Tuesday, 5 November 2013


 Your body aches and pains,
your heart remains in misery,
the soul wants you to pay attention to ur circumsances,
which have gone opposite to ur desires due to your choices
setting a wrong right is easier than staying in pain
all it requires is mental exercise, a focus on healing the body

We go through surgeries and complicated medical procedures to heal our body.
But the problem keeps coming back in different forms in different parts of the body. If spondylitis gets cured, people get lower back ache. If asthma gets cured, people get asthma.
That happens because our soul is not happy with the choices we make in our life. Diseases are created by our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind controls our autonomic nervous system.
The autonomic nervous system balances our blood pressure, heart rate, joint movements and maintains normal functioning of all organs of our body. The autonomic nervous system takes instructions from the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is controlled by the emotions of our soul.
When w eheal our soul, several problems dissolve at an energy level.
Some problems arise because we have spirit attachments in our body. They may be different people who have died around us or have been killed by us in past lives. Or the spirits creating problems for us  may be our own past life personalities. When we talk to our own past lives and heal their pain, these personalities agree to go in the light. That heals body problems.

The following example is from the Book IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS ( How past lives affect the present, a soul’s perspective )

Chapter 11 - LOVE HEALS 

Section 2- Convincing the spirit to go back

The stuck spirit usually does not get released by itself but it may get released when we do a past-life regression.

However, many spirits die as part of their life-plan and have no real purpose left from the soul’s perspective. They can be convinced to leave when made aware of their life plan. Like, I’ve had clients whose dead grandparents’ spirits were attached to them out of love and anxiety, who left when convinced that it was time to let go.

Also, spirits who are not aware that they are dead are ready to leave when they are made aware. Even if a life purpose is remaining, the spirit can be convinced to join the light, asked to refresh and come back and join a parallel body which has similar energies, if it still needs to remain on Earth.
Usually, when the spirits go back, they realize that the karmic retribution has been achieved and there is no need to come back.

 For example, I had a client who had severe spondilitis. She came for a regression and during therapy we went into the root cause of the back pain in her shoulder. In the session, she saw herself as a man about four hundred years back. He had a terrible temper and often beat his wife. One day he killed his wife in anger. This man was punished, by his community.
He had to carry a log on his back on which he was to be hanged.  He died while carrying the log in a forest. The spirit of the man however did not go into the Light as it was absorbed in thoughts of guilt and remorse. It did not realize it is dead or that life is over. It kept reliving the guilt over and over again.
Hence, in spite of death of the body, the spirit kept carrying the log on its back and remained in the forest.  That part of the soul energy remained frozen at that point of time, and rejoined another fragment of its own soul when the soul energy reincarnated as my client.
At an energy level, the log represented the emotional burden the soul was carrying because it was unable to let go.
 During therapy, we had to convince the soul to let go of the negative energy of remorse so that it could forgive itself, release the log, accept the love of God and go in the light. As a woman, this client had been facing abuse from her husband since several years who had been the same soul as his wife in that life.
When the spirit realized, it had compensated for its crime and had learnt to respect the weaker sex, it went away as its soul lesson was learnt. This woman had had shoulder pain since several years, which vanished after this session.

I suspected this to be the case with the spirit who was attached to Dev, the lead character in this case history. . The Greek soldier’s spirit seemed to be hovering on Earth, seemingly frozen in that life.
Whenever it appeared to Dev, it appeared in the attire it had died in as the Greek soldier. It also kept reliving the same feelings again and again.
That is why Dev repeatedly saw him getting defeated by the lions. The spirit was apparently consumed with energies of failure, revenge and frustration. Because its intensity was so strong, it was activating these negative feelings in Dev repeatedly by making him focus on similar energies from the environment. Probably, the spirit was not even aware it had died.

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