Saturday, 1 February 2014


dinosaurs of the new age as seen from the sky,
are thought structures which are heavy and dense,
they move slowly and do not allow evolution to speed up,
they sadden souls and war against light workers seeking to fly to emotional heights

Dinosaurs ended with the Ice Ages on the physical plane, but not on the thought level. The energies continued to move in clusters and as humanity evolved, the physical dinosaurs were replaced by man-made dinosauric thought forms. These dinosauric energy structures or thought waves were low frequency belief patterns which were resistant to evolution. These thought patterns appeared as huge and slow moving as the dinosaurs of the Ice Ages.

These thought-forms manifested as structural institutions of human society over centuries, and set the base for dominating the movement of thought on Earth.

With the coming of the New Age, these dinosauric institutions of thought need to be eradicated for human development to speed up to a higher level. These dinosauric institutions have flourished because of the dominance of dark forces on Earth.

Dinosauric based institutions and the need for their extinction

While performing any act, when our base intention is ruled by negative driving forces like fear and competition, the energy cycle it creates starts in a negative mode.

Any structure depends on a base or foundation. The life we build around a base which is hollow is bound to lack depth. Our life is built around a base which lacks depth. It makes us pursue temporary needs at the cost of long-term happiness.

For example, we study several concepts in school, for the short-term goals of getting good results, which are barely relevant in our adult lives; we spend huge amounts on medical bills without making  effort to change negative habits and thinking-patterns in our life-style which may be causing the problems for the short-term goal of feeling temporarily relieved; we continue with marriages even when we feel physically and emotionally suppressed with the short-term goal of not making effort of finding an alternative; and we maintain armies by contributing our taxes because we do not want to make efforts to develop a higher level of consciousness where we can rise above resorting to extreme forms of anger and violence, individually or as a group.

However hard we try to feel positive individually, the base value-system which is negative keeps pulling us down. To change our overall thinking pattern to positive, we have to change the structure which makes us feel like victims of external circumstances. Therefore, structural institutions of human thinking, which form our core belief and value-systems, need to be re-modeled because the way they function now, leads us to focus more on negative feelings.

These slow moving dinosauric institutions particularly include our school systems, our health and medical structure, maintenance of armies for defense, and the institution of marriage.

Our institutions of schooling, health, marriage and the army are built around rigid rules. They follow convention more than reason, and block changes in the system by curbing questioning minds through using force of authority. These institutions have developed in times when humankind was less evolved, and they extensively use negative driving forces like fear and competition to sustain themselves. Thus, they perpetuate the need for negative thought patterns, and slow down the evolution of consciousness.

As would be exemplified below, from an energy perspective, these structures look and act like dinosaurs did. They have huge impact and cause overall movements to be slow because they themselves move slowly. They are bureaucratic by nature, and necessitate existence of rules which may otherwise become unnecessary.

 .......................................excerpt from CREATION OF HAPPINESS: THE ENERGY WAR, a soul's perspective 

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