Thursday, 5 December 2013

Changing intensity of memories – A Technique used for dealing with painful memories


You don't need to live with sadness 
You can choose to erase negative memories
Instead of harming others and self with feelings of revenge
it is easier to  move onto peace by erasing memories
Trust that God only wants happiness in your life
if sadness cums along, God also shows u how to free yourself from negative energy\
the more positive you stay, the more you love God and stay happy, optimistic, healthy




Think of a memory- an undesirable memory. It can be an accident, a theft, and a fight with someone – anything, which comes to your mind first.

Now, consciously start accessing that memory.
See the picture.
Hear the sound.
Feel the feelings, which came about.
Hear your own talk to yourself and to others.

Notice how your eyes move as you access that memory.

Now, start reciting the memory to yourself and as you start reciting, start rotating your eyes rapidly. You will not be able to recite the memory.
Again, think of the memory. See the picture—just as the picture starts coming, move your eyes in another direction. The picture will not come.
Do this 5 times.

Next, hear the sound. As soon as the sound starts coming or even before it comes, move your eyes in the opposite direction. Do this 5 times. Don’t let the sound come up.
Feel the feeling. Notice where your eyeballs are. Move your eyes away as soon as it starts coming up. Do this 5 times. You will not be able to access the feeling.
Hear the talking. As soon as you hear yourself talking, move your eyes up. You will not be able to talk to yourself. Each time the thought comes up, move your eyes up. Do this 5 times.

Now, move your eyes full circle 3-5 times.

By now, if you have done the steps with sincerity, the memory would have become insignificant for you.
Now, try to recall it.

It won’t come up immediately. The intensity has reduced. IT IS GONE! Believe that and let it go. Do not try to recreate it. Move your eyes rapidly whenever it comes up again.

You just broke the energy circuit, which was giving life to that memory. It takes a few seconds to break energy circuits this way. This technique came be used repeatedly to break chains of negativity in the mind. Whenever the sad feeling arises again, rolling eyes on all sides speedily while recalling the memory, helps to break the memories which create sadness.

This technique is supposed to be very useful for depressed people because negative thoughts keep coming in their minds.

If they practice looking up, rather than focusing inside their minds, then they will break the circuits of negative thinking patterns.

Reality is what you perceive of a situation. When you don’t remember an event, it doesn’t exist for you. If a negative memory doesn’t exist, it doesn’t cause you stress and it doesn’t create undesirable emotional reactions inside you, when a similar situation again recurs.

However, there might be a learning attached to this memory . Usually, our subconscious mind holds a negative memory because as a soul, we need to learn some lesson of emotional maturity from it.

Every traumatic /sad memory would have an emotional lesson, which eventually you would need to look into to release this negative energy completely.

The mind keeps a memory to forewarn you in case the incident repeats. Like the memory of an accident helps you be careful in the future. If you lose all fear, you might repeat the accident.

It is necessary to balance yourself, in all aspects of life. While you release the stress, the lesson of carefulness has still to be learnt. Every aspect of life needs to be tackled in a balanced manner so that the soul evolves towards a higher level of happiness with every choice it makes. Usually, soul lessons involve learning patience, humitity, compassion, self love, understanding the higher purpose of life etc.
Once the soul lesson is learnt, the soul evolves to a higher positive frequency and does not indulge in similar levels of negativity, by choice.

The book REDEFINING HAPPINESS ( how to handle negative feelings, a soul’s perspective ) contains a detailed chapter on erasing memories.

With self healing and breaking of emotional chains, sad memories are erased and we can feel more positive on a daily routine.  Though the intensity of the hurt is reduced, it does not go completely till your soul lesson is learnt.


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