Sunday 18 February 2024

Transcending Emotions From Negative To Positive

 Negative emotions act like poisonous acid in the body and create diseases in the organs if persistently focused upon.

 The energy of an emotion is an electric impulse which is released through a hormone in the subconscious mind and passes to different parts of the body througha neuro-pathway or an energy circuit. 

At the core, an emotion is an energy of a specific frequency which can be positive or negative. 

Emotions of positive energy frequency are happiness, contentment, satisfaction, peace, joy, optimism, passion etc. while negative emotions are anger, fear, hurt, guilt, pain, sadness, anxiety etc. Positive emotions spread hormones to help improve health &peacefulness while negative emotions create diseases and anxieties.

A negative emotion can be transcended to a positive emotion by systematically learning how to remove the negative energy component from its energy circuit through redefining beliefs about life, changing expectations and deleting negative memories

The process is facilitated by energy healing , meditation and past life therapy .

This blog is an excerpt from my book - A course in Emotional Management

Sunday 11 February 2024

Teaching Children How To Be Happy

 Human happiness cannot be created as a side-effect of success. You cannot get balanced, peaceful and happy adults by pursuing mechanical/academic success as the goal of education. 

Mind patterns are set in childhood and are affected by mass culture which is affected by education, predominantly.  Since, the focus of all education has been on becoming successful at the cost of neglecting training in development of peace and inner happiness, people are driven towards a rat race to earn success. 

Training young minds to think that working mechanically for successful performance is all that is needed to be happy makes them feel comfortable about ignoring complex emotional development , which actually aids human mind towards evolving to be happy and healthy through the obstacles which adult life projects. 

Children driven towards winning above being peaceful, start finding short-cuts to success which are manipulative and corrupt. A pattern of mass thinking has developed such that respect is measured by money.  If you are not aiming at happiness or inner peace, money for success can be earned by being manipulative and corrupt more than by being good and helpful. 

However, happiness and satisfaction come from a job well done whether it is acknowledged as successful conventionally, or not. Winning always is not necessary to be happy. Trial and error are common processes involved in research and inventions. Through the process of overcoming failure, happiness and satisfaction continue to motivate the person towards achieving success with satisfaction. For example, Thomas Edison continued to fail for thirty years before he finally created an electric bulb. Like him, students need to be trained to be motivated from within by a system of education which rewards the process of achieving satisfaction and not just the result. 

A balanced training between inner satisfaction and outcome/ happiness vs. success ensures internal and external satisfaction even if the money earned is less than conventionally well defined. But, a pure focus on results/money/success leads to neglect of effort on feeling satisfaction, peacefulness or freedom from anxiety

The need to never be peaceful is conditioned as a habit of thinking during schooling years, due to the stress on external good performance above inner peace. Children are judged as being good or bad by external measures of success like school grades which later are replaced in adults by external measures of success like cars, clothes or jewels. 

However, getting good grades or performing well in sports or dance or music or art or earning good money in adult life does not lead to contentment in adult life. Children, always motivated to perform for pleasing society’s norms of success, cannot, naturally, focus on inner contentment. 

To create contentment in adulthood, instead of just focusing on good external performance, mind patterns which focus on development of happiness and inner peace of mind have to be inculcated by redefining the education curriculum. 

Negative thinking predominates mass thinking in today’s world because people are not taught how to be peaceful in schools. This repeated pattern of negative thinking can be solved only by adding spiritual awareness to the concept of success; wherein development of peacefulness and compassion in children is as much awarded as good performance. 

Children trained into being peaceful would make peaceful adults and create a peaceful world whereas restless children who are constantly asked to perform for success,  make anxious adults and a restless world, which is prone to anger and violence. 

A basic training in emotional management and the ability to create optimism with awareness ; are necessary to overcome all problems with a positive attitude and live a comfortable life; with the inner self being more in peace than being violent or angry.

 If a connection to the subconscious mind and training in being peaceful are cultivated from childhood, escapism into depression or anger would not be the most natural route available to adults if marriages break down or finances collapse. Peace and emotional satisfaction will automatically rise in society and replace conflicts, anxiety and unrest. 

The need for maintaining good health, optimism and contentment would spread as being as important as needs of education once a spiritual understanding of happiness is integrated along with being monetarily and mechanically successful in the education system. 

This blog is an excerpt from the book - Spirituality in Education, the soul's perspective, 75 self help exercises

Sunday 4 February 2024

Success Does not Directly Lead to Happiness

 The education system of today glorifies success over happiness; leading to a complex situation wherein people try to be successful to be happy; but do not attain the happiness they seek from their efforts through being successful and hence, become disillusioned overtime, leading to increasing depressions and violence in societies. 

