Sunday, 28 December 2014


 Traditional thinking becomes negative when is success driven
Compromise often over rules soul needs of emotional evolution
Happiness can come in only whenw e strop worrying
Worry is often created when we fail to meet success needs
Dinosaurs were creatures which monopolised space
They had to be revamped for humanity to get space
Similarly, The NEW AGE brings in souls who are advanced in need
They need space in minds and environments without being success driven

Our lives revolve around traditions  we imbibe in Childhood. Most of these traditions are carried over from childhood . We get conditioned into thinking in line with the institutional structures we are made to follow.
My book IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS is about how the soul repeats the same mistakes over life-times because the institutional structures he grows up in are very slow to change. The soul feels defeated at the end of each life though the body is publicly acknowledged as successful .
The soul mission remains unaccomplished as long as he strives to get success and power while grossly ignoring soul needs .
The lead character of the Book is named DEV . The book is based on real past life case history.  The following sections are deleted from the published book due to the length considerations and are being posted here for those who need .

‘Are we mentally jailed under  Dinosauric institutions?’

Dev’s second past life session brought up another common problem which is one of the main causes of existence of negative energy in the world.

The problem is that of our need to follow institutionalization without questioning or allowing change in the set norms. We have structured our life around a wall of institutions like schooling, marriage, armies, and health services, which set the norms of how we should live our lives.
These norms are largely focused on achieving external measures of success, as defined by conventional doctrines, irrespective of whether these measures satisfy our core soul needs or not.
So, we want our children to go to school even if the syllabus taught may not help them understand what they need to learn to achieve happiness in life. We want armies to protect our countries even though maintaining armies uses funds which could otherwise be used for intellectual and emotional development of human beings. We follow health services which do not take into account the soul lessons involved behind recurring problems. And, we want to settle down in marriage with partners even though, marriage, as it exists today in several countries, tends to inhibit freedom of thought and expression instead of fostering it.

These institutions block soul evolution because of their resistance to change. They don’t accept new thought necessary for expanding horizons of the human mind towards a happier world.
Because these institutions exist and we feel compelled to follow them we feel like victims of negative circumstances.
As evolving souls, we feel jailed at energy levels due to repeatedly feeling mentally suppressed, even though we are not physically jailed.
These institutions can be called the DINOSAURS of society, because they are big in terms of the influence they exert and slow in terms of their ability to change.
If we were to give a shape to the energy concept of these institutions, they would appear like huge, rigid, Dinosauric thought forms.

Like Dev refused to disobey orders , we hold these institutions as sacred. We make our choices around our base foundations. Like him, usually, we too go by the label of the institution irrespective of whether the label justifies the ideals of the profession or not. Hence, whether a person chooses to be a soldier, a teacher, a doctor, or a homemaker, s/he rarely finds herself/himself doing what s/he intended to do, by joining the institutional set up of that profession.
For example:

Army—a soldier swears to fight for the people when he joins the army. Yet, very often, he ends up fighting for beliefs which do not help the common man achieve justice. He is not allowed to look into the deeper aspects of the war—like whether the war he fights is justified from the perspective of the weak and oppressed or whether the terrorists he kills have been unjustly exploited earlier.
The soldier chooses to give in to circumstances and not to think because, at an individual level, he finds the whole structure of the army too huge to fight against alone. He bends under the Dinosaur and allows it to continue ruling.
Instead, if funds used for maintaining armies could be used for fostering development of human conscience and intellect, there may be no more need of opting for wars to resolve problematic issues.

Schools—Like the army, schooling is a base structure of our society. It lays foundations for adult lives. But, a teacher is usually, unable, to help kids develop coping skills for the emotional demands of adulthood.
We rarely use more than 30% of the theoretical concepts we study in schools in our professional lives but we use up a good deal of our precious founding years learning subject details which would not be relevant to us when we grow up and enter jobs or businesses.
How many of us need to know how fractions and trigonometry sums are solved or the distance of the Sun from the Earth in exact units or the type of algae that grow in water? Why is it relevant to teach all this when more important emotional learning skills need to be inculcated?
Instead of spending hours on lecturing about traditional subjects, concepts like stress management, love for fellow humans, understanding inner talents etc. can be practically taught which would help kids create positivity in their lives?
Most schools almost run like armies. Pupils are expected to obey authority without questioning it. The slow method of teaching a mass class causes frustration in several students who process information quicker than others. The need to develop patience to sit in a class-room often feels unnecessary especially to the brighter students. When forced upon, it may lead to violence among students who are otherwise, traumatized by having to study subjects they hardly find meaningful. Ritual is given priority over reason since the need to study becomes a ritualistic tradition than the need of the hour for the little, evolving minds.
Students and teachers are encouraged to blindly follow the Dinosauric institution of schooling, even if it spreads more negative than positive, growth oriented energy.
Instead, if students could learn from the beginning an open-ended syllabus which would also help them meet their soul needs, along with studying what is required to achieve external success, then their attitude towards learning would automatically become more positive.

