Tuesday, 10 December 2013


1.     Take criticism in an emotionally detached manner. Be non-judgmental with yourself.

2.     Hear criticism in a third person position. Be an ob server to the event, than taking it in directly. See it as if happening on television. Then judge yourself from a viewer perspective.

3.     Keep an emotional barrier like an imagined glass wall between you and the abusive person. That would filter out the negative energy, subconsciously, and help you find if there is anything useful in the words spoken

4.     Cut emotional attachments with the person who is negatively dominating by using the process of EMOTIONAL CORD CUTTING and throw out negative energies which harm your body. night, in semi drowsy states. Instead of the ENERGY CORD, imagine a glass wall between you and the other person. Use the diagram below to programme your subconscious mind. 
         Do not feel inferior if the other person does not agree with your personality or your perspective of life. Repel away the negativity trying to come into you as you would repel a dark force. The negativity is infectious as it keeps corrupting the mind like a virus.

5.     Instead of focusing on words which hurt, focus on the underlined feelings or the thoughts communicated. If some part of you agrees with the criticism, ask yourself why. Pay attention to any positive energy coming from the words spoken. Let the useful elements of the criticism come inside your mind. However, before choosing to integrate them in your behaviour, enact the suggested changes in your mind. If you feel happy mentally with the results, then you can choose to be the changed person.



To be happy, we have to feel genuinely happy. Happiness does not come by false pretence to ourselves or others, externally. Happiness is a positive energy and can come in only when we are non negative in our inner self. There is no point in pretending to be happy, to avoid addressing conflicting situations of the mind, and drinking in all the negative feelings.
The negative feelings harm the soul, mind and body. Stress suppressed in the body keeps releasing negative hormones in the bloodstream which harms the organs by creating sickness of various kinds.
Instead of addressing our inner conflicts, if we invest our energies in appearing good to the world, at the cost of feeling compromised within, then our investment goes waste from the perspective of being happy or redefining happiness. For, it is how we feel as souls, which affects our level of happiness, not what we show to the world.

If we want to be calm externally, we have to feel calm inside our mind also, instead of feeling wrecked or frustrated. If we cannot be calm inside, pretending to be calm does not help in overcoming the negative situation. By pretending a false reality, we feel more negative and accumulate frustration. Choosing to maintain a false image means that we are unable to overcome the external negative situation.
We may choose to feign happiness to keep an external structure in balance, but by lying to ourselves we, in effect, choose to be feel helpless. By cheating our own soul, we harm our own bodies the most. We become depressed and diseased due to a consistent release of negative hormones in the body with a focus on feeling negative within.


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