As long as success is pursued blindly by promoting competition in childhood, it justifies increasing of happiness in self by reducing happiness of others; thus justifying corruption and promotion of inequalities amongst adults. 

Anger and negative feelings amongst those defeated rise and the energy of jealousy/unhappiness spreads, diluting the positive work of the successful, Since all human energy is connected, jealousy, wars and manipulations which ravage the defeated minds, often create more harm than the good effects created by success.

However, to understand why success has become important over happiness, we need to understand how education evolved from a need of survival carried over from our animal ancestors. 

Evolution of Education - From Animal Mindset to a Human Mindset

Education represents the development of human life over animal life, and is the most important factor which distinguishes human beings from animals.

Animals often feel helpless against circumstances because their brain is less developed, unlike the human brain. Animals cannot grow resources as they live only in the present moment and have no future visions, no ability to abstract words from pictures or analyze in logical or abstract steps. Animals cannot reason about the WHYs or think of the HOWs.  Since, animals cannot read or write or imagine/ co-create abundance, animals have genuine fears of survival. 

Hence, animals are justified in racing for survival and killing for competition for reasons such as fear, food or self-defense.

However, human beings are not justified in becoming competitively brutal, racing for money or using violence because their minds have the capacity to create more. Human beings can sustain the body without using rudimentary methods of survival as the animals use. 

The development of literacy represents the complexifying of human existence over animal existence in all areas of life. Literacy has improved life associated with survival, production of resources, money, counting, exchange of goods and services, creating technology, inventions, and has also, led to increased development of the creative brain in areas other than the concept of surviving in the animal world. The spread of education has facilitated spiritual development of the brain and manifested portals of expression such as painting, dance, music, evolution of relationships, literature, history, geography etc. 

However, though, education has evolved technology, it has remained primitive by intention and animal-like in its execution. The stress on competition, scarcity consciousness and compromising in fear for survival has had negative effects on general peacefulness in society. The development of literacy has not been not able to neutralize the need to overpower others by increasing optimism, compassion and peacefulness more than the need for negative thinking and helplessness. 

The present debate is between the opposing thinking patterns of a survival consciousness and an evolutionarily higher abundance consciousness which has a higher positive thought frequency. Positive thinking seeks to spread education such that the negative effects of competition are transcended by a focus on abundance & benefits of human life over animal life with the understanding that animal-like needs of violence and competition are harmful and reduce spread of happiness in human terms. 

The evolution of education should be such that it aids in development of peace in the minds of people by facilitating peacefulness in individual consciousness which aids in spreading of happiness as an energy flowing from one to several, in mass consciousness. This requires an understanding of the factors which led to the initial expansion of education and realizing that those circumstances no longer hold true, with deliberate awareness

This blog is an excerpt from my book - Spirituality in Education, (75 exercises for attaining happiness with success)

Sunday 28 January 2024

Energize Feelings of Positivity more than Worries by Choice

 We create positive hormones in our body, by energizing positive feelings. Imagination of being happy in the present, helps to create happiness in the future. Happiness enters as energy by focusing on how we would feel when we are happy again. Energies multiply through focus be in reality or imagination.

While our external realty maybe negative/painful, we need to internally co-create being positive through using imagination. Through using will power to mobilize positive energy flow, we need to shift our mind away from the problem or pain. 

Hence, instead of constantly feeling negative, we can momentarily choose to imagine being as healthy or happy again, as we were before the pain or would be in an ideal situation. We can break our focus on pain several times by shifting focus on being pain free for moments in imagination.

This break state creates positive hormones in body and healing speeds up. We evolve to a higher soul frequency by being optimistic after an encounter with negativity. Happiness comes from the soul’s vibrations of feeling positive and detaching from thinking about difficulties.

This blog is an excerpt from the book - Redefining Happiness,  a soul ' s perspective 

Sunday 21 January 2024

Negative Feelings Have To Be Forced To Stop To Avoid Sickness

 Our subconscious mind picks up the 

energies/self-talk we repeat as commands as 

Focus increases negativity .

Our subconscious mind picks up the 

energies/self-talk we repeat as commands as 

is explained in my earlier books. The feeling 

focused upon in the present creates further 

reality. It is better to be in the feeling that the 

pain is gone than being in the vibration that 

the pain exists. Feeling that the negative 

energy has passed away will create the 

situation in the future that it passes away.

We create in the future what we focus upon 


The first step to get out of feeling negative is 

to force our mind to stop focusing on the 

accident, situation or sickness which is 

creating the pain and be thoughtless or focus 

on something else, which is non-negative.

We can cry it out but smile as soon as we 

regain control of our energy waves. We cannot 

afford to be lazy mentally and brood instead of 

controlling the mind from feeling negative.

