Tuesday, 1 July 2014


God defines literacy in terms of human values, not degrees, education of facts or accumulation of general knowledge. Literacy is not about learning facts. Its about imbibing human values. .

In God’s world where abundance is given and struggle for survival is obsolete, education is that which spreads happiness in the masses.

We all crave for an ideal world where we would not lack love, respect or money. However, human beings have a tendency to discuss problems rather than focus on solutions.
Most discussions revolve around problems and rarely is a consensus reached where we are not compromising again with that which exists. A focus on solutions, alternative choices, their future impact, a different long term picture and stress on creating happiness in everyday life is necessary to rise to a higher quality of human existence not just technological evolution.

Better mobiles, better cars or luxurious homes are not serving to fill the vacuum in our hearts. Depressions are more amongst the rich than the poor. The rich have time to think unlike the poor whose free time is spent on struggling like donkeys for basic carriers. are found to begin after marriage

However, just the ability to think or use good English vocabulary does not ensure that you are thinking in the direction of creating happiness. Most Shakespeare’s tales are centred around failures, manipulation and misery. There is hardly any literature which focuses on how to create happiness. A  love tales end on “ AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER “, whereas most difficult struggles of life begin after marriage or settling down in professions which do not offer the satisfaction promised on the onset.

The only way to change the external scenario is by changing the schooling system. The beliefs and values developed in early childhood and teenage remain through life. To ensure emotional management necessary to remain healthy and happy through life , schools have to inculcate positive thinking as a routine .THERE IS A LAW OF REPETITION IN THE WORLD WHICH GOVERNS OUR LIVES. Every feeling we focus on in the present manifests in our future.

( Instead of being taught that WE ARE GOOD < GOD IS HERE, EVERYTHING IS FINE AND IMPROVING, LOVE AND GIVE LOVE..... We are taught that GOD IS FAR,  GOOD IS FAR ... only negative exists now .... do not be content... improve, fight , rise , war .....)

A focus on what is missing and teaching children to improve all the time on the assumption that THE GOOD DOES NOT EXIST IN THE NOW. GOOD IS ALWAYS FAR ... is the conditioning is schools. 
However, if we keep focusing on what is missing, we can never learn howto be content. We never find contentment in our life because we are never allowed to be content in childhood. It is prohibited to be satisfied as mass thinking is so used to focusing on what is missing.

Schools have to teach us how to be content. Instead of teaching competition, schools have to reward co-operation. Sharing, giving and receiving love, enjoying work rather than feeling forced to perform, learning to relax, be stress free etc. Have to be taught by schools. Classroom need to allot time to meditate on being thoughtless and breathing free for short intervals.
Practical training needs to be applied than theroretical knowledge. Children should be allowed flexible school timings instead of being grilled to get up early morning. The experience of life needs to be happy from beginning. Only then the LAW OF REPETITION would ensure that the experience of life remains happy through life. THE LAW OF REPETITION moves on as THE LAW OF ATTRACTION wherein we attract the energies we focus upon in our lives. 

If we force our children to cry every morning to go to school, we train them into crying through life because the Law of Repetition starts operating and emotional experiences get repeated. If we make our children feel rejected from childhood, if they don’t perform, they feel they have to perform for success even as adults and are unable to love with compassion...

Terrorism, rapes, wars etc. Are a result of bad values inculcated in school where completion is rewarded not joy of working. Competition and defeating others is encouraged over love and sharing. Our schooling system encourages corruption , cheating , bullying , mocking others, manipulation etc. By rewarding all children who defeat the weaker ones .

In the present society, our schools focus on lack, instead of on abundance. THE LAW OF ATTRACTION ensures that a focus on lack multiplies lack so as adults we keep feeling lack, emptiness, vaccum , craving in our lives as we are trained so in schools.  . The schools have to teach subjects like RESPECT, COMPASSION, TOLERANCE , CO-OPERATION ,  PHYSICAL ENDURANCE etc. to create happiness as a routine in the adult world. Mind patterns carry over from childhood. . By incorporating stories and problems around emotional management subjects , we can specifically teach adults to be healthy and happy in any situation . All diseases are a result of negative hormones released due to negative thinking in the body. We need to train children into focusing on how to find contentment and be happy by choice, Instead of mathematical theorems or distance from the moon. These are specialized subjects which are not needed by all in adult lives but emotional management is needed by everyone to be happy in life.

If schools were giving marks to children for being co-operative, for showing empathy, being compassionate, children would enjoy sharing as a habit of the mind.
Our governments needs to focus on developing a new education system  rather than giving money to soldiers for killing

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