Health—Like in other professions, the doctor needs to look beyond the external body for understanding the core need of the job he tries to do. He has to focus on the feelings underlying a disease to be able to heal the person satisfactorily.
Medications and surgical operations are very important because they help to clean existing clusters of negative energy and fill in deficits of positive energy. But, if physical problems are solved only by using medications people tend to ignore learning their soul lessons. That defeats the soul and makes it want to leave the body.
Medicines heal temporarily but if the emotional issues underlying persist, the problems repeat in the same form or in another form.
Hence, people keep facing similar kinds of body problems on a recurring basis, as they keep facing similar kinds of emotional traumas. For instance, joint pain shifts from one part of the body to another or skin disease and asthma alternate.
Energies of similar thoughts multiply. People do not realize that the problem recurs not because of failure of the medical system but because they do not raise their consciousness in tune with their soul evolution needs.
If repeatedly suppressed by medication, the emotional issue takes the form of a fatal disease because the soul chooses to then leave the body and come back with the same emotional unresolved lessons in a fresh body.
Doctors often suffer from stress and anxiety problems because of their frustration in being unable to help the patients get cured, as much as they would like to. Many of them start following holistic healing techniques over a period of time, but most of them remain bound under the constraints of their dinosauric medical institution.
For healing the soul, and the body together, the worldly phenomenon need to be studied more from the energy perspective than from the physically, tangible perspective. For the soul, which cannot access the physical, tangible world the disease exists only in the form of a low frequency thought or energy. So, for the thought to get healed and transcended into positive, the external form needs to be sidelined so that one can find out the reason behind the consistently, recurring negative thought which manifests the physical disease.

Marriage—the institution of marriage can be an important reason for negative thinking if two people choose to be in a marriage for reasons other than love or mutual compatibility. Staying married for the sake of children, money of convenience is not healthy for the body or the soul. We suffer from physical diseases, depressions and anxieties very often because we choose to stay with a person whose ideology causes much conflict in our minds.
There is a constant focus on negative aspects of life because we get entangled in arguments and blackmails. The feeling of helplessness perpetuates the marriage. We have a core desire to be loved and accepted which does not get satisfied by a marriage of convenience. When love dies out, the frustration of being non-understood keeps nagging us because we choose to stay married.
Yet, we like to believe the marriage is satisfying its purpose by helping us live as a unit, just as Dev chose to believe that being in the army would spread justice.
Any institution which spreads more negative energy in our lives than positive needs to be reviewed, be it a job, a course of study, a marriage or a medical treatment.
Learning to focus on what the soul desires emotionally is necessary before choosing to continue on a dysfunctional way of life.
We cannot attain the satisfaction we desire from our efforts if the soul, the energy within us does not feel satisfied with the outcome of our work. External rewards are meaningless if we do not feel content internally.
Just following labels, and moving in the shadow of dinosaurs, may not help us to achieve our purpose of life from the soul’s perspective. We cannot expect happiness to automatically fall into our laps if we do not make efforts to change our beliefs and structural institutions which make us focus more on unhappiness.

All these institutions have to be revamped and rebuilt in a way that the soul can learn its lessons and grow by following them instead of having to slow down its evolution by feeling constricted. Their present structure needs to become extinct with the coming era just as Dinosaurs became extinct with the Ice ages so that a New Age could set in.
At an individual level, we need to know, like Dev had to, that we have the power to bring about a change in the system. Each of our thoughts, which have a feeling entailed in it, impacts the process of creation in the universe.

