Monday, 23 December 2013


  2. Pick a spot on the wall. Stare at the point with your eyes focused in that direction.
  3. As you focus on it, become aware of everything to your side. Look at that spot on the wall while being aware of everything on your right.
  4. Now, become aware of everything on your left.
  5. Allow your eyelids to get relaxed.
  6. Relax your shoulders and facial muscles
  7. Keep focusing on the spot on the wall while maintaining focus on everything around you.
  8. If your eyes start getting tired, close your eyes.
  9. Keep maintaining focus on everything around your left and right.
  10. Now, also, focus on your breathing.
  11. When you feel completely focused and thoughtless, anchor this state. Touch yourself on your chin or centre of eyebrows for 5 seconds. Remove your finger and be in this state for at least 10 more seconds.
  12. Now, whenever you use the anchor, you will be in the same thoughtless state )

  1. To go deeper, imagine your spinal cord extending deep to the ground.
  2. Now, imagine your soul energies rise up from the ground and coming in your body.
  3. Next, imagine rising above your body. You are floating in the air, through the ceiling of this room, through the sky.
  4. Feel yourself in the clouds like a bird flying high.
  5. Spread your wings and fly freely through one layer of the clouds to another.
  6. Feel the freedom as you fly in the skies, limitless in spread.
  7. Feel the lightness of the clouds, the lightness of spirit and fly higher and higher with complete freedom.
  8. Keep rising up, higher and higher, in the clouds. 
  9. Imagine that you see Earth as a small ball below you. Go through the vastness, higher and higher and feel yourself  floating freely, as if you are swimming in the clouds
  10. Rise through layers of clouds .
  11. Pass through seven layers till you reach the space of ONENESS , and the Creator.
  12. Now, feel yourself passing through a window in the clouds, your body dissolving and you are ONE with the empty space.
  13. Be in the empty space of white light. Feel your body dissolving into light. Feel yourself as a spirit without a body.

  1. You can imagine God or an angel blessing you here.

  1. Feel blessings come in your body as an energy of light coming inside you.

  1. Ask any question in your mind which you want to ask from God. Accept first answers coming in your mind. Imagine your problem written on a piece of paper and send it to the clouds as a kite. Feel it dissolving into light.You have released the problem to God. Ask the questions which you have in your mind. Accept answers as intuitions.

  1. If no answers come, just imagine a  ball of light coming inside you. Accept the ball of light as a blessing from God. The answers will be revealed to you in due time.

  1. Imagine taking an energy shower. This will give the sign to your subconscious mind tat you are ready to release negative energy and allow positive energy to come in.


Imagine yourself under a waterfall. The water is flowing from top and all the negative energy is falling off you as dirty water. Feel positive energy (pink, orange or yellow golden, blue, green, purple, blue or white light ) filling you up. Feel lighter and refreshed.

 Come back in your body. Again send you energies to the ground . Bring them up to the centre of your being.. When you feel integrated and centered, Say Eyes Open wide awake.


1)      This technique is good for  relaxing deeply.
2)      The conflicts in the body can be resolved by asking God for answers. The answers are gives at an intuitive level and have to be trusted to move on.
3)      The answers obtained can be used  for developing new programmes, goal-setting, mental rehearsals, communicating with another person, healing ourselves, and dissolving old hurts, regrets and negative beliefs about self . When you achieve thoughtlessness in the relaxed state, think and feel yourselves in the actions you want to habituate in your life. The mind will absorb your self suggestions more when it is completely thoughtless.
4)      You can use the anchor for creating relaxation with deliberate focus, as soon as you get up . It takes a few seconds. As you remain thoughtless for a few seconds, your mind will get an idea of how it  is to be stress free. This will re-programme your mind to remain stress free over long times.
5)      Over-time, this technique becomes addictive and the subconscious mind would prefer it over other aggressive addictions like smoking, drugs or alcohol.
6)      Use it before sleeping and whenever you are tired in the day. In semi-drowsy states, focus on relaxation than on feeling stressed. Think of happy thoughts or the mental programme you want to install .
7)      Before sleeping, it is useful to use this technique to relax you because the mind processes information during sleep. It will run your autonomic nervous system deepening n the way you feel before sleeping.

8)      Use this exercise as soon as you get up early morning. If you think about being thoughtless and relaxed first thing in the morning, you will be in a  calm state through the day. Then you can imagine yourself finishing the work you want to do during the day.  If you imagine yourself in the actions you need during the day , you will be reminded of what you want to do throughout the day because the feelings we get up with keep coming back through the day. If we get up on a good mood, it is likely that we will remain in a good mood than otherwise. Also, when we learn to create god moods, we can create them anytime during the  day.

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