Monday, 29 September 2014



Everyone grows old. However, old age does not mean physical sickness, disease and depression as was conditioned in humanity over centuries by dark forces thriving on people’s ill health.

Old AGE signifies MENTAL PROGRESS for souls. It is a symbol of wisdom coming from learning through experience. Old Age is the time where you discover your own values, beliefs and identity without feeling conditioned by society’s norms.

The soul never grows old. The soul is an ageless force of light, sent into the body by the Creator. Only the body grows old. The life force, viz. The soul remains as bright within us as a battery remains inside a torch. If we can rejuvenate the body’s energies consistently and keep it as young and healthy, as possible; we would feel healthy and agile in old age.

It is necessary to be spiritual to feel good about old age as a spiritual person does not compromise in life as much as a non spiritual, materialistic person does. The spiritual person relies on God and is not a slave of material products. A materialistic person who lives for working and keeping his family intact may lose hope in life early; as he may compromise on several values which he rebels against, as a soul. A traditional person grows old but the spiritual person only transcends from one phase of life to another.
Some spiritual meditation techniques are very useful in remaining young, optimistic and aligned to sole purpose as age progresses.

These are briefly numbered below. They can only be completely understood upon reading my books or other books on spirituality, experiencing meditative bliss and consistently making a choice to stay positive, even if a negative superstructure collapses because you confront your own walls.

  1. 1.       Imagine yourself inside a Crystal Ball. Glow from your centre like a bulb spreading your rays all around you, like the Sun. Sit in this position and count 1 – 100.
  2. 2.       When you are feeling negative or tired, imagine yourself going inside a mirror and dissolving completely. Then see, a fresh, youthful YOU coming out of the mirror and merging in your body. Feel glow from inside again. IMAGINE FEELING BRIGHT and SMILE. Keep smiling from 10 – 1. Say Thank You God. Stop thinking about your problems by choice.
  3. 3.       If you want problems to resolve, focus on solutions not on problems. Every thought you focus on converts into reality. If you cannot find immediate solutions. Just focus on the problem situation as a painting on a wall. Start painting white over the problem situation mentally. Imagine an opposite painting coming up on the wall where everyone looks happy. Thank God for your happiness. The more you thank God and feel future happiness, the more happiness will get created in your future.
  4. 4.       The more you worry, and think about problems, the more difficulties will increase in your life.
  5. 5.       The only way to break energy circuits is to dissolve negative energy webs of thought in our mind as the mind rusts with negativity.
  6. 6.       Another exercise is to breathe out from every part of the body. Focus on each part of your body and exhale out black smoke. Count 5-0. Then feel light coming from the sky and light filling up all your cells. Feel your brain cells opening up with light as flowers blooming. Feel your neck cells opening up with light. Feel your heart, stomach, back, legs, hands filling with fresh light from the sky and exhale out with each breath all tension, stress and negative thoughts from each part of body. Imagine black balls of smoke leaving your feel and feel your whole body filled with a bright cloud of light. Thank God.
  7. 7.       Before sleeping at night, imagine yourself looking in the mirror, looking young, healthy and wise. As soon as you get up, in semi drowsy state, imagine a healthy, agile self of you walking in your body and a negative part walking out. Feel every cell of your body glowing with light as that young, healthy self takes over your body.

Choosing to remain young in attitude necessitates positive thinking and ascension of the soul towards a higher positive dimension of co-existence. People can put on make up or do cosmetic surgery  and look young while feeling sick and old in mind. That does not help to remain young spiritually. A spiritually young person is young at heart, open to new ways of thinking and learning and physically active by choice to be .

These techniques would make you meditate on your soul needs and your values of life will change as evolving consciousness demands. Negative thinking leads to sickness and bad health. The more you try to stay young spiritually, the more choices you would have to make to feel positive mentally. Circumstances change as inner choices change in alignment with mental progress, desire for peace and a dislike for soulless, empty feeling facets of material life.

The main difference between hell and heaven is that hell is mechanical, vacuum like existence while heaven is like a GARDEN OF EDEN existence, where spirituality, dance, song, love and optimism rule the heart. Hell is metaphorically seen as a place where souls burn in punishment. The soul represents an ideology. A soul burning means ideologies burning in smoke. A soul caught in hell feels like there is only vacuum in heart , doubts create smoke which burns every positive idea as an impossibility; whereas heaven feels like a feeling of bliss, completeness and life force brimming with energy and fresh ideas about how happy life can be.



