Thursday, 26 June 2014


A marriage is like an energy cord of love
It exists between two people out of a choice to evolve
When there is a new person entering, the cord breaks
Infidelity is a sign that the person no longer needs the other’s sacrifice
The karmic threads dissolve and religion allows divorce
people living with infidelity become mechanical robot like 
they no longer have dreams where they need trust to fly

Infidelity in marriages is a common problem in society. So is cheating, corruption, lechery, black marketing, crime etc.
Evil increases as people tolerate it instead of revolting against it. The more people compromise out of fear of survival or laziness to change, the more the negative people thrive as they feel forgiven.

The spirit of a human being is called its soul- the conscience of the person is the soul. When a person tolerates infidelity, she or he kills his soul just as in tolerating crime..

Love, overtime,  dies in marriages which allow infidelity. Trust no longer forms the basis of the relationship. The marriage survives because of needs like food, clothes and shelter which thrive on greed more than survival. Desperation for a status, an image of success to deny the failure of marriage, to refuse the fact that the soul exists and needs to evolve kills the spirit of the person.

The more the person compromises while suppressing his inner hurt, the more it degrades the soul consciousness. When the choice is towards greed and not need, the soul becomes caught in a vicious circle of negativity where one greed fuels another and the person keeps falling in a trap of crime.
The soul suffers as the person develops pains and diseases in the body. There is suppressed anger which releases negative hormone sin the bloodstream. People who live in marriages with multiple partners lose the sanctity of marriage. It no longer remains a holy union. It becomes like a business where partners cheat each other and stay together as criminals in a jail.

Both partners who have affairs outside the marriage feel jailed with their spouse. There is constant disharmony, a feeling of sacrifice like a goat and devil worship because faith in God decreases due to a focus on compromise. It is the person’s own choice to compromise as all religions allow divorce on grounds of infidelity.

However, tolerating or committing crime is a sin and both souls suffer, become depressed and develop hatred towards society as a result of their own misguided choice to live together.

Research on cancer patients has revealed that cancer arises out of a feeling of suppressed rage in the subconscious mind, a feeling of helplessness and a choice to stay angry over letting go. To cure cancer, a person has to let go of anger by a choice to forgive and detach from a situation which makes him or her feel helpless. When the person detaches, she or he allows God to take over and the spirit to live rises again.

Like cancer can be treated in stage 1, on fertility can be stopped in the initial stages. The marriage can survive if both partners realize they have been wrong and like to be with each other instead of feeling suffocated while living together.

However, if there is a feeling of disharmony in the marriage, it means that the partners no long share the same energy vibes as they did when they were in love. Sexual passion dies in several people overtime especially after children are born and the partner gets less attention from spouse than before. Children usually come with issues which are the parents’ soul tests. Also, the love dies when there is too much disagreement on every issue more than sexual compatibility can compensate for.

Living with infidelity is like living with a criminal. You would always feel bullied and walked over and happiness can never becomes a way of life.

Happiness needs that both partners love and evolve with each other, enjoy sex only with each other and non else and grow together as souls. Marriage is not like a birth contract that it has to be tolerated through life as it is not a blood relationship. Marriage is a karmic relationship and karma dissolves overtime. When karma dissolves, two people can stay together only if there is deep love between the souls. If they stay together out of self enforcement, they develop diseases in the body as the soul rebels and their hospital bills rise as a cost of staying together in the marriage.  When there is need for another person in a marriage, the knot of marriage is broken, karmic threads no longer hold and religion allows the person to walk away. 

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