Tuesday, 24 December 2013


As souls, we live eternally
death is like passing out from a class

happiness would come if we realize
and make choices from the perspective of eternal time, 

if there was no death and time was infinite,
how would we choose to live in endless time

life is endless is the truth from the soul's perspective
one life after another is just moving on with the same patterns overtime

The concept of Death

Death is  planned in the life plan. We do not die unless we choose to. Subconsciously, we are always asked before death whether we want to leave and we go only if we silently agree to leave.

Earth is like a school for the soul. The real home is the celestial plane where all souls come from. To go back home, the soul has to be as positive or more positive than it was at the point of incarnation .

When death comes, we have  achoice to leave the challenges and go back home rather than become more negative. Becoming negative leads to devolution of soul frequency to being animal like in attitude. That kind of mechanical existence prevents the sul from going back to heaven and the soul may get caught in a life cycle on Earth where it moves from being animal to human and back to animal. To be rescued from this trap of negativity, the soul has to die at the point where it feels positive and aligned with God.

The exit point comes as a question mark on whether we can stay and be more positive, free and aligned to the Creator or is there danger that we may become more negative if we stay on Earth. We agree to die  , if we feel that we would rather die than face the challenges confronting us or if we are too exhausted with life and want to go to a happier place to be with God.

The Death point is referred to as an exit-point in some books, an apt term because death implies essentially, an exit from the Earth plane for the soul.

In a life plan, there are four-five exit points planned given the level of challenges we opt for. If we want to die early, we may plan to die through an accident, a heart attack, a disease, an ambush as in war etc. SUICIDE AND MURDERS ARE NOT EXIT POINTS . They are created by dark forces working on the person’s mind and they lead to an increase in the problems of the soul.

The exit points are natural death situations which can be avoided if we choose to. Exit points come as a choice in life. We are allowed to quit the soul lesson and come back refreshed in another life . The soul goes back to heaven (light) or rejoins another womb and gets reborn. In either case, it gets preparatory time and energy to stat life all over again. The same tests come in the next life. If the soul goes back, it can modify its life plan or tale an alternate life plane.

If the soul does not go back to heaven and reincarnates from Earth, the same life plan repeats itself. That means that the person faces the same kinds of challenges all over again till he rises above their negativity.

We may choose to quit and die at any exit point or , we may not take these exit points and die after living a complete life as of old age .

The exit point is also called a transit point. It creates a dimensional shift for the soul.

Difficulties become so intense that the soul either changes its dimension of thinking or dies.  Along with exit points, difficulties are clubbed which may be so intense that they may make the soul want to leave the Earth plane instead of staying and solving the problem. If the soul stays on, it would have to change its vibrational frequency to more positive and believe in God’s wisdom  more than before..

Overcoming such difficulties  usually  requires a transformation in the soul’s attitudes to life. For example, a financial crisis may be planned which may lead to a heart attack . Recovering from the heart problem would require that the soul change its thinking habits to being more stress free and positive . If the soul is unable to let go of its anxious mind-set, it may find it easier to die . However, the dying soul may not be aware that its problems would not go with death and it would have to face the same kind of crisis situations in its next incarnations till it learns to be non-anxious and positive in attitude.

 However, if the soul learns its lessons, it can recover from the crisis during its life., in a way that would lead to soul evolution more than success as visualized in human terms.
But, if the soul chooses to die with the problem instead, that is equally acceptable. The soul may choose that it is not yet ready for the lesson and postpone it. It can learn the planned lesson by planning the same problem in the next life-time, like Dev was doing, life after life.
However, though death is a relief for the leaving soul and hence need not be feared, Death cannot be used as an escape from problems. Suicide is usually not an exit point.

When a person refuses to grow emotionally, either by waiting for death, dying early or by committing suicide, it is time wasted for the soul as the soul has to relive the same life , all over again, with the same emotional problems for mastering its soul lessons. The life plan is virtually repeated till the soul is able to achieve its purpose of life. Dev had been repeating the same life plan since two thousand years only because he chose to die early almost each time, and still wanted to.

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