Friday, 1 August 2014


There is a law of REPETITION which governs our lives. We repeat patterns of emotional turmoil throughout our life because we are soul energies and participate in these energy cycles by default. Life is perceived as easy or difficult , as we focus upon it being in childhood. We may realize that the past times were better after they are gone but that happens because our previous negative dominant focus increases negativity in life as time passes by. To have a positive equilibrium in life, we need to shift our internal fulcrum to expecting the positive, with a neutral attitude towards obstacles.

Like seasons move in cycles, planets revolve around the sun in circles, we , as souls, live our life in cycles of energy movement. The energies are released every time we breathe and the frequency of energy we release is negative or positive, depending on how we feel at that moment in time.

Our beliefs about how life should be determines are attitude. If we have beliefs which are made in periods of negative experience, we develop a negative attitude to life.

It is useful to have beliefs which help us generate a positive attitude to life.
We are co-creators of reality as souls and we will create the life which we are used to exeriencing automatically. To change our experience from sad or compromising to happy and relaxed, we need to change our core beliefs about how life should be...

Some beliefs about life which create a law of repetition leading to happiness are :

  1. YOU ARE WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE.If you allow other people's opinions to influence you, you will become that person . If you allow less evolved souls to judge you, you will become much lesser than you can be by just being yourself. 
  2. MEDITATION IS NECESSARY TO BE HAPPY AND HEALTHY . Meditation does not mean chanting or singing hyms. It means slowing thinking, by arriving at detached, zero states of soul frequency , necessary to overcome negative influence of mass consciousness.  Meditate on being in silence, without hearing anyone ,  for atleast ten minutes everyday to stay aligned with your own soul. You can focus on your breath as mind cannot be thoughtless ever . Feelings are like breathing. They are always present. Meditation is to slow down thought like applying brakes so that you can choose which way to go in life, free of other less evolved, or negative minds influence.
  3. ABUNDANCE IS A HUMAN RIGHT.As animals, you do not have to struggle for food and shelter . If you feel you do, you have not risen above being in the energy cycle of an animal . As human beings, you are at a higher energy cycle in a more positive dimension of reality.  Your basic needs of food, clothing and shelter will always be met . Money to survive is always there. You may need to cut your desires for luxuries but food and shelter is given.
  4. HELP ONLY THOSE WHO GIVE HELP AND RECEIVE HELP. There is no use in helping those who disrespect your efforts and do not change themselves or those who prefer being lazy and negative than disciplined in thinking. If you need to help such people who don't ask for your help, do not expect them to acknowledge visibly. You may be working for God and God will reward you indirectly.
  5. DO NOT EXPECT PEOPLE TO REMEMBER YOUR HELP ETERNALLY. People need help continuously. They would need to thank those who help them in their present than those who helped in the past. If you need continuous acknowledgement, help consistently . Your efforts are counted moment to moment . If you have been a saint in the ast and become a murderer now, your help as a saint would get discounted. The opposite is equally true. You can convert from a negative criminal to a saint like good human being anytime and erase your karma by your positive approach. For example, , if you have been a murderer in the past and become saint like now, your negative past would get discounted and your resent positive contribution would be acknowledged.
  6. YOUR SADNESS WILL NOT INCREASE ANYBODY ELSE'S HAPPINESS. Sacrifice helps only if it makes u release negative conditioning. For example, sacrificing a job for children helps as it makes you choose love over money . Love is a higher vibration than the physical survival  vibration which money represents. But, sacrificing a lover for family's reputation or property will not help as then you choose a lower vibration over love .
  7. IF YOU CHOOSE TO SACRIFICE, BE SURE THAT YOUR FAITH IN GOD RISES BECAUSE OF YOUR SACRIFICE . If your faith in goodness falls due to your choosing to be sad, you will be working against God and positivity . That will make you be increasingly unhappy overtime and spread your negative energy in the lives of others.
  8. BE OPEN TO LEARNING, CHANGE OF THOUGHT, UNDERSTANDING NEW PERSPECTIVES . Evolution is continuously happening. If you use tradition as an instrument, you block logical derivation of thought. Traditions are made in certain contexts . If the contexts change,  we need to reassess whether the traditional values still uphold by making a small equation all over again with present variables,  than impose a past equation on the present, as variables may have changed overtime. For example, if you are conditioned that you have to buy cars to feel rich, it is possible that you buy cars by taking heavy loans, display to the world that you are rich but feel poorer inside . If you can feel richer inside by not buying the car but spending instead on good food, comfortable lifestyle and kids, you would be happier .
  9. ALWAYS CHOOSE FOR TRUTH THAN FALSE DISPLAY OF GOODNESS WHILE FEELING COMPROMISED WITHIN. You don't live for the world. You live to help the creator co-create a better world. Your truth will help the evolution of the world more than you hiding in closets with secret personalities, spreading negativity with your words and devolving as a soul. 
  10. ACTION IS NOT AS IMPORTANT AS FEELING POSITIVE. If your actions are making you feel more stressed and negative, than healthy and optimistic, then you need to review your action strategy. Always choose those actions which activate the Law of Repetition such that feeling positive remains the dominant focus point of energy movement. 
  11. PUBLIC OPINION KEEPS CHANGING .  CHOOSE FOR INNER ALIGNMENT WITHIN SOUL. BODY AND MIND . YOUR POSITIVE ATTITUDE INCREASES POSITIVITY IN LIVES OF EVERYONE BY SPREAD OF ENERGY AS A SOUL. NO INSTITUTION IS AS IMPORTANT AS YOUR CONTRIBUTION TO HAPPINESS BY CHOOSING TO STAYING POSITIVE YOURSELF . Staying married, staying in a job, going to a reputable college , getting a  fancy car , eating in five star hotels only represent display of wealth, living for public opinion and  not feeling wealthy within. Only your good health, positive words, and faith in God reflect your feeling wealthy as a soul. 


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