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We try to rationalize every problem we face  from Earth's perspective of present life. But we repeat the same mistakes life after life and suffer.

However, our soul views life as eternal and has  every different explanation for our impulsive or fanatic behaviors. Sometimes, it is shocking to realize that we think completely opposite of how we should be thinking to find happiness. 

Happiness scan come in only when the soul's purpose of life is achjeived and the soul achieves its purpose when it understands why it has the desires it has and how to resolve them to feel at peace. If there is a desire to make our own race supreme and kill another race, then peace will be found by removing such a desire which creates violence and focus on its opposite  viz. to help our race .

Usually, we want to kill another race or religion to prove our own race supreme because we have been the opposite race in a  previous life. For example, if a hindu wants to prove his race supreme over muslims, it is because he has been a  muslim in a previous life and has killed hindus. He wants to compensate for his sins by helping the hindu race.

A fanatic soul needs to focus on how to improve lives of the people he loves with spreading peace without harming other religions. The moment the soul harms or kills other races, it again incurs negative karma. The person has to repay karmic debt to the person he kills  and would be born as the religion of the soldier he kills in the next life. The desire to prove our race supreme is an extnsion ofa  competitive society where God is branded as inferior or superior.

 For the soul, there is no religion. God is one. The following is an excerpt of how a spirit guide from heaven views conflicts on Earth and suggests a solution. It is a recording of a past life session and LBL session. People who meditate can use the script given for self healing also. 

IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS ( how past lives affect the present, a soul's perspective )

Dev , the lead character of this book, was coming for therapy to find peace in his life through understanding his soul purpose. He was under psychiatric treatment for aggression but hynotherapy was helping him calm down more than medicines given to ca his mind. He was slowly understanding his conflicts and resolving them through rationalizing his conscious and subconscious desires, integrating his soul mind and conscious mind beleifs. This is a real life case history of a  spirit attachment in a person who dribes the person impulsively.

Dev had a keen desire to go in the army and fight wars to defend his country from enemies

Section 2 - Dev’s Eighth Past life: The Fanatic General

I took Dev into semi-trance state. He went in fast, as usual. We did not see the Greek soldier appearing uncalled this time.

“Now, that you are relaxed, walk a few steps…You’ll find a door which opens to the Garden of Heaven. Open the door and enter the Garden of Heaven.’
“I can’t”, he said. He was still locked out of heaven.
“Okay, then be back under the stairs. Look to your right and you’ll find a door which opens to the Hall of Doorways. As I count 5-0, open the door. Once in the hall, you’ll find several doors on your left and right. These indicate your lives that have been and will be. Go to the door which is the root cause of you wanting to give justice to Hindus by killing Muslims. Now. 5, 4,3,2,1 and 0. Are you in the Hall of Doorway”?
“Yes”, he replied.
“Okay, now go to the life which is the root cause of you wanting to give justice to Hindus by killing Muslims. Go to any door which pulls you and enter the door. If you don’t see anything, imagine you are walking in white light. Slowly, images will start opening, now, as I count 5-0, open the door and be in the life… 5, 4, 2, 1 and 0. NOW!”
“Yes”, he nodded.

The Eighth Past Life
“Look around you. Focus. Where are you? What do you see?”
“I am a soldier”, he replied in a contended tone. He was pleased on seeing himself as a soldier again.
“How are you dressed? Which country? Focus”
“He seems to be an Afghan soldier”, he replied focusing. He replied from an observer position using HE instead of I.

Dev was seeing himself as a Muslim.

“How old is he?”
“He’s young…Around twenty-five”, he replied.
“How does he look?”
“He’s handsome, well-built, tall... has a beard” he replied.
“What is his rank?”
“He’s the General…” he replied, in pride.
 ‘How does he feel?”
“He is very strong… nobody can defeat him” he replied.
“What is he doing now as you see him? Be in his body. Look around ... where is he?”
“In India”, he replied.
“What is he doing in India? Does he live there?
“No, they have come from Afghanistan.” he replied, still replying in third person. He was unable to be in that body.
“Why have they come?”
“He is leading an army on behalf of the king... The King is on his way. They have come to conquer India” replied Dev.
“What are they doing?”
“Destroying temples, looting villages, killing Hindus… spreading terror… each town he goes, he wins” he replied.
“How does he feel?”
“Good…he is powerful, his name is becoming famous... …everyone is afraid of him”, Dev continued, a touch of pride in his voice.
He was seeing himself killing Hindus. It was a role which was exactly opposite the role he wanted to play in this life. Now, in his present life, as a Hindu, he wanted to destroy Muslims, to establish the supremacy of the Hindu race. Then, in his past life, as a Muslim, he was seeing himself destroy Hindu temples and killing Hindus to establish the supremacy of the Muslim race.