Tuesday, 23 September 2014


If you have sex with a prostitute, she expects approval from you for her mind, 
If you have sex with your wife, she expects your love and respect as part of your life,,
When you have sex with a man, he expects to be honoured ,loved and liked,
If you criticize the person you have sex with, that person feels abused, rejected and hurt inside

Love is the reason most people who are normal, have sex. People who are emotionally unstable would have sex for releasing frustration, abusing others or establishing physical dominance over another’s body.

However, sex helps the person feel satisfied and happy only if love is involved. You cannot make love with negativity in mind. If you have sex when you dislike another person, the long run outcome is anger or bitterness in both the persons involved.
Sex, like hunger, is to be indulged in for need not greed. The need is satisfied when the soul feels complete after a sexual act and positive energy is released during and after the act. If indulged in for greed, sex leads to indigestion problems just as food does when eaten in greed than need.

If you have sex with a person you like and you love, you both evolve to a higher degree of love, spirituality and health over the long run. But if you have sex with a person you love but do not like, it means that you have spirit attachments in your body. Somebody who likes and loves that person uses your body to love his soul mate but when that spirit goes away after sex, you star hating that person’s habits.

Liking the person you have sex with is necessary for a relationship to be happy. Yu need to like the way he looks, moves, eats, drinks, smiles, gets angry, is clumsy, untidy etc. All habits need to be accepted as part of the person you like and love, as an extension of your own self.
Raping a person for sex is complete foolishness as you would never feel uplifted after abusing another. Raping another would make you feel angry, re3vengeful, bitter and frustrated with your own lack of self control.

Criticizing a person after having sex with him or her leads to development of low confidence in the person used. Women whose husbands or lovers do not like their habits feel miserable , negative and keep complaining about the men behind their back as they are afraid to say anything in  front of the man .

When liking is missing in a couple, the passion dies out once they start living together. They have sex initially as passion continues to rule senses but overtime, the disapproval is so much that passion no longer arises. Negative thinking overrules feeling positive about the partner when habits irritate too much, there are too many thinking differences or upbringing creates diverse mind-sets. Light can kill darkness only when light is brighter than darkness inside but if negativity is greater than positivity in the mind, the negative energy rules the body and positivity can no longer sustain married life. An unhappy marriage can continue but feeling positive about each other's choices, values and habits is necessary for living together and  being happy about life.

The couple who does not like each other’s habits either needs to start accepting each other through using meditation to be non judgmental or need to break up the relationship. Sex is necessary where love is claimed between a strange man and woman who have no other commitment with each other. Good sex, approval and respect lead to rising of self worth amongst lovers  Unlike other relationships like brother/sisters/friends/ parents/ children/relatives/colleagues where self worth rises because elf other platonic factors. ; Lovers need sexual union to stay happy with their own selves and it is better to separate than continue to love a person you dont like because of past commitments as you cannot help a person by disapproving of him and her. Charity works by feeling positive. There is no need to have sex for charity while feeling negative all the time.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Religion develops by habit as does language,
The meaning of God is the same be it worshipped in any form or formless, 
You may be a Christian, a Muslim or a Hindu by birth,
you will find a way to reach God in ways that you are habitual of alignment

If you  are a genius variety, you would leave all rituals and move into spiritualism,
but as a normal human caught in webs of life, you would worship God as you know without any intention of hurting another,
Those who create enmity or disrespect Gods of other religions,
only display negativity of the soul & devolve in consciousness to cannabilism

When civilization evolved in different regions of the world, the same concepts developed in different languages and different ways. Just as things were labeled differently, Gods were also labeled differently.
Depending on socio-cultural concepts, environmental conditions and needs of development relevant to that period, the religious texts elaborated on principles of religion in various ways. However, all religions broadly talk about the same beliefs, values and virtues of life.
For example, all religions uphold truth, honesty, sacrifice, supremacy of a higher intelligence called God and repeated occurrence of demonic entities which need to be defeated by application of higher consciousness.
There are differences in rituals practiced which are due to regional thinking differences. However, FIRE connotes a religious symbol as all religions use fire in some way to worship God. For example, the Hindus use the DEEPAK, Muslims use INCENSE STCKS and Christians use CANDLES. Fire symbolizes life force.
Religious practices are bound to be different in different parts of the world as they were developed in isolation of rest of the world. All religions, upheld today, are derived from ways of worship developed in centuries where communication was almost nil between countries. Hence, each sect of people found their own tribal ways of accessing God which overtime, grew as religious beliefs.

