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If you enter a dark room and search for a light bulb, you don’t find it easily. You keep seeking till you do.  When you find the light bulb, it’s like a miracle. You feel saved from darkness. You switch on the light and, once the light switches on, the darkness disappears as if it never existed.

Negative thinking will not change overnight
You  have to make it a  priority to be positive
Time is less on Earth and we have to make choices within a lifetime
If we choose to be negative, its our failure to be happy , not anybody else's
Feelings create electric impulses which  are counted karmically
To move towards positivity is always good for the soul and God spreading light
Choose to be happy , ignoring the negative for even if devils suffer its their choice

The process of developing positive thinking habit is like groping for light in a dark room. You don’t find happiness s easily when you are sad. You keep asking yourself WHY and How while you keep searching for the light bulb. Till the light turns on again, your brain does not stop creating doubts in your head. It is only when you find happiness after much seeking that your doubts disappear.

Positivity in life does not come automatically It is a process of thinking , falling down again and again and rising gain to  walk till you learn the correct balance.
A soul in a body is like a person in a car in a video game. Obstacles come to help it balance better. Happiness comes as bonus points but the soul has to stay balanced to get the bonus points. If it falls in difficulties and becomes negative, it loses hope, and gets lost away from the path of its destiny.

Destiny is where happiness is, hope is, optimism, passion, joy are. Destiny is not a material realization. It cannot be counted by the money in your back or the number of cars you have. Destiny is your contribution to the world; it is the area where you help several and you get respect for the work you do. Money or cars are a reflection of that respect but several have realized their destiny being saints, inventors and teachers.
Satisfaction comes in when you find the path to your destiny and stay on. There is balance on this path, you are warned of obstacles and you have to resist temptation to play games where you might lose balance.

A balance between negative energies and positive energies such that the positive feeling predominates over the negative, leads to realization of destiny by the soul.
The following steps can be used to increase positivity in small steps:

First - Look for the positive intention behind every abuse you receive. What does the abuse help you learn and ignore? Often, abuse helps us realize the difference between actual teaching and Hippocratic preaching.
Gold and shit are both yellow in color and most souls need to learn the difference between artificial glitter and real shine.

IF there is nothing you want to learn from getting abused, ignore the abuse. You can use the energy healing techniques given in my book REDEFINING HAPPINESS, taken from hypnotherapy, NLP, Reiki etc.

Second- imagine the difficult situation as a balloon of worry and burst the balloon again and again in your head. Feel sunlight filling in its place.  This process helps in releasing worry as an energy and switch off the light bulb in your head.

Third- Sleep on a positive note and get up with a smile. It does not matter whether your life is happy by definition or not. Release all stress from your head by exhaling out from the crown chakra- the top of your head as if a boiling kettle is releasing smoke.
Take in good, bright light from the sky as if God is filling you with peace. Feel the light enter your brain and fill all the cells with light in imagination. This process is more felt than tangibly realized. The intention clears energy in the soul and your body rejuvenates while sleeping.
Get up with a smile. Thank God, Feel free like a bird flying in the sky with its wings spread out. Feel peaceful in your imagination and thank God with real felt gratitude. Smile for ten minutes while in bed and feel golden light in your stomach. Imagine a sun lightening upon your whole body with glow. This light will remove stress from your aura and help you detach from worries which you cannot solve by staying anxious.

Fourth- don’t poison yourself by staying negative because of your anger. If you feel very angry with a person, scream at him or her mentally and chant OM three times later. Otherwise, you can write your abusive words on a piece of paper and flush/burn the paper away. It is better to react within self than abuse the other person. You can inform him or her of your irritation mildly than scream as screaming invites disrespect.
Shouting at another person will not solve your problem for long term. The person has to change from within. Whether you reprimand once or scream for hours, the effect will be the same. The person will make the same mistakes till he is convinced with love and respect that change is good for him. You will attract respect only when you give respect. Otherwise, people may obey you in fear but they will not make you feel good about yourself. To feel happy, keep anger minimum and try to stay detached from worries of the world, which you cannot solve by your negative thinking. The more you stay in peace, the more peace you will spread in your house and your world, as much as affects you or you can affect. Energy spreads with feelings radiating from the soul.

Fifth- surrender yore worries to God. Write your problems on a piece of paper and see it flying away. Or just mentally tell the angels that you are surrendering the problem to them and to resolve it in a way which helps you remain positive. Ask angels and your spirit guides to help solve this problem in the highest and best way for all concerned. Be thoughtless about your problems as much as you can and react only if your action helps in solving the problem. Surrendering your problems help in removing your mind from staying negative. When you rise to a zero frequency, your energy opens up and loosens itself. That way, you rise above water and can float towards a solution than trying to swim desperately away from the current.

When you become thoughtless, you realize that everything in your life becomes calmer. The external situation may not change as several people’s karma may be attached to it but your life improves. Being positive in the present helps increase happiness s in the future, improves health, brings wisdom to the soul and improves life, in general.

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