“Okay, as I touch you on the forehead, move to the next significant event. What do you see now?”
“He is ordering his troops to destroy the fabric of Hinduism. He is saying something.” he replied.
“What? Focus!”
“Not a single temple will remain…We are the rulers now… let them know that”, Dev replied.
“Why is he doing that?”
“When he came, the king ordered him… Later, he started enjoying it... He started killing people even without orders from the king” replied Dev.

That was a common pattern in all his lives, according to the Old Man. As a soldier, he was trained to kill.  Initially, he used to kill on orders. As he became powerful, he started to enjoy the negative success which came from beating those who were weaker. Subsequently, he killed without orders, taking lives he wasn’t authorized to take.

“Is he allowed to do that?”
“Nobody can stop him… He has become very powerful”, replied Dev.
“As I touch you on the forehead, Move to the next significant scene. What is happening? What do you see? Focus!”
“He is ordering soldiers to destroy more villages …. Almost all the temples there are destroyed now… He is ordering them to kill any Hindu who comes by…” Dev said with a disgraced look on his face, the expression indicating that he did not like to see so much destruction subconsciously, i.e., at the soul level.
“What are the soldiers doing?”
“They are looting villages…. killing women and children, raping women” he spoke, lips twitched in disgust.
“Is the General also raping women?”
“No... But he is not stopping them… He is telling them to destroy them all”, he replied in the same disgusted tone.
“Okay, as I touch you on the forehead, move backwards in time. See yourself with the king.”
“Yes”, he replied.
“Where are you?”
“With the king…in the desert”, he replied.
“Which country?”
“Maybe Afghanistan “, he replied.
“Do you recognize the king from this life…look into his eyes”
“No”, he replied.
” What is his name? Is there a name coming to your mind? Tell me the first name which comes”
“Ghazni”, he replied in an unsure tone.

 Mohammad Ghazni was a ruler from Afghanistan who raided India around the middle ages and caused massive destruction including demolishing Hindu religious structures, particularly temples. We do not have proof to know whether Dev had been Ghazni`s general in his past life but considering his exploits there is a possibility that he may have been.

“Who else is there?”
“Soldiers are there. There is a gathering”, he replied.
“For what? What is happening?”
“The king is planning to send troops to India…They are making plans…It is a long route. It will take a year”, he replied.
“What are you doing there?”
“The king is talking to me”, he replied.
“What is he saying?”
“I have been made the General to lead the troops”, he replied.
“Why you?”
“I have proved myself in wars…I joined as a soldier but I rose to the top very fast... I am being praised by the king” he replied with pride in his voice.
“Okay….how do you feel?”
“Good”, he nodded.
“What happens next?”
“Nothing… we are making plans… I have to go ahead with some troops… The king will follow”, he replied.
“Okay, move to the next significant scene. Where are you?”
“Same...In India”, he replied.
“What are you doing?”
“Fighting”, he replied.
“The locals… we are going from village to village... we are winning… ”, he replied, an unsure look of disgust on his face indicating that the destruction had also begun. “In the beginning, the destruction was less….but as we grew more powerful, we started causing more destruction”.
“To establish our supremacy”, he replied, nodding his head in agreement with the cause.
“Okay, as I touch you on the forehead, move to the scene when the king arrives”.
“Yes”, he replied.
“What is happening?”
“There is a celebration”, he replied.
“Because we won… We are the rulers in India now”, he replied.
“What are you doing?”
“The king is honouring me... I have been rewarded”, he replied.
“Okay, then what happens?”
“Nothing”, he replied.
“What is the next scene?”
“It is blank. There is nothing more”, he replied confused.
“Okay, move to the scene just before you die… What is happening?”
“I have been stabbed”, he replied.
“By whom?”
‘I don’t know”, he replied.
“Okay, be with the spirit and see who stabbed you?”
“The king sent someone to kill me”, he replied.
“Why? Because I had become too powerful. He was afraid”, he replied.
“So, you were betrayed by your own king?”
“Yes”, he replied looking a little dismayed.
“Did you have any intention of taking over his power?”
“No”, he replied.” But he did not trust me”.
“Okay, be with the spirit…were you able to achieve the purpose of that life?”
“No”, he replied.
“What was the purpose?”
“To fight against injustice”, he replied.
“Were you not able to do that?”
“No…” he said in dismay.
“How does the spirit feel?”
“Bad”, he replied.
“Does the spirit feel justified in killing Hindus?”
“No, he feels bad… the General got carried away”, he replied.
“Why did he get carried away?”
“He was very poor in the beginning…Once he got money and power, he got carried away...” replied Dev.
“Why do you use HE throughout…? Have you been unable to get in the body? Normally, you use I?”
“I can’t get in that body now… That part of the soul has been cut off and kept in hell”, he replied.
“It is that part the Old Man spoke about … it is too impatient. The dark forces have more hold over it”, he replied.
“Okay, then…Join your Higher Self. Be in the Light”.
“Yes”, he replied.
“Are you in the light? Whom do you join?”
“Maximus”, he replied.
“Have you been joining him all along?”
“Yes”, he replied.
“You don’t go in the Light?”
“No”, he replied.
“All the souls after death joined him?”
“Yes”, he replied.
This was unusual because usually spirits go into the Light when commanded. The person, as a spirit, sees itself going in the Light and feels peaceful after that.

