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In today's world, every successful person is called a God by the masses,
that is because there is too much discrepancy between haves and have nots in classes,
success on Earth does not mean that you have a positive soul frequency,
a wrong successful life can kill your soul & make you a part of dark forces,
you are successful if your inner positivity and health rise along with your fame,
when your fame creates inner peace for several , and you take care of all as your kids

God , by definition, is someone who takes care of people. God is a being who loves everyone as one, who takes responsibility of several people, who is approachable to all, who can help any person who shows responsible need and makes no distinction between the rich and poor.

When cricketers or actors are called Gods, its highly silly because the media is just using GOD as a common noun then with no clarity on what the term means.

If a person excels in one profession, he is like a warrior in a battle field. He shoots more scores than others in that profession but that very ability to be highly competitive, takes him away from being God.

God would not win at the cost of others losing. When God wins, everyone wins and when God loses, everyone loses.

One person cannot be called God as God is not a person by itself. The person is a channel of God. When he or she excels, he takes in energy from god to excel. But, when the person so not excelling in his work area, he is like any other person. God enters him and leaves him for that period of time as energy. The ability to absorb energies to excel need not make a person god like as the energy can also be taken from dark forces.

Dark forces exist in nature as God does and if a person excels at the cost of his sanity, it is the work of dark forces not God. God helps a person excel in a way that his soul evolves to becoming stronger from within. A person helped by God would be kind and peaceful in all normal circumstances. Such a person would be humble by nature as God can enter a human being who does not have too strong a personality of his own.

If a person is irritable, arrogant, haughty, thinks himself superior than others, is over sensitive to criticism - he is not God but a demon. Such a person becomes successful at the cost of losing balance in all other aspects of his life. Some successful people enter the vicious circle of negativity where they continue being negative because they think success is more important than happiness.

People who are successful because they take in god's energies may be eccentric but they have humility. They do not consider themselves more special than others because they are aware that God's love is equal for all. Also, people aligned with god would be creative and original in their thinking. They would not conform to society's conditioning as they would want to stay connected with the pure energy of God.

God's consciousness is always modern and always evolving as God is the soul with the highest soul frequency. The higher the soul frequency, the more easily a person can adapt to new situations. A person aligned to God would be able to leave anything which is dishonest or non aligned with the soul, as this person would not want to lose his or her purity of original thought. Such a person would be free from fear and need for hypocrisy.

Changing jobs, breaking marriages with dishonest people, being loving to all children equally whether one's own or another’s, being able to adapt to and excel at new professions with complete dedication and a belief in principles of truth, welfare of the masses , love, passion and oneness make a person God like - strong, powerful and responsible.

Any lure you have to excel top satisfy needs of popularity are a pull of the dark forces. Dark forces give money but not peace. They give alcohol but no bliss. The raise temptations but never allow you to feel satiated.

As is revealed by a spirit guide, master, teacher soul from heaven in the book IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS (how past lives affect the present, a soul's perspective :

Section 1 - Dev`s Seventh Life between Life (LBL) session
I took Dev into trance by starting with the breathing relaxation. Then, we moved onto the Light Visualization process.
“Now imagine a light entering from the top of your head. It can be any colour you see. What colour comes to your mind, first?”
Usually, he saw BLUE colour - which is the colour of an Indigo soul. He always said that he liked that colour. But this time he gave a different answer which appeared strange.

“Red”, he replied, a little surprised himself.
“Red? How does it feel?
“It doesn’t feel good”, he replied and paused “It is blue on top. The bottom one-third is red. It is shaped like a spear. Here!” he indicated the space above the top of his head.
He looked worried.
“Okay, just let the Red stay there. Don’t let it enter you. Just concentrate on the top of your head and feel relaxed. As you exhale, you exhale out dark smoke and as you inhale, you inhale pure oxygen. With each breath, keep going deeper and deeper, till you reach the deepest levels of your subconscious mind”.
Thus, I continued taking him deep without the actual light visualization process. I did not ask him to visualize Light because he was seeing RED colour and he wasn’t feeling comfortable about it. Dev went deep into his usual trance state.

