Sunday, 1 December 2013


           “We make a choice on how to feel at each point of our lives, whether we are aware of it consciously, or not - and the choice determines whether we manifest happiness or doom in our lives from moment to moment and over successive moments - but this choice is influenced by how we have felt in previous moments and the habits of feelings the mind has developed.”


We keep creating the same kind of reality for ourselves at the level of feelings or emotions, in spite of changing external environment.
            Feelings or emotions are a manifestation of energy movement. All energy movement in the universe is cyclical. Energy, by its nature or by law, moves in cycles which are circular in motion. Thus we have the Earth revolving around the Sun, we have seasonal cycles, lunar cycles etc.
            The movement of energy in the universe can be understood by metaphorically, observing the movement of energy in a calm pool of water. When we throw a stone in a pool of calm water, circles of ripples are created. These cycles or circles of ripples keep getting created automatically, as long as the disturbance created by the stone continues to cause imbalance in the pool.

            Similarly, the energy in our body is like a calm pool of water. Our life force energy keeps circulating in a certain direction in alignment with the feelings we focus upon. There is always a state of balance in the body, as there is a balance in the river in which we keep throwing the stone at the same spot.
             The circles are created around the stone and rest of the river flows calmly. Likewise, our creative energy moves around the feelings we focus upon while rest of our body functions calmly around an established state of balance.

            Whenever we focus on a different feeling or emotion than what we have been used to focusing upon, ripples are created in a different direction in our calm pool of life-force energy.
            Our normal state of existence is interrupted and new energy cycles start getting formed which appear disturbing and unfamiliar to us.

            This change of focus acts in the same way as throwing a stone in new place in the calm pool of water. It disturbs the existing internal balance of energy. In other words, we create a movement of energy in a new direction, whenever we focus intensely on a different feeling.
            Until we focus, the movement of energy from its existing balanced state does not take place. But the moment we focus, ripples of creation get activated.

            Since energy moves in cycles, our feelings, which are a manifestation of energy, also move along cyclical paths. Energy circuits are formed in almost the same pattern as ripples of water are formed, one following another. Through these energy circuits, feelings keep getting created as long as the new interrupting focus is maintained.

            Thus, we keep repeating the same type of experiences at the emotional level, over years and over life-times, irrespective of material or technological development in the external world. We keep feeling the same way, internally, because we remain in the same energy cycle.

             For instance, a focus on self defense, from outsiders would have begun in the primitive man’s society. A new realization of feeling insecure would have created the need in the primitive man to use weapons for defending her/his belongings from predators.
            The new realization acted as the stone in a pool of water and motivated energy movement. Once activated, the energy continued to repeat itself. The need to defend ourselves still remains a dominant focus in the human mind, as is evident, when we choose to spend huge amounts of our development funds on the defense industry.
            If we care to stop our repetitive thought process for a few brief moments of awareness, we would arrive at a subsequent new realization which would make the old focus point obsolete.
            The energy cycle can stop only if we focus on stopping the current by shifting the focus of our thinking, with awareness. It cannot stop by itself because energy has to flow and it would keep flowing wherever we focus. Till we focus differently, we automatically remain in the same energy cycle.
            By changing the energy cycle and looking beyond the previously established beliefs that we have to defend ourselves from enemies, we would realize that the external technological changes, have made the concept of needing weapons for the self-defense of countries almost redundant.
            Scarcity does not exist today as it did in the old days. Therefore, there is actually no rational danger from enemies except at the level of competitive self-interest.

            Our fear is an outcome of a focus on negative feelings. We are conditioned, subconsciously, into believing that each human being is happier by defeating another. Hence, we have to compete or we would be attacked because that is the nature of being human which is totally false. Human beings like to share joys and laughter together, if their survival is not threatened.
            It is a lack of awareness about the human mind and an inability to distinguish it from the animal mind which makes us spend huge financial resources on weapons that could otherwise , be used to spread love and peace; and benefits of technological development for all.
            Being humans, we can create with our thought process unlike animals. If we focus on enemies being there, we would create them with our focus. The more we invest on weapons, the more we would tell ourselves that  we have enemies to justify our expenditure.

The external world is a manifestation of the feelings we focus on.  It keeps manifesting itself more and more creatively, as we keep reinforcing the same feelings and mobilizing energies towards that kind of manifestation.
            Like, earlier we chose to fight wars with swords. Now we choose to fight with guns or bombs, yet, the experience at the level of feelings remains the same—we continue mentally fighting in both cases; albeit, guns are a higher and more complex form of creation than swords are. The pattern of repetition gets reinforced with continuous focus and keeps manifesting itself in newer, more evolved forms.
            If we instead, focused on spreading compassion and love and neutralizing our negative tendencies by no longer fuelling them with our insecurities, we would reinforce the creation of a happier world. 

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