Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Devil is always unhappy, so are devil worshippers – GOD IS ALWAYS SYMBOL OF HAPPINESS and all those who are happy also worship God, by natural instinct/ rational coincidence.

 HAPPINESS is created when effort is invested on being happy - when love is a priority , peace is invested in and good health is pursued by investing time on exercise, learning  patience and discipline. God is the energy which represents the positive. 

Happiness is also the energy of positivity. Money is not an energy on its own. Money is physical tool like a vessel is for making food. Like a vessel is made of steel, money is made of paper. Money is finite. It can be burnt.

 Happiness is eternal. It leads to soul ascension. Happiness is that which money cannot buy like contentment is that which food cannot satisfy. Money and food help as the physical body builds on structures but they only are vessels not the energies the soul seeks. On earth, the soul uses money and bricks whereas in space. the soul creates concrete structures  in imagination and can create happiness without money like God does.

God lives because the realm of God is where we, as souls,  want to reach. It is the higfhest realm of happiness, heaven, bliss.

. The devil can create bricks or  money but cannot create happiness. Money by itself does not lead to happiness. In fact, depression is a disease of the rich not of the poor masses. The devil is always depressed, brooding, sinking in the negative loop. Over lifetimes, several souls reject money because they do not want to be depressed. Depression is opposite of meditation and goes when spirituality raises soul dimensions.

The evolution of souls leads to the realization that “I love money because I love myself ‘. The soul asks itself “Do I love money more than myself? No.... Money helps me be happy because I love myself. If money does not make me happy, I don’t love money because I love myself more than money. “Struggle makes the soul stay alive whereas complacency can lead to depression unless the soul learns to discipline its body and mind to learn meditation, fulfilment.

The devil loves money and power which gets crowds who are struggling and seek amusement. The devil seeks power whether it is negative or positive. The devil never smiles except in pretence. HE always feels tense, unhappy, angry and overbearing. The devil never allows itself to be happy or content. It is always running after more. All those who follow the devil’s thinking always keep running like rats for cheese. They can never be satisfied, content or relax in joy. The moment you are happy, you cannot remain a devil.
If you are a devil, you have to be unhappy, by qualification. If you seek Happiness, you cannot be evil – as EVIL and LIVE are opposite frequencies.
To be happy, you have to be positive. To be evil is to be negative. As long as you are negative, you cannot be content from within or peaceful or happy.

Devil gives temporary rewards. You get money which buys liquor or sex but not contentment or love which you seek through the money.
God on the other hand promises long term happiness. God always has lots of abundance and has enough to give away. God is content and complete and yet creative. There is always joy, laughter and enlightening music in God’s realms. Contentment and love are gioven in the lives of those who have faith in God's thinking.

Sadness is addictive for the less evolved souls. Initially, sadness brings success like sad songs make a singer popular or films on crime make a hero successful or manipulations make a politician famous. However, success does not mean happiness. If you follow the devil, you get success but not happiness. Instead of moving forward on being happy, you move backwards away from being happy.

Like a toddler learning to walk, initially starts crawling backwards – a young soul seeking success moves away from soul’s purpose of increasing its positivity by its thoughts or actions... The soul creates destruction of positivity by pursuing success which makes him negative, worried or anxious and not peaceful or relaxed. Overtime, the soul becomes advanced and learns to create constructively and pursues success only if it leads to happiness.

Money represents purchasing power but there are several things money cannot buy like love, peace, passion, good health, agility in body, hope, positive thinking, laughter etc. Nobody can be happy without having these energies in their life and money cannot buy these energies. It can help like food helps or like medicines help or like having a woman or man helps in having sex. But, sex does not satisfy needs of love. Fast food is not needed for a healthy body and prevention of disease is better than taking medicines.
Earning money and taking medicines to remove the stress leads to more unhappiness than joy on life. If you are always sick, you can never be happy.

Relaxation is needed for happiness. You heed to have space, free time, and leisure to be thoughtless, freedom away from worries or discontent. Being content in the present moment is necessary to realize happiness. As long as you are anxious, stressed, worried, revengeful, angry, frustrated, sick, in pain, agitated, running like a rat – you cannot be happy in the future. Just as having money is necessary to bring in money, having happiness is necessary to bring in more happiness in the future. An evolved soul will seek happiness first whereas a struggling soul will seek money first and realize later that money, by itself, does not lead to happiness. The evolved soul gets money when he needs it for increasing his happiness but he does not get sacrificed for money, as the devil does.

Rat race is for rat’s happiness. Human happiness is more evolved and requires more than survival for animals. You can give a bone to a dog and he is happy but a human being is not happy with just food. Hence, rat race does not ensure happiness for the soul. It only ensures bones for dogs which does not suffice.

THE LAW OF REPETITION rules energy cycles, movement of seasons, planets and patterns of life. The energy, feelings, and thoughts we focus upon multiply and create events in our lives. Actions do not matter. Feelings create realities and it is important to feel good to find goodness in life. Schooling does not ensure literacy in human values; Marriage does not ensure love or passion. But inner wisdom ensures a compassionate mind, love, joy, space, peace, passion and good health in life.

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