Thursday, 26 June 2014


A marriage is like an energy cord of love
It exists between two people out of a choice to evolve
When there is a new person entering, the cord breaks
Infidelity is a sign that the person no longer needs the other’s sacrifice
The karmic threads dissolve and religion allows divorce
people living with infidelity become mechanical robot like 
they no longer have dreams where they need trust to fly

Infidelity in marriages is a common problem in society. So is cheating, corruption, lechery, black marketing, crime etc.
Evil increases as people tolerate it instead of revolting against it. The more people compromise out of fear of survival or laziness to change, the more the negative people thrive as they feel forgiven.

The spirit of a human being is called its soul- the conscience of the person is the soul. When a person tolerates infidelity, she or he kills his soul just as in tolerating crime..

Love, overtime,  dies in marriages which allow infidelity. Trust no longer forms the basis of the relationship. The marriage survives because of needs like food, clothes and shelter which thrive on greed more than survival. Desperation for a status, an image of success to deny the failure of marriage, to refuse the fact that the soul exists and needs to evolve kills the spirit of the person.

The more the person compromises while suppressing his inner hurt, the more it degrades the soul consciousness. When the choice is towards greed and not need, the soul becomes caught in a vicious circle of negativity where one greed fuels another and the person keeps falling in a trap of crime.
The soul suffers as the person develops pains and diseases in the body. There is suppressed anger which releases negative hormone sin the bloodstream. People who live in marriages with multiple partners lose the sanctity of marriage. It no longer remains a holy union. It becomes like a business where partners cheat each other and stay together as criminals in a jail.

Both partners who have affairs outside the marriage feel jailed with their spouse. There is constant disharmony, a feeling of sacrifice like a goat and devil worship because faith in God decreases due to a focus on compromise. It is the person’s own choice to compromise as all religions allow divorce on grounds of infidelity.

However, tolerating or committing crime is a sin and both souls suffer, become depressed and develop hatred towards society as a result of their own misguided choice to live together.

Research on cancer patients has revealed that cancer arises out of a feeling of suppressed rage in the subconscious mind, a feeling of helplessness and a choice to stay angry over letting go. To cure cancer, a person has to let go of anger by a choice to forgive and detach from a situation which makes him or her feel helpless. When the person detaches, she or he allows God to take over and the spirit to live rises again.

Like cancer can be treated in stage 1, on fertility can be stopped in the initial stages. The marriage can survive if both partners realize they have been wrong and like to be with each other instead of feeling suffocated while living together.

However, if there is a feeling of disharmony in the marriage, it means that the partners no long share the same energy vibes as they did when they were in love. Sexual passion dies in several people overtime especially after children are born and the partner gets less attention from spouse than before. Children usually come with issues which are the parents’ soul tests. Also, the love dies when there is too much disagreement on every issue more than sexual compatibility can compensate for.

Living with infidelity is like living with a criminal. You would always feel bullied and walked over and happiness can never becomes a way of life.

Happiness needs that both partners love and evolve with each other, enjoy sex only with each other and non else and grow together as souls. Marriage is not like a birth contract that it has to be tolerated through life as it is not a blood relationship. Marriage is a karmic relationship and karma dissolves overtime. When karma dissolves, two people can stay together only if there is deep love between the souls. If they stay together out of self enforcement, they develop diseases in the body as the soul rebels and their hospital bills rise as a cost of staying together in the marriage.  When there is need for another person in a marriage, the knot of marriage is broken, karmic threads no longer hold and religion allows the person to walk away. 

Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Everyone faces sorrows on Earth. The planet Earth is an amalgamation of positive and negative energies. The soul is free of negative energy arising due to time and space limitations, in the higher, frequency positive dimensions of the universe where spirit forms live eternally and evolve from one frequency to another.
However, time and space limitations exist on Earth as Earth is one of the lower dimensions in the universe. 

All the dreams a human being has cannot be achieved in one life time as life for the soul is eternal. The soul incarnating in a physical body is initially like a toddler. Each life is only an experience for the soul  like a step in the learning ladder of evolution. The soul falls when it tries to speed up its evolution and sins in the process.
When the soul sins, it harms other souls and creates negative energy in the process of accumulating money or fame.

