Tuesday, 31 December 2013


  1. When I was young and in my teens,
    I wanted to celebrate every festival in creed,
    New Year meant parties away from the family,
    some time to be an independent being,
    we used to crave for new year’s eve,
    just to be dancing and drinking as adults to be,
    it was glamorous and supposed to be fun,
    though I remember feeling lonely in crowds of needs,
    now that I am an adult and independent,
    I dont need partying in new years eve,
    I dont need to drink and get hangovers,
    I like my dreams, my clouds and my gardens of heaven,
    I prefer my thoughts, my smiles and my own company,
    other people’s idea of fun no longer excites me,
    my idea of fun is where I find peace, love and acceptance as me
    it has been a journey of discovering what I need,
    and that I do not need all that which other people need,
    my idea of happiness is unique to me,
    and I finally , am happy that I am happy being me

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