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There are several people who make  a living by killing others in our world. It is s ad that people have to kill to eat themselves.

However, it is the customs and conditioning of our societies which make criminals. Babies are nit born killers. They are made .
Usually, a child who kills comes from a family background which has been violent in some way. The father is excessively abusive to the mother, physically or emotionally. The mother feels suppressed but does not rebel as s h should. Te father remains in authority as he misuse his power. The child grows up thinking that it helps to misuse power and curb others to be respected.
A person who kills  a s a criminal or a soldier becomes dis-associated with his emotional side. That makes the person feel machine like , aggressive and lonely. The person cannot connect to his feelings as he has to suppress his feelings to kill another.

At soul level, all beings are connected. The soul is an energy. The body makes us feel we are separate from one another but at a subconscious level, we are all connected through energies. The soul does not feel a body.
The soldier or  criminal kills the body thinking he is separate but that does not kill the soul of the other person. The soul is eternal. Usually, the body of the person killed gets attached to the soul of the criminal when it loses its own body. When you have soul attachments, it means that the other person’s thoughts overtake you at random.
So, if you have killed someone and that person’s soul gets attached t you, you start thinking like that person. That person may be hating you at the moment of death when you killed him . So, you would find that you hate yourself for no visible reason.

Killing another may appear powerful on the surface but it makes us feel more negative and helpless at the soul level. The spirits of the dead travel and create negativity at the subconscious level, which we cannot stop. These spirit attachments last over life times, till we become so positive that a negative spirit cannot remain in our aura. That is possible only through a complete reversal of thought process from negative to positive.

Usually, souls who are killers become saint like in later years or next lives, when they calm down. That is because meditation is the only way to remove negative spirits from our body.

The following is an excerpt from the book IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS, How past lives affect the present ,  a soul’s perspective :
The book is on past lives and it covers nine lives of the hero. The name of the hero is DEV in the book. In most of his life. Dev sees himself killing for earning his livelihood – be it as a soldier or a s a criminal. In each life, we do a past life regression and then ask his soul what drove him to choose that profession.

Dev is made to connect with his spirit guide who he sees as an OLD MAN in heaven. The spirit guide explains to Dev why he took some actions and how can he heal himself from the karmic debt. HAPpiness and peace can come in Dev’s present life only when he creates positive energy in place of the negative energy committed by his sins or mistakes, as they are called in heaven .
Dev is extremely anxiety prone and his heart races very fast when he feels excited. Usually, exercises like dumb- bells where he feels powerful make him feel excited as he used to be a powerful soldier in his past lives. However , the same exercises make him anxiety prone as the soul associates power with unnecessary bloodshed. In one of the sessions, he sees himself as an assassin. He is told by his spirit guide, THE OLD MAN , that he was like a lion hunting.

Section 4 - Dev’s Soul’s Perspective
The Old Man compared the soul of a killer to lion hunting. He meant that the soul of the killer becomes so small that it is like an animal’s soul, without a human conscience.

The comparison was particularly apt in Dev’s case because since nine lives Dev had been killing to earn his bread. In seven lives he was a soldier, and in two lives he was a criminal. 
Just like a lion has to kill to eat, as the soldier and assassin , Dev had to kill to eat. His survival depended on another’s death, as in all his previous lives, he literally earned money and rewards when another person died.
 Since he was in professions where he had to kill on order, he may have trained his mind to suppress his compassionate reasoning skills. It is possible that due to the demands of these professions, he lost empathy for other human lives.

Had he actually killed in his present life, he would have been punished. But, punishment could not have healed him because for punishment to work, the victim has to understand what he is being punished for. Dev only obeyed orders in his previous lives. He did not allow his intellect to grow enough to understand cause and effect because he did not want to question authority. In all his past lives, he was conditioned into believing that killing is justified. 
If he was now told, that killing is not justified and been punished he may have blamed the punishers instead of realizing his own mistake - as most criminals do.
 Like Dev developed emotional blindness due to training his mind to suppress questions, it is probable that a psychopath or a serial killer does not understand cause and effect because in his childhood and previous lives he has been trained to just obey and not question.

It is tragic that in our society, such professions flourish where killing other souls becomes a necessity for one’s own success.
Subsequently, when we try to heal our society by means such as capital punishment, it does not help in removing the poison from the root causes as capital punishment can destroy the body, not the soul.
The soul does not die by being hanged or electrocuted. It may become even more negative at feeling non-understood at the point of death.
If the soul dies feeling negative, it keeps coming back life after life and causes more destruction than before.
Such a soul needs Positive Reinforcement therapy, than physical punishment. It needs to be taught how to find satisfaction for using methods other than killing to earn his livelihood. If he can find better means to gain power which give him much more emotional satisfaction, than killing can, he would be induced to pursue those means from within.

Realization of cause and effect has to come from one’s own mind. It cannot be super imposed by preaching or punishment. When the soul realizes that killing another soul harms his own happiness, he would understand the futility of it. A thought virus cannot be demolished by external force. It has to be transformed.

Dev’s Higher Self was trying to show him the futility of using violence as a means of gaining power. This emotional training which his spiritual guides had to intervene to give, needs to be a part of our educational development curriculum on Earth; so that children do not desperately resort to violence to defend themselves from verbal or physical abuse. The seed of the thought virus which creates killers needs to be noticed and eradicated before it can infect.

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