessary to free the sense organs from constant work to relax the body and mind and rejuvenate inner strength. Sense organs get rest when you deliberately choose not to worry by feeling calm as in neutralizing meditation, positive visualization , crystal healing or deep sleep.



Learning Task 15– Test Your Urge 

When you see a desirable food or a cigarette again, what comes to your mind first— the pleasure of smoking/ the pain of fatigue/ your loved one scolding you/ the bliss of sitting thoughtless/the need to relax? Which feeling has greatest energy? What do you choose to do? Why?


Think of something you like to eat or drink, but it has some bad implications like eating ice-cream can be bad for an over-weight person or drinking alcohol can be harmful for health.  Your inner conscience/ parents/lover keeps warning you against it. How do you choose to eat/drink?  What makes you decide, what do you ignore and what do you seek? Which energy is stronger? Why?


Usually, the subconscious mind would choose relaxation as the predominant desire over self -discipline. Needing to escape is essential to relax and rejuvenate the senses. If you do not escape through making a regular habit of using appropriate means as internal addictions provide, the body will use inappropriate ways to relax by using external addictions or falling sick.

For freeing yourself from a sickness or an addiction, you have to convince the subconscious mind that there are better methods of resolving your emotional conflicts than feeling stressed.

 Just a s a toddler learns overtime that asking for food is better than crying for food, the young soul learns overtime that calming a restless mind is a better route to happiness than constantly crying for recreation.  Generating calmness and positive hormones by calming down negative thinking which works as the soul’s restless crying, is nourishment for the mind just as healthy food is nourishment for the body.

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