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the soul lives eternally
nobody dies with physical death

only circumstances of the soul change
as the soul enters a new body soon after getting released to heaven

however , all souls do not get released as they should
several souls remain attached to attachments and unfinished business
their work can no longer be achieved by remaining on Earth
they have to be contacted as spirits and told they are dead
then they need to be released and sent to the light
from there, they can cleanse energies and return in parallel or new bodies

People die but the spirit does not die.

Spirits of dead people influence our energies more than we can imagine. usually these spirits are like virus. They get attached to our body and feed on our life force because they do not have their own energy. They can also be of people who hold revengeful feelings over us or who want to control us. 

These spirit attachments need to be released. 

Following is an excerpt from the book REDEFINING HAPPINESS _ TECHNIQUE 18

After the person dies, we need to let go of our attachments which may pull him back. The person can communicate and help us from heaven at an energy level. He can appear in our dreams or give us insights. But, holding on to dead form’s soul energy is unhealthy as the soul of the person cannot get the freedom it desired by leaving Earth if you hold on to its memory intensely. The spirit remains stuck in the halo of negative energy it dies in as it does not move on to a different positive frequency, till it gets released.

it is over. A spirit which you keep calling back, may enter you and make you feel negative, since it is an energy which does not have a body.
Usually, spirits are glad to leave if you can convince them you would be fine without them. Even if you cannot be fine without them, convince yourself to raise your emotional strengths and allow them to leave.
As far as possible, whenever a person dies, do a quick spirit release.

Steps of a quick spirit release

•       Sit in a semi trance state where your mind is calm.
•       Now,  visualize  the  person  at  the  moment  of  his  or her death.
•       See a spirit coming out of his body. Let your imagination
be free and accept first impressions coming to your mind
•       If the spirit is going up, you will see it revolving and becoming light in frequency as it goes up.
•       If  the  spirit  looks  lost  or  is  moving  towards  another person, call the dead person by name.
•       Keep a glass wall between you and the spirit.
•       Imagine golden light coming up on top of the spirit’s head.
•       At the same time, show the spirit a halo of light above its head. Ask the spirit to look into the light. As the spirit looks up to the light, it will enter the light.
•       If the spirit is restless, he may have concerns which he is unable to let go. Convince the spirit to look up at the light and go.
•       However, if you feel that the spirit looks nervous/restless, hear whatever it wants to say. You may use the steps involved in the process given previously of talking silently.
•       Feel   words   coming   int your   mind   as   from   your own subconscious or from nowhere. Accept the first impressions coming to your mind.
•       If you get the feeling that the spirit has any resentment

him his dead body and again point to the light.
•       If the spirit dies in an accident or suddenly, it may be too shocked and too full of responsibility to leave. However, it cannot fill its responsibilities if its body is gone. So, it has to let go. Convince the spirit to go in the Light once by imagining it is there. Once it goes, it will understand the life plan and why it died. While convincing the soul to go up, you may say that it can heal and come back if it does not like it in that dimension.
•       If the spirit is unable to let go and still appears concerned, ask it to visualize that his responsibility is being met by another person on Earth.
•       Explain that it has to leave as it will not be able to achieve any purpose by staying on without a body.
•       Tell the spirit repeatedly that its body is gone. Say that its purpose of life is over because the body is gone and it cannot achieve its purpose unless it goes to heaven, heals and returns. Ask it to let go of all sadness and look up at the light.
•       Once the spirit can visualize the light, ask him to imagine
it is in the Light. Then, you will see it flying up to the Light.
•       Cut your ENERGY CORD with that person and just see him disappearing into Light and let go.
•       As it goes into the light, you may see it passing through an energy shower of light and all black energy falling off it like grey smoke falling off. The spirit may start glowing and appear younger.
•       Next, you may see it entering a golden gate and going to heaven.
•       The spirit will be cleansed in heaven and informed of its remaining soul plan. You may even see it coming back and entering a baby’s body or a parallel body.
•       Before ending the process, do an energy exchange.
•       Imagine sending all of the spirit’s energy to him out of your body.

