Friday, 22 November 2013


We are souls who enter computers
then we make the computer function by the power of our will
however, we cant operate  a machine till we understand it
we learn how to drive our life when we know how our mind lives

Metaphorically, the subconscious mind is like the hard disk of the computer or the engine of the car whereas the conscious mind is the computer operator or the driver of the car, respectively.

 The efficacy of the computer operator depends a large extent on the kind of data stored in the hard disk. If the hard disk is old and redundant, the computer cannot function at its optimal, however hard the operator tries.
Similarly, the car driver needs a good engine to be able to drive the car smoothly. If the car is not running smoothly, the driver first needs to check the engine rather than his driving abilities
Like the hard disk of the computer or the engine of the car, the subconscious mind plays a crucial role in our everyday life as, our memories and our experiences set the base for how we learn, respond and act in any given situation at any point of our lives.

 You may not be consciously aware of events in your childhood which impacted you deeply or the major accomplishments and losses you have experienced in your life.

But, these past experiences run as programmes in the subconscious mind and they affect your daily behavior without your conscious awareness. Your general established pattern of working, and your belief or disbelief in your own abilities, affects your ability to receive information and process it at each moment of your life...

The subconscious mind governs all our automatic behaviors. Whenever a situation occurs in our life, we respond to it automatically, but our response depends on how our past experience has been of a similar situation. We respond the same way to a situation internally, as we responded in the past; and how we feel internally, naturally affects how we respond externally.

Our whole past experience is stored in the subconscious mind, along with our previous response, as a computer programme. So, if we cried in childhood when our parents rebuked us for failing in an exam, we cry/become sad internally, even as adults when we get rebuked on our work performance by a person in authority.

Each intense emotional situation triggers on a SWITCH in our subconscious mind which rekindles all previous experiences of the same emotion.

Each emotional memory gets stored in the subconscious mind. The organization of memory storage depends on the intensity of emotion felt. An old memory, subsequently gets triggered off each time a similar event, at the level of feelings, occurs.

Each emotion carries an electric impulse and releases energy in the body. A strong emotional experience releases greater negative energy and gets imprinted in the subconscious mind, more deeply.  This emotional experience causes accumulation of negative energy, in the mind.
Usually, we suppress this negative energy to forget the painful experience, as we do not know any other way to deal with it. This suppressed negative energy   reserve gets awakened each time, a similar emotional experience occurs even when the new emotional experience is milder in intensity to the original one.

In fact, the whole programme may get opened up by a single trigger - like a phrase, a sound, a touch or a sensation which reminds you of the original event.

As explained in the prologue, there are energy circuits or neuron-pathways, running in the mind carrying energies of the dominant feelings we focus on.
Any event which has a strong emotional impact becomes a point of dominant focus and starts forming an energy circuit.  After some time, this energy circuit gets suppressed, as our point of dominant focus shifts to another event. However, this negative energy circuit remains in the mind and keeps attracting energies of similar nature. Whenever we experience similar kinds of emotions, they also get accumulated in the same energy circuit, thus making it stronger.
The negative emotional memories of past traumas in the subconscious mind get stored as energy units. These energy formations do not break till we make a conscious attempt to break them, by releasing the negative energy accumulated in the mind.

The negative memory which was originally created by the event which caused the strong emotional impact, and subsequently reinforced by similar events which followed, needs to be re addressed and erased, after learning the soul lesson involved.
 Usually, any small reminder of the original event triggers off the whole memorized film subconsciously. Even if we do not recall the exact events, the feelings of distress pass through the wires of the energy circuits as negative electric impulses, travelling at neon speed.
 We experience deep feelings of hurt and pain which were experienced during the original crisis situation, even though the present occasion may be much milder and need not require arousal of such extreme distress.
Thus, you feel a much greater surge of negative emotional energy getting released than the present event can justify.  At a rational level, you do not understand why you are feeling so hurt.

Metaphorically, this function of the subconscious mind is similar to a programme opening up, on the computer screen, by typing a key word in the search engine.

Due to these old energy circuits getting triggered off, we may react to the external stimuli far more strongly than the present situation may warrantee.

This aspect matters in daily functioning because it determines how we manage our emotions in situations of stress.

 For example, suppose you felt deeply humiliated in childhood and your colleague did not have any such strong emotional experience.  Now, you both have a superior who loses his temper often. . You feel deeply humiliated and hurt each time the superior shouts at you. However, when the superior shouts at the colleague, he is more indifferent about it.
Thus, his response to the superior’s shouting may be very different from yours, even though the external experience for both of you was the same.
So, the superior would not understand why you are taking his shouting negatively whereas your colleague is not. At a rational, reasoning level there would be no justifiable reason for your feeling humiliated when your other colleagues take the same experience indifferently.

Your feeling of humiliation would affect your work performance negatively, and your success would suffer. Thus, an emotional experience which you suppressed in your childhood would affect your rational thought in the present day, since the shouting triggers off a whole chain of suppressed negative emotions in your mind. 

To heal this emotion, such as not to feel humiliated, you would need to resolve the issue at the root cause because if you don’t, the strong suppressed emotions would keep attracting similar energies.

To explain the need for healing the root cause issue through a metaphor- if we, take the energy circulation in our body as  a flowing drain, a negative energy reserve acts like a big rock stuck in the drain, which prevents water from flowing through smoothly. A suppressed negative memory prevents us from thinking and reacting rationally because the energy current pulling us down towards negative impulsive thinking, is very strong.

When we heal this issue, we release the stuck energy from the mind so that the drain gets cleared off and water can start flowing smoothly again. 

Happiness comes when our body is clear of negative beleifs .

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