 The soul creates that which it focuses on as it is a co-creator, a part of the Creator. When the soul focuses on being negative, it loses its connection with the positive frequencies of God , It acquires money or fame through spreading injustice and taking life force from its fellow incarnated souls. The abuser gets powerful through its negative co-coercion but it loses out on happiness. No positive energy can reach a person focused on the negative and the power it earns is futile because it doesn’t lead to any peace or happiness for the soul.
Every action we do on Earth is meant to help the soul evolve to a brighter frequency bit when we take actions which make us lose our positivity, we devolve as souls,

Evolution is  a process. From reptiles, we evolve to mammals and from mammals , we evolve to birds. The shift is not only physical . Mentally also, human beings belong to three levels of consciousness. The lower consciousness beings called RAKSHAS, the middle consciousness beings called Manushyas and the Higher consciousness beings called DEVAS.

Human beings are mammals. When human beings dream, they seek to fly. For the soul, the process of achieving dreams is an attempt to fly. As the soul achieves its desires in ways which make it happy , it flies on happiness, health, love and peace. Feeling positive and not sad is an indication of soul advancement. If the soul needs to escape through crying, using sex as a vent out and alcohol to be thoughtless then it means that the soul is focusing more on negative than positive. The more we focus on any energy, the more we attract it in our lives.

The advanced soul believes in goodness, love, oneness of all humans and makes attempts to achieve these aspects of life which take it closer to God. The soul eats food to feel healthy not for craving and it indulges in sex to feel loved not for venting out its negativity . The soul becomes like God in thinking, is self reliant in being happy and moves  away from dependence on liquor or animal sex for finding inner peace .

The advanced soul  feels satisfied with all aspects of its life and content with the way the world moves around him or her. The desires which are left unachieved are forgotten by the soul who seeks to fly as those desires bind the soul to negativity  .

From human beings, souls evolve to being like Vulcans , Indigos , Crystals, Neonites,  and Rainbows , which are beings from other dimensions who can fly . These advanced souls are involved in more complex activities of the universe like creating new planets and maintaining galaxies. Advanced forms create life forms while human beings create physical forms which are life less.However , the process of evolution happens only by focusing on peeling positive within irrespective of external negativity . A shift in inner consciousnesses slowly changes external circumstances for the person but a focus only on the external scnario makes the soul feel more helpless repeatedly. 

Indulging in sadness, using prostitutes or alcohol , drugs, excessive medicines , smoking etc. Are all a signal to the subconscious mind that the soul is losing control and needs to escape from reality . When there is escapism, learning cannot happen. These souls may be successful in Earthly terms but slowly their spirit erodes . The sex they get is loveless, the alcohol they drink to be in peace does not bring them peace. Hangovers make them depressed and the feeling of being lifeless increases overtime.

Any solution to a  problem which makes the person escape without addressing the negative energy inside him does not help in converting the circumstances the soul exists in to positive . A bad marriage can continue if there is alcohol and prostitutions to compensate; but a   mad marriage will break if love is needed to survive .  A non satisfying job which pays good money would continue only if the satisfaction is pursued through alternatives like cigarettes, alcoholism and friends who help escaping the core problems but the bad job cannot continue if the person has to deal with its inefficacy and there is no compensation and no escape.

Breaking structures which are dysfunctional is necessary to move onto happiness in life . People who take baby steps to being successful  can be happy only if they also take baby steps to meditate and find their inner desires. Taking baby steps, helps in not losing balance but moving in a direction which offers money but no inner peace makes the soul negative in the long run. The more helpless and victimized we feel, the more we loosen our brightness , as souls .

The accumulation of money or fame is futile if the soul devolves and reincarnates as animal in the next life because it again has to repeat the whole experience of learning , struggle to survive and evolve all over again . Several souls repeat life times of similar bad habits, similar frustrations and similar failures till they learn to rise above the negative trap through connecting to higher positive frequencies of God, light, knowledge and wisdom . Patterns do not break automatically. Bad Habits die only when discipline, and mind control is enforced by choice made voluntarily by an evolving soul.

