Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Capital Punishmnet Does Not Help in Training MInd-sets

Capital Punishment cannot work as a tool of cleansing society , The more you force criminals to obey you, the more they rebel as they feel injustice is being done to them.
If you use violence, cruelty or killing, the soul returns in another body and continues in its ways of violence . A thought process has to be changed by training the mind to not use violence, by choice . .
The mind cannot be forced to change by suppressing its vibrations as energy cannot be suppressed by force. Just as you cannot control air, the energy of the soul spreads its vibrations whether alive or dead in body . Consciousnesses spreads negativity until it is transcended into positive frequency .
Positive reinforcement therapy works on the principle of rewarding desired behaviour and ignoring or insulting undesired behaviour; so that the person overtime chooses to behave as desired . If the person obeys the authority, he is given good food, love and praise whereas if he disobeys his problems increase . Overtime, he learns to behave such that all are happy so that his behaviour brings him happiness. Also, he realizes that all cannot be happy unless he is happy within himself because if he remains sad , others catch his negativity and complain more . So, positive reinforcement aims at training the mind  to work in a manner which makes the person satisfied and stop working wherever his efforts increased negativity or tensions.  
However, if society believes that money is the only criteria of happiness, criminals are created as criminals get paid in money for killing and they feel rewarded for killing . Till you reward killing by paying money , you cannot stop criminals from getting created . If success and fame increase by killing or defeating others, and success is supposed to lead to happiness; people think killing is justified.
But, as evidence proves,  success does not lead to happiness unless you get joy and satisfaction from the work you do. In fact, successful people remain anxious and unhealthy if happiness does not accompany their job or life-styles. The poor remain unhappy because they crave for goods which the rich have and hence become cruel or killers. But, when they have money , satisfaction does not come  inspite of all the efforts at earning money . Happiness is not an outcome of money but an outcome from feeling satisfied with teh work you invest your time in. 
Positive reinforcement therapy is based on principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis :
Applied Behaviour Analysis is a specialized branch of psychology which deals with how to regulate behaviours in self and others so that we can get more of desirable behaviors and less of undesirable behaviours.
Negative reinforcement is wherever we self rebuke ourselves for indulging in something we don’t like or scold/punish our children or peers for being in disciplined. Positive reinforcement is where we praise ourselves silently or others for an activity well done and use rewards for ourselves and others to encourage more of that behavior.
Unlike the traditional method of punishing whenever an undesirable bevaiour occurs, this method focuses on positively reinforcing whenever a desirable behavior occurs.
The focus shifts from undesirable behaviors to desirable behaviors- negative to positive.
Whichever behavior is focused upon more rises as the law of repetition in the universe operates on principle of dominant focus. So, when we focus on the good things we do or our children do, the good behavior rises automatically which reduces undesirable behaviors in concurrence.
There are two types of methods used for negative reinforcement to reduce a behavior from occurring again:
Ignoring the behavior and replacing it with a positive behavior as soon as awareness dawns.
Punishment or time out where we discourage the negative behavior by stopping participation in positive activities.
Similarly, there are two types of positive reinforcement commonly used:
Acknowledging any occurrence of a positive behavior through self praise or praising the other, smiling, and using other appreciative gestures
Using Rewards and positive reinforces or reducing negative reinforcement.
This method is against using corporal punishment like beating, physical abuse as that creates only a temporary impact on the mind of the erring child. The child who is punished stops doing that activity for the period of punishment but does not understand why she or he has been stopped. The indulges more in the same wrong activity again whenever the abuser /person in authority leaves the premises just as a rubber bloats again when pressure is ceased.
However, using milder forms of negative reinforcement have been seen to work more effectively. For example, if a child behaves badly, you stop giving him the pleasurable outings he likes or you can stop giving his favorite snacks till he eats food properly. Similarly, if a person smokes but is scolded not to, he does more of the same when he gets a chance. But, if the smoking is accompanied by eating something bitter immediately after, food poisoning or acidity, the desire to smoke automatically reduces.
Positive reinforcement works miracles overtime. If we praise the child loudly or silently whenever he indulges in any desirable behavior like keeping his plates in the kitchen, washing plates, brushing teeth etc. the child starts loving doing these activities as they get him love. When the child is given starts followed by pocket money or eatables on doing homework on time, he is far more willing.

Likewise, as adults, if we rewards ourselves we are motivated like if we buy something for ourselves when we get money for work, or when we look slim in the mirror after the diet and say to ourselves’ wow- my diet is working’; it is self reward and the behavior is maintained, reinforced.

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