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 Violence makes people hate each other
the victim feels crushed and the abuser feels weaker
both the victim & abuser feel helpless like animals
violence makes the soul resort to animal consciousness over being Spiritual
Violence needs to be used only for self defense as a last resort
If souls are wise, it can be avoided and light will spread oevrtime in dark spots

We are souls in human bodies. We take birth to create desires in physical form in ways which increases our positivity. If we remain happy in the process of realizing success, we raise our power and succeed in our life purpose. If we become negative or mechanical in the process of realizing success, we lose power as souls.

People use violence to feel successful. They feel they are killing the negative energy in another person and teaching a soul lesson by hitting as parents hit children to discipline them. However, souls are thinking beings and do not learn by use of force. In fact, violence creates fear in the victim and makes him emotionally distanced from the abuser . Victims obey the abusers in fear but not in agreement. The soul consciousness does not evolve.

Violence is like surgery is,  in healing others. It has several side effects. As far as possible, doctors prefer to use medicines, not surgery. Similarly, other methods of releasing anger need to be used like dancing, exercising, singing, painting or making love sexually with a peaceful attitude. Any activity which releases aggressive energy of the body helps to bring peace and happiness in life.

Success on Earth matters only as much as it leads to happiness. The moment we lose the balance between success and happiness, success loses its value for the soul. The soul is always positive and cannot stay in an unhappy body. If the person feels compromised through life, the soul keeps the body operating like a neutral car engine.

The soul feels alive and moving on only when it feels happy and peaceful while pursuing success. This process requires patience.
Souls use violence or abuse others when life does not go the way they want it to. Anger leads to abuse.
However, abuse creates negative energy for other souls. The people who abuses and gets abused become very negative. Violence releases more negative energy than positive energy, on an average.

Resorting to violence backfires on the soul because the negative energy created makes the soul lose its power.
The soul’s power increases as its positivity rises. As the soul becomes more positive, it becomes like God-clear in thinking and being. The whole idea of incarnation in a physical body is to overcome physical life problems and become like God, in the Earth Dimension. Souls in heaven d not face physical challenges on Earth and hence do not become negative.
When souls on Earth become negative, their aura becomes dense and they lose touch with their higher selves on Earth. Violent souls are tenser than others. They keep feeling anxiety and fear. They feel God does not exist and try to resolve all problems by their rational realism. That makes them lose contact with the other side of life viz. the energy dimensions. They feel more bound with time and more helpless than powerful.

Violence makes the soul feel like prisoners in their own body. The soul feels powerful when it can resolve all conflicts through its mental power. If the soul can convince other people or change its own thinking to understand other people, then it feels strong in spirit. But, whenever it resorts to violence, it feels being pushed by physical dimension towards taking an action which it would rather avoid. Violence makes the soul feel compromised within itself.

Violence is a pattern for an aggressive soul over lifetimes. The soul feels angry and becomes violent for several different reasons but the core pattern remains the same. It doesn’t matter what makes the soul violent on the physical plane. The point to note is that the energy of aggression takes over the positivity of the spirit through any reason or excuse.

When we do past life regression, we find that violent souls repeat the same mistakes over lifetimes.
As is written in the book IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS (how past lives affect the present, a soul’s perspective), VIOLENCE NEEDS TO BE USED AS A LAST RESORT.
The lead character of the story is a borderline schizophrenic and catches a violent spirit attachment. He desires peace from his own aggression but he gets uncontrollably angry again and again. He feels that his anger is justified each and every time. When we go to the celestial plane to find the reasons for this behavior in the life between life planes – his spirit guide tells him that his own mind is his biggest enemy.

Following is an excerpt from a conversation between a spirit guide who is an advanced soul in heaven and the person, in semi hypnosis state.

 Dev, the lead a character, has a keen desire to join the army to finish the country of its enemies. His spirit guide tells him that his past life was as a soldier in the army where he took several innocent lives. So, he is being prevented from joining that path again. In this life, he has to control aggression in his own mind and learn to discriminate between good and bad on his own judgment, rather than depend on a ruler’s wisdom, as the ruling authority may be corrupt.

You are our soldier of justice. The path is not important. How it is followed is important. You have got carried away in earlier life-times. You were a soldier in the army. You were sent to prevent them but you joined with them.” said Dev on behalf of the Old Man.
“Yes…So, which path can you follow? Is the police better or the army or is there any other path?”
It is your choice. You can follow the path of Maximus or follow the path where killing is the last resort.” the Old Man repeated “You started killing to obey orders and later you killed anyone who came in front of you. You took several innocent lives. You have to heal those souls. That is your purpose. What you do to achieve that purpose does not matter. The intention behind it matters.”

---excerpt from Chapter 12 LIFE BETWEEN LIFE

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