Sunday, 6 July 2014


If you want to spread love to the world, love yourself first
The Golden rule of the Creator is that love begins at the core of the soul and then spreads
you cannot sacrifice for others and feel negative for them to be at peace
sacrifice is necessary and helps when your own self love rises because of your good deeds


A woman is selfish if she does a job and leaves her kids for earning money. The same woman is selfless because she earns money to help her kids. Perception is determined by social context. Hence, the judgment between selfless and selfish can be extremely biased or naive.

A man is selfish if he spends all his time at work. The same man is selfless because he sacrifices his pleasure for work.

 A householder is selfish if he uses alcohol for escape from stress. The same action is selfless if escaping from stress helps the man be at peace with other members of his house or community.
A mother is selfish if she leaves her job to look after her kids. The same mother is selfless because she sacrifices an independent income for happiness of her kids.

A father is selfish if he leaves a very successful career to spend time with kids. The same father is selfless if his sacrifice leads to better humans for the future.
A man is selfish of he has extra marital affairs to satisfy his sexual needs. The same man is selfless if he has the affairs because he does not feel sexually connected to his wife and tries to provide for his family by staying married and satisfying his sexual needs outside.

A man   is selfish if s/he wants divorce because he does not feel love for  his wife anymore. the same man is selfless if he wants to free himself and his wife from, a subjugating union of non aligned adults who have tried to think similar ways but could not understand what the other says..

A woman is selfish if she has boyfriends on face book where she porn chats. The same woman is selfless if she is doing some effort to stay in a marriage which suffocates her otherwise.
Prostitutes are selfish because they use sex to make money when sex should be exchanged free for love. The same prostitutes are selfless if they take on other people’s pain without getting any emotional relief themselves.

A wife is Selfish if she does not give divorce to her husband who wants to leave. The same woman is selfless if she thinks her husband and kids need her even if she feels unloved most of the time in the marriage.

A daughter is selfish if she leaves her abusive husband and comes back to the parents after divorce. The same daughter is selfless if the husband is unhappy with her,   demanding to her and to the parents and she wants to prevent their grief or her husband's grief who wants to divorce.

A person is selfish if she does not work and depends on family for support. The same person is selfless if s/he stays as the backbone of the house and ensures peace for everybody through her sacrifice.

A criminal is selfish because he breaks the law. The same criminal is selfless if the law is unjust to those in a weaker position. The criminal sacrifices his security to ensure justice from his perspective.

Karma of a person is determined by his own intention and not by how others think of him or her. If the person feels positive himself, he incurs positive karma and if the person gets influenced by others’ blame and becomes negative, he radiates negative light and incurs negative karmic debt. The action does not matter while spreading good.  Good energy spreads by feeling good from within, of feeling love for the soul in self, forgiving oneself and staying grateful to God for helping in the highest and best way

Every soul is a part of the Creator and every soul does his best to help everyone in the best way she or he thinks he should. However, perception differs.

Selfish or selfless depend on who is affected. People blame a person without understanding the circumstances she or he lives in. The person blames himself for being selfish and becomes negative. If a person becomes negative, he moves away from the positive frequency of the soul and can no longer spread happiness. So, his selfless action actually becomes selfish if he becomes sad at being blamed and reacts in anger or frustration.

The soul incarnates in a body to create life where it can spread its light. The soul is a minute fragment of the light of the Creator and it finds fulfilment in increasing the radiance of the Creator.

The Creator represents Love and happiness, peace and abundance. To be able to stay connected with god, the soul needs to have faith in these positive vibrations of energies. The soul needs to love its own self first before it can spread its light to others.

If the soul seeks to spread its light to others without loving its own self or respecting its own needs, the soul feels negative within. By the laws of energy transfer, a soul which dims its own light to increase light of another cannot increase the overall light of the Creator. To spread happiness in the love so forgers, we have to be the brightest light we can be.

Actions, money or success do not count as much in the spread of happiness as feelings of inner happiness do. Saints spread peace because they are at peace themselves. Housewives spread happiness if they feel happy and relaxed themselves. Men spread joy if they feel fulfilled themselves.

Satisfaction has to arise from within before it can spread to children or employees or students.
He more people sacrifices their own needs to spread happiness in the love of others, the more they feel negative. Their negativity reflects in their behaviours subconsciously and the negative energy spreads. One person who feels sadly sacrificed spreads the energy of sadness to everyone in the house whereas one person who makes choices to feel relaxed in life spreads energies of relaxation to everyone around.

That is the effect of Laws of Creation, Repetition and Attraction in the universe which multiply every feeling we repeatedly focus upon as energy cycles moving independently of ethics, legalities or norms imposed by outside.

To be happy, we have to feel peaceful within us and make choices which fulfil; our needs of feeling at peace and in good health than make sacrifices to please a society which keeps changing its rules with time. Mass consciousness evolves. Change is necessary and people valuing peace and happiness is a necessity over valuing money or success because it is inner feelings which create our core realities.

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