Saturday, 21 February 2015


We are brought up as moulds of a culture. We have to go to school, get jobs, marry, have children, get settled and die .

Life after life, the pattern is repeated. If any of these layers of the mould goes missing, we feel our whole life has collapsed. Our life is like a house, surrounded by walls/ Walls of school, walls of marriage, walls of the job and then walls of helplessness, as we grow older and fail to realize the love, happiness or contentment which was promised when we were young.

However, Happiness, peace, passion  and contentment do not come by imitating everybody else. You follow rules like robots in the hope that rules will lead to goals. You dont review the life of your oldeer generations and test whether they have peace and contentmnet or whether they are usually focused on compromise, diseases and cribbing about what was not created ..

If you view life from a  larger perspective, it is non evolutionary to follow the same pattern of existence generation after generation, to expect each new child to behave like a newly born robot , live with the same kind of problems that you overcame and repeat the whole experience as if there was nothing new that a human life could offer.

Every person wants the same types of goods , cars, clothes , brands etc. to feel successful . Rarely do people realize that purchase of objects does not increase happiness in life. You can go on buying objects but craving does not die. 

You need love, passion, creativity, laughter , responsibility and other emotionally gratifying experiences to be happy . You need to get out of the mould to find happiness. However, the means to get out of the mould have been alcoholism, smoking, ddrugs, fatty foods, sex with prostittes and all addictive behaviours which have their own set backs.

The self help methods which can make a real difference and help us attract health, love and optimism are rejected as spirtualism and not being for the ordinary. But, we, as souls, are co-creators and being a  part of the Creator, we are not classifiable as ordinary or mundane. Each one of us has some creative potential, but we buy objects to satisfy our creative needs in the hope that other people's creations would satisfy us . But , till we create our own happiness, needs do not get satisfied.

THE MOULD of happiness society is using at present is not working to create happiness as is evident from people's negative mind-sets. Marriages fail to create love. Jobs fail to give satisfaction. Children seek the same solutions that we did but our realizing traditional methods were inadequate. Everyone who is traditional focuses on problems by default . Sports are played to kill emotions than share love. Dances project aggressive energies  like war games . Only celebrities projected are film stars and television stars who pretend life is good in real. Illusions created on TV sets add more drama than real life does and puppets are called heroes.Agitation rules minds and terrorism is the outlet.

The need to fit in THE MOULD does not end with object identification with happiness.

People want same types of bodies and define themselves as ugly or beautiful on the basis of a given set of external parameters. You are called beautiful if you are slim and well dressed ; ugly if you have misplaced features and a misfit if you are overweight  or fat .

We need to be aware that the soul decides what kind of body you have, what are the challenges you would face if you have  a particular shape and form ; the soul decides your set of difficulties, diseases and if you do not overcome the challenges in the ways your soul desires, your problems worsen overtime.

You keep moving from one set of difficulties to others till you address your soul needs.
Happiness comes only through soul, evolution to a higher positive frequency. Like a computer speed increases with technological evolution, the speed of the soul’s vibrations increase with soul evolution. When a soul evolves, it thinks faster, it is able to manage situations from a different perspective and get out of problems by letting go of the need to fit in.

To be happy, the   soul always needs to evolve. You have to focus on positive aspects of your life by default . Instead of creating power games, you need to create happiness, peace , harmony by detaching from all which blocks happiness from beng,  as a  choice .

 See all your problems as much smaller than you are.

Monday, 16 February 2015


Action does not make as much difference to evolution of  happiness as faith does 
Feel peace within yourself to spread peace in the world
The core has  to be bright so that the soul co-creates peace outside
Action follows thought and thought follows feeling is our life is governed by laws of the universe. We, as souls, are beings of energy and follow energy cycles.

Our soul vibrates around a focal point. Happiness or sadness in our life depends on whether the focal point is happy or sad.

Individual souls make up for the soul of the whole. Just as several cells make up a body, several souls make up the consciousness of Earth.

The focal point of one soul would influence his or her own life but the focal point of the whole structure, is affected by adding up individual focal points of vibration.

If several people remain unhappy, mass consciousness is unhappy. There is violence, unrest, turbulence in every mind and it creates violence, wars and terrorism on the large scale.
Nothing can happen outside unless it first manifests inside.