Differences in thinking are natural given climatic and language differences. Muslims developed the BURKA system for women because desert climate was too hot and protection was needed. Hindus developed a PURDAH culture when the Muslims invaded and attacked uncovered women. Similarly, Christians nuns are completely covered up to appear non sexual. The ritual arose because of a climatic need but was understood as a sexual covering and superimposed in cultures where climate was not hot.

That is derivation of religion by people who are perverts and powerful, but insist on being considered sensible. If three people are brought up on three different regions of the world, each would find a unique way to survive. However, survival by itself would hold the same meaning for the soul irrespective of climatic and language differences.
Due to communication gaps between masses, the leaders who travelled from one area to another spread miss-understanding among people and created enmity for personal gains. Women were looted sexually to make the men feel helpless ; while religious institutions were demolished and plundered for money which was amassed by the king ; not common public.
Even today, if we pick up any religious text and study the meaning underlined in the words, be it the Bagdad Gait, The Bible or The Quran – we find that they all mean the same though the stories told are different, pertaining to regional specific.
God upholds the same values in all religions.

As is written in my book – IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS _ 

The soul does not belong to any religion. The same soul can be born as a Hindu, a Christian, and a Muslim or in any of the various other religions of the world, as it wants to have different experiences. Each religion uses a different way to express the same feeling. It is like using different kinds of vehicles to reach the same place.

Each God represents a type of energy; yet, energy is one whole. It cannot be divided as it merges as one. Spending a life and dying as a fanatic is a waste of effort from the soul’s perspective because in the celestial realms, God is not divided. The celestial realms may be viewed as corporate houses where each type of God works to bring harmony in the lives of people who follow its ideology. But, the Gods don’t fight against each other as there is a power of Oneness above the division of labor. 

It is the individualized human mind that wants to be one up on others in its zeal of competition, which creates division. Humans have branded everything as superior or inferior in the spirit of competition including God. Under the robe of competition only one God can be superior. Irrespective of which race the soul is born in, it wants the God of that race to be superior. For example, Dev was a fanatic whether he was a Muslim, a German or a Hindu.

From Devi’s example, fanaticism appears to be a mental disease for a reincarnating soul. The fanatic thought process continues life after life irrespective of the fact that the soul is born into a different religion in each life.

Devi’s soul wanted him to realize that he has to fight against its rigid thought process which makes him want to make one race supreme or one perspective supreme.

 The war on one religious supremacy is foolishness
Whether you use a bus or a train is ur own convenience,
One religion means one language for the whole world,
that oneness can only develop from kindness for all

Monday, 8 September 2014


MONEY AND SEX ARE SYMBOLS, NOT OUTCOMES.. OUTCOME IS SATISFACTION. We desire sex and money for the satisfaction they generate in us . Without satisfaction, the pursuit of these activities is meaningless.

Money is paper or metal without value added to it by our mind. Foreign currency is waste paper if it cannot be exchanged. The value of money is its exchange value. The energy exchange money offers symbolizes its value to the person using it.

The primary needs of survival are met by a focus on money but for higher and deeper realizations, we need sex with love.
Sex without love is meaningless, as futile as holding foreign currency without any exchange value. That is because you do not need a partner for sex if you are not getting love or comfort in exchange. Sexual satisfaction can be attained through masturbation if the appropriate spiritual techniques are applied.

If you have sex like animals, it means you are unable to apply your mind towards sex. MIND is needed to love and commit with responsibility. Animals have sex without using mind but they do not commit unless it is the higher animals like lions.
Soul advancement means commitment. Power comes when you commit. Responsibility creates need for power.
Having sex without feeling love is soul less sex and if you indulge in acts which make your soul feel insignfiicant, your soul will lose its positive power and become insignificant.

