Monday, 9 December 2013


Difficulties come as cycles of growth
The soul evolves as the body grows
A main caution to keep in mind
Is that our emotions are energies Through which we radiate light as souls And the darker our light,
The more hurting we develop our sores

So, it is better to choose our dreams and hopes Such that we hear our laughter more than the nopes
For what can be or what cannot be
Is immaterial to our happiness while evolving goals
But grasping our key to smile and laugh
Whatever may be
Is critical for us to be happy as souls


Focus on the POSITIVE learning, a difficult circumstance, helps to achieve, than on the hurt itself. The circumstances which create the negative feelings are planned by us, as souls, in our life-plan, because we need that kind of emotional difficulty to help us evolve.

Behind every negative emotion, there is a positive intention, which we have to decipher to be able to use it as a means for finding a higher level of happiness. Indulging in negative emotions may be necessary for self growth. For example, a little anger is needed for self-defence, a little impatience is needed to move faster, a little fear is needed to be careful etc.

Emotions which create sadness are manifestations of negative energy. Negative energy is needed on the Earth plane for life to survive but it has to be used in the minimum so that a balance remains between the negative and positive. Negative energy acts like fuel to life force energy. If negative energy is allowed to rise in excess, it is like side-effects taking over the good effects of a medicine.
For example,  fire helps to cook, but burns if left free to rise, water helps to quench thirst but creates floods when in excess, air is needed to breathe but tornadoes destroy; likewise, negative feelings help to light up the soul fire .Negative emotions are needed to manifest happiness but create unhappiness when indulged upon in excess.

Negative feeling, usually, comes in areas where we have soul lessons attached. By encountering the negative emotion, and overcoming it, we learn to evolve, as souls.
Negative feelings need to be used only for learning soul lessons  and  then,  discarded  as  unnecessary  encounters; like we use a matchstick to light a fire and then discard the matchstick in the dustbin. The focus on the negative feeling comes when we have darkness inside and goes away when we allow light to fall on our dark beliefs of life, which made us, subconsciously, attract the negativity.
Energy can multiply only through our focus on it. We blame external circumstances but do not realize that the circumstances have manifested negatively, because our internal focus has always been negative.
However, much we may feel betrayed or unjustly treated, unless there is a hook inside us which pulls in negative energy, we cannot absorb  negativity  from  outside.  Energieof  like  frequencies get pulled by each other. We cannot feel negative suddenly by an external event, unless we have been focusing on the specific energy frequency of that negative emotion, as a habit of the mind.

Due to the laws of energy resonance, only like thought waves attract each other. Each thought carries a feeling and each feeling carries an energy. Energies multiply through our focus. The new external circumstance may be very different from the negative situation we have been focusing upon, but the emotion/energy underlying would be the same.

For example, if you have been focusing upon feeling unloved by your parents in your childhood, you may attract a husband who abuses you. You may feel ditched by your husband but the hurt comes intensely only because you have been aggravating the energy of feeling non-understood in your subconscious mind, since childhood. Though the abuse creates trauma, it intensifies your need to overcome negativity.
The positive intention of the soul which helps it evolve by experiencing the intense abuse is to wake you up from staying negative in silence. The continuing abuse would force you to shift your focus so that you can feel happy in some way in order to maintain your sanity. If you use the difficult circumstance, as a learning lesson, it would help you develop spiritual awareness or change your thinking so that you can feel positive from within.
Overtime, if you are successful in passing your soul tests, your internal dominant focus would shift to positive and you would be able to move into circumstances where you feel internally loved and successful.
Likewise, every negative emotion that we encounter teaches us something. We keep making mistakes and feeling hurt only till we learn the soul lesson we need to evolve. Once soul lessons are learnt, difficulties pass by like road bumps.
For example, if we experience feeling betrayed often, the purpose of the mind is to ask us to be more careful in judging people. Instead of feeling hurt and indulging in feelings of revenge, we need to learn how to read the soul energies underlying the external facade which people portray.
We need to uncover the positive intention behind the difficulty, and act on it. If we do not feel hurt by betrayal, then we would not learn how to understand soul energies. Once, we discover how to judge people by their intentions than by what they speak, then we no longer feel as betrayed. With observation, we learn to be careful. Hence, the fear of betrayal reduces by itself.

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  1. never give up ...always have the positive thoughts with your thinking ..positive thinking is nothing but always hopeful...that's what our children do...they never see the negative ...they always follw the positive direction