You cannot bring peace in the world unless your own house is in peace.
Your mind-set is the point of focus and your own life is a reflection of what you are creating, as a soul, as the co-creator, as a part of God.
As is written in the book CREATION F HAPPINESS: THE ENERGY WAR, a soul’s perspective.
There is a LAW IF CREATION in the universe which has been proved accurately by research and evidence. 

THE LAW OF CREATION states that every feeling we focus upon manifests into reality. If we focus on turmoil, be it for any reason, we would co-create turmoil in the world. 

By blaming rapists and terrorists in impulses of anger, we vent out frustration only as change cannot happen outside till e change our individual point of focus.  When we feel at peace in our own life, by our own choices, we increase peace in the world. It does not matter whether we follow traditions or not, whether we feel rich and successful because peace is a choice which depends on our attitude. We can choose to focus on positive aspects of our life and be in peace rather than focus on negative aspects of life and remain in anxiety. The more we blame others, the more we contribute to unrest in the world.

There is a corresponding law THE LAW OF REPETITION in the universe, which says that, FEELINGS REPEAT THEMSELVES. The feelings we choose to focus upon would keep repeating in our lives. Thus, the primitive man focused on swords while the modern man focuses on cricket or guns; but war games continue. Thrills are chosen over peace when the need of the hour is to be in peace, as a priority.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

How to overcome anger, fear, hurt, sadness , guilt through REDEFINING HAPPINESS

Happiness requires emotional satisfaction.
We need to dis-associate money with happiness. 

As much as we put effort in exercise to be healthy, it is necessary  that we learn skills of emotional management to stay positive through ups & downs of life . World peace is affected by individual peace .

You can go on finding problems with the world and your life but never find happiness. Focusing on negative aspects to bring a  positive change is like trying to catch the nose from behind the head when it can be easily held from the front. The easiest route to good health, peace in the world and happiness in life is direct, not roundabout.
Happiness requires that we learn skills of emotional management to stay positive through ups & downs. World peace is affected by individual peace . Just accepting the negative does not help us defeat the energy of problems .Worry increases difficulties. Detachment helps but does not stop the flow of the negative current for long periods .  Being neutral needs to be followed by being happy to stop the flow of negative energy in our life. We always feel like we always breathe . We create a life which manifests what we focus upon in emotional energy circuits of the subconscious mind.  Feeling happy or peaceful is necessary so that we do not feel unhappy or stressed.
Being happy requires application of self help exercises to  control and re-direct emotional energy specifically connected with each type of negative feeling. The more we make efforts to find peace in our lives, by overcoming negative feelings; the more we would help reduce violence and unrest in the world. The soul's vibration as the co-creator is more important than action in movement of energy in mass consciousness.
We create & attract the energies we focus upon. Energies are released through feelings. We create happiness if our core focal point is radiating positive vibrations. We increase unrest and unhappiness if our core focal pint is focused on a  negative vibration. A happy future life is the result of being happy in the present. This book aims at teaching how to overcome difficulties & challenges by just thinking differently. HAPPINESS IS A SCIENCE.

This book teaches skills of how to be happy without trial or error techniques. It includes:
1.            Understanding energy movement from the mind to the soul which creates pains and diseases
2.            Controlling how conscious mind passes negative instructions to subconscious
3.            Finding the exact link between feelings, thought, anxiety and diseases
4.            Healing body pains through energy rotation and reversal in subconscious aura
5.            Removing anxieties, and healing physical problems with emotional healing focus
6.            Understanding how reality is an illusion through practical application.
7.            Spirit Release, removal of external control
8.            Learning and applying detachment to rise in soul ascension
9.            Why and how to stay aligned with soul’s purpose
10.          Finding and applying soul lessons underlying difficulties
11.          Grasping Laws of Creation and Repetition to control the future feelings and manifesting dreams
12.          Understanding karmic consequences and pay backs – rising above suffering and punishment to realize soul evolution
13.          Developing intuition, and connection with good spirit guides through using self –hypnosis with  meditation techniques
14.          Understanding the positive intention of the soul in cases of abortions, betrayals in love , failure etc.

