Saturday, 21 December 2013


dark forces are strong waves of thought,
they enter human minds as energy waves ,
thoughts travel in waves as sound waves or light waves,
we attract thought which matches our own frequency of peace or rage,

the thoughts which create doubt, fear and negative ambition,
to be someone who you really dont need to be to prove yourself
ambition which when unfulfilled leads to depression or disease or suicides
are all thought waves which can be prevented with awareness of entering thought

Dark forces survive by increasing ambitions, temptations, despair, grief, fear, anger, impatience etc till the person can no longer handle it. The person ruled by the dark forces loses sense of reasoning. S/he is overtaken by pleasing the sense organs and does not focus on whether the desires he pursues lead to feeling content at the soul level or not.

 The person just goes on following a meaningless pursuit which does not satisfy his soul needs. It is as if his effort gets sucked in a  black hole of emptiness because however much he works, he does not get satisfied. The reason for lack of satisfaction is life is that the person’s effort is misdirected towards satiating that which cannot give him fulfillment at the soul level.

To illustrate, a person overtaken by a dark force may pursue a path hoping it would give happiness, but may perpetually feel negative while pursuing the choice he has made. The path he pursues does not make him feel happy from within.
Since, the person constantly feels dissatisfied, he keeps striving for happiness through working hard. He creates external success for justifying his choice, but cannot break the negative energy cycle he is stuck in.. He does not change his thinking to focus on changing his path for feeling happy because he is conditioned or mentally overtaken by a negative value-system.
He wants to prove his worth in the world but does not realize that the world is tilted towards a negative mass consciousness. He does not try to understand what his soul wants to be happy as he places the world’s criteria of success over his own.
He works but does not get the satisfaction he needs from that work, at the soul level because the soul does not feel it is moving towards attaining its life purpose by doing that work. The actions he takes to make himself happy are constantly met with an internal conflict in the mind, which makes him unhappy.
By doing work without getting the satisfaction he desires, he keeps focusing on his problems. He feels he is unhappy because he does not have sufficient money for external pleasures, but never tries to understand the feelings he is seeking, through pursuing the external ambition viz. cars or clothes or fame.  
His focus is always on buying dead material things to feel powerful but real power does not come because the soul feels powerless in creating happiness for itself. The money he spends for feeling powerful does not help him in feeling happy.
The external objects of comfort are empty of life from within. By spending money on the energy of emptiness, he gets more sucked in the vacuum of lifelessness. His soul resonates with the frequency of emptiness and the person increasingly feels less alive as time passes by. The life force energy which seeks to be happy leaves the body or becomes dysfunctional because of the misdirected choices he makes, towards pleasing the world’s image of success over his own sense of happiness.

Such a person often suffers from physical pains and mental depressions. He also prevents happiness from spreading to others, by constantly blaming them for being inefficient, and instigating them to be dissatisfied with themselves.

So, if dark forces are at play, there can be no happiness for anyone involved. One person feels bad, makes another feel bad, the second person makes a third person feel bad and the process of spreading of negativity goes on. Negative energies spread like an epidemic. The spread is infectious.

For example, if a woman has a dark force inside her, she would always be depressed and is likely to blame everybody around her for her depression. Her husband when constantly blamed may start feeling inadequate and depressed himself. The marital tension may lead to the children being depressed. When the children get married, they pass on the depression to their spouses. And, so it carries on.

Suicidal tendencies or a need to kill others also arise due to the presence of dark and negative energies in the person’s mind.

On the contrary, those souls which attempt to create positive feelings with each thought focused on, in their own lives and in the lives of others are said to be on the path of the forces of Light.

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