Wednesday, 11 December 2013


money is a medium of exchange
it does not solve problems by just being ,
u need love, peace , health, passion and laughter to feel alive
just having money will not ensure good life

Before taking action to stay in a current profession or relationship or not, if your main worry is finance, then you have to be aware that money is not going to make much difference in your level of happiness. If you focus on being with people you like and working on your passions, your level of happiness would be much higher than by simply earning cash or buying materialistic goods.

If you are very anxious about your financial situation and feel negative because of it, then you have to focus on feeling financially abundant in your imagination.
We have to feel the visualization as our subconscious mind portrays it. When we allow first impressions to rule our mind as we fly in abundance and happiness, in our imagination, we let the universe innovate ways by which our dream can materialize.  We  need  to  accept  the  visualizations  as  the truth which our soul desires without superimposing our conventional Earthly desires or defining feelings of limitations.

While visualizing, we need to be free mentally so that we can just float with our imagination. Being mentally unblocked clear ours mind about what our soul wants as against whattraditional or conventional wisdom asks us to desire.

Be in the picture, hear the sounds and feel the picture moving as if you are in that experience in reality. Do not allow negativity to come in during the visualization. As you feel the happiness, visualize energy in your stomach. Feel happy in the centre of your being and imagine bubbles of joy floating inside your stomach. The positive hormones will release in reality as you focus on happy feelings in your imagination.

You can also anchor the feeling by closing your eyes and touching your stomach as you feel happy. Tell yourself silently with  a  command  that  whenever  you  touch  your  stomach and say that you feel happy, you would experience the same bubbles of joy as you are experiencing in the imagination.
By anchoring a feeling with a touch, each time we use that touch in that particular position with the same word in our mind, we automatically create the same feeling in the body. Anchoring works like storing a programme in the computer of our mind. Anchors are naturally created in our subconscious mind in the routine course of life. For example, when our feet tap in rhythm to the beat of a familiar song, the sound of the song is an anchor for our feet. Similarly, we have inbuilt anchors in every area of life.
Usually, when we worry, we subconsciously use anchors stored in our mind.   Financial loss may trigger unhappy memories from the past. Now, whenever a financial worry comes up, we need to replace our negative thinking by forcing ourselves to be positive. Whenever we touch ourselves in our stomach at the place where we anchored the feeling of positivity and command our mind to be happy, we would feel bubbles of joy.

If we are too perturbed by thoughts of financial problems, we can also focus on the feelings of the financial worry as an energy current and reverse it. As we reverse the energy currents, the problem would stop appearing large.
Then, we can feel bubbles of joy of the feelings of being in abundance. By repeatedly reversing the energy current of worrying  by  replacing  it  with  feeling  financial  abundance, we would create positive hormones in the body. Our internal dominant focus shifts to positive as we release positive hormones. With practise, we can view our worry as an illusion, by choice.

By choosing to repeatedly focus on financial prosperity, we train our subconscious mind to think differently. Our values and beliefs of life undergo a change overtime, due to our disciplined shift to positive thinking.
Our financial problems resolve or dissolve in alignment with our soul purpose of evolution. We also reach a higher level of happiness as we facilitate creation of positive hormones in the body and start understanding our soul needs. Very often, we desire several things due to feelings of lack conditioned in us from childhood, cultural values or past lives; but, when we allow ourselves to imagine freely what we need to be happy or in abundance, our needs get narrowed down to only those which give us happiness.

Several of our needs which we feel we must have because of social prestige, boredom, business requirements, feelings on   insecurity  about   the   futur etc.   Get   streamlined   or filtered out.
By understanding the feelings we need, we also can figure out their value or lack of value in our life and release those needs which are not needed.
For example, by focusing on our imagination, we may realize that we don’t need to buy more cars or more houses to feel happy or that we do not need to invest so much in social securities. We can even choose to sell our assets which we are holding onto because of fear of security but which we do not need as per our soul’s vision of happiness. We can be a lot lighter in spirit by choosing to let go of what is unnecessary baggage in our lives. That would reduce the clutter in our mind and negativity in our body.
Redefining happiness entails an awareness of energy indications. Feelings of anxiety indicate a need for soul evolution. We feel anxious when there is a conflict between our  soul  desires  and  our  conventionally  demanded needs. By letting ourselves float in imagination, we understand the feelings we desire as distinct from the objects we desire. For example, if we desire new clothes, it may be to fulfil a need to look beautiful or to fulfil a need of social prestige.

If we can imagine looking beautiful in our imagination, we would reinforce energies with focus, and manifest the clothes we desire. Subsequently, we would find the resources to buy clothes if that is needed or we would find another way to look beautiful if our soul needs that.
The soul evolves by letting go of all that holds it down and prevents it from moving on.
We always have a choice to not feel negative but we have to develop our emotional strength and mind power to take that choice. Only by choosing to be happy, can we multiply energies to create happiness.

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