•       Then, feel that your energy has come back to you as the spirit goes into light.
•       If the spirit says again and again that it cannot see light, ask the spirit to look around and imagine light somewhere above its head. You can also imagine light around its head as if a door towards a dimension of light is opening. You can imagine gates of heaven opening for the spirit. Then, see an angel or a loved one coming to take the spirit into the Light. See the spirit holding his hand and going into the Light.
•       If the person cannot enter the light, ask him to stand under an energy shower and release balls of smoke. Imagine negativity falling off him as rocks falling off. See animals or objects or weapons being released and being sucked in a black hole. Now, the spirit will appear freer and brighter.
•       Now, feel a golden energy entering him.
•       Then, see him going into the light.
•       Cut your energy chord, do an energy exchange and see it
flying away.

Some spirits do come back after getting healed in the celestial dimensions. They return to finish their unfulfilled responsibilities and join parallel bodies.
A parallel body is another incarnation of the same soul in a different body.
( Our soul comes from a huge quantum of life force energy. The Higher Self is a part of the Creator. It is like the SUN and each SUN can have several rays. A spirit in a body is like a ray of the SUN. If we were to compare the body with a bottle, the spirit in the body is like  water in a bottle. Several bottles can be filled from the same stream of water which is its Higher Self. The concept of parallel lives is explained in detail in the book In Search of Happiness.)

Taking an Energy Shower after spirit release

Using the Energy Shower technique is useful to cleanse ourselves after a person has died. It helps if we feel overtly uneasy or depressed. The idea is to release spirit attachments which may be making us feel negative.

•       Be in a semi trance state.
•       Fly into the clouds as if you are a bird in your imagination.
•       Enter a door. See yourself in a beautiful garden with a shower or fountain of energy.
•       Stand under the shower of energy
•       Feel energy pouring on you like water falling
•       Feel  all  parts  of  you  getting  bathed,  internally  and externally
•       Feel light filing inside you.
•       Now, see the person you have just released.
•       Collect your sadness in a bowl and give it to him and her.
Take your energy back from that person. Cut ENERGY CORD. Feel light pouring on yourself and appear brighter.
•       Keep standing in the light. Imagine golden light in your stomach and open a door in your stomach. Command all spirit attachments inside you to come out. Put torch light in your stomach. You may see faces of people or animals. Flash light on their third eye.
•       Ask the spirit to go where it belongs. You may see it enter into a golden door and disappearing into the light. Or you may find that it dissolves in a black hole or the sea.
•       The idea is to visualize the spirit attachments going far from you.
•       Pour light on that part from where the spirit has left. Let
your own soul energy or sunlight fill in there.
•       Keep pouring light on yourself. Check if there are other people inside you.
•       You may imagine your body as a house. See three floors in the house, representing your body in three parts. Check if there are other people in the house, who do not look like

you. Accept first impressions coming to your mind.
•       If there are soul fragments inside you , they will come out.
See the spirits leaving your house and going out.
•        Feel that people inside you, who are not you are coming out. You may recognize them or you may not. It does not matter if they are dead or alive.   They may be soul fragments of people you know as alive, or soul fragments from your past lives. Whoever is not you is an attachment and has to leave. Command the spirits to leave. Say it is your body and they have no right to stay there, Put a flame in their third eye and see them burning with the energy of fire. That will make them leave.
•       Feel doors opening on all sides of you and see the spirits going out from the doors.
•       Tell the spirits to go where they belong. Feel them flying
away into light or falling into a black hole.
•       Feel the area cleansed up and appearing bright in your won body.
•       Now,  feel  yourself  entering  your  own  body  and  feel yourself becoming the whole body.
•       Feel yourself in the centre, in your stomach and pass light through your navel. Feel your stomach glowing with light.
•       Now,  come  out  of  the  shower  and  fly  back  into  your
own body.
•       Take  a deep breath of silence and feel the light in your stomach.
•       Feel strong and tell yourself that you choose to be in your own body. Imagine a chair in your stomach and sit in it strongly. Hold a holy weapon or book in your hand and align your centre with God’s light above your head. Thank God for your strength.
•       Smile  and  as  you  smile, imagine  lightness or  positive hormones spread all over you.

Then, come out of trance.

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