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Sacrifice vs. Detachment

Between sacrificing for another or detaching from another's demands , choose that which makes you vibrationally more positive in your everyday life 
At the end of your life, you will not be judged by how many people you made happy, but by the positive karma or good electric impulses which radiated from you while helping others and the peace you helped otherrs generate by their vibrational evolution ,
the more negative you stay, the more diseases you will attract and the more unhappiness you will spread automatically by your soul radiation
Choose to be content than being a  sacrificial goat

The Law of Creation operates at an energy level which is affected by the matrix of other people’s feelings focused upon the same reality. Your feelings will be influenced by other people’s energies and may manifest sooner or get destroyed by the impact of other people’s energies dominating your feelings.

We live in a matrix of thought waves, which move as sound waves or light waves. The thought waves which have more energy/ feeling intensity overrule the thought waves which have less felt intensity .

In a group activity, the positive feelings which we focus upon can be overruled by negative feelings focused upon by other people . Also, when competitions exist , the same feelings are focused upon by several people, and the highest energy intensity wins .For example, if you focus on the feeling that you are being acknowledged by getting an award in your class for performing well , you may be competing with other fellow students who are also focusing on  co-creating the same reality. The expectation of the student who is most confident that he would get the award is likely to win over a less confident student; even if the less confident student works harder . A poorer quality performance may win if it has more positive expectations of winning attached than a better performance with fear of failure attached .

The higher quality of performance would get more acknowledgement only where no fear value is attached as self-doubt and fear lower the ability to receive acknowledgement  and prevent creation of positive cycles.

Co-creation of Reality is a purely vibrational phenomenon and does not directly depend on the quality of work involved. Often, it has been observed that less deserving people get more acknowledgement in society ; but that is because  they are more confident vibrationally that they deserve the award, while the more hard working remain in self -doubt.

Likewise, when you start working as an adult , you would again face this matrix of expectations in any job you undertake. You may find less efficient people succeeding over you because they are more confident that they would and do not hesitate using manipulation to create fear or self - doubt in you. Negative feelings created by energy transfer of thought waves would reduce your confidence and your positive feelings will feel obstructed by entrance of negative energies ; just as  a car gets obstructed on a  road by obstacles coming up along the way.

Every negative feeling which you choose to focus upon  would act as an obstacle towards creation of a positive reality in your life.

Hence, to create a future more positive than now, you would have to learn to insulate yourself from negative feelings . For example, a fear  of losing can be overcome by developing detachment from an outcome while mobilizing effort towards manifesting it . Detachment is an energy of ZERO or neutral frequency and higher in positive vibration than the fear of losing which is an energy of a negative frequency.

To remain happy over being sad, you would have to realize that you are a player in a  game and you may lose in some areas while winning in other areas . The areas which you excel at would be your strengths and the areas which you lose in would be your weaknesses . Positive energy in your body and mind would rise when you focus more energy on developing your strengths while putting less tension into improvising your weaknesses. 

A soul is like the ray of sunlight; where the Sun is the Creator and the soul is the Co-creator. Each ray is a part of the whole but distinct in its individual abilities and the brightening of each brightens the light of the whole.  Just as all flowers of the garden cannot be same, all souls cannot excel in the same areas of life or derive satisfaction from the same measures of success. Hence, it is necessary to be aware that each of us would be different and have unique skills of participating in the overall process of creation. Just as watering each cell is necessary for the whole body to function well, the increase of positive energy in each person increases  the universal flow of happiness .

The brighter each ray shines, the brighter is the light of the Sun and the happier each soul feels, the more powerful is the feeling of happiness felt by the whole group and subsequently, the whole universe.

To increase feelings of being happy, you would need to focus more on the feelings which make you feel content and confident; while reducing focus on feelings which make you feel incomplete and dis-satisfied.

Energy transfers from one person to another automatically like rain falls. However, just as an umbrella protects , insulation from negative thinking protects the optimist.  The people who choose to insulate themselves from sadness and  focus on positive thinking are always happier and healthier than those who chose to stay sad.


Practical Exercise 12 ( PE 6.9) – Insulate From The Need to Sacrifice for Satisfying Negative People

Concept :
While understanding matrix of thought waves, the basic concept to understand is the energy of Sacrifice. The decision to sacrifice priorities of self for obeying others, who are pre-dominantly negative,  is often a cause of stress and tension.