Sex means responsibility because it means sharing of emotions, sharing of problems and finding solutions together. If you have sex with people who don’t think like you, you cannot share responsibility as your solutions will not match. Each partner who has a different thinking pattern than yours will make you lose your confidence as a soul.
You will feel more helpless and frustrated, angry and revengeful after sex with people who do not love you because sex is a SOUL INTERACTION. There is energy exchange in sex without any visible physical evidence.
We are used to physical evidence and we feel give and take happens only when money or goods are exchanged. But, the soul does not use physical evidence for energy exchange. For the soul, energy exchange happens through the feelings accompanying the act.
Any action which is indulged in with focus on fear, depression or helplessness will increase the same in the body after the act is done successfully. Sex done with people who just use your body will lead to increase in your feelings of being not worthy of love and negativity in mind.

Sunday, 7 September 2014


“Peace, Happiness and love are emotions of highest existence. Sacrifice which leads to satisfaction and happiness takes us towards God whereas Sacrifice which makes us unhappy / guilty , robotic, takes us away from God.  People focused on lower struggles cannot realize happiness or love or be wise, sacrificing, God-like  peaceful in temperament. A struggle for survival, be it in rich or poor, indicates that the soul needs more time on Earth to evolve from being animal-like human to being God-like human “

Only advanced souls can feel peace or happiness. The ability to feel about abstract things like love, truth, honesty, commitment,  betrayal etc., is a sign of soul advancement. These are complex thought processes as contracted with thinking about food, recipes or cars which can be possessed by touching or tasting. Complex thought processes do not have clear, tangible evidence. Like a child needs lines in a paper to learn writing, young souls needs primary sense organs to create life designs.

Animals need more evidence support than humans. Animal minds cannot abstract and think away from form. Basic animals can feel happy about things which can be eaten, while advanced animals can feel love . But, their satisfaction is basic – restricted to eating and drinking. More evolved animals play like monkeys and dogs do. They play for fun. FUN is an emotion which enters with soul advancement from basic animal to advanced animal. However, the same emotion of Fun becomes redundant with soul evolution from basic human to advanced human, wherein the advanced human seeks spiritual bliss over dependence on body, food or play, for satisfaction.  

Animals kill for eating. Killing is allowed karmic ally for self defence (or to help another being attacked) or for eating as primary need.  YOUNG HUMANS START KILLING FOR MONEY AS MONEY LEADS TO FOOD BUT IT GOES KARMICALLY NEGATIVE.

Evolution from animals to humans initially entails developing on these base needs and understanding which action leads to inner happiness even if food satisfaction is lesser than action which provides good food but creates greater unhappiness..

For example, young souls make eating and drinking fancy activities but the emotional content remains the same- basic primary happiness. The circus taught us humans can be graceful as monkeys in balancing and climbing- as does the modern dance; yet the emotions remain rudimentary – surviving with physical balance in play.

Movement to higher emotions makes the body less important and the soul a priority. Emotions like love, truth, honesty etc. cannot be defined by touch as eating or sex can be. However, happiness arising from sex accompanied with true love is far more blissful than mechanical sex.
Bliss is an experience of the advanced soul.

If we block emotions, our ability to feel reduces. The more we focus on the struggle for survival, the more animal like we become in nature and the less we can focus on happiness or peace. The more we become animal like in temperament, the more we start staying sick, diseased and worried as we cannot cope up with human demands of life.

Signs of soul advancement is the ability to detach from worries about money, shelter, food, sex etc. You can reach a ZEN state of soul evolution only when you stop thinking that life circulates around physical things and can view life as a manifestation of being in contentment.

As the soul advances, physical needs are satisfied by a feeling of energies wherein personal ego is sacrificed and community living becomes mandatory. For example, private houses are replaced by ashrams, personal respect is sacrificed so that justice for all can be meditated upon etc. Peace comes through activities like meditation and eating simple food where the body finds contentment without being greedy.

The more we focus on making food, clothing and shelter fancy technologically, the more our focus remains on primary needs. The more we focus on adding spiritual awareness, art , music , finery , enjoyment in sex , grace in dancing, slowing down the mental waves to perceive energy movements over getting the act done, the more we stop running like rats and FEEL HUMAN . 

