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Suicides and murders arise from attachment to form,
As long as you think a person is a body, it can die,
The moment you realize that the soul lives beyond,
You would know that the same struggle continues even if the body dies
you live in another body till you transcend your negativity to happiness
you keep getting caught in the same ideological wars till u rest ur inner conflict,
there is no release from Earth until you raise your frequency to positive
as a soul, you have to die feeling positive to be able to rest in peace

There are two types of deaths which are unnatural – suicides and murders . All other kinds of deaths , are a part of a life plan which the soul makes before incarnating on Earth. Accidents, diseases, childbirth etc. are part of a life plan. A soul chooses about four - five exit points in a  life time , where it expects life to become very difficult and can make a choice to quit.

The soul incarnates on Earth to learn soul lessons. By learning soul lessons, the soul understands how creation happens on the physical plane. Difficulties are planned as tests are planned in a class. They test the level of soul’s emotional maturity. If a soul can overcome a difficult with feeling happy from within, it rises to a higher dimension of happiness and comes closer to the Creator.
The CREATOR is the happiest soul because the Creator is of a very high frequency. All Gods are parts of the Creator , the Oneness and they all exist in high, positive dimensions.
However, when the soul incarnates on Earth, it encounters negative frequencies. Negative energies , as encountered on earth, are nonexistent on non physical, celestial dimensions. These difficulties are created through time and space limitations of Earth which don’t exist in space zones. There are eighteen dimensions in the universe, which are known to have life forms , spiritually established by saints and masters . ( - sourced from workshop by  Joe Costa, Institute of thought, California USA )

Earth exists in the third dimension. It is one of the kindergarten stages of evolution. Souls are expected to create desires within a life time as little kids are expected to draw within boundaries. As the soul evolves, it plans over several life times, several dimensions.
The crux of all learning on Earth is to realize that all energies move through feelings a certain way. Feelings release electric impulses which mobilize energies of Creation. Feelings repeat themselves and consistent repetition helps convert feelings into form. Everything we feel manifests in our life though the forms keep changing.

For example, if we feel rejected in childhood, we focus on feeling negative . This negative feeling keeps repeating itself as we grow older. So, a child who is rejected will encounter rejection as  an adult through his lover, his boss, his peers etc. Rejection can come in any form but the feeling will repeat itself. A child who feels secure will continue feeling secure as an adult even if it loses all property and assets because ether feelings we focus on repeat. The feeling of security will get reinforced as it may get family support, resort to meditation , get support from God etc. The feelings will come back as long as we focus on them consistently.

Suicides and murders arise out of an unawareness of this phenomenon. Even if a person dies, the feelings he focuses on does not die. The feeling keeps revolving  till it is transcended by a person’s conscious choice. The feeling  enters another person focused on similar feelings, and the soul becomes a spirit attachment..The energy of being negative  does not dissolve with death. The person who it enters has to then transcend it into positive. The soul who dies by suicide or murder lives on in another body and faces the same problems over and over again till it is released into a positive dimension by therapy or through consciously directed meditation to be positive.

If death occurs through suicide or murder, it is a manifestation of brain power over soul power. The person feels that death will resolve all problems. However, the problems worsen. The spirit dies feeling guilty. The soul becomes disconnected to the Creator at the moment of death as it dies in a  halo of negativity. This negative soul gets attached to other vulnerable souls and makes them negative.

Several people who hear of suicide soon after start feeling suicidal themselves. That is because e, they catch a spirit attachment. The desire to die goes away when the spirit is released.

In suicide, a person takes his or her own life. In murders, the person’s life is taken away by another. However, the death occurs when the body is fully functional and can be healed from its problems. A suicide or murder are like  jumping out of a racing car. The speed of life does not stop[. The spirit gets picked by another car and the same war continues, but in a  worse form, as this spirit does weak ad negative.

Suicide deaths lead to a soul falling in dimensions and pulling down another person’s positivity. Similarly, murdered souls usually get attached to the killer’s body . In both cases, death of the ideology does not happen. The ideology continues to exist and has to be converted into positive before the soul can leave in peace.
The books IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS ( how past lives affect the present , a soul’s perspective ) ; CREATION OF HAPPINESS : THE ENERGY WAR , a soul’s perspective and REDEFINING HAPPINESS ( how to handle negative feelings, a soul’s perspective – all cover these aspects explained in more detail in different ways.

            As is systematically explained in one of the books:

“          Death is considered a healing process for the soul or life force energy, as long as it is not suicide or murder. All other kinds of death are planned by the soul before incarnating in the body.
            The soul plans four-five exit points in a life-time, where it can choose to quit a role, if it feels life is becoming too difficult and it is not learning its soul lessons anymore. 

            The exit/death points can include accidents, a fatal illness, a heart attack etc, and all these events which may appear sudden or saddening from the worldly perspective, are actually a part of the soul’s plan to exit at a given point from the Earth plane.

            Death, for the eternal soul, is like leaving school and going back home. After death of a body, the soul, as the free spirit, joins its Higher Self, which always remains in the Light (the term’ Light ‘is synonymous with Heaven/ celestial plane, for the purposes of this book. It is a dimension where positive energy frequencies are much higher than on Earth).

            Like, we can recharge a battery by connecting it to the main electricity line, the soul or the spirit gets recharged after a life by reconnecting to its Higher Self in the LIGHT. It gets refreshed and rejuvenated with energy before it chooses to return To Earth. _ excerpt from chapter 3 , CREATION OF HAPPINESS : THE ENERGY WAR, a soul’s perspective

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