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            Extreme negative to extreme positive states of being – the soul seeks the positive but gets caught by shortcuts just as a toddler seeking to walk falls

1.      Greed vs. need

2.      Complaining vs. acceptance
3.      Worrying  vs. calmness

4.      Alcoholism vs. Meditation

5.      Smoking vs. Relaxation

6.      Judgment vs. forgiveness

7.      Bullying vs. co-ercion

8.      Rat race vs. contentment

9.      Lechery vs. passion

10.  Lust vs. Love

11.  Emptiness vs. Fulfillment

12.  Loneliness vs. Free Space

13.  Rape vs. surrender

14.  Separation vs. completion

15.  Glitter craving like  discos, shopping, Eating out vs. reading , self healing ,soul therapy

16.  Drugs , hallucinations vs. positive visualization, fantasy of being with One space of God

17.  Imbalancing hormones, addiction to fear or anger vs. balanced mind, addiction to love or peace

18.  Vacuum vs. Bliss

19.  HELL vs. HEAVEN

20.  GLITTER vs. GOD

  According to Aryabhatta, Earth supports three frequencies of energies unlike the celestial plane where only positive is experienced and unlike hell where only absence of positive ( negative ) is experienced. Earth exists because a neutral zone exists between the negative and positive.

            The physical dimension is an amalgamation of the negative and positive. Desire spurts from the negative by a focus on what is missing and it is attained by a focus on being positive. In the process of attaining the desire, the person moves from a negative frequency to the positive frequency.

Emotions which create sadness are manifestations of negative energy. Negative energy is needed on the Earth plane for life to survive but it has to be used in the minimum so that a balance remains between the negative and positive. Negative energy acts like fuel to life force energy. If negative energy is allowed to rise in excess, it is like side-effects taking over the good effects of a medicine.
For example,  fire helps to cook, but burns if left free to rise, water helps to quench thirst but creates floods when in excess, air is needed to breathe but tornadoes destroy; likewise, negative feelings help to light up the soul fire .Negative emotions are needed to manifest happiness but create unhappiness when indulged upon in excess.

Negative feeling, usually, comes in areas where we have soul lessons attached. By encountering the negative emotion, and overcoming it, we learn to evolve, as souls.

             VACCUM vs. BLISS …. HELL vs. HEAVEN … GLITTER vs. GOD

            For any creation to manifest happiness on Earth, each thought process has to pass through a zone of neutrality, detachment before it can become positive. While an external desire can be attained by a  focus on converting the external scenario from lack to fulfillment , the internal feeling of happiness desired requires that the spirit goes through a state of being ZERO before a minus moves into a  plus.

Zero state is often confused with vacuum state  whereas ZERO is a state of detached contentment whereas vacuum is a state of craving and non fulfillment.

            The energies of creation on the physical plane include energies of negative and positive frequencies. Positive energies (   symbolized by ‘+’) aid in the process of creation whereas negative energies (symbolized by ‘–‘ ) cut or block the process of creation.
            The negative thoughts/ feelings or energies are dense by nature and, therefore, move at a lower frequency than the normal frequency of the soul.  They are like obstacles on a road which slow down the speed of a car. Negative energy is felt as a dip in oxygen supply. It kind of creates vacuum/swamp like spaces in the soul’s energy. The light of the soul cannot penetrate the dense swamp like clusters of negativity. Hence, the soul feels blocked from spreading its light as the swamp like clusters of negativity resist the flow of positive soul force in the body. The vacuum prevents continuous energy flow and lowers the soul’s frequency or speed.

The most prominent emotion which we focus on influences our whole being, as a soul and slowly our whole life starts feeling as futile or empty as the work we do.
The craving for fulfillment keeps nagging us but when we do not know how to fill it, we give into negativity. Feelings like anger, bitterness, frustration, being sucked into a vacuum, emotional starvation etc. dominate our mental state.

The only way out of this trap of endless craving, is to realize that money and soul satisfaction are co-related. Money would bring in happiness only when, it helps the soul feel it is contributing meaningfully, to its creative potential and to the world it co-exists in.

When a desire comes true suddenly, it may appear miraculous but deliberately using magic, per se, goes against the law of creation or soul evolution. Attaining outcomes instantly through magic only focuses on the surface structure of the desire but does not satisfy the needs of soul evolution, learning which is the reason behind our soul desiring that experience.
It is the process of learning soul lessons while manifesting external desires which leads us to feeling happier from within, and not the attainment of the desire at a purely external, transitory or magical level. In fact, use of black magic even leads to pangs of deep fear,  emptiness and vacuum instead of the happiness we desired by using it.

To illustrate, a person overtaken by a dark force may pursue a path hoping it would give money and hence,  happiness, but may perpetually feel negative while pursuing the choice he has made. The path he pursues does not make him feel happy from within.
Since, the person constantly feels dissatisfied, he keeps striving for happiness through working hard. He creates external success for justifying his choice, but cannot break the negative energy cycle he is stuck in.. He does not change his thinking to focus on changing his path for feeling happy because he is conditioned or mentally overtaken by a negative value-system.

He wants to prove his worth in the world but does not realize that the world is tilted towards a negative mass consciousness due to a history of victory associated with wars. A focus on the external does not lead to effort needed for finding the exact need of the soul to be happy. He does not try to understand what his soul wants to be happy as he places the world’s criteria of success over his own.

The external objects of comfort he buys are empty of life from within. By spending money on the energy of emptiness, he gets more sucked in the vacuum of lifelessness. His soul resonates with the frequency of emptiness and the person increasingly feels less alive as time passes by. The life force energy which seeks to be happy leaves the body or becomes dysfunctional because of the misdirected choices he makes, towards pleasing the world’s image of success over his own sense of happiness.

Such a person often suffers from physical pains and mental depressions. He also prevents happiness from spreading to others, by constantly blaming them for being inefficient, and instigating them to be dissatisfied with themselves.

So, if dark forces are at play, there can be no happiness for anyone involved. One person feels bad, makes another feel bad, the second person makes a third person feel bad and the process of spreading of negativity goes on. Negative energies spread like an epidemic. The spread is infectious.

            The soul’s frequency rises again when it accumulates more positive energy than negative. Whenever the soul’s vibrational frequency rises, it evolves to a qualitatively higher form of existence in the universe where there is greater happiness and less emptiness/vacuum. Literally, as frequency rises, the person feels life is more meaningful than earlier.
 Prayers, meditation , spiritual learning, feeling calm and peace from within, feelings of being loved and complete, remaining connected to the SOURCE of light  such that life force flows freely are all feelings which make life appear meaningful .

Increases in feelings of happiness, peace, contentment etc.  all lead to a rising of soul frequency and ascension of the soul to a higher dimension..

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