As we add Godliness to every physical activity, the more we transcend our own reality from basic to rudimentary, from tangible to abstract, from primary sense satisfaction to emotional gratification.
The ability to feel depths and be in peace, bliss or love  are signs of soul ascension while the process of blocking emotions to struggle for survival, money or power is a sign of soul descension to an animal like , mechanical existence..

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Every person has problems in life
The power to walk away and heal self is necessary
the more you worry, the more you spread inner wars,
Individual consciousness makes u mass consciousness
A War is a manifestation on consciousness based on conflicts
Heal your core soul and choose peace over disharmony to spread peace in the world
Do not preach what you cannot practise as that creates ur own traumatic field

Third world war is not a fantasy in today’s world. It is a reality we all are confronting given the mass scale focus on negativity in human consciousness. The holocaust is the nuclear radioactive energy which will spread as a result of usage of nuclear weapons. Everybody would suffocate to death. Some people wait for death because they feel humanity has made them suffer but the vast majority still believes in God winning over sadness.

Beliefs win if focused upon and energized with action. The more we think positive and be happy by choice to let go of all resentment, the more we contribute to world peace. Energy moves to create reality of souls. The more we focus on gloom and mundane, the more we contribute to the creation of another holocaust as after the Second World War.

THE NEW AGE which is said to have begun in 2012 can either lead to end of humanity or upliftment of human consciousness to a higher dimension of compassion, peace and happiness. The time till 2029 is said to be turbulent and it is predicted that by 2029, if Earth survives and war is prevented, peace will start coming in.

Nobody can win the third world war as it would lead to destruction of all. A new civilization may arise after the holocaust disseminates but that would be beginning of evolution all over again.
It is believed by some that Earth was created six times before and each time the civilizations got demolished due to wars between men. Examples of Atlantis and Mohenjo-Daro prove that this myth could be true. 

Atlantis was a civilization which drowned because of a fight between the leaders, where negative lizard type people ( Lemurians ) won over positive bird type God like people. Negativity spreads like magnetism. It can only be prevented by a choice to rise above the swamp like energy which pulls us into distress and depression.

All our actions today are dominated by a negative consciousness ruling over positive mind sets. Lizards are souls who are unable to rise above tradition and remain grounded even during difficulties than rise to overcome sadness by making choices to let go and fly.

Any activity which leads to an increase in adrenalin flow, be it dances which are restless, sorts which are war like or exercising to build the body without focusing on breathing activities – lead to increase in depressions after the drill is over.
Breathing exercises and meditation are necessary to calm down the body so that the soul can rise from within. Happiness rises instantly when the soul energy rises in the body and takes control over the mind.
We are always running a rat race, seeking goods and services which glitter but which we don’t really need to feel peaceful. The culture to eat out to entertain the body leads to greater indigestion, increase in fat storage and a depressed mind which is always restless, seeking gratification outside.
Activities like dancing and sorts done to raise hormonal level are unaccompanied by calming down exercises. If a person is always running, how will he ever stop to reflect on whether he is running towards peace or towards anxiety?

The ever increasing hospital bills, insurance schemes and corruption all point to the fact that Lemurians are again winning the war, thus succeeding in converting humanity into reptiles who cannot walk straight and overcome ground difficulties through a positive mind set. The souls from Atlantis have faith and belief but they are over ruled by people choosing to stay in difficulties and taking pills than take time out for meditation, self healing and spirituality.

 The only path to happiness in the NEW AGE is spending at least ten minutes on mediation every day. Any technique to stop thinking, letting go, detachment, finding peace within, helps in slowing down the mind waves to stop, reflect and redefine happiness as per individual needs, not as defined by a mass consciousness which generalizes every emotional value as a product to be used for increasing money.
Every person does not need a surfeit of consumer items to be happy. 

Only young or less advanced souls are thrilled by purchase of things for show of power. Things are toys for the soul and toys do not bring peace. Things bought without any spiritual need,  only increase agitation in the mind to play harder, be restless, fall, cry and sleep. People repeat life times with the same set of problems because they are unable to sleep feeling happy by choice to let go of thinking about problems. Negative adrenalin flow becomes a habit of a mind addicted to being sad.

Dances which are aggressive and sports which are competitive activate the Law of Repetition towards more aggression and depression in each mind which participates.