Though, Sacrifice helps in soul evolution as it helps in increasing happiness in self and others ; it can lead to soul devolution if it is done out of fear . Sacrifice helps in increasing positive energy when it increases self -worth of the person and helps in evolution of new consciousness over tradition but it reduces positive energy if sadness felt is greater than happiness created  .

For example, you may choose to sacrifice less important goals for more important targets of overall satisfaction as when mothers sacrifice a highly paying professional career for rearing up children . The satisfaction which is sacrificed by giving up on money is reimbursed by increase of peace in the house . However, sacrificing is harmful when tension created is more than positivity created by the act of sacrifice . For example, if you sacrifice your peace of mind to soothe a negative person, you often end up feeling more stressed without the other person feeling as ameliorated. There is a sucking out of positive energy without it being restored back by increasing feelings of overall happiness. Though, sacrificing happiness and feeling sad is one of the easiest ways to resolve a difficult situation , it fails to uplift intelligence of those people who keep demanding your energy without paying you back through acknowledgement, money or help .

Detachment or INSULATION from attention seekers is a better method of sacrificing happiness for a higher evolutionary target, than becoming sad as sadness or complaining reduce soul frequency. Detachments help you stay neutral to a traditional perspective of  happiness, but do not make you feel sad about compromising on your  inner values. Understanding where to be sad and where to detach/insulate from others is an essential skill to apply when deciding to use sacrifice for increasing overall happiness.


You often have a choice between speaking the truth or lying to yourself to keep a situation calm and make everyone happy . However, if you feel sacrificed by hiding the truth, you need to speak up for calming your own energies even if it creates disturbance in other people’s self-confidence or  deteriorates peaceful circumstances.

It is useful to sacrifice if your self- control , health and inner power improve by the sacrifice but it is harmful to sacrifice to facilitate the victory of competitive pressure, fashion trends, demanding parents , pampered ego values and traditional requirements where your feelings of helplessness rise by the sacrifice.

It is also  necessary to be aware that, if you hide the truth to protect a fearful,  malicious or negative person; that person anyways gets into trouble in some other way because of his own negative vibrations. Your sacrifice of your own confidence and positive energies goes waste in creating a happy environment because the negative person spreads more unhappiness after being protected. However,  your optimistic/positive energy reduces if you are sad , thus degrading the overall positive frequency.

Whenever you are asked to sacrifice to pacify a negative person or situation : Visualize two scenarios .

Scenario 1-  Imagine how it would be if you sacrificed
Scenario 2-  Imagine how it would be if you refused to sacrifice

For example, imagine that your mother is always in tension and  asks you to do some housework as she likes which is more than your routine responsibility. To do the extra work, you have to  sacrifice your time for studying or working on your own chores . You decide to win her approval and sacrifice your work time to help her relax by helping her in a way which she likes. In the short run, your sacrifice of studying/work time for relaxing her may calm her but she already, has a negative internal dominant focus as she is always tense. Hence, by habit, she would take on other extra work and her tension would remain the same . However, your sacrifice of study time would reduce your grades/ credits and self -worth. You may start disapproving yourself if you do not study as much as you need for your satisfaction, your work performance would be poorer and you may, thus attract disapproval . So, the stress which you try to avoid by sacrificing comes through another route, your mother’s tension does not reduce but your sacrifice reduces your positive energy.

On the other hand, imagine the scenario that you refuse to sacrifice to help your mother as she likes but continue your studies / working as you like . Your mother keeps grumbling in tension but you insulate yourself and keep studying. You get good grades/ credits and your self- worth rises. Your mothers tension remains the same but is slightly ameliorated when you get good results . Your level of satisfaction with yourself rises and you can contribute towards increasing happiness  in a way where you feel satisfied while helping others be happy. Your refusal to do routine work which you do not like helps you do better work where you are skilled. Therefore, your detachment from your mother’s tension activates brighter energies in you, than being sad yourself.

On the other hand, if you find that you and your mother become happier by your sacrifice, then, the sacrifice is necessary for both of you to reformulate your priorities such that the positive frequencies realized are highest possible, given all circumstances.

The same logic is very important for losing weight . Losing weight necessitates that you sacrifice the need to eat traditional food to keep your mother , your friends or others happy and eat only that which feels healthy. It is established by research that heavy food is difficult to digest and the negative hormones produced, lead to unhappiness in the soul . But, most people eat fatty foods to keep up with the traditional requirements of tasty eating and sacrifice their own intuitive wisdom about how to be in good health. The need to listen to mass wisdom over body wisdom can harm health if the people advising are more unhappy/ fat/ sick than happy  and healthy.