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If you love yourself, learn to hypnotize your mind
Hypnosis is a semi trance state necessary to remain awake on the other side
You can access you soul only in a hypnotic , semi trance state
to find ur soul, you have to look away from the world and be inside 

Self-hypnosis is the quickest method available today of accessing the subconscious mind.

The term hypnosis comes from Greek language. Hypnos means sleep in Greek. Hypnosis means being in a sleep like state in which a person’s mind is calm, body is relaxed and the person is focused on a singular thought cycle.

Hypnosis was first explored by Franz Mesmer. He introduced the concept of Animal magnetism. Mesmer believed that he had the power to magnetize people under his control. He published his theories of mesmerism in 1765. Most people thought it was black magic.

Hypnosis as is used today, was developed by Dr, James Braid in the 1840`s, who was a British physician. He believed that mesmerism resembles a sate of sleep where the nerves are at rest but the conscious mind is awake and alert.
 On observing several hypnotized subjects, he realized that in this state, the subjects were more easily influenced by verbal suggestions than if the suggestions were given in waking state. The subject was influenced to the point of controlling many of his involuntary suggestions. Since then, hypnosis has been used for healing purposes. It was extensively used on war victims in World War 1 and 2.

In 1950`s it was recognized by the American medical association as a scientific practice.

Hypnosis helps because it helps to keep the conscious mind calm and hence, it does not block the change process by its doubts and disbeliefs.

The brain frequencies are lower under hypnosis than under a conscious, awake state of mind.
There are four types of brain frequencies - beta (>14 cycles /second), alpha (7-14 cycles/second), theta  (4-7 cycles /second), delta (< 4 cycles/second).
In a conscious state, we are in beta. Thousands of thoughts are passing our minds every second.ln alpha; we are in a sleep like state, as in just before going to sleep. We are calm and relaxed but alert of surroundings. In theta, we are in a dream state. It is a state when we can see lucid dreams also. We are aware of surroundings but less than in alpha. In Delta, we are in deep sleep. There is no awareness of surroundings.

In hypnosis, we are in alpha or theta state. We are relaxed but aware of surroundings.

The state of hypnosis is similar to that achieved in any focused activity- as in meditation, watching a movie intently etc. Whenever you are glued to one thought process to the exclusion of everything else, you are in hypnosis.

The state of hypnosis is different from a trance state. The trance state is more like a delta state where the person is in deep sleep and does not remember anything upon awakening. Under hypnosis, you remain conscious through the session and can remember everything layer on. Hypnosis is only a state of deep relaxation , not of deep sleep.

The purpose of using Hypnosis is to be able to access the conscious and the subconscious mind at the same time.
Dr. Kappas, a renowned hypnotherapist, found that people are influenced by suggestions given in the Hypnotic state, only after the suggestions are accepted by the conscious mind.
Eg. If you want to exercise and are unable to get into a routine, hypnosis can help you get in a routine of exercising but it will work only if you are willing to exercise at the conscious level. If your values and beliefs contradict the concept at the conscious level, the suggestion given under hypnosis does not work.
Hence, for the power of hypnosis to work, the person must stay awake. It is only when the conscious mind is awake and receiving information that the information can slip into the subconscious.

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