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There is a law of creation operating in the universe. We, as souls, in human bodies participate in the law of creation, by default.

The implication of this law in everyday life is that it explains the high levels of stress, which almost the whole human race seems to be experiencing today. The high levels of stress are  largely  caused due to internal feelings of emotional dissatisfaction, with the way things are in the world and the constant demands we have to put on ourselves, to cope up with that which exists.
When we blame the external circumstances for our internal emotional turmoil, we need to be aware that the world as it exists today, has been created by us, as souls, through a sustained focus on the negative—from the perspective of emotional satisfaction.
We, being souls, are co-creators of our reality. .………..

The Law of Creation--- states that whatever the soul focuses on at the level of feelings, it mobilizes energy to create the same.

The process of creation, on Earth, involves conversion of unprocessed universe energy into
            physical, tangible form, through energy mobilization.
Whichever feeling the soul expects to experience, it creates a situation where that feeling is created, through mobilizing energy in that direction.

  The soul mobilizes energy for the purposes of creation, through its vibration.

By definition --A soul’s vibration depends on the way it feels.

A feeling is an electric impulse, which creates vibrations in the body. The vibration mobilizes energy movement. Feeling in a certain way causes energy to move in that direction.

Focusing on specific feelings is the tool used by the soul, for mobilizing energy for the purpose of creation, since feelings mobilize energy.

Each soul has the ability to focus on feelings, by default. In other words, Focusing energies is as integral for the soul as breathing is for a person. Whether  aware  that it is focusing energies or not, the soul is focusing energies; be it on a negative situation or a positive outcome, and thus, unavoidably, participating in the process of creation[1].

The soul creates the experience which it focuses on, at the level of feeling.( A feeling is more of a reflex reaction in an untrained soul-mind, as contrasted with a conscious energy mobilization by a trained soul-mind. So, whenever an untrained soul-mind  focuses on feelings, it focuses on what it subconsciously expects to happen , rather than what it desires to happen.)
 In other words, the soul creates not that which it desires but that which it expects to experience. When a person is convinced that a desire would come true, i.e. when he/she expects it to happen--- then, only does the desire   match an expectation. However, in most cases , desire is not the same as expectation.

For example, a person may desire to travel in his own Mercedes car but may not expect to have the money to buy the Mercedes. However, if this soul focuses on the feeling of traveling in the Mercedes without focusing on expecting to own the vehicle , then, sooner or later the person would find himself  traveling in such a car, but likely it would be someone else’s Mercedes. This person’s desire is to travel in a Mercedes, but his expectation or belief is that he cannot own the Mercedes.   Therefore, energy is mobilized such that he travels in it, but does not actually own it.  
To be able to travel in his own mercedes, the person would have to work on his expectations such that he can make himself believe that he can own it. He would  need to believe and visualize specifically that he is buying the Mercedes, instead of just traveling in it.

However, expectations are not easy to manipulate. A person can desire anything, but he cannot bring himself to expect everything.
Ironically, the soul  only recognizes the expectation, not the desire and mobilizes energy such that the expectations come true, irrespective of whether it matches the desire or not.

An expectation is the strongest feeling accompanying a desire, and hence, it causes the maximum mobilization of energy in any situation.

 The feeling of expectation, can be positive or negative, and causes corresponding energy vibrations in the body. The feeling is positive when we are certain that a desire would manifest--just as we are certain that the Sun would rise every morning. The feeling is negative when we are worried that the desire would not manifest. Whichever feeling is stronger is our point of focus. What we focus on gets manifested in physical reality, since, we, as souls, mobilize energy in that direction.

The feelings we focus on, determine how we perceive the external reality. Our present perception of reality, determines our future expectations from reality. Our core expectations determine our point of focus; and, make us mobilize energy in specific directions over others.
Thus, what manifests in the external world is a physical manifestation of our internal energy focus.

It is important to note that the soul does not have to do anything in particular to experience the feeling which it focuses on, in a physical,tangible form. It only needs to focus on the feeling. The process of creation gets activated automatically through focus. The subconscious mind propels the person to think and act in such a way such that the feeling gets manifested, through a physical, tangible experience--over a period of time

For example, a person wanting to lose weight has to focus on how it would feel when   the weight is dropped.  It is not important which method she uses to lose weight. What matters is the expectation she has from using that method. If this person can convince herself that she can lose weight, through one method over another, then, she would do so by whichever method she is convinced about. The same method may not work for another person who is not convinced about it and who does not expect it to work.

[1] If a person feels that he/she cannot focus- they are talking of a positive focus. When we are not focused on the positive, we are, automatically focused on the negative i.e. if the person feels he/she cannot focus—it means that he is focused on the ‘cannot’, and is energizing the ‘cannot’--instead of the ‘can’. The focus is there, albeit, on the negative. The ability to focus is always inherently present in the soul. The only problem is that, at an unconscious level, it is not necessarily directed towards the positive. Directing focus to the positive requires intentional intervention to shift focus whenever it drifts towards the negative.

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