Next, I took him through the Hall of Doorways into the Life-between-Life space.
“What do you see?”
“The Old Man is there”, replied Dev.
“Okay, ask him why the red colour is there?”
“The pull of the dark forces has become strong. Satan is testing worthiness”, replied the Old Man, in his gruff voice.
“How is he testing worthiness?”
 “Anger, temptation, negative form of power”, replied the Old Man.
“What are those?”
That is how Satan pulls. The pull from the dark forces will be through temptation or through anger”, replied the Old Man.
“So, Satan pulls by working on the mind? Ask.”
“Yes”, replied the Old Man.
“How would you know if it is Satan pulling?”
“The urge for power is always external. Whatever rewards the evil forces give will be external. They will be transitory in nature.” replied the Old Man.
“How are those rewards transitory in nature?”
“It is not doing the job which is important. It is how you do it” replied the Old Man.
“What does he mean by that? Ask”
“There will be no lasting sense of satisfaction once the job is completed. The peace I give is internal. It is long lasting.” replied the Old Man.
“How would you know the difference?”
You can make out the difference in your mind”, stated Dev on behalf of the Old Man.
“Why has Satan’s pull become more strong now? Ask?”
“ ..I had to intervene….. We could not allow you to fight. Before the spark reaches the oil, it has to be prevented”, replied the Old Man.
“How did you intervene?”
“I gave you calm, when you were going to fight. You almost slipped yesterday.” replied the Old Man.
“How has that led to Satan’s pull becoming strong?”
Because I intervened when I was not supposed to. We had to give them two attempts”, replied the Old Man.
“What does that mean? Two attempts?”
“If I had not intervened, you would have got killed ….Now, they can try to kill you. They have got two chances to kill you”, replied the Old Man.
“Okay….So, the dark forces would try to kill you? Is that what The Old Man is saying?”
“Yes”, confirmed Dev in the Old Man’s gruff voice.
“Is today’s accident connected to that?”
Yes. They made one attempt today. They will make another in the next 15 days”, stated the Old Man.
“What can you do so that their attempt fails? Ask”
Their attempts are weak. ….Satan will work through the mind. Resist the pull”, replied the Old Man
“How can you do that?”
“You have to avoid going to those places”, replied the Old Man.
“Which places?”
“Where the pull is strong”, replied the Old Man.
“Okay or if you do go to those places, you can choose not to fight. Would desensitizing your resistance to say NO help?”
Yes… you have to learn to say NO”, replied the Old Man “You need to control your heart. If you learn to control your egoistic part, half of the work is done”.

The heart symbolized Dev’s emotional impulses. This message held a deep meaning for Dev. Dev’s egoistic part was Maximus who influenced his heart viz. his emotional impulses the most. Maximus, in his heart, was bleeding with a desire for revenge. The Old Man was saying that if Dev could control the personality of Maximus, half of the work was done.

“Okay… we will desensitize your resistance to say NO. You can say NO whenever the pull is from the dark forces. Ask, how can you distinguish between fighting for dark forces and fighting for the Light?”
“The pull from the forces of Light would ask you to use violence for reasons which would require honesty and courage to fight injustice… ”, explained the Old Man, paused and continued “The pull from the dark forces will be through temptation or through anger. The need to fight would be to suppress the argument by a show of power. There would not be any real need for violence, and nothing would be lost if it is not used.”
“Okay…thank you for that guidance… Can we also remove his negative feelings of anger, fear, guilt, hurt and sadness through time line so that the pull of the dark forces is less?”
You cannot remove guilt. He has to heal those souls whose purpose of life he took away. They have to forgive him.” replied the Old Man.
“Can we, anyway, try to heal him now, so that he is not tempted again?”
“You haven’t seen the destruction he has caused… the villages he destroyed…We cannot allow that to happen again”, replied the Old Man.
“Can we remove the other negative emotions -anger and fear?”
“….You can”, replied the Old Man, after a pause.
“Okay, thank you….Is there anything else you want to ask him?”
“No”, replied Dev.
“Okay, then thank him and be back in the Hall of Doorways”

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