Sunday, 8 February 2015


 Smoking helps a person remain thoughtless for some time. staying thoughtlesss prevents negative thinking.
Negative thinking devolves the soul to a lower frequency. Staying thoughtless helps the soul remain detached but harms the body. Negative hormones are released during smoking which create depression in the person's mind later, perpetuating the urge to smoke.
Smoking is addictive as fatty food is. It can be de-addicted through mental exercise as fat is reduced through physical exercises.
The following changes in daily schedule help to quit smoking .

1. Stay thoughtless for one second whenever you can. To stay thoughtless, ask yourself - ""What is the next thought?"
2. Make it a  habit to stay thoughtless for ten minutes every morning . Focus on your breathing and smile for ten minutes . Whenever your mind drifts, think or imagine positive feelings. Do not allow yourself to worry in these ten minutes. It will require practice.
3. Smile for ten seconds every hour forgetting everything else.
4.Drink a glass of water every hour or atleast ten glasses of water in a day.
5.  Keep sipping hot water throughout the day . Take two or three cups of tea or coffee. Other than that, drink hot water after every meal.
6. Use traffic jams to count breaths and smile than get impatient.
7. After a stressful activity, take time out to just be alone . Drink water or breathe air in this time . Exhale out tension.

Staying alone helps the soul rise up from pressure. You would need to de-orient froma stressful mindset to be alone.  If you cannot, you will need to smoke. Minimize smoking to 4-5 cigarettes a day and do not rebuke yourself at those moments. negative thinking will increase smoking.

 Inner Child healing and past life therapy help to quit smoking or reduce it  . Love yourself . If you have any childhood memories, love the child in your imagination as an approving father .
The following book consist steps of inner child healing.

Creation of Happiness is a personal choice. addictions help the soul be positive instead of being pressured by negative mass consciousness focused on performance as a measure of success.  The positive intention of addictions from the perspective of the soul is given in the book :

Leaving addiction requires soul evolution to a state of detachment .

 The ever increasing restlessness in societies, the rise in domestic violence, criminal tendencies, alcohol and drug addictions, medical bills and incurable diseases , prove that escaping the needs of soul evolution does not help. But, we are conditioned into believing that the soul does not exist, and that only earning money, fame or power matters in creating happiness.

So many people are addicted to drugs, smoking, liquor and other oral sensory pleasures for relaxing their minds.
Though these addictions temporarily relax the person, they have serious side effects on health, heart and body.  These addictions help to stop negative thinking for some time, but the negative thoughts, fears and doubts come back with a greater force and trouble the person.

It is very necessary to relax the mind to remain healthy. If a person cannot get free from his worries, negative thinking is very harmful for the health of the person. Addictions are a life line for some people who don’t see any other way out to relax.
However, addictions would not be as necessary if we do not feel pressurized by other’s opinions. When we know that parents, teachers or people in authority are not right always, we would not need to take drugs to escape from them.

Drugs or liquor help us escape but do not solve the problems. But if we understand that God is not against us, that our fee will is important, that we do not have to be performing computers to succeed; then we would not need to take drugs to relax.

God is force of love and God is always present whenever we love, fly freely in our mind, smell flowers in imagination, sit in beautiful gardens and feel pace. It is more relaxing than taking drugs or liquor to be alone and imagine being where we want to be for some time during the day. We do not need to interact and talk all the time to relax.

We can use traffic jams to practice mediation and visualization. Instead of watching Television, we can make films in our own mind. The more we activate our sense organs for visualization and day dreaming, the more we will release positive hormones in the body. Our stress and anxiety would go away if we can take time off from our busy schedule for day dreaming and laughing as an exercise of mind control.

Being thoughtless,  dancing or singing are better ways to relax than using drugs ir alcohol. However, if we use dancing or singing, you should not resort to drugs later to balance hormones. You should meditate by inhaling exhaling with focus, after dancing and singing so that your mind cools down from heightened activity and you can balance normal routine.

 Imagining yourself in perfectly clear white light, dissolving in the brightness as formless after a rigorous activity, and radiating light from your stomach as a SUN in your centre would radiate -  helps the body completely reschedule itself and recharge for feelings of newness of  life. Health and vibratory sensations improve by releasing positive hormones through feeling happy mentally, in reality or imagination.