“And is he in the Light?”
“No, he is stuck someplace in between”, he replied.
“Where in between?”
“He is somewhere… there is nothing around him… he just stays there” he replied.
“Is it heaven?”
“No, he can’t enter heaven”, he replied.
“So, you come from him and join him back again?”
“Yes”, he replied.
Unlike my earlier impression, Dev’s spirits from past lives did not go into the Light. They all joined Maximus. Maximus was stuck somewhere in between space. According to the Old Man, he was kept in hell.

“How is his heart?”
”It is bleeding more” he nodded, looking at his heart.
“More because of the General”, he replied... “It was another life where he could not achieve the purpose of his life”.
“Okay, then send him away completely, disconnect from that life and come back to this life”.
“Yes”, he replied.
“Has he gone?”
 “Yes”, he replied.
“Okay… now as I touch you on the forehead, be back under the stairs… We will go to the Life-between-Life space. Is that okay with you?”
“Yes”, he nodded calmly.
So, with his willing permission, I next took him to the Life-between-Life space.

Section 3 - Dev’s third Life-between-Life session

“Now! Be under the stairs “
“Yes”, he replied.
“You will see a door to your left which opens to the Hall of Doorways. As I count 5-0, open the door and be in the Hall of Doorways, 4,3,2,1 and 0... NOW! (Snap fingers to make sound impact)... Are you in the Hall of Doorways?”
“Yes”, he replied.
“Go to the door which opens to the pre-life planning stage of your current life... Are you there?”
“Yes”, he replied.
“Now, as I count from 5-0 open the door and be in the pre-life planning stage of your current life. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and 0. NOW!” I touched him slightly on the forehead for a fraction of a second and then asked “Are You there?”
“Yes”, he replied and nodded.
“What do you see there?”
“There’s a hill… its beautiful”, he nodded in appreciation.
“Do you see any spirit guide there… anyone?”
“The Old Man is standing at the bottom of the hill… I am with him now”, he replied.
“Okay, is he saying anything?”
“He is asking why you are here”, he replied, imitating the surprise in the Old Man’s tone.
“Ok, tell him that you want to ask him whether killing Muslims in India get justice to the people and help you achieve the purpose of your life?”
Every time the people you were supposed to fight against, you ended up protecting them” replied Dev, in the voice of the Old Man, addressing himself as YOU.
This reply obviously indicated that killing Muslims would not serve his purpose of life. However, I asked more questions so that he could get more clarity in his mind.
“What about you thinking Muslims are enemies?”
Anybody who doesn’t agree with your thought process, you think is the enemy”, replied the Old Man.

I was amused at the answers which were coming from his subconscious mind, which completely contradicted the statements given by him in his conscious self .The answers were indirect but had profound wisdom when interpreted.

“What about his thinking that his purpose is to establish the supremacy of the Hindu race?”
Your own thought process is your biggest enemy”, replied the Old Man.
“What does he need to think instead?”
The lesson is to realize that power should not be centred to one person”, came the reply from the Old Man,

In the olden days, wars were fought in the name of religion though the ulterior motive then, as now, was economic supremacy .In all his previous lives, Dev had fought as a soldier to establish the supremacy of a religion under his king. Since he wanted to be a soldier again in this life, he thought it was his duty to protect a religion like in the olden days.

“What is the reason for the anger against Muslims?”
“It is the soul taking revenge against itself “, replied the Old Man.
The soul as the Muslim General had felt bad maybe and wanted to repay karma by seeking forgiveness from Hindus in the present life. However, Dev did not realize that he was repeating exactly the same feelings of fanaticism in his mind though it was from the other side now.  Instead of repaying karma, he was likely to increase it this way.

