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the attachment needs to be removed from the subconscious layers of energy
cut an imagined wire of energy/ rope  between you and your ex lover
the soul of the ex has to be sent back to his or her own body
and your own power taken back from him or her as pure energy
Feel your soul coming back to you after you break up your attachments
if a part of your energy remains in the other person  you will never move on free

Energy cord cutting helps to emotionally detach, from the subconscious levels of the mind. We may want to become immune to the other person but cannot be, as there remains a pull, from the energy or subconscious level. Energy cord cutting is an effective method to weaken the negative energy magnetism and break the energy pull. This method can be used before putting the glass wall in between or if the glass wall is ineffective in acting as a shield. Once the energy cord is cut, the glass wall becomes more effective.
To cut the energy attachment, you first need to visualize the energy attachment on a metaphoric level. Our subconscious mind understands life through symbols or metaphors. We may not be aware but every attachment has a metaphor, stored in the mind.

Use the following techniques to visualize the cord between you and the other person.

•       Imagine yourself standing opposite the other person in the mirror or television screen or in a dark tunnel.
•       See yourself standing on one side and the other person on the opposite side. Let there be some distance between you and the other person. Visualize a CORD between you and the other person. Accept the visual which comes as first impressions in the mind.
•       The cord can be made of energy or any material like rope or silver or gold or metal or light beams. Choose any imagination which comes to your mind first, without judgment. It is critical to accept the first impressions which come up as they come from your subconscious pool of memory.
•       Feel the cord attachment on any part of the body. The cord can be attaching you and the other person through the stomach, the heart, the navel etc.
•       Upon seeing the cord, CUT THE CORD, in your visualization.
You can use a scissor, a knife, dynamite or anything which comes to your mind.
•       After cutting the cord, energetically heal the place in your body where the cord was attached. Put blue light or white light in that area of that body.

The next step is to exchange energies with that person. In your mind, feel his energies going back to him.

The energy can go in the form of black smoke or iron nails or a red ball or just see a soul leaving your body and entering his body. That soul energy which leaves your body is his/her soul fragment in you which has to go away, for you to detach. Also, imagine that your energies are coming back to you in the form of a ball of energy, any object or a soul fragment.

The cord cutting need not be feared. It would not make the person go away from your life. It would only create distance, emotionally.  If  that  person  has  to  go  away  from  your  life in order for your soul to evolve, that may happen overtime, in alignment with the soul plan. But, if the soul lesson is to develop detachment while staying together, then the other person would not leave your life.

After cutting the cord, visualize yourself healing in the place where the cord was attached. You may imagine blue light coming from the sky to heal your abrasion, where the cord was attached. Feel your wound, if any, healed and your skin whole and pure, again.

Then,  you  may  visualize yourself becoming double  the size of that person. As you grow bigger, imagine that person becoming small and dissolving as an energy in your mind. Feel his impact reducing and see him vanishing in thin air.
If you can still visualize the person on the opposite side, before  finishing  the  mental  exercise,  cut  the  energy  cord again. Put a glass wall in between. The glass wall will act as an emotional barrier for the future.
Once the cord is cut and that person is dissolved in energy form, smile to yourself. Feel relaxed as you turn and walk away.

Because  of  the  glass  wall,  the  corwould  remain  cut unless you choose to emotionally connect again. Developing detachment is necessary to help you develop immunity to his

make you become negative. Now, that  you have chosen to cut the cord, respect your decision to be happy over staying attached with a negative person.
Next, in the same imagination, see yourself after a week feeling relaxed. Seeing yourself healed would give a direction to your subconscious mind to activate your immunity for emotional healing purposes. Create the imagination that you are feeling free and happy after cutting the cord of negative energies. Feel good and empowered. Come out of the mirror and hug yourself. As you feel less stressed, you would release positive hormones in the body. The release of positive hormones would make you feel healthier and happier, after this exercise.

Energy cord cutting can be done repeatedly. Energy cord cutting helps to ease the pull of negativity which a bitter argument evokes. It is far easier to detach from hurt by cutting the energy cord, than rationalizing out the hurt.
Whenever you have an argument with that person, which makes you feel negative, choose to cut the cord. Do not stay with negative feelings, because you feel helpless.

Instead of letting negative feelings create negative hormones, which spoil your body; you can cut the cord and send his /her energy back to him. The negative energy which is sent back, would not harm him since it is his soul fragment which would go back to him/her, as explained above. But, keeping that energy in your body and feeling negative because of the negative, infectious pull of that person’s negative thought pattern would definitely create doubts in you, just as a virus harms the computer.

Emotional cord cutting can be done with several people who have the power to make you feel negative. As you keep cutting negative emotional attachments from the subconscious level, you would find that arguments reduce. Overtime, people who have the power to hurt you would leave your life or start respecting you more. You would develop detachment from negative situations, automatically. The negative energy would not magnetically lower your self worth, anymore.

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