The price of advancement from being mentally like a  reptile to being a mammal to being a  bird is letting go of security as security for a reptile is different from security for a mammal. A mammal will not be happy in the same type of circumstances where a reptile feels happy . Those beliefs which are not needed to be in peace but are imposed as safe by society’s standards have to be discarded believing in support from the skies ( God ) as the birds do .  The reptile cannot walk if it keeps crawling . If people keep compromising , they cannot walk towards a higher level of happiness.  When the being starts walking , it keeps falling and slowly learns the balance . In the process of falling , if it restarts compromising , It again moves back to being like a reptile and has to rise all over again . The desires remain dis-satisfied till fpocus shifts from lifeless forms to finding life force inside, till we rise above material satisfaction to achieving satisfaction by being one with God’s bliss.
The reptile cannot walk till it compromises with its helplessness. Similarly, the mammal cannot fly if it keeps walking . As long as there is dis-satisfaction , the soul remains tied to Earth . As desires transcend from desiring tangible forms like money to buy cars or gold to realizing feelings of happiness , joy and peace  which are intangible. The being transcends from being physical to being bird-like in advancement . Desires do not change overnight . It takes life-times to advance in need hierarchies.

The movement from a reptile to a mammal allows the soul to remain grounded . The mammal is half grounded and half in air; meaning that a person who is evolving is half realistic and half dreamy. The dreamy aspect makes it create that which did not exist earlier. For example, the dreamers created the aeroplanes, the mobile phones and love in air.

Human beings who cannot dream devolve as they cannot maintain their half body in air.Thy want to be safe and cannot make any choice which makes them feel insecure in terms of money or shelter. In their next lives, they are reborn as snails or reptiles again where they are in environments where they feel safe and grounded.
Human beings who remain dreamers slowly lose interest in the physical dimension as they want to create beyond that which can be seen. These souls evolve to planets which support flying frequencies if they rise to higher levels of peace, health and happiness during their life-times on Earth. For example souls like Einstein, Buddha etc. who have been inventors, saints and detached from material life but high on spiritual realms move closer to frequencies of God. However, souls who dream but remain sad m helpless and die of diseases which cripple their spirits have to be reborn again and again till they can transcend the negative into positive by their meditative abilities.

Sunday, 8 June 2014


Love and happiness are dimensions of a a higher degree
sexuality is the basic nature of animals and evolving beings
when sex is combined with spirituality
we rise to understanding how love, sex and happiness mean the same thing 
 Rapes mean emotional and physical abuse . The stronger person acts as a bully, over rules free will, thinks only of his own needs and rapes the other person's freedom. It is unfair act and an increase in rapes  reflection of all other acts of injustice  carried on in society and justified as legal suppression. 