 “How will he find peace if he remains with these negative feelings?”
He has to heal those souls whose purpose of life he took away”, replied the Old Man. “Those souls have to forgive him”.
“Will he find peace when those souls forgive him?”
“He will find peace when he forgives the people who did injustice to him and the people whom he did injustice to forgive him” replied the Old Man.
“Why was India chosen to be the country for him to achieve his purpose?”
Because he caused maximum destruction here”, explained the Old Man.
“Is there a definite plan by which he can achieve his life purpose? What is the plan?”
He is our champion against the dark forces”, replied the Old Man in a commanding voice.
“Champion  in what?”
There is a war on between the good and evil. He has to destroy evil forces by fighting them”, stated the Old Man.
“Is there any other way he can do it other than fighting?”
“He is a soldier, he has always been a soldier… he has to achieve his purpose doing what he is good at… the path is too big for him to complete, if he tries any other method”, he replied.
“What role does he have to play in this war?”
He is the deciding factor”, replied the Old Man.
“Deciding factor in what?”
There will be a series of events which can escalate into a war” replied the Old Man.
“What does that mean? Is there a war expected here?”
“A number of small events will take place all over the world …There is an army of the good forces and an army of the evil forces…” replied the Old Man.
“Which side is he on?”
“He can join any side… the dark forces are trying to pull him on their side”, replied the Old Man.
“What do you mean when you say - he is the deciding factor?”
The side he joins will win”, replied the Old Man.
“What if he joins the dark forces?”
If he is allowed to go on the wrong track, he can cause mass destruction, destruction as has never been seen before. We cannot allow that to happen. We will kill him before that. We cannot take another chance”, replied Dev in the voice of the Old Man which sounded fatalistic.
“So, a war is expected? Could this be a third world war?”
“A series of events will take place which can escalate into a war”, replied the Old Man.
“Will the destruction not be there if he doesn’t join the dark forces?”
“Unless the old is destroyed, the new can’t be created”, replied the Old Man.
“So, destruction would be there?”
Yes”, replied the Old Man” Destruction will be there… but it will be kept to the minimum”.

Apparently, Dev’s role was to help the Light forces through using his aggression. If that was so, Dev could be an Indigo. There are several indigos on Earth now as Earth is going through a transition on the astronomical planes. towards the New Age
Dev felt a misfit in society. He was rebellious and he had unchannelised strength which made him restless to the extent of being destructive. He had all the characteristics of an Indigo child.

Though Dev did not know who Indigos were since we had never discussed about them, I anyway decided to ask the Old Man about them.
“Is he an Indigo?”
 There was a pause as Dev looked confused by the question. Then, he replied on behalf of the Old Man.

Yes... he has always been an indigo…he was called to do the work of Light but he got carried away…This is his last chance to go back to his planet”, replied the Old Man.
“If he fails this time, then where will the soul go?”
The fate of the soul has not been decided yet. It got carried away in earlier lives ….We are hoping that this plan will be successful …I agreed to intervene… Because the soul is good”, replied the Old Man, explaining why Dev was getting more guidance than usual.
“Are there other indigos involved in this plan?”
Indigos are the deciding factors”, he replied as the Old Man.
“Deciding factors in what?”
 “They will decide who will win the war.”, replied the Old Man.
“Where are they placed?”
We have Indigos decide in all the key areas....they will get together and decide who will win the war”, the Old Man explained.
“Are other Indigos also pulled by the dark forces?”
Yes...if the Indigos are carried away, the level of destruction will be huge”, replied the Old Man.
“Have any got carried away?”
“Yes… the dark forces have their champions as well”, he replied.
“So, if they are all powerful, how can you be sure the forces of Light will win?”
“There are several on our side still…the ones who go on the other side will cause mass destruction. They will have to be stopped”, he replied.
“So, is Dev one of the factors in deciding which side wins?”
“Yes …He is”, replied the Old Man.
“Will he be guided? How will he know he is on the path of the Light?”
Do not kill unless you have to”, replied the Old Man.
“Anything else?”
“Marriage will help him” replied the Old Man.

I assumed this was marriage to that girl who was his girl-friend in the life of Maximus. The Old Man had said that she knew the plan.
“What about him feeling that this country needs a champion to defend it against its enemies?”
The concept of countries is the root cause of all destruction” stated the Old Man.
“What do you mean by that statement?”
“The country is the root cause of all evil”, said the Old Man again.

This was completely against what Dev believed in his conscious mind. Dev wanted to be the champion for his country whereas the Old Man indicated that his role was that of a champion of the forces of Light. The concept of the country was destructive, according to the Old Man.

  “What role do you suggest for him then? Which path should he follow?”
The role will come to him”, replied the Old Man.
“When will it come?”
“When the time comes” replied the Old Man.
“Okay, is there anything else you want to ask the Old Man?”
“No”, he replied.
“Okay, then thank him and come back. When you are back in the Hall of Doorways, say yes.”

“Yes”, Dev replied.

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