Monday, 15 December 2014


Every aspect of our life as humans is a part of a  process of evolution. We, as souls, evolve from being animals to being humans. Happiness and love are the highest energy vibrations which are experienced only by souls who are moving from being human to being divine. These souls are no longer satisfied with animal pleasures of existence and seek deeper truths of life.
As we ascend , our soul faces tests where we have to move upwards from being human to being divine. As we become closer to the divine thinking of the Creator, our positive soul frequency rises. To become divine from human, we have to involve our soul in every act such that an element of sacrifice is involved. It is the extension of soul energy more than being human, which ignites our divine power as co-creators of the universe.


To preach truth is human, to practice truth is divine
To pray is human, to believe is divine
To marry is human; to merge as one is divine
To have sex is human, to light up the soul is divine
To imitate is human, to create originality is divine
To make mistakes is human; to learn from them is DIVINE
To learn is human, to act educated is divine
To memorize is human, to derive new wisdom is divine
To dance is human; to create soul vibrations is divine
To err is human, to forgive is divine
To seek is human, to find satisfaction is divine
To abuse is human, to acknowledge is divine
To complain is human, to understand is divine
To blame is human, to take responsibility is divine
To be careless is human, to  own up is divine
To earn money is human, to spread positive energy is divine
To own cars is human, to grow spiritually is divine
To love technology is human, to control your own mind technology is divine
To fall sick is human, to heal your energy  is divine
To cook is human, to spread oneness is divine
To leave in distress is human, to help a cause is divine
To play politics is human, to manipulate creative energies is divine
To write a book is human, to change consciousness is divine
To teach is human, to enlighten is divine
To act is human, to spread awareness is divine
To sing is human, to change earth waves is divine
To paint is human, to transcend realms is divine
To manage is human, to ensure equanimity is divine
To seek is human, to satisfy is divine
To lie is human, to confront is divine
To lust for body is human, to desire love is divine
To eat food is human, to eat healthy is divine
To trim your body is human, to stay healthy is divine

Trancension of souls can also be from devil To God if the soul is powerful enough to handle extreme experiences. A soul who has been low frequency, animal like would become high frequency, God like by completely reversing its thought process from thinking negative to choosing to focus on positive in every aspect of life.
To hit is animal, to accept errors is divine
To attack is animal, to protect the soul is divine
To scream is animal, to listen is divine
To rape is animal, to surrender is divine
To steal is animal, to spread justice is divine
To have free sex is animal, to find true love is divine
To kill is animal, to repay karma to souls is divine
To destroy life is animal, to create a new universe is divine

Sunday, 14 December 2014


‘You don’t have to walk on roads which have been walked on before, because they may not lead you to where you want to reach. You have the power to create your own road, the road which no one has ever walked before — In your process of discovery, you may get misdirected sometimes; yet, if you love yourself and trust in the universe, you are going to find the right track sooner or later.’ 

The is a unique book which explains that it is possible to choose a difficult path which makes you feel satisfied from within and remain happier than choosing a conventionally easy path and remaining unhappy or under-utilized as souls. Reality, happiness and difficulties are energies of different frequencies, not absolute truths.

 We find the KEY TO HAPPINESS by understanding the Energy Resonance theory in application. Happiness increases through the specific techniques given in the book. 

The book shows how we can overcome difficulties by changing our perspective of happiness . Happiness comes by aligning needs of the soul with desires of the body and mind. 

It is explained that unlike our animal ancestors, we are evolved souls who need to learn how to achieve emotional satisfaction. We are no longer rats who can be satisfied with cheese. External success fails to achieve purpose of the soul when accompanied with negative feelings. 

The series of books proves how a blind pursuit of material objects of success reduces happiness and leads to increases in stress and diseases.

 To find happiness, we have to learn to be happy in difficulties so that we reverse the energy circuitry which created the difficulties. 

The concepts used are primarily based on Emotional Management Theory, an integrated approach which draws from such different disciplines, as: hypnotherapy, past life regression therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, reiki, pranik healing, theta healing, behavior analysis, psychology, and religion. 
The aim in bringing together different streams of thought is that of more effectively addressing individual needs while also providing a wider scope that can correspond to the varied needs of society. 

Before accepting or discarding any theory proposed in this book, please practically TEST it upon yourself. The more you self-test the concepts, the more you would understand their utility in overcoming difficulties in life. 

The claim is not to state absolute truths, but to find practically applicable methods of energy focus which can help us live in a happier world.