Men who rape women are usually frustrated and need to bang someone or something only to release that frustration.
Rape can hardly help to satisfy needs of love or sexuality. The rapist feels as good as a dog would feel after sex , as if he is an empty can of robotic mindset .
Any act of sex is desired because it is an act of giving and taking love.
If men increasingly are choosing to indulge in sex in an animal-like fashion, it shows how society is devolving to a lower consciousness of spiritual evolution.
Animals don’t pray . Animals cannot read or write and they cannot manufacture aeroplanes. Human beings who believe like animals lower the capacity of their brains to think or evolve. Their happiness or sadness becomes centred around food or drinks , like animals ; and they perform for success just as a bull performs when pushed.
These men who rape feel equally humiliated during their upbringing and they send out their energy they focus upon.
The women who are raped viz. The victim souls usually have karmic debts to pay and suffer often if they, themselves, as men in previous lives or parallel lives have raped. These women also suffer is they have emotionally abused children in same or previous lives, if their parents have been strict and they have self blamed themselves for being wrong because their elders have blamed them.
Women who are raped need to be analyzed psychologically to find out what they focus upon to attract the abuse. Usually, it is found that women who are physically beaten in their marriages have one parent who has been very abusive and they attract the same kind of person they try to run away from in the house. Rape cannot happen unless  the women feel emotionally suppressed on a daily basis and allow it .
The men who rape also need to be analyzed psychologically to understand why physical frustration goes to the extreme. There is a need for love in every human being for which we need to develop emotional maturity. But  our competitive , negative conditioning in schooling , abusive parents , pressure to perform , need to be docile in front of parents , religious myths all add up to men using an escape route than addressing their sexual needs appropriately.
Instead of letting rape continue, sex education needs to be promoted along with spiritual content. Sex is the only method by which we can reach God in a physical body as it creates a moment of thoughtlessness which is necessary to be one with God. Saints practise thoughtlessness on a  routine basis but the materialistic man needs alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or sex to achieve the same state.
The point of thoughtlessness can also be achieved through masturbation . The person needs to focus on his head and a  light above his head while masturbating and exhale our bright light mentally with his breath at the point of release . Masturbation is a process of converting sexual energy into spiritual energy /creative energy and needs to be done with the mind involved for satisfaction.  Masturbation if done correctly can address all sexual needs and also help increase intelligence by blood flow to the brain. A correct method is where the focus is on the head and the sexual organ simultaneously... the crown and the root chakra are synchronized in that way. An exhaling of positive hormones by smiling at the point of release helps becoming healthy  as life force is released all over the body .
Sexuality of human beings needs to be understood not suppressed as bad . Religious myths which say sex is bad speak of animal sex and not spiritual sex or loving through sex. Any animal like behaviour be it beating another or raping is bad as it converts the human being into a reptile like creature as a soul. However, if people are taught the spiritual aspects of sexuality and how to achieve satisfaction by reaching God through sex, then rape would be a foolish act of frustration used by people of lower mental consciousness to escape soul lessons.
The LAW OF REPETITION rules the universe. The feelings which we focus upon keep getting repeated in our lives in energy cycles. EMOTIONS are energies in motion.
             "Feelings or emotions are a manifestation of energy movement. All energy movement in the universe is cyclical. Energy, by its nature or by law, moves in cycles which are circular in motion. Thus we have the Earth revolving around the Sun, we have seasonal cycles, lunar cycles etc.

            The movement of energy in the universe can be understood by metaphorically, observing the movement of energy in a calm pool of water. When we throw a stone in a pool of calm water, circles of ripples are created. These cycles or circles of ripples keep getting created automatically, as long as the disturbance created by the stone continues to cause imbalance in the pool.

Since energy moves in cycles, our feelings, which are a manifestation of energy, also move along cyclical paths. Energy circuits are formed in almost the same pattern as ripples of water are formed, one following another. Through these energy circuits, feelings keep getting created as long as the new interrupting focus is maintained.

Thus, we keep repeating the same type of experiences at the emotional level, over years and over life-times, irrespective of material or technological development in the external world. We keep feeling the same way, internally, because we remain in the same energy cycle.

             For instance, a focus on self defence, from outsiders would have begun in the primitive man’s society. A new realization of feeling insecure would have created the need in the primitive man to use weapons for defending her/his belongings from predators.
            The new realization acted as the stone in a pool of water and motivated energy movement. Once activated, the energy continued to repeat itself. The need to defend ourselves still remains a dominant focus in the human mind, as is evident, when we choose to spend huge amounts of our development funds on the defence industry.
            If we care to stop our repetitive thought process for a few brief moments of awareness, we would arrive at a subsequent new realization which would make the old focus point obsolete.
            The energy cycle can stop only if we focus on stopping the current by shifting the focus of our thinking, with awareness. It cannot stop by itself because energy has to flow and it would keep flowing wherever we focus. Till we focus differently, we automatically remain in the same energy cycle.
            By changing the energy cycle and looking beyond the previously established beliefs that we have to defend ourselves from enemies, we would realize that the external technological changes, have made the concept of needing weapons for the self-defence of countries almost redundant.
            Scarcity does not exist today as it did in the old days. Therefore, there is actually no rational danger from enemies except at the level of competitive self-interest.

            Our fear is an outcome of a focus on negative feelings. We are conditioned, subconsciously, into believing that each human being is happier by defeating another. Hence, we have to compete or we would be attacked because that is the nature of being human which is totally false. Human beings like to share joys and laughter together, if their survival is not threatened.
            It is a lack of awareness about the human mind and an inability to distinguish it from the animal mind which makes us spend huge financial resources on weapons that could otherwise , be used to spread love and peace; and benefits of technological development for all.
            Being humans, we can create with our thought process unlike animals. If we focus on enemies being there, we would create them with our focus. The more we invest on weapons, the more we would tell ourselves that  we have enemies to justify our expenditure.

