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Depression is the opposite of optimism just as feeling dead is the opposite of feeling alive.

Death happens when the body no longer remains functional and the soul leaves the body as it has no more use of the body as a channel of its life force energy. When the soul can no longer radiate its light through the body, it goes on a dormant state just as a computer is kept in a dormant state when it is not being actively used. If the functions of the soul cannot be made alive the soul chooses death of the body.

A depressed soul dies as it feels it cannot come alive with happiness when it finds all doors are closed and it cannot achieve its way out come what may. The depressed soul feels caught in a tunnel. Everything in its life appears to go wrong and it feels that it is lifeless.

 This scenario happens only when the soul’s survival needs are being met and it does not have to struggle for basic food clothing or shelter. Depression is largely a disease of the rich which means that it depends more on a mental attitude than a physical disorder. A rickshaw wala won’t feel depressed while taking customers around in the sun or an office employee won’t feel depressed when he has deadlines.

Depression would be diagnosed only when a person has the time and money to visit a psychiatrist, a feeling of disillusionment in life and a hope inside that maybe medicines can cure what is not really a medical problem.

Though depression is created by negative hormones in the bloodstream, medicines cannot stop the release of hormones unless the person chooses to feel positive.

Hormones are released by electric impulses being produced in the body when a person feels an emotional discharge. Emotions are energies in motion. Feelings create electric impulses in the body. We feel negative or positive on a constant basis. Feeling is as constant as breathing. Electric impulses are released constantly in response to the person’s emotional state. When negative feelings are predominant negative hormones re released. Negative hormones lower the positive functioning of the body and the more you choose to feel helpless, the more your depression would rise.

Circumstances make us depressed but circumstances are partially chosen by us. For example, we feel happy when we are working with passion when there is love in our life and everything appears to be improving.
On the other hand we feel depressed when work no longer makes us feel passionate when we feel we can contribute a lot more than we are contributing, when we have a lot of monotony time, when there is nobody who loves or understands us or makes us feel alive.

The circumstances by which we feel bound by are our own choice and we choose them because of security reasons for fear of change, because of society’s expectations. Our own beliefs about how good life is defined, a sense of responsibility which is misguided etc.

For example, we feel depressed when we are doing a  job which creates boredom and monotony  when there is nothing new to learn from it ; we feel depressed in a  marriage where there is no sex and  financial problems because the husband and wife don’t think alike; we feel depressed when the husband or wife have affairs outside and we feel neglected because there is no understanding, no freshness, no love which thrills the soul anymore; we feel depressed when out child is diagnosed with a  disease and the doctors say there is no cure; we feel depressed when a deep, passionate love affair breaks down and we feel betrayed etc.

Each time depression happens, hope for newness dies; when we feel there is nothing new in life to look forward to – it indicates death to the soul. The parasympathetic nervous system collapses as in a fatal accident and the body goes into a recession mode as it does when a person is recouping from an accident.

Doctors prescribe pills for depression which generate a few positive hormones in the body just to help the body not lose complete hope from life.

However depression cannot be cured unless the psychological issues underlying depression are addressed, when we find ways to let go of a  marriage or work which no longer satisfies our creative zeal or we find ways to satisfy our creative needs elsewhere through meditation, painting, dancing, writing, designing etc.

If the boss or the spouse is extremely critical it means that the person is depressed himself and he would pass on his depressed energies to those working underneath. It is difficult to be optimistic under extreme negativity and it is easier to detach completely than follow orders.

There is no need to be depressed because another negative person scolds you all the time because that negative person would remain the same irrespective of whether you obey orders or not. Being negative is an addiction like smoking or drinking and negative people likes to make other people negative so that they can share their sorrows like alcoholics make other people alcoholic. The virus of negativity spreads like the virus of chicken pox and it has to be prevented by installing shields on self.

Some method to overcome depression is to do all that which we would to recover from physical illness.
We need to do mild breathing and walking exercises to make the body feel alive , laugh as an exercise smile over a minute  or dance mentally or physically , to make the mind feel alive - anything which raises heartbeat mildly works.

2.       We need to smile each time a negative thought pulls us into darkness so that positive hormones release.

3.       We need to keep thinking of bright lights flowers, or make mental films where we feel loved and desired with feeling more than about feeling unloved even if ot means denying an existing reality. What has been created is that feeling which we focused on before. When we change our inner focus our outside reality becomes neutral. We move to detachment from being negative. Overtime it becomes positive as we keep focusing on creation of positive hormones by deliberately smiling laughing, imagining etc.

4.       Holidays need to be taken mentally than physically- means we take time off to stay thoughtless where we are not smoking or drinking as these have side effects which create negative hormones later after the euphoria is over. Making love with feeling trusted,secure helps even if its imaginative. Prostitution is again like smoking or drinking. It leaves negativitity in mind and releases negative hormones later.

5.       We can close our eyes every hour and exhale breath to five counts with a forced smile.. Imagination is as good as real life scenariors for creating positive hormones in the body.

6.       Smiling is the best cure for depression as it literally release positive hormones which replace negative hormones in the body. We need to smile for ourselves in private not only a pretence to the world.

7.       It helps if we spend time on Smiling for ten minutes as soon as we get up with staying thoughtless in imagined brightness and smiling for ten minutes before going to sleep by releasing all stress from mind like bursting a balloon.
These techniques appear simple but are not. If you can try them literally, they will work if you cannot, please read my books available on Amazon or online.
My book REDEFINING HAPPINESS covers concepts, self healing tips and thinking needed to overcome depression. All books are available online or can be ordered through me at

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