We increase negative energy by focusing on a 

negative situation or a problem. We have to 

check the virus of negativity before it grows 

into fungus. The negative situation needs to 

be overcome in the initial stages of attack 

before it becomes a traumatizing memory in 

the mind or triggers a sickness in the body.

This blog is an excerpt from the book - Redefining Happiness: How To Overcome Negative Feelings :

by Shiva Swati

Sunday 3 December 2023

How Negative Feelings Create Divorce

 By choosing to feel negative internally, we allow negative energy, to block our soul vibrations and therefore, devolve in terms of soul evolution. This forces the soul to think, review it's choices to evolve to happiness again . Negativity hits even if suppressed.

Our beliefs about life are often conditioned such that we get tuned into suppressing our negative feelings for the sake of maintaining a positive exterior front. However, our positive self talk fails to help us if we feel negative within, irrespective of how it should be as per our beliefs and conventions.

For example, if we are in a marriage (or in a job) where we have several differences with our partner, we may tell ourselves repeatedly that we are coping up happily but go on feeling sad within. The negative feelings would reach our soul, not what we tell ourselves consciously, since the soul only feels us at an energy level; it cannot hear our self rationalization.

When we cheat our soul, we feel internally helpless and our bounce of life drops because the soul is like the filament of a bulb. It keeps getting its power from the main source of Life, through invisible energy circuits, which connect the soul to its Higher Self. 

If the focus of the body is on negativity, these energy circuits get clogged and the connection of the bulb to the source of light gets weakened. 

The soul can no longer connect to the Light and hence, it no longer feels positive. Its frequency lowers.

Like a fused bulb filament, it feels trapped inside the body, unable to connect to or radiate life force. However, unlike the machine filament, the soul doesn’t permanently die. It has a unique consciousness, and the power to revive through exercise of its will.

When the soul feels blocked it tries to restore back to its original frequency. To raise its frequency, it has to reconnect to the main source of Light. 

To reconnect to the light, it has to clear its energy circuits by removing all thoughts and beliefs which make it focus on the negative. Hence, our soul tries to break that structure around us, which forces us to focus on the negative aspects of life.

For example, the soul which feels blocked in a marriage or in a job would try to remove this obstacle which it perceives is the cause of lowering its frequency. Thus, irrespective of our positive self-talk, our soul energy would pull us subconsciously to break the marriage or leave the job.

If we ignore our subconscious pull, we would go on feeling sad. Overtime, due to feeling sad, we would develop mental and physical diseases, as there would be a consistent focus on stress and release of negative hormones in the body. The negative feelings would keep lowering the soul frequency, and our situation would turn from bad to worse as we go on reinforcing our focus on the negative situation. 

The only way to help our soul feel positive would be to make ourselves feel good, not merely tell ourselves that we feel okay. Feeling good internally would be a more honest experience and would necessitate changing a negative pattern of thinking or working or living.

To feel good, we would need to release illusory fears of survival, which may be the reason for us to want to continue living in the negative experience.  Or we may have to break persistent, harmful habits which create problems in our job or marriage like laziness, impatience, rigidity of thinking, refusal to adopt positive beliefs, lack of self-discipline etc. In either case, feeling good within would require learning of soul lessons, failing which we would continue feeling negative.

Negative feelings aid in soul evolution because they force us to learn soul lessons. If feeling negative did not cause us pain, we could conveniently drift through life, without making any effort to evolve to a better quality of existence.

This blog is an extract from the book - Creation of Happiness :The Energy War, chapter 6

Sunday 19 November 2023

Why do Problems Exist From the Soul Perspective

It is understood that each problem, whether physical or mental, is created due to suppressed negative emotions residing in the subconscious mind. 

As explained in detail in my other books, from the perspective of the soul, negative emotions arise because the soul has to learn some emotional lessons from experiencing difficulties; learning which would help in its evolution. 

The difficult experience which causes the negative emotions to rise is usually, a part of a life-plan made before taking birth. The time after incarnation in the physical body, is to deal with the mental and physical problem such that the soul lesson is learnt and the soul feels evolved in the process. The problem stops troubling the person only after the person’s point of dominant emotional focus changes from negative to positive.

Our soul knows it has to evolve and hence, creates problems in the body so that the person notices it is going wrong in making choices of life. It affects the functioning of the subconscious mind by reducing its vibrational frequency to less positive whenever a setback is encountered externally. That harms the body as the subconscious mind controls the functioning of organs in the body, as explained below.

The functioning of the Subconscious Mind 

The subconscious mind makes up for about 90 % of human mind ....

For further reading ,please refer to the book  In Search of Happiness; how past lives affect the present life ,part 2- the lost Soldier...

Transcending Emotions From Negative To Positive

 Negative emotions act like poisonous acid in the body and create diseases in the organs if persistently focused upon.  The energy of an emo...