The external world is a manifestation of the feelings we focus on.  It keeps manifesting itself more and more creatively, as we keep reinforcing the same feelings and mobilizing energies towards that kind of manifestation.
            Like, earlier we chose to fight wars with swords. Now we choose to fight with guns or bombs, yet, the experience at the level of feelings remains the same—we continue mentally fighting in both cases; albeit, guns are a higher and more complex form of creation than swords are. The pattern of repetition gets reinforced with continuous focus and keeps manifesting itself in newer, more evolved forms.
            If we instead, focused on spreading compassion and love and neutralizing our negative tendencies by no longer fuelling them with our insecurities, we would reinforce the creation of a happier world."


Friday, 6 June 2014


The war between the Dark forces and the Light workers is at the level of energy. There are no physical weapons used. The war is of words. Thoughts pass from one being to another and spread negative energy.
The negative feelings spread like a virus. They create doubt in one person and he passes the doubt to another person, then the third and so on.
Dark energies cannot be deciphered visibly on the physical plane. They work through a person’s mind. Any person who is dominated by a dark force initially starts to lower the dominance of positive energies in another person by making the person feel helpless, humiliated, inefficient, cheated, sad etc.
Upon hearing the negative commentary, the person disbelieves in his own goodness which lowers his self esteem. Lack of belief in the self, weakens the soul and reduces the person’s power to focus his mind on creating happiness. The person gets distracted from his positive focus by the doubts which the dark force puts in his mind.” EXCERPT - CREATION OF HAPPINESS, THE ENERGY WAR,  a soul's perspective

Each time we interact with other people, we create new thoughts. The thoughts create feelings which make us negative or positive. People who are negative pass on their negative feelings to us in their positively spoken words also while people who are positive pass on positive feelings to us even in the negatively spoken words. It is the feelings which are transmitted which decide whether they person is speaking from a realm of God or a  realm of the devil.

The devil may operate through bad people or with good people who are negative in orientation because they are conditioned so. The dark force travels like a wave from one being to another just as sound waves pass on. We catch the thought waves directed towards us, depending on our inner frequency. Negativity passes like a virus  and the thoughts impact us more subconsciously than the words spoken  . While the completely negative people who are BLACK in their aura are visible like criminals or abusers or rapists , the WHITE POISONOUS people who are negative create more negativity in us which makes us attract the black people .
Dark force uses the WHITE POISON to make us weak . These are people who are traditional , orthodox in approach, compromising in attitude, usually complaining , falsely religious and proclaim to be good. These are people we trust who are not always bad but they catch the negative thought waves in moments of their own despair and pass it on to the positive people . These so-called good people cut our wings . They are invisible  as they are in good robes as in teachers, gurus, priests, parents , wives or husbands , children, friends, siblings etc,. These people claim to love and flatter but their message is underlined with negativity. 

The person who is loved or flattered feels more negative than positive afterwards .  There is disapproval in undertones and in body language , disagreement of values , an awe of strength but a  display of weakness. It is like a wolf flattering a lion but backstabbing in behaviour or a mouse flattering an elephant but feeling jealous inside .
These people who act as WHITE POISON are not always bad as their love and care may be genuine. They are also helpful in their own ways but they are caught in their own negative cycle of life and they find faults with others only to sanctify their own compromise. Their own choices are negative because they are too traditional, lazy or afraid to break free of society’s pressures and think originally and they unconsciously speak good in a  way which passes on that energy of negativity. For example, a  woman who feels sacrificed in her own marriage may make her son feel miserable if he loves a woman only because her own belief in love has shattered . Ira  father who feels like a failure in his own business may kill the enterprise of his own daughter only to save her from disappointment
Each time we feel negative because of any reason, we incur negative karma.

Sometimes, the negative feelings imbibed help to break destructive patterns in our behaviour while at other times, those negative worries make us feel more compromised and helpless. We lose the game when we feel negative and we win the game when we can overcome other people’s negative influence and make choices to be happy ourselves , even if it means rebellion from society. Mass consciousness is always evolving and it is the rebels who help in growth and evolution to a higher level of happiness, not the conformists

Earth is considered as a school by souls incarnating in heaven . The method of learning is experiential through playing games in life / Life is considered a video game by the incarnating soul.

