Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Positive thinking is necessary to find happiness. Negativity is conditioned into us from childhood which has to be replaced with creation of positive energy in the soul, with awareness, as adults.

Whenever we feel sick, anxious, unhealthy, helpless, angry, sad, chained etc. we feel negative.
 The more we feel negative, the more we harm our own body as we release negative hormonesin the body with every negative feeling being focused upon.

According to research, if we feel we are unable to move ahead in life as desired, we have chronic arthritis; if we feel we are not getting adequate support and blame ourselves often for failing expectations, we develop diabetes; if we feel suffocated and unable to voice our soul, we get asthma etc.

Depression is a result to choosing to look at the black side of every situation and yet, not leaving that situation, cancer is a result of constantly feeling angry, helpless and reproaching self and so on.
TO FEEL HEALTHY AND HAPPY< WE have to deliberately force ourselves to look at the positive aspect of every situation:

The soul plans its life and seeks to gain something positive from every negative situation. A downfall cannot occur unless the situation is already negative from the perspective of soul ascension. Failure helps in reawakening the soul. Failure is feedback to the person for a need for shifting focus to aligning needs of the soul with that of body and material world.

For example,
JOB LOST – an opportunity to find a more satisfying job, time for rest and peace, a choice to reorient priorities
DIVORCE – freedom from a  suppressive relationship where there was bitterness, an opportunity to love again, a choice to focus on spiritual upliftment to find peace and happiness for the soul
WIDOWHOOD – liberation from tradition or institution of marriage, time to spend on self growth , a choice to release old spirits and allow new attachments
ACCIDENT / LOSS OF LIMB – a choice to focus away from physical world to growth of soul power, time to spend on activities not possible with an able body where pressure to perform dominates the mind, ability to venture into new creative ways of being
FINANCIAL LOSS – an opportunity to take support from people you hated so that your relationships improve again, a choice to forgive and be a more loving person, finding inner strength to focus away from the material world and learn to stay happy by becoming spiritual, creative etc.
CHILD’S SICKNESS – an opportunity to focus away from conditioned upbringing, a choice to reduce pressure on the child to perform to please standardized norms, developing an ability to think differently from the masses to help the child stay happy
ADDICTIVE BEHAVIOURS – smoking is harmful to hormonal balance as is alcoholism but helps a struggling soul in finding few moments f time for self, being alert to perform in pressure and smoking away anger by exhaling breaths
RAPES – An opportunity to realize that yourself worth does not arise from the body, a choice to move into a spiritual direction to heal the hurt soul, developing capacity to love oneself in spite of being humiliated
RIOTS- are an opportunity to generate waves of compassion in society, an ability to restart life from a fresh, more organized perspective, a choice to let go of feelings of revenge and bitterness to realize peace within self


TUATION HAS A POSITIVE ENERGY UNDERLINED which would help in soul evolution if we start looking away from the negative energy surrounding us and take in light from the divine wisdom.

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