Each time the soul feels positive, its gets a positive score and each time the soul feels negative , its gets a negative score. Feelings release electric impulses in the universe just as bodies release breath. Each breath carries an accompanying feeling and it is the feelings which determine, the karmic equation of the soul.
Whatever choices we make, whichever actions we take are not counted directly by their impact. The souls only record electric impulses released by feelings while taking those actions.

 It does not matter whether you do conventionally good work or bad work. Legal laws are not applicable for the souls . The soul plays the game from the outside through controlling the bodies with a remote control.  Only electric activity in the brain is recorded by the soul. If there is no activity in the brain, a neutral or negative charge is recorded. However, nothing matters except for the feelings released which create the electric activities.
So, whenever we feel good, we create a positive score for ourselves and whenever we feel bad, we create a negative score for ourselves. The average score is recorded .

If we pretend to be happy outside but feel negative or compromised inside, a negative score is recorded and we lose the game. While drinking alcohol, taking drugs or partying on fatty foods, if we feel negative, the soul records a loss, not a gain . Each time , a negative score is added. The person loses on happiness and gets a minus in the learning of the soul lesson accompanying .

Negative scores have to be converted into positive before the soul can end this game cycle which may continue over life times.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


DRINK HOT WATER every hour like sipping tea or coffee,
Use water cans instead of beer cans to quench thirsty urges
Allow boredom to be an inevitability and get used to silently musing on positive energies, 
Exhale out black energy from the top of your head and breathe in  God's white light,

Let go of fear of losing fame if you disobey a devilish mind
Eat small snacks every two hours and spend a lot of time sleeping
Do not push yourself, give yourself time to dream, relax and be lazy
You will not need alcohol if you can just stay lazy without being scolded
Do not scold yourself because your mom scolded you for sitting empty
You anyways waste a lot of time in hangovers and drinking in clubs
Use that time to be with yourself, meditate on light and BEING FREE

Alcoholism is usually always a result of incomplete childhood cravings, an innate self programme to perform for others, a need to be successful in terms of the world, an inability to use intelligence originally and following other people’s definitions of success or happiness which leave one’s own soul craving unattended.
Emotions get suppressed in childhood when parents use force to send us to school, study or eat. Feelings are electric impulses and energies in motion. Feelings can only be converted slowly from negative to positive. They cannot be killed just as a soul cannot be killed.
Emotional desires when suppressed keep releasing negative hormones in the subconscious till addressed. Alcohol intake is a need to escape from real problems because of the belief that we should not change our circumstances as it is our duty to fulfil our commitments.
However, very often, the conditions imposed are inhumane in expectations and God does not decree that we follow human laws which need evolution. Demanding Obedience to parents or a very dominating spouse, while suppressing the self, is a pattern imposed by the devil.
The devil needs excuses to be negative and blaming it on unreasonable parents or wife is easier than transcending the negative people to positive by killing their ideology. Very often, we have to learn to unlearn old habits to learn new ways of being. We have to disobey dishonest people to be honest ourselves. We have to disbelieve liars even if they proclaim love whether they are parents, old friends, siblings, children or lovers. The devil can come in the form of the people you trust the most and can make you addicted to alcohol or drugs or prostitution only because he uses your soul power to spread negative light over God’s positive light.
Alcoholism is curable effectively through age regression and past life regression, or through several deductive centres like Alcohol Anonymous where the main principle followed is to self affirm “I LOVE MYSELF “ and to make choices which help us be happy rather than please other people . Traits like humility, forgiveness , compassion, emotional balancing , self love, sacrifice are all synonomous with learning to be one in thinking with God. Sacrifice of materialistic priorities, ego and the need to crib leads to an ascension of the soul to a higher degree of happiness and spiritualism.
Alcoholics often believe that god does not exist and a belief in an alternate reality beyond the norms of this world is necessary to leave drinking .

Even if alcoholics sacrifice their individuality to keep the world happy , the people who they obey are usually negative and they remain negative even after the sacrifices. In their place, if we please positive and happy people, they express gratitude and are thankful, thus increasing our happiness. Making us feel loved and independent while making life’s choices helps us quit alcohol